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Creative Ideas for Repurposing Content for Social Media 

Currently, people face a lot of challenges in the content marketing field. You strive a lot to get your brand facilitated and graded in SEO. Specifically, your website should rank on the first page, and for that, you do build content that is related to your products/ services to promote them on various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Content plays a vital role in the marketing field. A single piece of information/ idea doesn’t need to end in a single post, it must be regenerated in many forms. For that, we need to plan a strategy, called Repurposing content for social media.


Creative ideas for repurposing content for social media 


The goal of repurposing content is to make the client stay focused. When it comes to updating, you can exchange a solo piece of data with the present trend of data from the familiar blog article. It gives sustainable growth to digital media and enhances your online presence. Content repurposing may seem bluff to you, but it’s not. You have to modify the existing content in familiar posts that can be transferred into another form like eBooks, podcasts, video content, etc.


What is Repurposing the Content?


Content repurposing is reusing your content to the latest form to stretch the level of audience and life span of the content. You should not make your audience feel that the content is monotonous. You may get into the mindset of reusing the content that someone else has posted and making it into a form of your creation, it is not called repurposing. Repurposing is making your content fresh and existing by assuring that your audience is gaining information in every piece of content presented there.   


How do Repurpose the Content Effectively?


As discussed earlier, content repurposing is not a big deal, it is taking one part/portion of the content from the blog post /YouTube and reusing it on some other platforms. Repurposing the content for social media is done in many ways. Make a note of your content whether it is producing good results or making creative ways to provide information to your wide range of listeners. If you post blogs, the great way to repurpose the content is to take the high-rated blog and make the long piece of content /information into alternative approaches.


Here are a Few Creative Ideas to Enhance Repurposing Content for  Social Media 


1. Change Blog Posts into Podcasts:


If you create blog posts that make them interesting and engaging, certainly turn those blog articles into podcasts. Podcasts are easily accessible and build a personal connection to a wide range of viewers. When it’s a blog post, you must spend time and need to sit in front of the system for reading the blog. In the case of podcasts, you can listen whenever you want.


When you begin to listen to the podcast episodes, it creates a great curiosity and interest in the subject, you get the room to provide more instances that relate to the content and can make listeners /audiences more engaged. Utilize that podcast at the top of your blog post and post the podcast on your social media page. You can earn more listeners through social media.


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2. Turn Internal Information  into Case Histories:


Internal data is nothing but information, figures, and developments that companies uncover through their activities. It contains details and statistics that organizations attract from internal records, applications, and clients. Internal records may include the accounts as followed by:


  • Commercial trends
  • Client lifestyle
  • Functional trends
  • Outcomes from surveys


The kinds of evidence collection and how do you understand them?  In terms of social networking, you can get the idea of turning that into case history. You can get a clarity of conclusion from the record gathered in the past and another added merit of creating gathered data into case histories. It depicts your awareness and efficiency at analyzing information.


It will make your blog look trustworthy. The next is by doing the research. You can get the option of working out the on and importance of the decisions you’ve created for the company.


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3. Utilize Webpage Content for Video Content :


Today 80-85% of internet users cherish watching video content. Blog articles already contain a lot of worthwhile data, it provides an option to generate a podcast to the present data by accomplishing a short video. If you possess YouTube content tactics, generate motion -pictures with blog article information that could suit the plan.


This helps to make your content viral on more than one platform. Repurposing content for social media with various forms makes the content look crisp and short. Another allocation plan for producing video marketing content is to attach a video to the title, hold the introduction and keep the video for the body.


4. Gather Content for an Ebook:


In the present world, everything that we look at has become digitalized. Many learners have preferred to choose an eBook (electronic book) that becomes easy to read. The few benefits of why learners preferred to read eBooks are as follows:


  •  eBooks can be Provided Instantly: 

Whatever book you need, you can even load the book whenever possible.


  •  They’re Easily Movable:

  Once you load the copy, you can easily open the file and read it offline.


  • Digital Books Accommodate More Learning Styles:

If you are interested in watching motion pictures and animations by looking at infographics accompanied by storyteller eBooks, enhance the experience more than text with ebooks. In this manner, they can enlarge learning chances for the users which cannot be accomplished by traditional methods.


  • Save Printing Costs:

EBooks do not require paper, authors can directly submit their copy of work in PDF itself. Further, it can be converted into ebooks in such a way that it can preserve all your costs right from purchasing, printing, designing, etc. Thousands and lakhs of trees are cut down every year to produce paper.


