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10 Must-Follow Steps To Become An SEO Consultant

A consultant is someone who guides/ advises you about the concerned matter. An SEO consultant, thereby, would be the one who journeys the customer through the technicalities of on-page and off-page search engine optimization. Before understanding the 10 actionable ways to be an SEO consultant, let us brief you about the meaning and practices of SEO. 


Steps to become an SEO consultant


What does SEO Mean?


Now and then, you must have heard people discussing SEO. For those who are new to the concept, it may sound a little unusual but others aware of it, find the concept interesting. SEO is a merely shortened version of search engine optimization. It allows the content written or visual to lead on the search engine. 


People use different search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google,  DuckDuckGo, etc. The target of marketers or businessmen is to combat the competition and appear on the first page of search engines. To do so, these merchants invest in an SEO consultant or an expert. 


What is the job of an SEO Consultant?


An SEO consultant is an expert who is well-versed with the practices of content optimization practices for search engines. To put it in easier words, an individual who analyzes the content and suggests methods to improve for better visibility on the internet is your SEO expert. The task/ job of an SEO consultant would include the following roles:


1. Auditing the Website or Webpage


The first and foremost task in the list would be auditing the website or webpage of the client. This will enable the professional to know the loopholes. Further, he would acknowledge the areas of improvement and start fixing things accordingly.


The audit of a website would consist of domain checkup, robots.txt, XML checkup, Google link checkup, page quality checkup, image checkup, and structure checkup. Once the consultant is through with all this, he would know most of the errors in the website. This table of contents would help him move ahead with the task.


2. Figuring out the Competition


As soon as, the expert finishes auditing the website or webpage, his next task is figuring out the competition. Once he has studied your website, he would do an analysis of your competition. This practice would also help the consultant understand all attributes should he add to your website. Alongside, this would draw a line between your and your competitors’ website. A few regular audits will be enough to combat your competition. The exercise will help you lead the show.


3. Detailed Keyword Research


It is important to know that keyword research is a real job. Finding out the appropriate keyword is one of the essential factors for ranking on the search engine. There may be keywords on which your competitor is ranking, but you should not run after that. Do not mistake that keyword to be your targeted keyword.


The right keyword for you would be the one that is most likely to be searched by the audience looking for your product. It will eventually enable you to lead on the SERP. Thus, detailed keyword research is necessary for the digital market. 


4. Technical SEO


Optimizing the content as per the guidelines as per the norms of the search engine is more than just drafting it. Technical SEO puts ahead the key points using which one can modify the content. This editing asks you to ensure keyword density, readability, meta tags, outbound links, title, headings, etc. There exist multiple tools using which we can do it. These points are a part of an on-page SEO. However, there is more than an SEO consultant takes care of. 


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5. Checking Broken Link 


Are we mistaking a broken link as an URL that is incomplete? If you are thinking so, this is not true. This is an ice-breaking situation. Sometimes while searching about a topic we land on a page that shows an error. This error could be any number say error 404. Now, the number that is reflected on the screen is a code.


Decoding this code will help you understand the matter. Your SEO expert would crack the code, understand it, and fix the matter. Doing nothing about it increases the bounce rate and demolishes the value of your website. 


Here are some of the Effective SEO Strategies you must follow


6. Keeping up with changing algorithms of search engine


Google is one of the biggest platforms that the majority of people use as a search engine. Keeping up with the changing algorithms of this very search engine is vital. Researches prove that annually Google updates the algorithms between 500 and 600 times. Hence, on average, many times you miss out on something if you do not follow the algorithms religiously. It is a critical aspect but with time, we can make things work. 


7. Competent Marketing Strategy


For a person who is trading online or offline, having a strong marketing strategy is important. This is the core element of any business. In the online world, remaining on the same page is a little tricky. However, it is not impossible. A competent marketing strategy would depend mostly upon analyzing the insights of the website.


