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SEO Job Description For Freshers in 2024

Here’s a little detailed guide about SEO job descriptions for fresher candidates in 2024.


The image describes the article on SEO Job Description for freshers


Getting to know what you want to do for a living for the entirety of your life is something you would not want to get wrong. You can definitely trust me on that statement as I have first-hand experience as to how things can go when you get it wrong. So how do you make the right decision?


To make an educated decision the best place to start is from you, look deep inside and see what your heart wants. But this is what every single person says, that’s why I would say the next step is very crucial because your heart might want something imagining a work or job to be in a certain way and the actual reality of your career choice might be very much different.


So, if you love writing and looking to start a career as a content writer or if you are interested in digital marketing then you should definitely get introduced to terms like SEO and SEM. So let’s take a peek behind the curtain to see what kind of work you would be doing and take a preview of what would your content writer or SEO job description look like. 



SEO in Simple Terms: 

SEO is a form of digital marketing and we could draw a lot of parallels with conventional marketing as well for an easier understanding of this concept. Be it any good product or service it would definitely require some kind of marketing to turn out to be successful. The conventional marketing people would have to convince the customer that the product or service is worth their money and only if this happens the product or service gets an opportunity to fulfill its purpose. 


When it comes to digital marketing there are a few important elements in convincing the customer to open our webpage, but there is a middle man who we have to please to appear in the search results and get that opportunity to win the customer over.


This middle man is the search engine and I just want you to ask yourself when was the last time you went past the first page of results in your Google search. I hardly even scroll once the search results appear and the first few results that appear on top will be advertisements and it requires a budget and SEM to get a seat at that pedestal. 


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Here is where Search Engine Optimization plays an important role as ranking your work up above other competitors is one major requisite in your SEO Job Description. So how do you convince a non-living search engine and its algorithm that your content is worth it to be ranked high?


That is exactly what we are going to look into along with other major factors you would want to have in your arsenal to fit into any content writer or SEO job description. Now that we have understood the concept of SEO let’s find out what it actually is.


Requirements vary from job to job so let’s focus on the most common elements that would be present in most SEO job descriptions. 


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Keyword Research :

So what happens once you publish your article online is that before it goes to the reader search engines like Google use crawlers that will crawl (analyze) the content and index it. Meaning it would categorize each page based on the content, but how will crawlers be able to do that?


Relevance is very important and so for the crawlers to easily identify what your page or content is about everything from the title, content to even the name of an image you use in your article is analyzed to index the page. So let’s just assume that you have created very cohesive and relevant content and that it has been indexed properly. How will the search engine decide that your article is the one that should be ranked high in the search result? That is where the keywords come into play. 


Search engines are pretty much like our high school teachers who award us marks if we got the keywords right and cut the marks if we used our own words despite understanding the concept. Enough of beating around the bush, keywords are the terms or words that a person uses when they search online. Recollect what you typed in that search bar before you opened this article to find out about the SEO job description and you will be able to understand it easily.


So, maybe you searched with the term SEO job description or some term close to that and the search engine felt that this article was relevant to your search. The search engine decided that the article is relevant because of the keyword I am using right now which is ‘SEO Job Description’. You might have noticed that the term ‘SEO Job Description’ is recurring constantly and sorry if you found it annoying but that recurring term is what helped my article reach you in the first place. 


But one should be careful as to how keywords are used. If the keyword is used very sparingly then the search engine will not identify the article as a relevant one and if one uses the keyword simply for no good reason then it becomes spam due to keyword stuffing. So the right amount of keyword would be around 0.05% of the entire word count. 


But how did I know that you would search using a term like ‘SEO Job Description’ or something close to it? I did not use any mind tricks as I am no psychic, but fortunately for us, there are tools from which we can use to find out what terms are being used to make the searches and the volume of the search as well. One such example to find that out would be Google’s Keyword Planner


If we enter a keyword then we can find out the search volume, level of competition and we get suggestions for relevant and related keywords to our search term as well. We just can’t use the keywords with the most search volume as it would be very difficult to rank high when you are competing with the big fish right at the beginning and so when one person is starting fresh it is definitely recommended to target keywords with low competition and decent search volume. 


It is important not to choose a generic keyword and at the same time, the keyword should not be too specific too. But at times choosing a specific keyword can also be very helpful to beat out the competition and that kind of keyword is called a long-tail keyword.


