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7 Technical Courses In Bhopal That Helps You Land A Job Immediately

India’s population has been a challenge for any government to offer job opportunities. Those are fortunate who are employed, no matter in what form or in what sector. As long as they have earnings, they’re employed.


The image shows top technical courses in Bhopal


But what about those who are educated but jobless.


The purpose of introducing technical courses in Bhopal or elsewhere is to offer jobs immediately upon completing the course. Whether it’s a technical or non-technical course, both are a part of our education system. But the former one guarantees an immediate job.


“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the minds to think” –Albert Einstein.


It doesn’t matter what your interest or ambition is; if you’re guided or inspired by those who changed the world, it cast a big impression on your mindset.


Are you the one among them?


Below Are the Details of 7 Technical Courses in Bhopal That Can Help You Achieve Your Dream Job:


  1. Why do you love Mechanical engineering? It’s the king of all engineering.


One of the oldest and the broadest branches of engineering is Mechanical Engineering. The concept of the wheel is a creation of mechanical engineering. Any machine you see is a conceptualization of mechanical engineering, whether it’s a safety pin or the world’s most giant crane- all work on the principle of mechanical engineering.


No matter what your lifestyle is. Whether you’re tech-savvy or tech phobia, mechanical engineering has impacted both. You may be afraid of driving a vehicle, but you love to sit for a long drive.  Don’t you? You can’t imagine a life without technology so does the role of mechanical engineering.


Creating a product for monetary gain is one of the aspects of a mechanical engineer. The major challenge lies in the implementation of ideas, data, and the acceptability of the product. Mechanical engineering is one of the technical courses in Bhopal that attracts plentiful students from Madhya Pradesh and the rest of India.


Why do we need mechanical engineering?


Mechanical engineers design, manufacture, analyze, and produce a device or machine which makes our life easier. In other words, they combine knowledge along with creativity to transform the idea into reality.


What are the options of choosing this career?


Option 1

If you wish to do mechanical engineering after passing class 10th, you can opt for Diploma in mechanical engineering through polytechnic. The aspirants need to take the entrance exam either at the national level or, in some cases, institutes conduct their entrance exam at their level. The duration is three years.


Option 2

If you’re doing higher Secondary, you can sit for B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering or BE in Mechanical engineering. Both are 4year courses. If you’ve made up your mind to build your career in mechanical engineering, a lot depends on your entrance exam score. A higher ranking helps you get admission to your favorite institute.


Job Opportunities After Completion of Mechanical Engineering Are as Follows:


  • Automobile Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Robotics
  • Energy Sector
  • Railways
  • Construction
  • Heating and Air-conditioning


Below Are the Few Institutes That Offer Technical Courses in Bhopal.


  1. Best Polytechnic Colleges in Bhopal
  2. Samrat Ashok Technical Institute, Bhopal
  3. Sardar Vallabhbhai Polytechnic College, Bhopal
  4. Government Women’s Polytechnic College, Bhopal


Top Engineering Colleges in Bhopal

  1. Moulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT Bhopal)
  2. Lakshmi Narain College of Technology
  3. Vellore Institute of Technology –VIT Bhopal


Why should I do B.Tech or BE?


Polytechnic Diploma gives you the opportunity to land a job and confidence to understand the industry better. However, if you wish to dive deeper to broaden your horizon in your field, BE or BTech becomes inevitable.


Bonus Tip: There are people who recognize their passion for writing long after having settled in as an engineer in a big-shot MNC. Then, they take a U-turn in career and opt for Content Writing– one of the most in-demand career options right now. If you have a way with words and know how to present your thoughts well- you can opt for the Best Content Writing Course


Furthermore, check out these courses at IIM SKILLS 

Technical Writing Course

GST Course

SEO Course


  1. Electronic Engineering Works on Principles How to Make a Better World


Give wings to your career by joining Electronic engineering –this is one of the technical courses in Bhopal that can take your career to the next level.

“Necessity is the mother of invention” You desire a device or a gadget, and the product is ready?


By the name itself, it confirms electronic engineering deals in manufacturing or designing electronic items. These items vary from USB (pen drive) to aircraft. Each has its significance and requirement.


It’s your creativity that allows you to exhibit what you can offer to the world. Our dependency on electronic items shows how addicted we are. Whether it’s mobile, television, computer or Air conditioner- all become essential items.


