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The Scope of digital marketing In India has taken grand proportions over the last few years. Today, digital marketing is a commonly used phrase among working individuals in India. The reason – the proliferation of digital channels in India and the surge in the numbers of start-ups and small and medium businesses that have come up. Owing to the growth in the Indian economy, it has become mandatory to leverage the benefits of digital marketing for business houses irrespective of their sizes. But, even with so much happening in the digital industry in India already, we can still say that digital marketing in India is fast evolving. This means the scope of digital marketing in India is only going to grow exponentially in the coming years.


 Digital marketing is the process of promoting and selling your brand, and its features via different services online. Digital marketing uses different means like search engine optimization, display advertising, mobile marketing, social media marketing to not only promulgate their products but also sell them successfully through these channels. 


 From 1996 to 2019- The evolution


Today, digital marketing is a multimillion-dollar industry in India. Moreover, it has given rise to a plethora of career opportunities in India today. Even a decade back, we couldn’t even gauge that so many new career avenues would open up for Indians. But today, owing to the massive digital revolution in India, digital marketing has grown by leaps and bounds and so have the career opportunities. In 2020 and beyond, the opportunities will further increase. 


The internet was looked upon as primarily a means of entertainment in India in the early stages. But with India Mart and Flipkart being established bin India in 1996 and 2007, the digital marketing industry got a push in the right direction in India. Still, people were sceptical. The feature of anonymity in the digital world and the virtual character of the internet didn’t instil enough faith in people to make purchases online. People In India were not sure that you could actually get credible goods and services online. But with the right digital marketing initiatives and communication strategies, today eCommerce sites have established a good online reputation among users. With the goodwill that established the trust factor, the digital marketing industry saw a boom in India. As a result, career opportunities grew manifold. 


Today, with the advent of technology and Smartphones the number of internet users has gone up tremendously. What was once considered a luxury is now a necessity. Mobile devices are one of the greatest factors for such quick growth of digital marketing in India. 


 Some statistics 


According to reports, the digital marketing domain registered a huge number of 8 lakh job opportunities in India in the first quarter of 2017. That was a huge jump from the 1.5 lakh jobs that were generated in 2016. The promotion of a Digital India has made it possible for the digital marketing industry to expand greatly In India. And rightfully so. Today we can get anything we want online. Even the rarest of items that were before considered impossible to buy whether products or service has been made possible through digital marketing.


Let us take a look at the following data. 


As of November 2019, this domain registers the following job opportunities in some of the job portals.

TimesJobs- 27353 19400 12528


Linkedin – 15000+


Shine – 6000+


This is just an estimation of the number of jobs that are available in just some of the sites. 


The Emergence of E-Commerce sites


The International Journal of Advanced Research Foundation had claimed that India was looking at a golden period of digital revolution between 2013 to 2018. The fact is the alacrity with which digital marketing is growing in India, the golden period will sustain for the better part of the next decade or so. 


Today, digital marketing has a number of areas that provide for innumerable job opportunities. Search engine marketing (SEO and PPC), mobile marketing, email marketing, E-commerce, data analysis, Online Content, Social media advertising, Social media marketing are some of the key areas where digital marketing operates successfully. This is one area where the scope of digital marketing is quite potent. Now, we need professionals with skill sets aligned with these modules to effectively strategize and create campaigns. With new businesses coming up so frequently, the demand for individuals with specialized skills are also going up by the day. 


The digital marketing campaign is an elaborate process starting from ideating to finally selling the product online. The various steps in this process require detailed assessment as well as an understanding of the different channels through which digital campaigns are done. Several factors have to be taken into consideration when making a digital marketing strategy. A company needs people with acumen in individual fields to maximize the results and leverage optimum benefits from channels like social media, mobile marketing, etc.


 Growth in this sector


Look at the number of e-commerce websites that have come up in recent years. Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa, Jabong, Homeshop18, Shopclues, etc are just some of them. These channels roll out vigorous campaigns through all marketing channels. Can you estimate the level of proficiency needed to carry out impeccable marketing initiatives in all the different channels? You have to keep in mind the attributes of all the marketing channels before you start a campaign. That requires a certain level of insight and expertise. Moreover, physical retail shops now have their online counterparts for online shopping and delivery. Zara, Samsung, Jio all have the separate online stores that they carry out transactions through. For Online shoppers, the entire process of marketing is done through their online shopping sites. So, the opportunities grow even more. Therefore, the scope of digital marketers is immense in this growing economy. 


