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Short-Term Finance Courses in Gurgaon For Career Growth

Gurgaon today is also known as Gurugram a Millennium City which portrays as the strong symbol & pillar of economic power along with a beacon of innovations. Today major multinational companies & leading financial institutions are operating their businesses from Gurgaon. Start-ups becoming unicorns are managing their business by establishing headquarters in Gurgaon. The combination of all these industries opens numerous career opportunities for finance enthusiasts. Individuals can pursue or build their careers by going through short-term finance courses in Gurgaon. In this article, the top 6 short-term finance courses are mentioned in detail. Individuals can explore all the courses & select the most appropriate according to their requirements. Let your financial dreams conquer the world of finance with lightning speed.

Short-Term Finance Courses in Gurgaon

Table of Content 

  • Why Short-Term Finance Courses are Important?
  • Top 6 Short-Term Finance Courses in Gurgaon
  • Career Opportunities after Short-Term Finance Courses
  • Top Institutes Offering Short-Term Finance Course in Gurgaon
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Why Short-Term Finance Courses are Important?

The finance sector has undeniably played a pivotal role in shaping the global economy. In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business environment, possessing extensive knowledge and honing the right skills is essential to excel as a proficient financial expert. In this regard, short-term finance courses have emerged as invaluable assets for individuals seeking lucrative career opportunities in finance or related domains. Whether you’re a recent graduate eager to kickstart your career or an ambitious working professional with a passion for finance, these courses offer numerous compelling reasons to embark on this professional journey.

Help in Expanding Skill Set:

Short-Term Finance Courses help individuals in expanding knowledge & skills related to major aspects of finance. These courses provide education in finance-related matters including financial statement analysis, investment banking, risk management, financial planning, financial modelling & valuation, business accounting & taxation, financial reporting and more. Individuals after completing short-term finance courses acquire all the necessary skills which aid them to increase their potential career growth. 

Help in Gaining Practical Knowledge:

Short-Term Finance Courses are specifically designed in a way to grab attention on practical applications along with theoretical education. Individuals through these courses learn practical case scenarios which help them to learn in-demand skills of financial industries that can be immediately implemented in the practical financial world. In practical training, individuals would learn how to analyse financial statements, in-depth research on market trends & patterns, evaluate & foresight investment opportunities, develop financial strategies, build complex financial models & more. After learning essential practical knowledge individuals in infirmed decision-making who are pursuing professional careers in finance industries.

Boosting Career Prospects:

Today in the financial world there are so many challenges & competitions in the job market. Employers from renowned financial institutions & multinational companies are looking forward to hiring individuals who demonstrate commitment to continuous learning and focusing on professional development. Individuals after completing short-term courses in finance significantly enhance their skills & upgrade their knowledge which helps them add valuable credentials to their resumes which directly results in boosting career opportunities.    

Flexibility & Convenience:

These short-term finance courses are flexible & convenient to all individuals because it is designed in a way to fit into your busy schedule. Many institutions or course providers offer a variety of learning options including online live classes with recording support, weekend classes for working professionals and self-paced learning modules. An individual may choose their specific mode of learning according to their convenience. 

Developing & Expanding Professional Networks:

Individuals who register themselves in short-term finance courses would get exposure to major financial platforms. These courses bring together industry-expert financial instructors to provide top-notch theoretical & practical education along with developing engaging communication with fellow participants. These connections help individuals build a professional network in the finance industry. Through professional networks, individuals may get various & beneficial opportunities such as mentorship from financial experts and job referral opportunities.

Top 10 Short-Term Finance Courses in Gurgaon

Various institutes offer numerous short-term courses in the finance domain. The top 10 short-term finance courses which are emphasising to provide a comprehensive perspective on various financial topics. Here is a list of these courses that one may choose to pursue.

1. Financial Modeling Course (FMMC)

Today every business organisation and industry are working on complex financial models to achieve their desired business objectives so they hire professionals who can help them in developing or managing complex financial models. Financial Modeling & Valuation Course is one of the renowned professional-certified short-term finance courses in Gurgaon. The objective of FMMC is to train individuals who are looking forward to making their career in the finance industry. Many acclaimed institutes are providing comprehensively designed Financial Modeling & Valuation Courses to interested individuals with a deep understanding of financial modelling techniques & valuation methodologies. Through this course, participants would learn financial statement analysis, valuation methods, building complex financial models & more.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidate must have completed (10+2) education.
  • Candidates who are pursuing graduation & freshers graduate can also apply.
  • Individuals who are pursuing professional courses such as CA, CPA and CFA may also apply.

