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Top 6 Psychology courses in Bangalore

People have been dealing with psychological issues for so long, whether they were aware of the word or not. Rather than a physical disorder, it is an inner state of dread that a person hides in their hearts, minds, and behaviors. You will find here the top 6 psychology courses in Bangalore because today’s generation really needs professionals to counsel them. People usually avoid it by blaming their hectic schedules and life pressures. However, it may pose the greatest danger to themselves or even to others.


List of Psychology courses in Bangalore


What is psychology?


The term psychology is used for the study of human nature, moreover, it is commonly defined as the scientific study of the human mind and behavior. Psychology denotes the overall behavior, emotions, feelings, and thoughts of an individual at both conscious and unconscious levels.  


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Why pursue psychology?


Pursuing psychology as a career will not only be beneficial for you, but also for millions of people out there. Because many people are suffering from depression and other psychiatric diseases for a variety of reasons, the need for psychologists is increasing to assist those needed individuals. Especially at this moment where thousands of people have lost their jobs due to the horrible COVOID pandemic.


 Thousands of them have also lost their loved ones. Like these, there are so many problems people are facing around the globe. And these kinds of situations generally become the reason for psychological disorders. Concluding all these, people need a professional psychologist to assist them and guide them to get out of such horrible scenarios.


It is a discipline that necessitates a thorough understanding of human behavior and mental processes from a variety of angles, and as a result, it uses scientific approaches to comprehend human perception, both emotional and general.


What are the benefits of being a psychologist?



Helping others and becoming their source of happiness is one of the most fulfilling things anyone can experience. A psychologist’s job is to assist people in identifying their mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders, which is an essential part of living a free life.


If you pursue this career, you will meet thousands of people who are struggling, and when they begin to live a joyful life because of you, that is a feeling you can possibly imagine presently. As a result, the work of a psychologist is both beneficial and satisfying.


Self improvisation

As we have told you earlier, this profession will not only benefit others but also yourself. While helping others, you will come across different people with different signs of disorders, and when you will counsel them, you will get to know the reasons why people are facing such situations.


This will help you to feel more updated in the form of that psychic term, as well as improve your understanding and mental state. The more you address certain people’s personal traumatic experiences and ailments, the more you’ll learn to live a happy life by ignoring external factors.


Good earning

You can make a good amount of money being a professional psychologist. Every day thousands of people search on the internet about depression and how to get rid of them, how to get rid of emotional pain, mental health, anxiety, frustration, and so on. In order to reach needed people, you can make your presence online. If you do that, you will get in touch with more people who are seeking help, and your earning will also increase by doing the same.


Branches of psychology

  • Clinical psychology
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Evolutionary psychology
  • Forensic psychology
  • Health psychology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Occupational psychology
  • Social psychology


Top 6 Psychology courses in Bangalore


1. Christ University 


Christ University, founded in 1969, is a well-known name among Bangalore’s youth. One of their key accomplishments is that they have a beautiful infrastructure that attracts students to the university’s academic and cultural programs. 


They make a conscious effort to provide inclusive opportunities for all students, and their beautiful campus aids in this effort. Also, their campuses have libraries,  Students can utilize the internet to look for information about any book or journals from any location.


The university is dedicated to providing a supportive environment for individuals to grow and contribute effectively to society, and one of the ways to do the same is through their psychology courses in Bangalore. 


They have multiple psychology courses in Bangalore, see the list below. 


B.Sc. Hons in Psychology

Duration: 3 years

Total Fees: INR 2.90 lakhs


M.Sc. in Psychology (HRDM) with MA 

Duration: 2 years 

Total Fees: INR 11.89 lakh


M.Sc. in Psychology (Counseling)

Duration: 2 years 

Total Fees: INR 2.14 lakh


M.Sc. in Psychology (HRDM)

Duration: 2 years 

Total Fees: INR 2.14 lakh


M.Sc. in Educational Psychology

Duration: 2 years 

Total Fees: INR 2.14 lakh



  • The campus is so beautiful with an eco-friendly environment and peace. 
  • You will also be provided library access that has a huge collection of books including encyclopedias. 
  • They also have an NCC Army wing for all of their students, you can also be a part of that.
  • In their extracurricular activities, sport is also one of them. 
  • Their psychology courses in Bangalore include advanced pedagogical practices. 
  • You will also get the internship opportunity and maybe placement, depending upon your performance. 



Dharmaram College Post

 Hosur Road, Bengaluru- 560029,

Karnataka, India


Contact information

Call: +91 804012 9100 / 9600

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www. christuniversity.in


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2. Bangalore University


Bangalore University, located at I.T capital of India,  is another best place for psychology courses in Bangalore. In July 1964, the university was founded as a branch of the University of Mysore, which later became an independent university.


They are working hard to expand higher education in different niches and give excellence to their students. The University’s mission is to make substantial and distinctive contributions to higher education.


This university also provides various psychology courses, whether you want to pursue a bachelor’s degree or a master’s program, you have a list below to choose your favorite one. 



B.A. in Psychology

Duration: 3 years 

Total Fees: INR 1.10 Lakh


M.Sc. in Psychology

Duration: 2 years

Total Fees: INR 1.98 Lakh


M.Sc. in Psychological Counseling

Duration: 2 years 

Total Fees: INR 55,140


P.G. Diploma in Psychological Counseling (PGDPC)

Duration: 1 year


Campus Facilities 

  • Hostel
  • Labs
  • Library
  • Auditorium
  • Wi-Fi Campus
  • Sports Complex



Bangalore University, Jnana Bharathi Campus

Mysore Road, Bangalore 



Contact information

Call: 08022961013, 080-22961977


3. Indian Institute of Psychology and Research


IIPR is a premium institute that was founded in 2004 with the goal of providing students with exclusive knowledge through their programs. They provide a platform for their students to achieve their goals by contributing to the advancement of psychology.