 Google Analytics could be of great help here. It will enable you to certain web traffic, how is it moving, and what is making them bounce back. One can also determine the demographic evaluation of the website. So, by practicing the same we can formulate a marketing strategy that is incompetent. 


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8. Optimization of UI/UX 


User Intent or User Experience is as important to any website as salt to the meal. You cannot over-optimize it or do not optimize it at all. Search engines use (artificial intelligence) AI to determine the behavior of a visitor on the website. Say, a customer visits your website and he goes back within a fraction of seconds. This happens because the website is not optimized for UI/UX. Your SEO professional would pick out the aspects rectifying which one can improve the UX/UI. 


9. Building High-Quality Links


A requisite attribute for any website is to have a number of outbound and inbound links. Nevertheless, some people link their web pages to irrelevant pages. This does not help. Ensure that you link a keyword to a page that adds value to it. Also, keep a check that when a visitor would direct to the linked page how could that help him. The link-building attribute will allow your website to gain a presence on the internet. Directing and redirecting your customer to various pages also helps them explore your website. 


10. Generating Reports


Once the consultant completes the optimization of the website, he generates reports. These reports are ultimately the analytics of what is the position of the website. For an SEO consultant, these reports act as checklists. A continuous evaluation helps us calculate our performance. By generating reports the expert can put the theory into action. Are reading the points above enough to make you an SEO pro? Well, to know what are you missing out on, let’s read about how to be an SEO consultant.


How to Become an SEO Consultant?


SEO is a highly desirable and fast-moving field. This sector calls for experience, patience, and dedication. For an SEO genius the checklist to win the internet game would be something like this:-


1. Experiments! Experiments! Experiments!


Being aware of the fact that nobody is perfect is important. An individual involved in the business of SEO should be open to experiments. Nevertheless, the ever-changing algorithms of search engines make it difficult to keep up with the same. Another important aspect of experimenting with SEO asks you to be open to failure.


You may not always get the expected results so do not criticize yourself. It takes time, patience, and consistency to succeed in the optimization of content for SEO. Thus, the only way to get a hang of SEO is experimenting. 


2. Test Your Strategy


It is necessary for a search engine optimization professional to test his strategies. There are a number of things that one cannot learn by reading blogs or watching videos. Rather, when he puts into action certain changes, he learns by analyzing the outcome. The most intriguing thing about the internet is that it’s never the same. So, for an SEO expert, this aspect acts as a boon. 


3. Educate Yourself and the Client


An integral part of the online business is education. A person will only invest in you if you show him exactly where he stands in the market and how your skills can help him improve. If you educate your client about the changes you may bring, he will certainly consider your prospect. This, on the other hand, also highlights your knowledge which is a bonus point for hiring you as an expert. 


4. Understand the basics of SEO


Nobody knows it all. Each day Google brings into being one or another new algorithm. Humanly, it is difficult to keep a track of every minute detail but it is not impossible. Understanding the basics of SEO will allow you to quickly target the areas where the website is lagging. As well, it will enable you to spot the root cause of the error occurring. Above all, the fundamentals of SEO will act like the Bible for a specialist. 


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5. Knowledge of Google Search Console and Analytics


Google Search Console and Google Analytics are two important sects of managing your content. Google search console helps you index the content. In simpler words, we can say that, with google search console, you can inform Google about your availability. Then, according to the accurateness of the content, it ranks on the search engine.


On the other hand, Google Analytics, allows you to keep a track of the traffic that lands on your website. One can segregate the traffic as per the webpage. Also, it enables you to know the insights of the website and how the changes function. 


6. Study How Search Engines Work


Search engines operate as per the spectators’ or user’s behavior. So, the specialist must know how the search engines work. Regular research and study can help you gain a better understanding of the way of search engines work. For an expert, it is undoubtedly crucial to know the functioning of search engines. While studying search engines, you are most likely to come across the fact that Microsoft edge works better than Google Chrome. Also, how to date people use opera as a search engine. 