Note: Eligibility criteria may differ according to specific institutes that are offering Financial Modeling & Valuation Courses

Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to Basic & Advance Excel
  • Understanding the concept of Ribbon
  • Learning Excel Functions & Shortcuts
  • Understanding the rule of Conditional Formatting
  • Data Validation & Data presentation
  • Tables, charts, bars, graphs & diagrams
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Introduction to Iterative Calculation & Circular Referencing
  • What-if Analysis
  • Introduction to Accounting Concepts & Financial Statements
  • Understanding Ratio & KPI Analysis
  • Introduction to Financial Modeling
  • Types & Structures of Financial Modeling
  • Introduction to Business Valuation
  • Types of Business Valuation

Course Duration: The duration of the course depends upon the specific institute however the average duration ranges between 3 to 6 months.

Course Average Fees: 10,000 INR to 50,000 INR

2. Business Accounting & Taxation Course (BAT)

The Business Accounting Taxation Course (BAT) is one of the in-demand skills that is required by multiple business industries. This course is one of the professionally certified short-term finance courses in Gurgaon with numerous career opportunities. Many business organisations are looking forward to hiring these professionals who increase their financial productivity & obtaining help in analysing business accounting along with managing taxation matters. Business Accounting Taxation Course is specifically designed comprehensively to provide significant knowledge and essential skills to students by providing education on a deep understanding of accounting principles & practices accompanying various types of taxation methods, laws & regulations

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Individuals must have graduated in a commerce-related field such as b.com/bba etc.
  • Finance Professionals can also apply for Business Accounting & Taxation Course.

Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to Accounting & Tally
  • Accounting Standards
  • Tally Software Advance Tally ERP9 & Tally Prime
  • Understanding Advance Accounting Tally
  • Introduction to GST
  • Understanding of all GST Methods
  • GST with Tally
  • GST Filing
  • Introduction to TDS
  • TDS with Tally
  • TDS Filing
  • Introduction to Payroll
  • Payroll with Tally
  • Introduction to Income Tax
  • Income Tax with Tally
  • Income Tax E-Filing
  • Understanding Advance Excel
  • MIS Reporting & Financials

Course Duration: The duration of the course depends upon the specific institute however the average duration ranges between 4 to 6 months.

Course Average Fees: 4,000 INR – Minimum to 25,000 INR & Above (Can vary to different institutes)

3. GST Certification Course

GST which stands for Goods & Service Tax is an indirect tax regime implemented in 2017 by the central government of India to replace multiple indirect taxes with a unified tax system. After implementation many business organisations or industries irrespective of their sizes hire professionals who are experts in managing GST-related matters efficiently. GST Practitioner Certification Course is one the leading professional short-term finance courses in Gurgaon focusing on guiding many individuals who want to build their careers in the Taxation domain of the Financial field. Through this course, an individual will acquire relevant knowledge & skills to become competent as well as proficient in GST compliance assisting various businesses and taxpayers in fulfilling GST obligations. The course offers a comprehensive education in GST along with its various aspects including GST return filing, invoice preparation, tax payment procedures & more.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Eligibility Criteria for GST Practioner Certification Course depend upon specific institutes.
  • General Eligibility: (10+2) & for some institutes (10+2+3) 
  • Having a Graduation Degree in commerce or a law-related field.

Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to Goods & Service Tax
  • Type of GST
  • Various aspects of GST
  • GST Structure & Framework
  • Meaning & Understanding of Supply in GST
  • Registration Criteria under GST
  • Invoicing rules & regulations under GST
  • GST filing & return
  • Introduction to Composition Scheme under GST
  • Understanding Reserve Charge Mechanism
  • E-way Bill under GST
  • Input Tax Credit & Payment under GST

Course Duration: Duration of the GST Practioner Certification Course can vary depending upon the institution & organisation offering the course. Generally, this course duration ranges from a few weeks to several months.