 They are connected with Bangalore University, which is a National Assessment and Accreditation Board Grade’A’ certified institution. It is a prestigious educational institution in Bangalore that offers a variety of psychology courses at both the postgraduate and undergraduate levels. 


They allow students to improve their talents by communicating their doubts and combining psychological concepts with their rich indigenous system.



UG Courses

  • B.A. (Psychology, Marketing, Economics
  • B.A. (Psychology, Journalism, Women Studies)
  • B.A. (Psychology, Journalism, Optional English)


PG Courses

  • M.Sc.(Psychology)
  • M.Sc.(Psychological Counseling)


Key points

  • The institute’s lecturers are really helpful, they always strive to pass on knowledge to their students at the highest level possible.
  • Students are taught how to take advantage of numerous opportunities and secure job placements while working on academic projects.
  • You will also be given access to the library with so many learning materials. 



Contact IIPR

Indian Institute of Psychology & Research

St. Anthony’s Friary

#85, Hosur Road,

Near Madiwala Check Post



Contact information

Call: 080 41307111

For admission: +91 7022619130

E-mail: [email protected]


4. AIMS Institute


The National Assessment and Accreditation Council have given the Acharya Institute of Management and Sciences an A rating, generally, the institute is commonly known as AIMS that was founded in 1994. The Institute is one of the best places where you can end your search for psychology courses in Bangalore.


They assure their students that by taking their programs, they will end up having enough knowledge to get into their dream career. They provide multiple courses on different subjects, and all of them are of high quality. Now let us learn more about psychology and the course provided by them in psychology.



B.A. Psychology, Journalism, Optional English

Duration: 3 years

Total Fees: INR 2.34 Lakh



  • Their course curriculum focuses on soft skill development to help students grow themselves and their knowledge. 
  • They also organize various activities to engage students in the learning process in a fun way. Seminars, cultural conferences, guest lectures, and other events are among the activities.
  • You will also be given internship opportunities to advance your learning and skills.
  • They will guide you through a thorough understanding of each psychology concept, such as psychological qualitative research, cognitive psychology, child psychology, and other important categories of it. 
  • 100% placement assistance



1st Cross Rd, Peenya 1st Stage,

Netaji Nagar, Bangalore



Contact information

Call: 8028376430, 8150001994


5. BMS College for Women


BMS college for women is one of the finest colleges in Bangalore that was founded in 1964 with the aim to empower women and provide them high-quality training. You will be amazed by knowing that the institute has completed almost 50 years of training individuals and also has touched the international reach. They focus on career-oriented courses to make our women independent and confident. You can openly trust their psychology courses in Bangalore as they are willing to empower every single woman out there. 



B.A. Psychology, Economics, Sociology 

Duration: 3 years


B.A. Journalism, Psychology, Optional English

Duration: 3 years


Facilities you will be provided

  • Well furnished classrooms
  • Well-equipped labs
  • Seminar hall
  • Auditorium
  • Hostel 
  • Health center 
  • Book shop
  • Bank facilities
  • Study material 



Bugle Rock Road, Basavanagudi,

Bangalore – 560004. Karnataka. India.


Contact information

Call: +91-80-26601836,+91-9844524310, +91-9481237930,+91-9481237933


6. IFIM College


While finding the best psychology courses in Bangalore, we should not miss IFIM as the institute is continuously making people educated in different niches. Here you will find all the courses with high quality, well-developed syllabus, practical activities, and skill-based projects. In order to be successful, we should take the first step in the right direction. This institute is the doorway to your success that will guide you through the right path. 


They always provide high-quality education to students in order to boost their confidence and knowledge, as well as to improve the quality of their lives. The teaching process of the institute is of the highest caliber with a faculty team that is highly qualified and dedicated to upskilling the students. 



B.A.- Journalism, Psychology, Optional English

Duration: 3 years



  • Experienced faculty
  • Supportive teachers
  • Practical activities
  • Placement support
  • Great teaching methodology 
  • well-defined curriculum
  • Guest lectures 
  • Academic ambiance
  • Computer labs
  • Wi-Fi 



Kiadb Industrial Area

Electronics City Phase 1

Electronic City




Frequently Asked Questions 


  • What subject should you need to study for psychology?

The subject will not affect your career in psychology. Whether you did your from the arts stream or the science stream, you can freely choose psychology as your primary subject for further studies. Although the secondary subjects do not impact your passion for psychology, having a background will be a good choice as psychology is all about the science of humans’ minds and behavior. 


  • Is psychology a good career?

Yes, it is one of the most lucrative and satisfying career options, you can pursue any psychology courses in Bangalore for a great start. 


  • What are the job profiles in psychology?

  • Art Therapist
  • Aviation Psychologist
  • Career or Vocational Counselor
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Consumer Psychologist
  • Counselor
  • Engineering Psychologist
  • Experimental Psychologist
  • Forensic or Criminal Psychologist
  • Genetic Counselor
  • Neuropsychologist
  • Health Psychologist



So, after getting enough knowledge about psychology, here we are concluding all such information. From a career, profile, and earning prospect, this is a great choice for every enthusiastic learner who wants to pursue psychology for further studies. Along with the lucrative option, it is also one of the most reputable profiles in society.

Psychologists are generally considered doctors because they help mentally disturbed individuals by helping them in achieving inner peace. A disturbed mind can affect the overall health of the individual without any consideration, and it happens with so many people around the globe who are suffering from inner illness. So, looking at both sides of the career, it is a good choice, and beneficial for both you and the others who need a psychologist. 

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