The growth in the number of digital training institutes in India is another testament to the fact that India is growing digitally. There have been many digital institutes that have come up in different parts of the country. They offer specialized courses on several modules of digital marketing. In the coming years, as India grows even more in the digital space, there will be institutes offering premium education in this dynamic field of Online marketing. There is still so much to learn and imbibe and such tremendous job opportunities In India that education and training in this field will always be in demand. 


Take this example:


Today, when we think of purchasing something, the first thing we consider is to look for reviews for the product. Consumers are wary of making a purchasing decision before being certain about a product. Therefore where so we look for reviews? We go to the internet to check out what the online community has to say about the product. Most of the time we make purchases online as well looking at the reviews of different retailers on an e-commerce site. This is going to accelerate in the coming years hugely. 


According to various surveys, more than 70% of marketers feel that traditional marketing is no longer enough to generate optimum revenue. As a result, more and more companies are going the digital way launching apps and engaging with customers through personalized emails. 


Digital marketing has made life convenient in more ways than we could imagine. It was impossible to think that we could buy movie tickets or order food from a restaurant 10 km away through our phones and laptops a decade back… But today, anything you want is right there on your phones and devices to book and order. And that too without any hassles. So you can understand why digital marketing is so much in demand right now. With the high demand, more and more companies realized the benefit of going digital. They cater to all the needs and wants of their customers and that, in turn, yields high results both in goodwill and in revenues. 


There are a few characteristics of Digital Marketing that makes it such a popular method of marketing. The process of transactions using digital means is super convenient and secure. Also, the exposure is unmatched taking into account the cost-effectiveness of digital marketing. 


Some Characteristics to see the Scope of Digital Marketing


No age bar


A digital marketer is not constrained by the age bar that could be a concern for other job vacancies. All you need is the motivation to learn and evolve. Since there is no eligibility criterion for age, anyone can learn digital marketing from anywhere. Moreover, the virtual learning system or e-learning as we say now has successfully enabled world-class learning sitting at any place you want. It doesn’t matter if you are in your 20s, or 30s or in your 40s to be able to start a career in digital marketing. There are a lot of marketers who have started quite late in this field yet are super successful in their pursuit. You need to have the minimum qualifications to be able to grasp the concept well. That is all that matters. 


Freelancing/Work at your convenience 


There are a whole lot of professionals who are experts at creating websites and apps. The uniqueness of their work arrangement is that they work from their place of choice. It can be their home, a coffee shop or a cafeteria. It doesn’t matter as long as the digital marketer fulfils the demand of the client. Since it is an online job, it has opened up a world of opportunities for professionals trying to break the 9-5 job rule. Also, a digital marketer is free to work as they wish. They can take up any freelance project and work according to their terms and conditions. 


Plenty of job roles and designations


There are abundant opportunities for different job roles in digital marketing. This online marketing sector has more than one designation for each job role. Some of the job titles include web content manager, digital media specialist, social media manager, social media communications manager, content test specialist, brand coordinator, graphic designer, technical writer, content writer, content editor, SEO analyst, Email marketing expert and so many more. It is a dynamic sector where you can change roles as well according to your level of expertise in the different modules. It breaks the monotony and lets you explore several job opportunities of a different nature.


The dynamism that is intrinsic to digital marketing makes it an alluring career choice with plenty of scopes. You have the liberty of working with people you like and across departments. The attributes of social media marketing let you interact and collaborate with like-minded individuals. Moreover. you can also start your own agency since digital marketing is cost-effective and can reap great results with minimum investment. 

Take the example of Foxymoron. That is a digital marketing company that was started by four friends with limited capital. Today it is one of the top 10 digital marketing agencies in India that offers a variety of services. There is no limit to the scope that digital marketing enjoys in India today. 


We are Content Writing Institute


Start your career immediately


Today, you see a host of people on the various Social media channels that have become internet sensations overnight. Probably the greatest advantage of a digital marketing career is the fact that you have yo wait for no one to provide you with a job opportunity. Once you get a grasp on the core elements of digital marketing you can easily create a website and start building your portfolio. Additionally, you can start your own social media channels and garner a loyal group of followers that will give you the brand status in a very short period of time. 


The important thing to consider here is to create content that will appeal to your target audience. Also, the advantage of gaining certifications online in your own time while continuing with your digital marketing activities is a blessing. When you build a credible portfolio that speaks of your talents and abilities, you will automatically attract jobs and clients. There are so many examples of successful people who have found their dream jobs while posting and interacting with similar communities and forums on social media and other platforms. Strive to achieve perfection in the work you want to do online and rewards will follow simultaneously.