More dependency results in high demand for electronic engineers.


An electronic engineer designs tools, gadgets, or appliances to make our life easier. These instruments work in every field or area. Whether it’s household or sports, it dominates every aspect of our life, including military, medical, industrial, entertainment, scientific, etc.


R & D (Research & Development) proves to be instrumental in improving and enhancing the efficiency of new or existing products. Electronic engineers working in R & D decide the futuristic technology which the world awaits.


Where can electronic engineers work?


  • Companies that manufacture or design electronics
  • Telecommunication-mobile and fixed line
  • Automation
  • Medical electronics
  • Electronics or gadget used for defense
  • Manufacturing engineering items
  • Aeronautical electronics
  • Consumer products (under electronic engineering)
  • Research and development

There’re plenty of technical courses in Bhopal, but this particular specialization (Engineering in Electronics) is the number 1 choice for electronics and gadget lovers.


Institutes Offering Engineering in Electronics


  1. International Institute of Management and Technical Studies
  2. Rabindra Nath Tagore University Bhopal
  3. Mansarovar Global University Bhopal
  4. Millennium Group of Institutions Bhopal
  5. Institute of Polytechnic engineering Bhopal
  6. IES Group of Institutions Bhopal
  7. S. V. Polytechnic College Bhopal
  8. Rajiv Gandhi Prodyogiki Vishwavidyalaya


Institute Offering BE or Btech Degree in Electronics in Bhopal


  1. Moulana Azad Institute of Technology-Bhopal
  2. Vellore Institute of Technology-VIT Bhopal
  3. RKDF University Bhopal
  4. SAGE University Bhopal
  5. IIT Bhopal
  6. Rabindranath Tagore University Bhopal
  7. Laxmi Narayan College of Technology (LNCT) -Bhopal
  8. Sagar Institute of Science and Technology-Bhopal


3. How Does Computer Science Engineering Help Make a Better World?


When you browse technical courses in Bhopal on the internet, you notice Computer Science engineering is one of the favorite courses among all engineering students. They’re lucrative, rewarding, and hence in great demand.


Nothing stands permanent in this world. Neither life nor technology supports us. The technology we use, experience, or enjoy is contemporary. But it helps you achieve futuristic technology.


The integral part of this program lies in computer programing and networking. Students study subjects and topics under BTech computer science includes algorithms, programming languages, program design, operating systems, Microprocessor, computer software, computer hardware, etc.


Books, the internet, professor, and other sources can help you understand the concept. They teach you problem-solving skills along with the importance of technology that makes human life comfortable. But the real challenges begin when you implement what you learned.


Computer Science Specializations



What does a computer engineer do upon completion of the course?


  • Design and develop software applications for various fields
  • Manage software, hardware, and networks for any industry
  • Write codes for software, computer application, and operating systems
  • Focus on designing and developing the hardware components for PCs and laptops
  • Work constantly to excel software for peripheral computer devices such as printers, monitors, keyboards, scanners, modem, webcam, etc.
  • Develop code and algorithms used in operating systems such as windows, Androids


Skilled Required for Computer Science Engineering


  • Analytical skills
  • Problem-solving approach
  • Thinking out of the box
  • Good at algorithm
  • Adaptability
  • Resilience-attitude not to give up
  • Ability to communicate effectively


Bhopal Top Colleges for Diploma in Computer Science Engineering


  1. LNCT (Lakshmi Narain College of Technology) University Bhopal
  2. Sardar Vallabhai Polytechnic College (SVPC) Bhopal
  3. Patel College of Science and Technology –Bhopal
  4. Mansarovar Global University Bhopal
  5. Madhyanchal Professional University (MPU)-Educational Institute Bhopal


Computer Science Engineering Colleges in Bhopal for BE (Bachelor of Engineering) or BTech( Bachelor of Technology)


  1. Moulana Azad National Institute of Technology
  2. Lakshmi Narain College of Technology (LNCT)
  3. VIT University Bhopal
  4. University Institute Technology (UIT) Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalya (RGPV) Bhopal
  5. Barkatullah University Institute of Technology
  6. Technocrats Institute of Technology (TIT) Bhopal
  7. Oriental Institute of Science & Technology -Bhopal
  8. IES University Bhopal


Upon completing the Computer engineering course, you feel confident and elevated. You realize among all the technical courses in Bhopal; this particular course offers a maximum opportunity both in India and abroad.


