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Samples of Content Writing With Examples (Updated)

The success of a brand heavily depends on how strong is its online presence. Crafting high quality and relevant content for the websites, blogs, social media handles of an organization is the first step in the direction to achieve this feat. There are many types of industries that require content marketing as a part of their brand creation and promotion for which they need experts in content writing.

Samples of Content Writing With Examples

We live in a time where there is absolutely no shortage of information. However, if we judge the quality of every piece of information out there, on the basis of its relevance, reliability, and popularity, much of it falls flat. It is for this reason that only a few write-ups stand out from the crowd of irrelevant, obsolete material and enjoy most of the traffic, hence converting their content to sales.

It is very important for an individual aspiring to learn content writing to thoroughly study some samples of content writing that have proved to be extremely effective in reaching their objectives. Close examination of such samples of content writing gives a clear insight into what an aspiring writer should do and should not do if he/she wants to receive a positive response from the readers.

I will be mentioning some of my favorite blogs that every online content creator and marketer should be reading in 2019 to keep up with the dynamic field that online marketing is.

For people who want to step up their online content creation skills, a close examination of such samples of content writing will be extremely helpful to level up their game.


Copyblogger is an online platform that hosts a wealth of information that you will ever need to become a star online content creator and marketer. Launched in 2006 by Brian Clark with just $ 1,000 in seed cash with immense time, dedication and effort being put by him to teach others the tactics of online content marketing for free, Copyblogger after 19 years has become the most popular online marketing and writing blog on the planet.

Copyblogger has climbed to its present position without any kind of advertising or venture capital or an outbound sales team. Its success can be solely attributed to the power of its articles and the value it has provided to its readers who have over time converted into full-time clients, availing all kinds of services Copyblogger has to offer. It is regarded as the bible for every individual who is, in any way related to e-commerce. Copyblogger brings out new posts every week that deals with what’s working right now in online marketing.

What Are Some Samples of Content Writing: Example 1

 5 Things Successful Content Marketers Do to Make Sure Their Work Gets Read by Austin Mullins is a gem of a sample of content writing which not only gives a valuable lesson on what one should be doing to get their work the required recognition, it also provides a great insight into how one can increase the awareness of a market and convert their content into sales. Notice the perfect blend of a catchy headline, web page design, excellent structuring and the conversational tone of this excellent sample of content writing.

Content Marketing Institute:

With a mission to advance the practice of online marketing, the Content marketing institute came into being in the year 2011. Ever since it publishes material full of workable how-to directives on a daily basis. It also hosts a wealth of valuable advice from industry experts and has a really active community for sharing the latest developments and advances that are moving the online marketing industry ahead. Launched by Joe Pulizzi, CMI is also regarded as one of the leading online marketing education and training portal, teaching brands how to build a strong online presence. Not only it has worked on publishing educational material for the relevant audience, but it has also extended its wings by organizing global level content marketing events and also publishing its quarterly magazine called Chief Content Officer. It also provides consulting and marketing research to the most popular brands on the planet.

Courses to Try Out:

What Are Some Samples of Content Writing: Example 2

How to Make Your Writing More Powerful by Ann Gynn, is a sample of content writing that is highly recommended read for amateur writers looking to refine their writing skills. Ann Gynn provides practical tips to apply to write to make your work more impactful. Notice the excellent structuring of her article; Arrangement of the writing tips into points with manifesting the suggestions into examples, hence giving the readers the idea of how to use these tips in their write-up. Also, to make sure her work gets the required attention, she has also included the Twitter sharing link to each of her writing tip; clearly, a very good way to promote her write-up.


Founded in 2006 by two MIT graduates Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, Hubspot has grown into a leading developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing and sales.  The products and services that Hubspot sells are aimed at providing practical solutions and tool for social media marketing, online marketing, web analytics, and search engine optimization. The Hubspot blog has a wealth of information that every marketer, salesperson, and online content creators must read to keep themselves updated with the recent trend in the field of inbound marketing.

What Are Some Samples of Content Writing: Example 3

The Ultimate Round-Up of Content Marketing Tips by Caroline Forsey is an amazing sample of content writing that marketers should know about if they want to effectively promote and popularize their brands. Notice the cleanly crafted headline and a clear cut mention of how much time it will take, on average to read the article. Smart inclusion of the relevant quotes by marketing experts in a graphical manner radiates vibes of reliability. A neat blend of text under points and visual content is also very appealing.

Neil Patel:

NEIL PATEL is an online digital agency co-founded by Neil Patel and Mike Kamo. With a gigantic readership of 1.1 million monthly blog readers, the website publishes relevant content that is of great help to online content creators and marketer. It provides SEO training, also hosting various tools like Keyword ideas, Content ideas, and other traffic analyzers. It also consults various brands for effective online marketing.

What Are Some Samples of Content Writing: Example 4

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Epic Content That Will Go Viral by Neil Patel is an amazing account on how to craft content that will have a widespread reach. Notice the perfect blend of high-quality text, graphics, and data in the form of histograms, pie charts, and relevant screenshots. Hyperlinking of the related sources is another key feature of this write-up. Pay attention to how the images pictorially explain the key information effectively and summarize it smartly. The proper structuring of the article under the relevant subheadings and bullet points wherever required aids in the readability of the write-up.

Another important feature that is worth noticing here is the inclusion of a video where the writer explains the subject efficiently.

The Story of Telling:

Bernadette Jiwa’s The Story of telling is a platform that has recognized the importance of effective storytelling in marketing and business development. The main principle behind the existence of this organization is in a strong belief that mindsets cannot be changed without winning hearts and for doing so, effective storytelling about a brand is the ultimate tool. Founded by Bernadette Jiwa, The Story of telling believes that an interpersonal relationship of trust and reliability cannot be established with potential customers by delivering a wrong story. The agency believes that a company selling high-quality products and services will still fail if it is not able to communicate the value of its saleable stuff to its clients. Also, effective communication, according to Bernadette Jiwa should involve the right story that deepens the engagement between the buyers and the organizations.

The site other than providing valuable consultancy to brands for marketing also hosts a paid course called The Story Strategy Course designed to make the course takers learn about the customer’s needs and desires and eventually apply the insight into building and promoting their businesses by aligning their products and services according to the behavioural patterns of the audience.

What Are Some Samples of Content Writing: Example 5

WHAT’S AT STAKE FOR YOUR CUSTOMER?  is a moving yet insightful sample of content writing that uses emotions from our day to day lives and finds an analogy in the field of marketing that aims at deeply understanding the life, needs, frustration, and fears of the customer. It explains how this close examination can help you build an amazing brand promotion strategy. Notice the page layout, a moving image of an old woman and the length of the write-up. This sample of content writing is a clear example that words if strung smartly, can deliver the message in a few sentences effectively.


Hope the above examples are useful. There are many online content writing programs which will guide you best to plan a career as content writer. Also, content writing requires basic digital knowledge and good writing & communication skill so make sure you plan accordingly to have a successful career. All the best!

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. Planning to take a content writing course, which is best online content writing program?

IIM SKILLS is the most recommended ed-tech company that offers the best online training programs. They have the most perfectly designed curriculum by industry experts. They offer government-recognized courses and also provide certification after completing the course.

Q2. What is the scope of career after completing the course?

Content writing is the most trending these days, it requires a creative mind and digital knowledge. As far as one knows how to use the creative mind one will keep growing.

Q3. What is the fees for the course?

You can check the IIM SKILLS website; they have the most affordable course.





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