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An Ultimate Guide To Technical Copywriting

Any product we purchase nowadays is mostly advertised. Online purchasing of products has increased, and people rely on the web for product or service information. In order to find a product online, it will be important to read the content describing it. The content should be understandable and motivate or encourage potential customers to make a purchase. This involves copywriting, which is simply advertising through content. Several forms of this marketing strategy are used today to promote brands. They include website content, brochures, emails, social media posts, and more.


Guide to technical copywriting


Definition of copywriting


Copywriting is a professional method of writing sales copies used in advertising and marketing. Copywriting is an integral part of many industries for sales and services. Expert copywriting and understanding of audience behavior can elevate your brand.


What is a Copywriter


Copywriters are largely responsible for creating and maintaining valuable and trustworthy material for the purpose of marketing items and services over the Internet. They use their writing talents to urge clients to take positive action. Copywriters work on a variety of projects, including websites, blog posts, emails, and newsletters.


Types of copywriting


There are many distinct forms of copywriting because it is employed in so many different sectors. A copywriter’s specialty is determined by his or her expertise of the subject and personal interests. Writing copy for a specific marketing industry necessitates a set of skills. Copywriting styles and procedures differ based on the needs of the customer.


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Important Copywriting Types


1. E-mail copywriting: 


Writing an email copy is an art because the email’s content must be appealing and targeted. Every day, we receive a large number of emails, most of which are sales-related. The text written in the email’s copy, for example, is utilized to purchase a product or enroll in a course.


The basic goal of writing an email is to get people to act. Creating an email body is useful for a variety of objectives, including sales, you can promote your blog post, announce future events, provide case studies, or request that someone subscribe to your mailing list.


2. SEO copywriting


SEO stands for search engine optimization, and SEO copywriting is the process of producing content using SEO tactics in order for a content copy to appear at the top of search results. The importance of keyword research in SEO copywriting cannot be overstated.


Blog entries, product descriptions, articles, online copy, and other types of content are all examples of SEO copywriting. SEO copywriting aids in the creation of interesting content that increases conversion rates.


3. Social media copywriting


Without Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram, there is no mobile. All of these are classified as social media. The content that is shared on social media reaches a big number of people. In recent years, every company wanted to be seen on social media. Using social media copy to engage people requires ingenuity and a grasp of the audience’s attitude.


The influence of short content is significant. A social media copy generates leads, which you may turn into customers. Infographics, hashtags, video content development, and LinkedIn copy creation are all examples of social media copies.


4. Direct response copywriting


Content is written in this sort of copywriting to entice customers to buy or join up for something. This is a type of marketing plan that yields results right away. Emails, links, and anything else with a CTA feature come under direct response copywriting. In all domains, it is used to capture the attention of clients.


5. Website copywriting


Every business, in today’s digital world, requires a website to maintain an online presence. Creating a website is simple, but visitor engagement is mostly dependent on the information you provide. You may have visited a number of websites in order to make a purchase, obtain information, or make a reservation.


Not every website provides the same level of user experience. Only a few websites can supply you with the results you require. Copywriters are responsible for the material on this website. A website copywriter’s primary goal is to deliver information and facilitate purchases.


By offering the correct keywords, website copywriters may also help you rank your website in the top search results. Blog posts, case studies, research articles, and white papers are all examples of website copywriting.


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Now let’s take a closer look at technical writing


Technical copywriting:


You can market, promote your products and services with the help of technical copywriting. Technical copywriters are well-versed in technical subjects. The major duty or purpose of a technical copywriter is to present difficult technical knowledge in an easy-to-understand and interesting manner.


Technical copywriters mostly help technology companies enhance their revenues. Technical copywriters work for marketing firms that specialize in technology. Technical copywriters are in higher demand. IT copywriters are also known as technical copywriters.


Scope of a technical copywriter


Technical copywriters can work in a variety of industries, including advertising, research, healthcare, engineering, and construction. To advertise their products and services, some technology corporations hire technical copywriters. These copywriters create content that meets the needs of their clients.


Technical copywriters have a promising future and a wide range of opportunities. All IT organizations will require copywriters as the use of technology-driven software and hardware goods expands in the future.


Skills required for technical copywriting


Technically it’s a combination of two words and requires two basic skills


  1. Technical subject expertise
  2. Excellent writing skills


Technical copywriters must also possess the following abilities


  1. Ability to conduct research
  2. Ability to communicate
  3. Recognize the needs and requirements of your customers.
  4. Stay on top of the latest trends in the technology industry.
  5. The ability to persuade people that a product or service will benefit them and solve their difficulties.