Blogging today is one of the main sub-modules of content marketing. It is also a key element of digital marketing to earn money. Initially, the blog used to be an online Journal where people displayed their creative writing abilities and poured their feelings and thoughts. Today blogging has come a long way since its inception.

Blogging has become a major source of earning active or passive income by digital marketers. Gone are the days when blogging was a mere diary of sorts. Today we have a plenitude of blogs on a variety of niches. These blogs help to engage leads, attract traffic to your site and then turn these leads into successful conversions. Even if this is a blog that you’ve developed just to share your writing and knowledge it can yield you monetary benefits.

Bloggers today need to have an idea about Goggle AdSense so that they can efficiently place ads on their sites. Then there are other methods like CPM(cost per 1000 impressions). Others are CPC(Cost per click ads) that you can place on your site. Every time a user clicks on the ad you get paid. A simple yet very effective method of earning through digital marketing. 


Blogging with affiliate links


Affiliate marketing has become a very popular means of promoting as well as selling your product online. A blogger when collaborating with a business can strike a deal where the advertiser would agree to pay a percentage of purchase if it comes through your blog site. For example, you have a lifestyle blog. A watch company makes a deal with you. They give you a link that is unique to your site with an affiliate code. Every time a user on your blog makes a purchase using that code you get a percentage of the product purchased from the advertiser. 


A lot of bloggers today sign up with affiliate links on different sites like Storytel, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. When you are blogging with affiliate links, make sure that the company you are collaborating with is genuine. Do your research and then take the decision. The online world is forever. A negative impression will always have consequences for you and your blogging business. 


Once you establish yourself as an authority in a particular niche, you get loads of opportunities to work with people from different complementary fields. That boosts your reputation further and helps you to gain exposure and new sets of target audiences. 


For example


Your niche is fitness. You write about various fitness tips and exercises. Your content gains popularity and people start sharing your content on different channels. Now, a diet expert reads your content and reaches out to you. They ask you to collaborate with them on a podcast, event or a book. This takes time since it is entirely an organic approach to earning money through blogging but it can be quite effective. 


Highly Paid Job


Digital marketing is a very high paying job. The demand for these specialized online marketers are so high that increments and salaries are great in this field. Also, since India is evolving and has yet to reach the zenith of digital marketing activities, small and medium business houses require specialized individuals. They should be skilled in the various modules to benefit from the modules. A successful digital marketing campaign requires the expert blend of creative and analytical skills to ideate and produce sustainable marketing modules. The scope in digital marketing in India is great but you have to provide quality content to impress your consumers.


 The IT industry is a rapidly growing industry in India today. The cities which have tremendous potential for a surge in digital marketing services in the coming years are Hyderabad (IT Hub), Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, and Gurgaon. 


A digital marketing agency provides an all-inclusive market campaign that leverages the maximum benefits from each module and creates a winning campaign for a business. To implement all the modules effectively we need skilled individuals who have an in-depth understanding of each module in particular. That is how a T-Marketer is made. The opportunities as reiterated time and again are huge, providing digital marketing professionals looking to evolve both horizontally as well as vertically. 


 YouTube monetization/Vlogging


Digital marketing professionals favour vlogging a lot now. A vlog is portmanteau of the words Blog+video. It contains texts, and sometimes metadata delineating the contents of the video. Vlogs can be a combination of education, entertainment, and helps you yo connect with your focus group and in turn, helps you to generate revenue. When you vlog you add a certain credibility to your business. Your subscribers can see you, hence there is that element of authenticity. 


 YouTube vlogging is one of the most profitable niches in the content marketing module. Videos are the most engaging content out there. Therefore the prospect of making a career out of a video platform is enormous. You need to select a trending niche, one that garners huge interest among online users. Learn the art of making appealing inspiring vlogs and then start posting your content on YouTube. If your content appeals to the public, you will soon get views and subscribers. Go to your settings and then click on the monetize option. Accept the terms and conditions. When an advertiser places an ad on your video and users click on your video you get money. Another way is to earn money when YouTube premium members view your videos or vlogs.




There are so many places to fill in this developing market that today, the demand for experts in the different domains far exceeds the supply of able marketers. Business houses need digital marketers who can optimize their marketing efforts to the maximum keeping true to business ethics. Therefore, the scope of digital marketing in India is immense. Data analytics experts, paid social marketing experts are areas that need very specialized knowledge to assess and make accurate decisions. The demand for these creative analytical professionals is not going to end anytime soon. This is why there are master courses and certification courses in digital marketing. They help people with varied educational backgrounds hone their skills to become able to digital marketers.















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