Course Average Fees: 5,000 INR to 25,000 INR & Above (Can vary to different institutes)

4. Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

The Certified Financial Planner (CFP) course is one of the globally recognized & most prestigious professional certification short-term finance courses in Gurgaon in the field of financial planning which is specifically designed for individuals who aspire to pursue their career as a financial planner. To become a competent or expert financial planner an individual required the necessary knowledge & essential skills which will help them to excel as a financial planner. The Certified Financial Planner course provides a comprehensive way to equip all these relevant skills & education. 

Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria to pursue the Certified Financial Planner course are summarised in two pathways.

Regular Pathway: 

  • Individuals after completing (10+2) or pursuing a bachelor’s degree in any discipline apply for CFP by registering at the NSE website for the examination. 
  • Appear for all four NSE examinations.
  • Candidates who passed all four NSE examinations are qualified to appear in the fifth and last examination for CFP certification.

Experience Pathway:

  • Individuals should be graduates and have 3-5 years of relevant work experience in the finance industry to appear in the final exam to acquire CFP certification.

Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to Financial Planning
  • Ethics & Professional Responsibility
  • Introduction to Financial Mathematics & Calculation
  • Understanding Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning
  • Introduction to Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits
  • Methods of Investment Planning
  • Tax Planning & Calculation
  • Introduction to Estate Planning
  • Advance Financial Planning

Course Duration: 6-12 Months

Course Average Fees: 40,000 INR – 60,000 INR

5. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

The International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) is one of the globally recognized & most respected short-term finance courses in Gurgaon & across the world. Through this course, individuals would learn a comprehensive & extensive understanding of global accounting standards leveraged by business industries & multinational companies all over the globe. The course covers many significant topics including financial statements along with their characteristics & parts, specific standards of financial reporting, rules & provisions for analysing & interpreting financial statements and more. Individuals after completing this course gain the necessary knowledge & skill sets to become competent in applying IFRS at worldwide business platforms. This course is deemed a valuable asset for those who pursuing a career in the finance domain.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Individuals must have a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, Business & related fields.
  • Individuals must have 2-3 years of work experience in accounting or related field.

Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to IFRS
  • Structure of IFRS
  • Understanding the use of IFRS
  • Presentation of Financial Statement
  • Revenue/ Profit Recognition in Financial Statements
  • Accounting for assets & liabilities
  • Introduction to Group Accounting
  • Understanding Presentation & Disclosure

Course Duration: Average duration of the course ranges from 3 to 6 months & above (can vary to specific course providers)

Course Average Fees: Averages fees range from 25,000 INR to 35,000 INR

6. Certified Advanced Tally Course

Tally is the most popular business management demanding software in the world of business organisations & industries. The software is used to record & analyse complex business data especially data relating to numerical formats. Today this comprehensive software helps in every sector of the economy including finance, hospitality, healthcare, retail & more. Many companies & industries along with financial institutions are hiring Tally professionals to get their accounting work flow smoothly with accuracy. The certified Tally Advance Course is of the best short-term finance courses in Gurgaon for individuals who are interested in the field of accounting. In this course, individuals would gain basic to advance knowledge of Tally accounting & types of Tally software.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • There are not any specific eligibility criteria, The Certified Tally Advance Course is open to all from a student in standard 12th to fishers & professionals who want to develop new skills.

Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to Business Accounting
  • Understanding Accounting standards
  • Types of Accounts
  • Introduction to Tally Modules
  • Tally ERP9 & Tally Prime
  • Introduction to Advance Accounting in Tally
  • Advance Accounting Methods

Course Duration: The duration of the Certified Tally Advance Course specifically depends upon the institution that is offering the course. Course duration may range from 1 to 3 months & above.

Course Average Fees: 3,000 INR to 15,000 INR & Above (Can vary to different institutes)

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Career Opportunities After Short-Term Finance Courses

Individuals after completing a short-term finance course from any specific renowned & professional institute open the gateway to the floods of career opportunities including career progression possibilities. They can explore vast & diverse fields of the finance industry along with multiple career opportunities. Here are listed some potential career paths an individual can consider after completing short-term finance courses in Gurgaon.