  1. Why Don’t You Join an Evergreen Career? Automobile Engineering Welcomes You.


Unlike other technical courses in Bhopal, automobile engineering sounds different in many aspects. This industry draws substantial industrial and economic force globally. “It makes 60 million cars and trucks a year, and they’re responsible for almost half the world’s consumption of oil.”


What is an automobile?


Technically, we can say transportation that moves on a wheel propelled by an engine. It won’t be wrong if we say a machine that enhances your status and personality.


Automobile (engineering) is an evergreen branch of engineering. Whether you buy a vehicle for your own or you travel on someone’s motor. You require an automobile. So, you can’t ignore the growing demand.


This particular branch of engineering teaches manufacturing, designing, developing, testing, and maintaining the automobile.


In addition, it also accesses the complication arising from on-road vehicle performance. As a result, more and more automobile engineering companies are setting up R & D (Research and Development) to meet these challenges.


Automobile engineering uses mechanical, electrical, electronics, and various other software in the process of manufacturing. There’s always a pursuit for making things better that gives the inspiration to create something unique and creative. However, the fundamental never changes- the wheel of any vehicle will always round.


Who can opt for automobile engineering?


If you have multi-skills and a creative mind, this course suits you the best. No matter whether you’re from Kashmir or Kanyakumari, you’re welcome in the city of lakes. You have plenty of options to choose including automobile engineering from the technical courses in Bhopal. As of now, we’re discussing automobile engineering.


Furthermore, you must have the following qualities:


  1. Artistic mind– only an artistic mind thinks out of the boundary. They’re the critic of themselves. If you wish to outperform, you first need to compete with yourself.
  2. Sound technical knowledge- no gain without pain so does it applies to knowledge. When you have fire in your belly to learn and acquire knowledge, the journey of learning becomes interesting.
  3. Planning- nothing is ever achieved without proper planning. Your planning helps you streamline your work. If you know your goal and destination but lack planning, you will never achieve it.
  4. Accuracy- you can’t be accurate in one shot. Hard work and consistency in your work make you flawless. Every mistake you make gives you the opportunity to learn new skills.
  5. Team work-to achieve a higher goal; teamwork is not optional. It’s mandatory whether it’s the army, sports, or organization.


A strong bond within team members, holistic approach, and undivided focus help achieve a common goal within the time frame.


Where can automobile engineers work?


  • Private companies-both national and multinationals
  • Service stations of automobile companies
  • Transport companies
  • Defense Service
  • Setting up your workshop
  • Research and Development (R & D)
  • Production Plants of automobile companies
  • Automobile design


Automobile Engineering in Bhopal


  1. Oriental Institute of Science & Technology Bhopal
  2. University Institute Technology (UIT) Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalya (RGPV) Bhopal
  3. Kohinoor Technical Institute (KTI) Bhopal


5. Join the telecommunication engineering whose success surprised the whole world


What is telecommunication?

Tele: technology

Communication: Sending or receiving data or information using a medium like phone lines or computers.


It’s a technology that makes humankind possible to converse between two individuals irrespective of geographical locations. Telecommunication engineering falls under electronic engineering. This branch of engineering focuses on developing, design, and operate voice and data communication systems. They use fiber optics, satellite, wired, and wireless in the process of data transformation.


Their work varies from creating simple circuit designs to an extensive wireless network. They’re responsible for designing, installation of telecommunications equipment, including complex electronic switching systems and many more.


If you find yourself more of an innovative and creative kind, you can also take a look at the Best Digital Marketing Course.  The digital marketing industry has seen a vertical rise in the past few decades and convincingly many more to come.


Check out more about this industry at Digital Marketing Course Training in Bhopal


Why is Telecommunications engineering so valuable?


The importance and dependability of Telecommunication Engineering made it most valuable for all of us.

  1. Daily needs: Telecommunication Engineering made the whole world into a global village because of the connectivity. When you possess a smartphone, have access to the internet, you are globally visible.
  2. Serving multi-purpose: Global weather forecast, natural disaster alert (e.g., Tsunami), military communication, Air traffic control, and much more.
  3. Offering global access to your business: Gone are the days when people sell their products and services at the local level.