Examples of technical copywriting


Technical copies are brochures, white papers, blog posts, research articles, audio and video scripts, product descriptions, product guides, advertising technical documentation, case studies, sales-related emails, product purchases, deals, or publication purchases for readers.


It may be in the form of an email prompting you. Technical copywriters make copies for selling primarily technical products, technical software, and technical services.


Some other examples include


  • Thought leadership articles
  • Asset listings for a real estate firm
  • Technology white papers
  • Content marketing strategies
  • Press releases on launching an app or new technology
  • Content creation for a software company
  • Data science video scripts
  • Taglines for an advertising company


Mainly targeted at two forms


  • Inter-company copywriting
  • Corporate-to-customer copywriting


The process of making technical copies differs from one company to the next.


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Technical copywriters in different fields


They are well-versed in technology-specific businesses. They’re in the


  • Web design and development industry


To comprehend the website’s goals and objectives, a copywriter should collaborate with the web design team. You may also include SEO in your copywriting process to increase traffic to your website. It’s crucial to explain the objective of each page when producing web copy. The purpose of the website will be served by adding a CTA element.


  • Software as a Service (SaaS)


A SaaS copywriter, who is engaged by tech organizations, will assist you in generating leads and obtaining free trial sign-ups. A SaaS copy will describe the benefits of an application and explain how it will help you.


  • E-commerce


It’s an online marketing approach in which you write technical material to boost sales of technological devices, electronics, and mobile phones. Many websites offer online sales of technology items and services. E-commerce technical copywriters create text that describes the features of a tech product.


  • Development of new products


Product development refers to the process of creating a new product or upgrading an existing one. There are crucial processes in product creation such as research and development, marketing, and distribution, whether it is a software service or application, or software tools.


A copywriter aids in the dissemination of information regarding a new product launch, a recently upgraded version, or any new features. It can be distributed by emails, blog entries, social media posts, and push notifications.


  • Automobile manufacturing industries


It is the process of writing a copy on automotive components and services, such as automobile purchasing and repair. Automotive copywriting can take the form of digital advertising, brochures, email newsletters, posters, blog articles, and more, all of which will help you raise your conversion rates.


  • Medical equipment and devices


Medical device production is continually rising as technology advances. CT scans, laser technologies, life-supporting equipment such as ventilators, laboratory equipment for clinical evaluation, pacemakers, ultrasonography machines, defibrillators, ECG machines, and so on.


Using a copy to promote medical equipment necessitates a high level of expertise. Need to convey the device’s benefits to doctors by demonstrating how it will be useful to patients. It can be in the form of case studies, web posts, videos, ads, brochures, etc.


  • Electronic appliances


We use several electrical appliances in our day-to-day life. for example, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, television, etc. while writing a sales copy for electrical appliances it is important to understand the features and specifications of the product. Understanding the need of the customer is of prime importance.


  • Defense and aerospace engineering


It entails the creation of aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles, among other things. These things require sophisticated technology and software. Machine guns, radars, battle tanks, and rocket launchers are examples of defense equipment. These industrial and technological advancements provide a plethora of business prospects.


In this industry, writing technical content will target potential buyers. Websites, brochures, news releases, advertising, and other forms of communication will be used. While marketing these fields, a technical copywriter should adhere to a set of laws and standards.


  • Software applications


A software application is designed to accomplish a specific goal. Database software, multimedia software, word processing software, presentation software, and operating systems are examples of these. Providing a free trial option is one of the best technical copywriting strategies. Posting your material on tech websites will aid in the identification of potential buyers.


  • Hardware manufacturing


Hardware is utilized in IT, building & construction, infrastructure, and other fields. Explaining the product’s quality and how it differs from the competition will boost your sales. Writing tech blogs, utilizing social media, affiliate marketing, and utilizing effective distribution channels can all have a significant impact.


  • Finance


The market trends should be reflected in the financial sales text. Accounting, banking, and asset management are a few examples. Writing thought leadership articles, annual reports, and client letters will help you stand out in the market.


  • Gaming


In this day of limitless entertainment options, the gaming business has enormous potential. Tech copywriters are needed to generate appealing sales copy for gaming developers. Email, updating site pages, advertising, catalogs, video scripts, and newsletters are all examples of sales copy in the gaming industry.


They also work in data enterprises, information technology, manufacturing, construction, engineering sectors, marketing, and advertising, copywriting agencies, architecture, publishing agencies, market research, digital marketing, print and media, health care, and other fields.


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Benefits of technical copywriting


  • It will improve your sales
  • Increases your conversion rate
  • Helps in promoting the brand image


How to be a technical copywriter:


According to CNN, being a technical copywriter is one of the least stressful careers. Your technical copywriting career will be aided by your writing abilities and technical expertise. Because technical copywriters work with sophisticated technology, it’s important for them to be well-versed in them. If you don’t have a professional degree or technical qualifications, don’t worry.