All that can be saved if you switch to eBooks. When you are ready to publish an eBook, the data or the information inside the book you would have processed earlier which is a greater part, and the things that would be left are just structuring the content, publishing, and marketing.


Another advantage is, that they want to learn the eBooks on professional networking channels like LinkedIn, job case, etc. Repurposing the content in social media would be delighting work for you when it comes to social media marketing.


5. Construct  a Slide Deck for SlideShare :


The term “slide deck” was used in ancient technology, prominently, the slides using demonstration. The slide deck can be used by professionals to acquire knowledge with the help of visual aid that encourages your perspective instead of repetition. It gives you progressive growth towards viewer engagement and linking with your important information.


Let’s assume the submission of data you want to repurpose, for this you can easily construct a slide deck with the information presented with details and finally upload that to the SlideShare. It is one of the platforms on LinkedIn and can be accessed by the public.


If you detect that SlideShare is quite long, you can initiate the series of data information into the sequence of slide decks isolated by section and topic-wise. In this way, the learners can move to the specific topic they wanted to learn and save more time.


Data reports on SlideShare enlarge your LinkedIn contacts and make your business stand out in a better manner. You get the option of captivating clients by repurposing the content for social media in this way.


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6. Utilize Testimonials for Social Media Content or Product Pages:


Let’s say you write a blog article in 6 -10 but didn’t have the testimonials, will it build trust in the services of the clients? In this way you must do something to get the testimonials for that initially, you must write the blog post for free to at least 6-7 people and then ask for testimonials of how was your work and how it greatly changed their business by getting your services. When it comes to a working basis, it is very viable to show your portfolio attached with testimonials further you can just post it on social media platforms, testimonials further improve customer relationships.


7. Upgrade Old Blog Posts With the New Information:


Let us suppose if you run a blog, you aim to promote the blog according to your content strategy system. There were an immense number of posts containing great data and records and they should not stay lost. when you check the number of blogs you’re posting, you can select the specific portion and can make out repurposing content for social media like YouTube and LinkedIn.


When it comes to broadcasting, you can inform in the title of the post that it has been upgraded with the new information. It makes the user investigate the updated information at first. It is just letting to reach a new audience and enhances the consistency of the message.


Upgrading blog posts can save a lot of time and you don’t have to write the same blog post twice. Most of the content is already published. The only thing you must do is make the information upgraded to the current trends.


8. Utilize the Statistics for Social Media:


Here you can get the idea of utilizing the gathered data and make it into an illustrative by repurposing the content for social media. For example: if you got statistics about millennial blog readers, you can make it into visual capabilities. 97% of users access social media for at least a month.


Statistics on a media platform such as Facebook, and Twitter make your page as a whole look elegant. It indicates you’re more involved in industry data as part of your brand. If the chief support for the statistics doesn’t suit your current tactics, keep searching your platforms that suit your scale. For instance, you can create highlights and load them there. In this way, you can use statistics as part of your content strategy.


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9. Refer to Blog Content for Online Courses:


It is a great thing for all bloggers to turn their blog articles into online courses. Blogging can come easy to you but online courses are a bit tough process as it is something new to the field for you. If you follow certain steps, you can do your best and get paid for the skill.


Choose a Good Topic

The great difference between the blog and online course is the specification. The blog can be summarized but when it comes to the course, it’s not about keeping the target audience in mind when you decide to formulate the course module. The learners will be your already available readers.

Chart your Course Curriculum:

Online course needs direction It requires a beginning and end. The learners should not be caught at any point, which means they need to get clarified at every point and don’t get jammed into extending the reusing of your blog articles.


Create Visual Content

In the blog, it is very simple to leave with the plain text, but in the case of formulating an online course, you need to add multimedia, choices, infographics, add a quiz test for the learners and play with discussion forums so the learners will able to express their opinions and can even modify according to their wish and not feel tedious. Repurposing content for social media plays a chief role when it comes to modifying the content. Learners will be able to understand the concepts and not be into the theoretical knowledge.


Don’t Use the Replicated Content 

The best thing to formulate the course structure is, that it must be your idea of yours. In that case, you must take a step ahead to take a deep search about your course which is connected to the higher standard of your blog. If you use the duplicated version then you won’t gain the students. Begin the blog with a familiar post as the framework, and offer a deeper understanding of the concept by building a user experience appealing.

Provide Guest Offerings for the Topics You’ve Already Included

Repurposing content for social media is relatively good when it comes to content alteration and also builds company bonding for instance. If you’re an expert in one topic and already mentioned or written in a blog post about it, did you reach out to a similar business in the company for discussion? 