For example, in addition to ‘SEO Job Description’ if one makes it ‘SEO Job Description Resume’ then maybe it would help reach people who are looking to create a resume for an SEO job, or ‘SEO Job Description For Freshers’ can be used to reach people who are trying to understand the work nature of SEO jobs or people wanting to know requirements that would come in an SEO job description.


So these are the few aspects of what could be your work life in terms of keyword research and now let’s move on to the main part which is content creation. 


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Content Creation :

Content creation is a skill set you can find in any SEO job description because the primary point of using keywords and ranking higher than the competition is that our content can reach people. The content created must definitely be fresh and that requires a lot of good research on its own to prevent your article from becoming a reformatted version of some other article. So first take a look at the existing articles on your topic and find out what more you could offer and create your content following that. 


Remember how we mentioned that headings are important for crawlers? Yes so the title of an article can be up to 80 characters in length and must be written with Heading size 1 (i.e) H1, make sure to add the main keyword in the title for better ranking and keep updating the headline with the current year we are in to keep the article alive.


Another tip would be to try to incorporate a question in the title as surveys do show that people tend to open articles with questions as the title in comparison. The opening paragraph can be in H2 and the remaining content in H3 or it can be used for the subheading and content format. This not only helps the crawlers assess the elements easily it also cuts a clear picture for the reader. 


Once you have completed the work make sure you run a plagiarism test for the content to avoid any roadblocks, visit this article to learn more about plagiarism and how to steer clear from it. During the research make sure all the links to crucial information are saved so that you can backlink it to your article adding more credibility.


Creating content in a way or in topics that would result in other creators backlinking your article to theirs would be a great advantage in making the search engines believe you have done credible work that can be ranked higher. Research does show that articles with outgoing links will rank higher than content without them.


If you have been creating content for a while now see if you can link your own older articles wherever relevant to your new articles which also plays a major role.


The way the content is represented is also a key and here is where in addition to your writing skills, having designing skills would be a strong point to tick off in an SEO job description list. We all know for a fact that an article with images would seem more interesting than an article full of words alone.


Keeping this in mind it is important to develop some basics in photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator so that extremely apt images for any topic or point can be achieved using these software packages and an open-source image library called Freepik where templates for those software packages are available. 


If at all you find any difficulty in learning the software then at least websites like Canva should be looked into as it provides an easy platform to create the required images from our vision without having to go through the complex procedure when using the software. Though there are limitations the ease of use is a huge plus point. Using stock images is another way to do it but original images help the site rank better when compared to stock images. 


Localization is also a key factor when it comes to content and so one should be aware of the targeted audience to write accordingly. For example, you could be writing for clients who have their customers in different regions or even different countries and things like units (kg, lbs, etc) should be kept in mind. Or you could be running an online export business in which your target customers will be abroad. 


If your target audience is regional people then creating content in their regional language with a separate page for that language in addition to an English page would be key to ranking as even though Google translate is available to translate to their regional language, search engines do not consider auto-translate to be relevant.


This is why Wikipedia is currently available in 304 active languages and there are more technical factors that cause an impact when it comes to localization and other elements too. The content we create, the keywords we use can be termed as ‘On-Page SEO’ strategies and the strategies we are going to discuss now can be termed as ‘Off-Page SEO’. 


So these are the aspects you would have to keep in mind when you are creating content for the internet and would make you fit to match any SEO job description.


The Techno Bits :

Since the articles and content we create are published online your tech-savvy abilities would be a true advantage to understand the technology and use it to the maximum. In fact, localization can be achieved on a technical level when developing the webpage from scratch.


For example, every website needs a server where it has to be hosted and if we use a server far away from the place we are creating content to be published then that would be a disadvantage as search engines consider that as well. Over the years the number of smartphone users has increased rapidly meaning which makes it important to keep a site that would be apt to view across all devices and not just desktops. 


No matter which device you are loading you would want the site to load up fast and this is one very crucial aspect. Fast loading pages rank better in search results and also when the page doesn’t load, users might just stop and go to a different website. This increases the bounce rate of the site which affects the ranking. Bounce rate would determine the number of users who leave the site after spending a very less amount of time on the site and so the landing page has to be optimized perfectly. 


Using images is definitely an added advantage like how we discussed but when we use images of big file sizes then the site would become heavy and take more time to load. So make sure the images are compressed to an optimal level of around 80 to 100kb file size. Use tools like GTMetrix to find out how fast and responsive your site is and accordingly make improvements in the areas where lags can be found. 


