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Top 6 Supply Chain Courses in Pune with Placements

A career in the supply chain opens doors to a myriad of job options as it’s a diverse and expanding sector in businesses. However, it might be overwhelming to understand the supply chain processes completely. For this reason, this article has a compilation of top supply chain courses in Pune to guide you.


List of the best supply chain courses in Pune


Have you ever wondered what it takes to manage a supply chain successfully? A lot of blood and sweat goes into the smooth functioning of supply chain workflows. A supply chain manager designs, plans, strategies, and manages deliveries of goods. That definition is s simplified one to give you the basic idea. The supply chain courses in Pune cover all these aspects of supply chain and operations.


Explain Supply Chain Management


Supply chain management is managing and overseeing the manufacturing and transit of goods from suppliers to consumers. Every business has a supply chain manager or a team handling these processes. SCM is crucial to the proper functioning of manufacturing industries. It acts as an essential link between consumers and suppliers to deliver finished goods or procure raw materials.


The supply chain is the lifeline of all important supplies for the survival of all societies. The needs of both producers and consumers are met through an effective supply chain, which is managed in an integrated and comprehensive manner. Synchronized systems and processes improve the efficiency and production capacity of industries. We saw the troubles the whole world faced when pandemics hit.


Explore these recommended courses:


The disruption of supply chain networks created an imbalance between supply and demand. As a result, manufacturers struggled to procure raw materials and produce enough goods to meet the demand. The pandemic exposed the faults in the global supply chain-wide open. Since then, the demand for supply chain and operations specialists in manufacturing industries has increased.


Benefits of Supply Chain


Reduced costs


A detailed review of the operations and supply chain processes helps find any discrepancies or faults in the workflows. If not addressed on time, these inefficiencies can considerably cost the company. Hence, supply chain and operations managers inspect and streamline these procedures. As a result, the outcome is an efficient functioning supply chain. In addition to efficiency, it decreases costs and saves money and time.


Cash flow


Cashflows increase due to efficient supply chains. A properly optimized supply chain, by all means, improves cash flow. You may ask, how? Well, the answer is in forecasting and production based on the demand and timely supplies.


Improved customer service


For instance, imagine you ordered a blue shirt, but when you got your product delivered, you found the shirt to be red. Now, why would that happen? See, this is a simple example of supply chain mismanagement. If such wrong orders are delivered or misplaced couriers, it results in a bad customer experience. It also creates a negative impression on the brand. So efficient and rightly designed supply chains improve customer services. Customer services can include timely delivery to the right person with the correct order. 


Best supply chain courses in Pune




Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning is one of India’s most prestigious distance learning institutions. SCDL offers a variety of degree programs and certificate courses. These programs and courses are AICTE approved, offering practical-based supply chain courses in Pune. The supply chain course by SCDL is a PG diploma in supply chain management. This program is a tow year-long full-fledged course.


Course content:


  • Supply chain management Basics
  • Logistics and distribution management
  • Legal aspects
  • Project management
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Strategic SCM
  • E-Business
  • ISCM
  • Warehouse management
  • Supply chains
  • SC risk management
  • Research methods
  • Performance measurement
  • Project


Students can enrich and hone their skills with supply chain management, logistics, and materials management concepts. As India increases manufacturing, supply chain, and operations experts demand increases. The real-time experience gained provides you with a perspective of the supply chain.

2. iClass


iClass’s SAP supply chain course covers concepts from beginner to advanced level. They have various training centers in Pune offering a multitude of IT courses and supply chain courses in Pune. The supply chain course prepares you to become job-ready and acquire all the necessary skills at the end of the course.


The trainers are supply chain management experts, and industry experts provide an in-depth learning experience. iClass created the course to provide students with practical experience through their lab facilities. Supply chain management is not a subject that one can learn solely via theoretical principles. The practical training develops inept knowledge into the vertical and aids in understanding the subject better. 


Course content:


  • Demand Management
  • Material planning
  • Production execution
  • Supply Network Planning 
  • Integration models
  • SCM masters data
  • Modeling using SAP SCM
  • Integrate transactional data
  • Demand planning configuration
  • SNP configuration
  • And more


iClass offers flexible batch timings. Ideally, students can choose from the weekend, regular classes or the fast track program. The USP of the course is its trained, certified experts who have worked on real-time SAP SCM projects and hold experience of over six years. Students get placement support and mock interview preparation honing their newly learned SAP SCM skills.  


3. Coursera


Coursera is the e-learning platform offering affordable courses by the top universities in the world. It offers a specialization course that includes supply chain fundamentals, operations, logistics, sourcing, and strategy. 


You will gain skills in logistics, supply chain, lean six sigma, warehouse management, demand forecasting, and more. Only a few courses combine hands-on learning with a variety of abilities. After completing the program, you’ll have a better knowledge of the complexities that businesses face in today’s globally connected economy. You can enroll in the course if you are passionate about supply chain processes or working with supply chain professionals. In either case, you can take advantage of this specialization. 


Course content:


  • Logistics
  • Supply chain operations
  • Planning
  • Sourcing
  • Supply chain strategy


The direction for operating a successful supply chain is Supply Chain Management Strategy. These management strategies are taught in the final module imbibing the skills you need to maintain and run a successful supply chain. In addition to management, you will gain skills to build and implement an effective strategic plan in the capstone project. The capstone project will provide the necessary hands-on experience and a real-time perspective of challenges in the supply chain. The skills you gain in all the modules culminate in the capstone project. In addition to project-based learning, you will receive a certificate to include on your résumé.