Many training institutes and online courses offer a full-fledged approved technical writing training curriculum. Create portfolios, add work samples, experiences, training, and skills, and identify niches. Your portfolio will aid you in your job search. The majority of copywriting jobs provide freelance options, allowing you to work from home.


Tools and software used in technical copywriting


We’ve recently come across a number of technologies that help us simplify and improve our work. Because technical copywriting contains a lot of jargon, there are a lot of online tools and software that can help you write amazing content.


The following are the basic tools and applications to use:


  • Microsoft Visio


A software application that allows you to make flowcharts, technical drawings, diagrams, graphs, floor plans, and layouts. This program allows you to visualize complex data graphically. It’s utilized in IT, architecture, banking, and construction, among other professions. Workflows and business processes are represented using templates in this tool. The greatest approach to transmitting facts is through schematic diagrams.


  •  Adobe Photoshop


It is an image editing and graphic design software. Filmmakers, brand boosters, site designers, social media content creators, photographers, and others use it. Learning Photoshop can be beneficial if you work for an advertising agency.


  • Adobe Robo assistance


This is a piece of software that allows you to create and publish e-learning content. Helps you generate outstanding technical material including help systems, HTML 5 files, PDF documents, Amazon Kindles, electronic manuals, policies, and procedures documentation in numerous forms.


  • Adobe FrameMaker


It’s a popular document processor in the business for publishing technical content on mobile, desktop, and print. It is largely for technical communicators, document specialists, web developers, and engineers.  Used to author content in XML and DITL.Bottom of Form


  • Snagit.


Technical writers, filmmakers, and IT professionals all use this basic screen capture application. Screenshots, movies, and screen graphics are all possible with this program.


  • Powtoon


A program that allows you to make animated videos. It’s used to make commercial or professional video presentations. Marketing videos, entertainment videos, demo videos, small enterprises, and other uses are all possible.


  • Notepad ++


It’s used to make changes to the code and content. It can be used to code, write, and modify text. It can also be used to script the text.


  • Whatfix


This is a fantastic writing tool that is available as a SaaS-based solution. It’s widely utilized in the banking and finance industries. It is mostly based on the DAP (Digital Adoption Platform) and serves as a web application guide. It explains how to use the new technology to people.


Aside from that, there are a few more tools that can assist a technical copywriter.


  1. Grammarly—to check for grammatical errors and provide a copy that is error-free.
  2. The Hemming Way App- This is an editing app that helps you enhance your writing style.
  3. Google Docs – create and store draft copies of documents that you can share with your clients.
  4. Google Analytics—it will assist you in determining the audience’s or customer’s reaction to your material, such as the number of clicks, bounce rate, social media shares, comments, etc.




1. What is the average salary of technical copywriting?

A technical copywriter can earn around 30,000 Rs to 40,000 per month. Well experienced writers can earn up to 10 lakhs per annum.


2. What are the educational qualifications required to be a technical copywriter?

Although no formal educational qualifications are required, completing a bachelor’s degree in marketing, journalism, advertising will help you in developing skills and abilities Apart from this, some prefer

  • Basic computer and programming knowledge
  • Good language and communication skills
  • Writing, editing, and proofreading skills
  • Research and analytical skills


3. What are some of the popular books on technical copywriting?

There are numerous books on copywriting accessible. An excellent book will assist you in learning the fundamentals and strategies of copywriting.

HubSpot recommends the followings books

  • D&AD copybook
  • Hey, Whipple squeeze this
  • Words that sell
  • Ogilvy on advertising
  • Wired for story
  • Bird by bird
  • The ad week copywriting handbook
  • Read me
  • Tested advertising methods
  • The idea writers
  • Made to stick
  • Story: substance, structure, style, and the principles of screenwriting
  • Everybody writes
  • On writing: the memoir of the craft
  • Scientific advertising
  • The tall lady with the iceberg: the power of metaphor to sell, persuade& explain anything to anyone


4. Are technical writing and technical copywriting the same?

They both deal with technical products; one writes about how to use a product or provide them with instructions, and the other writes about selling or promoting a product or service.




A technical copywriter’s principal goal is to advertise technical products and services. Every day, new technologies and breakthroughs emerge, necessitating the need for technical copywriters to adapt.m It is necessary to develop the necessary abilities in order to communicate effectively with customers. Writing amazing copy will improve the brand image in today’s competitive atmosphere. So, if you have a passion for technology and an interesting writing style, you could pursue a career as a technical copywriter.

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