7. Keep a Check on the SERPs


SERP stands for Search Engine Result Pages. SERP is a page where the user lands after typing a certain keyword in the search bar. We emphasize that one must keep a check on the SERPs as it describes pay-per-click. When you type a keyword in the search bar, you come across paid ads first and organic results after that. Sometimes, the user clicks on the ads and not the organic results. This calculation is determined by SERPs.


8. Expand Network


Expanding network holds paramount importance in the world today. Since the world stands at a tiny platform called the internet. Why not take advantage and connect with the people important for our personal and professional growth. For SEO experts networking helps them in keeping a track of new changes, algorithms, and other relevant updates.


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9. Prove Your Expertise


We should be aware of the fact that one would only invest in you if they find the required potential. So, in a field like SEO, it is crucial that you prove your expertise to the client. There are so many people like you so telling your client how are you better than them is your job. Take the call. Prove your worth. Showcase your knowledge. And most importantly, be true in all. Excel in what you do and do not shy away from making mistakes. 


10. Don’t Compromise on the  SEO Tools


For an internet genius, tools are the master rulers. He cannot compromise on the tools. There are innumerable tools that SEO experts use. However, being aware of what works for you and what does not can save you in many ways. Always keep your hands on 5 top tools that can run the show for you and master them.


Practice every aspect of that tool. Learn the tits and bits & show the kind of wonders you are capable of doing. Hope you will incorporate at least some of the suggested practices in your SEO if not all. All the given practices, if religiously followed, can do wonders. Instead of declaring oneself an expert in SEO, try mastering the skills required.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. How can I become an SEO consultant?

SEO is a marketing skill. For a person indulged in this practice, it is important to know that he may/may not succeed in the first attempt. Continuous testing and experimenting allow the person to master SEO strategy. To become an SEO consultant, one has to do a lot of tasks. The SEO specialist works towards optimizing the content/ website according to the latest algorithms of search engines. He examines the website, finds out the loopholes, modifies the content for leading on the search engines. 


2. What are the skill-sets required for an SEO expert?

The skill-sets required for an SEO expert includes the following-

1. Understanding and being thorough with the fundamentals of search engine optimization. We cannot deny the fact that there are multiple principles of SEO. To become an expert, one should mug up and comprehend each rule.

2. Once you are through with the principles, knowing the tools of SEO turns out to be important. For an SEO specialist, the tools are pivotal. These SEO tools allow you to optimize and shape the content in a way that it ranks on every search engine possible. 

3. Having patience is one of the most important skills that an SEO expert must consist. When the specialist makes some changes to the website, he needs to take some time becoming jump to conclusions. Rather than quickly analyzing the results, he should wait for some time depending upon the modifications that have been made.


3. Which is the best SEO course?

As the internet is flooded with SEO courses, we cannot conclude if this is the best SEO course and that is not. There exist so many SEO courses that one can choose from. One needs not indulge in expensive courses for excelling in the skill. Any person keen to learn SEO through a course should first understand its curriculum. Comparing the syllabus, course tenure, practical assignments, and certificate validation will allow you to determine the best SEO course. 


4. Is SEO an important skill in 2022?

Yes, SEO is an important skill in 2022. Since the market is now more virtual than real, then the combat takes place online. For one to lead on the internet, has to be through with search engine optimization. It is the only way to increase your presence on the internet. Try appearing on the organic results, this will drive more traffic. 


5. How can I earn from my SEO skills?

Earning from your SEO skills requires you to develop a well-furnished portfolio first. This portfolio is going to showcase your skills to your clients. The better the portfolio, there are more chances you get hired. Monetizing your SEO skills asks you to approach the right client and begin by making small changes. Know that one step at a time can really help you excel and grow. 



SEO consultancy has come a long way. It is a tricky job and there are few people who in the true sense, understand the SEO wholly. If done in the right way, SEO can help you earn visibility on the internet which most businesses crave. 

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