The discussion can be about the content you’ve included in the blog post and its importance guest post could use the data you’ve posted in the first blog. The strategy used here for repurposing content for social media improves bonding with a business in your company that can be used in future effects and finally it brings the audiences of the business to yours. 


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Benefits of Content Repurposing for Social Media


1. Allows you to Fulfil the Multiple Goals:

If you have the segment of the content which is achieving well in one place, maybe your blog articles are recorded as high traffic to your website, why can’t you transform your blog articles to your listings type? Many people get the option to look over the subjects.


2. Provides You With the Option to Regain Less Successful Content:

There is a chance that your ideas published as a blog post are not achieving up to the mark, but it doesn’t mean that your whole content /ideas are futile. You have the choice of making your blog post into a series of podcasts. People would listen to it and consider the ideas.


3. Guide you to Reach New Audiences:

When your social media post, something you published as an eBook won’t attract the same people, don’t get worried. It takes some time to rebuild /redefine your audience. Social media users are establishing accounts every day. This is one of the ways to repurpose content for social media by just decorating it in a form to make it appealing to the target audience.


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4. Modify your Content:

Consistency is the vital key to marketing. It doesn’t mean you should use the same platforms for marketing, you can have the option of using different mediums for marketing purposes. Repurposing content for social media can produce more positive outcomes on your familiar posts/articles for different frames to reach a wide range of audiences.


5. Facilitate you to Target the Purchasing Capacity:

Not everyone in your target audience is at the stage of the buyer’s decision. You can give the option to the target audience to purchase the services. They can have the idea to purchase by looking at the longer piece of content and get familiar with the company by matching the criteria.


6. Retain Your Time and Effort:

When you repurpose your content, you can produce more output with the same amount of input and maintain the grade. This can sustain your time so that you are ready to make out fresh ideas to initiate the other aspects of the company.


7. Improves your SEO:

Another benefit of repurposing content for social media is, that it enhances SEO. It confidences the peculiarity pages that are published and creates the possibility of driving more traffic and recognizes the quality sources of information.


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8. Provides more Backlinks Opportunities:

Online users used to share useful content, and interesting content such as blog posts, social media posts, and infographics. If you repurpose content for social media, there is a chance to share your content with the results, which in turn, creates backlinks for your site.


9. Enhances your Knowledge and Skillset:

Repurposing the content helps you to nurture your level of knowledge and improve strategy implementation. It gives you more notions so that you can be upgraded with the present trends of target audiences.




Q1. What is repurposing content and why it’s important?

Repurposing content is reusing content that you already have or are already built and recreating it into social media posts. For example, you might split up your latest blog post into podcasts, or turn it into a video for YouTube.

The importance of content repurposing 

  • Helps you to save more time
  • Modify your content on various media platforms
  • progress your SEO 
  • gives more backlinks to your page
  • Enhances your knowledge and skillset


Q2. How do repurpose the content with the structured workflow?

  • Recognize the vital channels
  • Construct your team
  • Build a schedule for each section
  • Construct your content repurposing toolbox
  • Track the progress


Q3. How do repurpose content for social media?

  • Construct a good pillar page content
  • Build a micro content 
  • Allocate micro-content 
  • Expand and systemize your tactics


Q4. What content should I repurpose?

Focusing on beneficial, valuable evergreen content is the efficient way to repurpose content for social media 

  • Listings

It is the best way to repurpose the content by telling a “how-to “guide that helps to attract more traffic to your website ranks in SEO.

  • Using images:

You can design infographics, Instagram posts, and Facebook posts by compressing the image. This will help the target audiences to consume your post. It will just make the audience understand the concepts.

  • Reshape active content powerfully:

You can upgrade past well-performing blog posts with further information, declare the updates in your social media posts when you share them, or simply quote several different great single lines from blog posts, videos, or interviews that you’re sharing.

  • Turn old posts into guides

Guidebooks, if creatively written, published, and well-promoted, can have a very high value, as they are helpful both as a freshers session as well as a citation book later.

  • Webinars to video tutorials:

Not everyone will attend your webinars, but if you make that into a video tutorial, one day or another people will look at your video and get the benefit. 




One of the significant things to recall while repurposing the content is it saves you a lot. You can either modify your style of writing content to attract new audiences. Repurposing content for social media gives you the new life to those new segments, not overusing the same idea as a principle of repetition. You can get the advantage more, results, rank higher in SEO purposes, and reuse it on various media platforms. 


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