  • Financial Analyst – Responsible for analysing finance-related data & information which improve informed decision making including analysing financial statements, conducting research in financial matters, providing insights & more. 
  • Investment Analyst – These analysts play a crucial role in the finance industry and are also responsible for analysing investment opportunities by conducting market research to provide accurate & precise insights to their clients. 
  • Credit Analyst – Credit Analysts are professionals who are responsible for evaluating the creditworthiness of individuals, companies and business organisations before sanctioning the loan amount they applied for. Credit is one of the major pillars of the finance industry because credit analysts are required to analyse financial statements & information to make effective decisions regarding lending matters.   
  • Risk Management Analyst – Risk or Finance are related to each other in infinite ways. Major companies & business industries hire risk management analysts to ascertain & identify possible risks, develop risk management strategies and monitor how s& which strategies or techniques are working efficiently in mitigating risk associated & emphasising the smooth functioning of business organisation.
  • Financial/Investment Planner & Advisor – There are many job roles in the department including financial planning, and investment planning along with financial & investment advisor. The work of these departments is similar to each other. They are responsible for helping individuals & business organisations to build & execute personalised investment strategies, giving advice on multiple investment opportunities and more to achieve financial objectives & goals. 
  • Portfolio Manager – Portfolio Managers are finance professionals who are responsible for managing investments on behalf of their client individual or institution. They are focused on observing investment opportunities and developing investment concerned strategies to gain maximum profit on the principal investment. They also monitor risk parameters to attenuate the potential risk associated with the investment. 
  • TAX Consultant – Tax Consultants are professionals hired by major business organisations & industries to gain assistance on tax-related matters. Individuals also required Tax Consultant services on various matters. These consultants are responsible for guiding individuals & business organisations into the complexities of tax laws, helping in optimizing tax positions and ensuring that concerned parties are complying with tax rules, laws & regulations accordingly. Tax Consultants involve in tax planning, auditing, generation of tax reports, tax filing and more.
  • Tally Accountant – Individuals after completion of specific Tally Courses such as the Certified Tally Advance Course can pursue their careers as Tally Accountants in Financial Industry. Tally is an advanced business & accounting management software which is globally leveraged for managing business financial operations & record keeping. Tally Accountants are professional experts in utilising this software according to the business requirement. 

Top Institutes Offering Short-Term Finance Courses in Gurgaon

There are many institutes offering short-term finance courses in Gurgaon to individuals who are aspiring to build their career profession in the finance industry. Opting for the best & suitable institute is considered to be an important task for every individual. There are many factors an individual goes through before selecting specific institutes such as the reputation & accreditation of the institute, qualification & industry experience of faculty, course content, industry connection & placement support, affordable fee structure along with the facility of multiple modes of payment and more.

Here Are Listed the Top 10 Institutes in Gurgaon Offering Short-term Finance Courses:

  • CFI Education
  • Knowledge Hut
  • Imarticus Learning
  • Indian Institute of Financial Planning
  • IMS Proschool 
  • The Wallstreet School
  • BSE Institute Limited
  • EduPristine
  • Henry Harvin


Short-Term Finance Courses are helping many individuals in today’s financial career-driven world. Through this article, we have explored the significance & importance of short-term finance courses for an individual who wants to pursue or build or establish a professional career in the finance industry. Finance is vast & diverse field with many finance enthusiasts who look forward to ruling & conquer the financial world through their knowledge & skills. Above mentioned top 6 short-term finance courses in Gurgaon are assisting many individuals to fulfil their dreams of entering into the financial realm. 

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Question: Is it hard to pursue finance courses?

Answer: Yes, to build or pursue a career in finance or a related industry is challenging to certain levels or depends upon individual capabilities. Finance courses generally involve numerical & mathematical calculations, analytical skills, data interpretations & more. Individuals who don’t have prior knowledge of these fields may face more challenges than individuals who have little knowledge about the finance domain. 

Question: How much do short-term finance courses in Gurgaon cost?

Answer:  The cost of short-term finance courses in Gurgaon can vary significantly depending on institutions, course duration, location of the institution, mode of education (online/offline), facilities or perks offered by specific institutes and more. Generally, the cost of the course ranges from thousands of rupees to several lakhs of rupees. 

Question: Are there any placement opportunities or job assistance support after completing short-term finance courses in Gurgaon?

Answer: Several institutions offer placement & job opportunities after completing their short-term finance courses. Today many institutions or course providers tie up with companies & financial institutions to build networks to create & facilitate opportunities in the concerned sector. Individuals who aspire to join a course with placement support should check the record of placement history before joining any institutes.




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