For example, websites can be developed using Java scripts or HTML, and Java scripts usage has to a minimum as when java scripts are used it requires search engines to render the page which would result in a delay in indexing the page. Using HTML can result in quicker indexing and this is important because only when a page is indexed it can get ranked in a search. 


There is another easy solution to all of this and that is using Content Management Services like WordPress to publish your content online where everything can be controlled using plugins to do each task. They are completely customizable using themes or building everything as per your taste using the Elementor plugin. The off-page optimization can be done using plugins like ASync Javascript, Autoptimize, etc. 


Due to the increased sharing of data across the web, safety has also risen to be a paramount concern for many and so one must obtain a CDN and SSL certification to change HTTP from HTTPS that will assure users safety and lets the page rank higher on search results. 


This is just the tip of the iceberg information as this is a very deep topic and hopefully you have got an idea of what kind of technology you should be comfortable with when it comes to an SEO job. 



Even though getting organic reach is very crucial, at times paid promotion is what gets the job done and SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. Domain authority is a score that every website would have based on its eligibility to rank. This score ranges from 0 to 100 and developing a good score would take a lot of time once the site has earned some credibility.


It becomes very difficult to outrank sites with better domain authority when you are starting fresh and that is when SEM would definitely become part and parcel of any SEO job description. If you already own a site and have been creating content check the domain authority of it here. 


When we make any search the first results we see would be the paid ones and they would be marked as ads as well. Just because it is promoted with pay it doesn’t mean that we will get a high ranking in the first 2 slots even then and just like SEO we would have to make use of a few strategies to rank high.


Google ads work based on cost per click and the cost we pay per click is not the only factor that matters to rank but instead the organic traffic to the site, relevance of the site to the search, and ad quality are also factors which the search engines use. 


To yield the best results identifying your target audience is the biggest factor, so for example, if you are running a site for Tamil film reviews then your primary target audience must be people from Tamil Nadu which can be defined in a campaign. There might be a film that appeals to a younger audience and there might be films that appeal to women more or vice versa and so one can run multiple campaigns targeting the required age demographic or gender as well. 


The keywords we choose are very important and so there are a lot of customizable options as well where we can choose a specific keyword and make our ads appear only when that specific keyword is entered or we can even have related searches show our ad too if it matches our ad by phrase matches or if there is a change in the spelling and so on. Google Ads can be used to run such campaigns and make sure to monitor the results and see if you have the desired traffic or conversions and then make changes as per the need. 


In addition to ranking your site in searches, we can also run the ads in the form of display ads to drive more traffic. These display ads vary for each device and so custom designs can be made for mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. We can also target an audience based on the devices they use so that if we are promoting a mobile app then we can target mobile audiences based on the device they use. 


Education & Careers:

So the educational background that recruiters will be looking for in their SEO job description will include people with a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, communications, or information technology. But if you are a person who took the wrong first step like me and did a totally irrelevant course too we still have a chance as there are tons are certifications we can obtain online in regards to digital marketing and content creation.


In fact, I did my content writing master course from IIM Skills and so you could also search online and find courses that are apt for you. There has to be continuous learning when it comes to digital marketing as there will be a change in algorithms or trends and one must always stay updated to be a pioneer. 


Obviously, before choosing a career choice we should consider the prospects of that choice as well. Digital marketing is the future of marketing with more and more people getting access to the internet in various places.


Almost every single brand is in the process of creating an online presence for themselves and so they either hire a Content Writing agency or Digital Marketing agency to do the job for them or hire an in-house team or freelancers to get the job done.


Either way job opportunities are created which is a good thing and it is up to us to decide if we want to be a freelancer or join an organization. Here is an article elaborating on how to get a digital marketing job as a fresher and the pros and cons of being a digital marketer that you might find helpful.


Conclusion :

In the end, it all boils down to being creative with the content, tech-savvy with the off-page elements, and doing proper research for keywords. If you look at almost all SEO job descriptions you would most probably see these words in the requirements because those are the basic pillars upon which each company’s requirements build on. Imagine when was the last time you looked at a billboard that you were interested in?


Think about the number of irrelevant ads you see every day on your TV. Digital Marketing is on a whole new level where can target audience who are interested in our content or business. We definitely would have freaked out after seeing sponsored ads for the first time on social media sites instantly after a Google search of the same product or service. That is the power of SEO and Digital marketing and if you are intrigued by it and the creativity and research it demands, then definitely it is worth giving a shot. 


Hello, this is Prince Immanuel D. I am a Content Creator for my YouTube channel. I have been very passionate about creating content across all platforms and so here I am expanding my skill set by writing content for the web.

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