4. Udemy


Udemy is an e-learning site with various supply chain courses in Pune ranging from 5 hours to 30+ hours. Some of these courses are logistics and supply chains, SAP: supply chain logistics.


Logistics and supply chains course:


This video course is a great resource to learn about Manufacturing and Supply Chain. Gaining the knowledge and skills will take you to the expert level in evaluating and managing an effective and efficient supply chain. By taking this course, you may boost your overall performance as well as the return on investment of your company. Unlike other supply chain courses, this course emphasizes the practical understanding of the subject. You can gain practical knowledge through exercises and short assignments between the course modules.


Course content:


  • SCM basics
  • Supply chain integrations
  • Demand management
  • Planning
  • Purchasing 
  • Procurement
  • CRM
  • And more


This comprehensive supply chain course has video lessons of over 30+ hours. The second course is an SAP supply chain course in Pune. This course comprises of similar syllabus and uses SAP R/3 to set up and establish the supply chain processes. The SAP SCM course enables you to configure solutions and execute them in SAP. Gaining SAP knowledge can be a great skill in the supply chain management sector. Since the course covers basics and advanced concepts lucid and practically, it makes it easier to grasp them.


5. ISB&M


ISB& M provides a PGDM course in supply chain management and logistics. The institute has designed the course to prepare students with job-ready skills in the supply chain and the know-how about logistics. It takes care of the nitty-gritty of the supply chain in the course modules with practical examples. You will gain the expertise and specific skills needed to contribute immediately and creatively to logistics and supply chain management on a state or international level. In addition to these skills, you will learn to optimize the demand processes, reducing the logistics costs with a thorough analysis.


Course content:


  • Operations
  • SCM
  • Project management
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory management
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Vendor management
  • Supply chain finance
  • Global SCM
  • Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship


After completing this course, career opportunities that you can target are project manager, operations analyst, materials manager, productions manager, and many more job roles. The institute has an impeccable placement record. It provides job assistance and interview preparation to its students.


6. SIMMC Pune


Established in 1999, the Suryadatta Education foundation guides and mentors students with the aim of creating self-motivated leaders. Over the past few years, it has built several institutions under its name to impart high-quality education and training to students. It ranges from schools to postgraduate colleges. It offers supply chain courses in Pune as an MBA program.


The program facilitates the learning and grooming of students to excel in the challenging global economy and emerge as market leaders. As a result of the professional MBA programs, students gain hands-on real-time experience of the corporate world. The supply chain course has a two-year-long comprehensive course curriculum. Besides theory, practical knowledge gaining is of paramount focus.


Course content:


  • Operations 
  • SCM
  • Logistics 
  • Operations strategy
  • Quality standards
  • Productivity 
  • Operations analytics
  • Six sigma
  • SRM
  • And more


This was a brief peek into the course syllabus. For more information, you can check SIMMC’s website. In addition to this syllabus, students have the flexibility to choose subject electives. The above six courses are the top supply chain courses in Pune with placement support.




1. Why is supply chain management crucial to businesses?


The supply chain is crucial due to the following reasons:

  • It aids in reducing costs if the supply chain is optimized correctly and monitored.
  • An enhanced supply chain results in timely deliveries and efficient transit while improving sustainability.
  • It helps in reducing supply chain hurdles and faster transportation of goods. While there are other reasons, these are some of the positive effects of an efficient supply chain.


2. What is the role of a supply chain manager?


 A supply chain manager is an expert at handling the supply chain and operations activities:

  • The supply chain manager researches and develops a supply chain strategy.
  • Supervises sourcing of raw materials and manufactures them to finished goods. In the next step, carefully assesses the logistics department for smooth delivery of goods.
  • The manager ensures the proper return of defective goods.

The supply chain manager uses the above components to manage and handle the processes.


3. What is supply chain and operations?


The systems, strategies, and plans to maintain, manage and efficiently handle the movement of goods from suppliers to consumers are known as supply chain and operations. Supply chain management includes the regular monitoring and optimization of the supply chains and processes. As a result, this streamlines the flow of goods between various points. 


4. What is the difference between supply chain and operations?


Supply chain and operations are related to each other, or rather, they are interrelated. However, there is a functional difference between these two departments. Every business usually has these as two separate departments. Now let’s understand the difference.


The supply chain deals with the smooth delivery of products to consumers from the industry. At the same time, it also monitors and manages the timely procurement of raw materials for the manufacturing processes. The supply chain looks after the external processes while operations manage the internal processes. An operations manager handles the manufacturing and inspects if the equipment buildings are in proper condition to ensure fast and timely production. In a business, some processes and roles may coincide, but in reality, they work differently.




In the above blog, we looked at the top supply chain courses in Pune with placements. However, if you stay away from Pune, you can still learn. We have also included online supply chain courses in Pune. But yeah, to be good at the supply chain, one needs to have hands-on experience. You will have to visit industries to understand how they plan and design the processes. This will add to your knowledge and expertise. Most institutes take students on industrial tours, where you can gain first-hand experience. 

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