Suppose you manufacture a doll, a cricket bat, or a recipe that can remedy some disease. You can connect your target audience and show your presence globally. You can get online orders across the nation, and so does the payment.

  1. Easy and economic access to Education: Your computer, smartphone, and the internet empower you to gain knowledge from tutorials either free or with nominal fees. Today’s generation has the option of online classes, e-books, virtual libraries. The flexibility of timing in the comfort of your house is another advantage. Social media platforms, too, help you to connect teachers and students.
  2. Expanding business globally: Videoconferencing, Internet call (VOIP-voice over internet protocol), TeamViewer, Zoom, AnyDesk, etc. are the application that connects you globally 24×7 saving time, money and resources.


You can also dig into this article on Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Bhopal


Upon completion of the course, what role do they play in the field of telecommunication?


Telecommunications engineers perform a series of work that includes installing fixed-line cables, wireless connection, testing lines, mobile, and telephone networks. In addition, they also work on digital satellite systems.


Skills That Are Essential To Possess as a Telecommunication Engineer:


  • Technical ability – ability to diagnose and find a solution
  • Problem-solving- it’s your mindset and approach that dictates you what to do and what not to do
  • Communication –there’s no room for any misinterpretation and ambiguity
  • Physical fitness-being an engineer, you may have to work in the field and climb the tower as well if required
  • Analytical ability – they help you concluding examining data
  • Technical knowledge – proficient in understanding technical glitches
  • Ability to learn the unlearn –you require to reskill yourself time to time


Telecommunication Engineers Do Work in the Following Field


  • Television and radio broadcasting
  • Mobile communications
  • Computer communications and networking
  • Voice and data network
  • Optical networking


Is it worth doing technical courses in Bhopal, especially telecommunication engineering?


The answer is yes. All the technical courses in Bhopal are worth it. Below are the few institutes that offer specialization in telecommunication.


Telecommunication Engineering Colleges in Bhopal


  1. Indian Institute of Information Technology, Bhopal
  2. Mansarovar Global University Bhopal
  3. RKDF University Bhopal
  4. Patel Institute of Engineering


  1. Why Don’t You Join Architectural Engineering To Explore Your Talent and Skill?


Khajuraho is called the Mecca of architecture. Who will not wish to study architectural engineering from Bhopal? Although there’re many technical courses in Bhopal Architectural Engineering makes it stand out among all.


This branch of engineering is popular among those who love designing, drawing, and constructing buildings. They design buildings, bridges, monuments, malls, etc. They’re the ones responsible for the exterior and interior layout of the building.


There’s more weightage on visualization, imagination, and aesthetic sense. It won’t be wrong to say architectural engineering is not only science but an art as well.


Whether it’s the Eiffel tower, The Burj Al Arab Dubai, or The Taj Mahal – they’re the worlds’ best examples of architectural engineering.


When you visit a country, their architectural design tells you the history and the culture of those people.


There’s no shortage of technical courses in Bhopal, and when you talk of Architectural Engineering, School of planning and Architecture, Bhopal ranks 4th in the year 2020 in all India ranking.


Essential Skills for Those Who Dream of Becoming an Architectural Engineering


  1. Analytical Skills: How far your plan is functional shows your analytical skills. This is the reason why some designs and plans excel others. What is the scope of further improvement measures the perfection of your analytical skills?
  2. Designing skills: The first and the most crucial prerequisite skill. This particular skill helps you stand out between ordinary and extraordinary. It defines your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Designing goes broader and deeper as it allows space for decoration, environmental impact, sewage disposal, and much more.
  3. Mathematics and Science: Your creativity matters; however, the design you present must pass through the parameter of Geometry, Algebra, and Physics. No matter how stunning and beautiful the structure is, it needs to be well calculated both mathematically and scientifically, ensuring it survives on paper and site (a land where structures exist).
  4. Communication: What you plan cannot be confined to you. As it’s teamwork, people from different backgrounds work together for a common reason. It becomes essential what you communicate cannot have more than one interpretation.


Role and Responsibilities Assigned To Architectural Engineering:


  • To study whether blueprints prepared to look feasible for implementation
  • To ensure whether the building can resist earthquake, tornado, natural disaster
  • To check whether the building has lightning protection systems, fireproof, emergency evacuation plan
  • To check whether the building has proper air-conditioning systems, cross ventilation, heating system( different countries have a different heating system), and environmentally friendly
  • Offer recommendations to clients wherever necessary to save money, suggest modifications for better options, and highlight pros and cons
  • To keep themselves updated with the new trend and the latest technology, they conduct research and experiment


Architectural Colleges in Bhopal


  1. School of planning and Architecture –Bhopal
  2. Moulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT Bhopal)
  3. RKDF University Bhopal
  4. Lakshmi Narain College of Technology (LNCT)
  5. Rajiv Gandhi Prodyogiki Vishwavidyalaya


7. You Decide What Type of World You Wish To Make by Chemical Engineering


When we hear Bhopal, the first thing that comes to mind is the leakage of Methyl Isocyanate -a chemical gas responsible for the world’s worst industrial disasters–the death of more than 15000 innocent people. Technical courses in Bhopal are many, but it always resonates with you the city’s tragedy when you opt for chemical engineering in this city.  Isn’t it?


Chemical engineering is all about changing raw materials into valuable products such as clothes, leather goods, paper, cosmetics, soap, cement, plastic products, laundry detergents- the list is endless. Any raw material which is converted into usable for humans cannot be imagined without the intervention of chemical engineering.


They develop processes and new ways to improve production, durability and it adds multiple benefits. Chemical engineering works on various tasks: keeping the environment clean, reducing pollution, and producing drinkable water from a sewage treatment plant.


When we get things quickly, we neither bother to appreciate nor try to find the truth behind the solution. We take things for granted. Right? Chemical engineering is such a field whose importance and domination keep on increasing in our day-to-day life.


Skills That Every Chemical Engineer Posses  


  • High level of curiosity in chemistry
  • Analytical skill
  • Ability to handle extensive data
  • Approach to think out of the box to find a solution
  • Communication skill
  • Teamwork
  • problem-solving skills
  • Ability to Conduct research


Role of Chemical Engineering


  1. Food– Whether it’s frozen meat, tomato sauce, or the fruit we eat, all contain a chemical that helps them preserve for an extended period. It’s mixed in such proportion that it hardly harms the human body.
  2. Fuel– Oil refinery is an industrial plant set up to process crude oil into finished petroleum products. It includes petrol (or gasoline), diesel, kerosene oil, LPG, naphtha, etc.
  3. Pharmaceutical- whether it’s production, packaging, or R & D (Research and Development) Chemical engineering plays a vital role throughout the process. They also contribute and facilitate the process of transportation to ensure nothing goes wrong traveling.
  4. Fertilizers– we use fertilizers to provide nutrients to plants. These fertilizers are prepared in the laboratory by a plethora of chemical engineers. Apart from other factors use of fertilizers played a crucial role in India’s green revolution.
  5. Remedy to keep the environment clean– to kill mosquitos, insects, bacteria, viruses, or microorganisms. Scientists, doctors use products prepared by chemical engineering to save human lives.
  6. Recycling: Chemical engineering helps in recycling used products saving money, and creating sustainability.
  7. Purifying water-Chemical engineering helps purify water from small household cleaners to a giant water treatment plant. Objectives are simple – contaminated water gets drinkable.


Top Chemical Engineering Colleges in Bhopal


  1. Moulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT)
  2. Lakshmi Narain College of Technology (LNCT)
  3. Mansarovar Global University
  4. Rajiv Gandhi Prodyogiki Vishwavidyalaya




It’s not mandatory or binding to choose the course as discussed above. But it might have given you some idea, information or knowledge about the technical courses in Bhopal. In addition, it might have trained your mind to think beyond. It’s up to you how you take things.


For instance, you can dive into the finance domain and acquire the most sought-after GST Course to become a GST expert. Same way, you can explore more options depending upon your interests and preferences.


If you have interest, experience, and even a job but not earning and getting recognitions you deserve, don’t wait for any miracle to come.  Get yourself registered in one of the technical courses in Bhopal. Set your goal with a new horizon. You’re the torchbearer of your future.


Opportunity never knocks on the door a second time. It’s high time to make a decision.

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