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Top 4 Online Creative Writing Classes With Placements

What cannot be stated orally can be expressed through writing or screenplay. Written words may have a big influence if they are compelling and inventive. If you wish to join the rank of authors, the internet has plenty of courses to offer whether you want to brush up on your writing abilities or learn how to make your writing more creative. This post will teach you how to take online creative writing classes and will provide you with the tips and techniques you need on your road to becoming a writer.

List of best online creative writing classes

As an online creative writer, it’s fantastic to be continually learning and developing. Going back to school to acquire a Master’s degree, on the other hand, is simply not an option for most authors. Online Creative writing is a highly gratifying and engaging hobby. But the benefits aren’t merely for being inventive. If you choose, you may also make a part-time or full-time living from your writing. Fortunately, there are several online creative writing classes available.

The Advantages of Taking Online Creative Writing Classes


As you develop a new imaginative world, circumstances, and people, creative writing expands your imagination. When you stimulate your brain to ‘think outside the box,’ you’ll be better equipped to find alternate solutions to difficulties and view challenges from other perspectives. Your thoughts will become more creative, and you will manage to shove limits to solve problems.


When you will write characters, you will be developing personalities, emotions, and world views that differ from your own. You will be strengthening your empathetic abilities and getting aware of the perspectives of those who do not live things in the same manner as you.

Empathy is a valuable skill to have in the profession. Understanding and sympathizing with your colleagues’/classmates’ challenges can make them feel appreciated and supported while they work to overcome them. You’ll be fostering a more collaborative workplace, which will lead to improved relationships and achievement in your and your co-workers’ goals.

Improved Thought Clarification:

Creating frameworks in creative writing allows you to organize your thoughts and emotions into a logical procedure. You’ll be free to stare at circumstances in the business, and your daily life with clarity will define clear paths to overcome challenges in the future.

Increased Vocabulary:

Creative writing allows you to broaden your vocabulary while experimenting with new methods of expressing yourself. As you improve your writing skills, you will notice an improvement in your usage and breadth of the language which will be useful in any job route and social scenario.

Critical Evaluation:

In the phase of the online creative writing class, you will be required to have your work assessed by others and to learn how and where to critically evaluate theirs. Listening to feedback and implementing critical feedback is a valuable ability that will serve you well in any job path you pick.

As the internet takes over teaching and educational standards, the parameters of learning are shifting. People with an interest in occupational education other than the approved educational forms used to have to battle to gain those abilities, but that is no longer the case.

It is wonderful that the globe is now tackling stereotypical schooling forms and taking initiatives that will benefit future generations. There are certified courses for any occupation and a variety of skills that people desire to study, and those online courses can lead to income possibilities.

Over the next ten years, we will see a rise in the number of persons taking courses online and a drop in the number of enrolled students in traditional education forms. This is because folks will focus solely on the abilities required for the type of career they want, rather than wasting years studying subjects that are unrelated to them.

When they need to acquire another skill at any time in their career, there are courses accessible for the precise requirements, and they will not have to seek the degrees or certificates for decades all over again. you can enroll in any one of the online creative writing course.

What Exactly is Creative Writing?

The writing style is a kind of communication that creates a bond between the audience and the writer. It entails the use of many literary devices such as metaphor, idiomatic phrases, metaphor, simile, alliteration, allusion, and so on. The major goal is to entertain as well as exchange human experiences such as sorrow, love, or emotions. Some of the most common genres of creative writing are mentioned below:

  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Talks and plays
  • Scripts for films and television, as well as songs
  • Individual writings

Creative Writing Styles

There are several types of authors and various sorts of creative writing. Some authors are born with talent, while others hone their craft by obtaining qualifications and degrees. Some people write for enjoyment, while others write for publications. The following are descriptions of the most prevalent genres of creative writing.


Non-Fiction is a genre writing style that combines creative writing skills with literary strategies to reveal social truths. Biographies and personal essays are examples of this form of writing. They are more emotive and conventional in tone, with an empathic tone throughout.


The fiction writing style is entirely dependent on the writer’s inventive abilities. There is lots of room to use as much creativity as possible while creating fictitious characters and scenarios. This genre is dominated by short tales and novels. Harry Potter is among the most popular fictional works of all time.


Poetry is built on concepts from literature, music, art, and many other disciplines. It is a little piece of writing using rhythmic words. The literary expression is profound and significant. Poetry making is yet another level of creativity that needs patience and profound thought.


This is the most popular form of creative writing among authors all over the world. Plays are theatrical works with a comprehensive and immersive tale that are presented next to live audiences.


screenwriting is mostly based on traditional screenplays for movies and tv shows. The playwriting genre with epic dialogues, texts, and narrative are in great demand for creative authors.

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How to Improve Your Writing

Constant practice of creative writing subjects and adherence to the proper guidelines can help you perfect this talent. Below are a few tips:

Examine Your Favorite Authors:

Determine why you enjoy the writing which you read. Consider this what are they even doing here? What do they do that I am not? What is it in their writing that I find so appealing? Take some notes on their tales, plan them, write inside the margin, read them slowly, and leave reviews—both positive and negative. Did your favorite author ever write anything you despised? Excellent, much better. Determine why that single book differed from the rest.

Examine Your Writing:

In this part, you assess the many plots of stories you’ve read and identify the primary aspects that you think would be valuable to your style of writing. It is not advised to imitate the writing style of others. As a result, the process of analyzing includes taking notes, developing maps, and combining everything to create your unique writing style.

Bring Your Individuality to Your Writing:

Infusing your individuality into your work is the finest method to enhance your creative writing style. The major topic of your writing reflects your personality, and in certain circumstances, creative writing is used to express an individual’s ideology and set of values. Use terms and lingo that you are familiar with. Include a meaningful personal narrative in your writing wherever possible. When you write, be yourself.

Tips for Creative Writing

And if you’re a creative writer who wants to flourish in your area, the following suggestions may help you.

Read Everything You Can:

Study more than you possibly can. Other great writers’ creative articles are highly suggested for understanding their writing style. Read a variety of genres to choose your area of interest.

Always Make a Note of It:

Continue to write and never disregard the thoughts that come to you. Always maintain a notebook or a Note app on your mobile to jot down any ideas that come to you. Sometimes terrible ideas may lead to good initiatives.

Use Literary Devices:

The literary device is the most potent assistance in enhancing the work of creative art. Analogies, metaphors, puns, idioms, and other comparable tactics considerably improve the text.

Understand Your Readers:

Creative writing is successful when there is a prospective reader. As a result, you should learn what type of material people prefer and who your target audience is.

Have Your Style:

Never, ever imitate someone else’s writing style. This hurts the reader, or they’ll never want to see your original words again. So be cautious with your thoughts.

Attending workshops and seminars and other online creative writing classes with other writers can help you acquire confidence and learn the fundamentals of creative writing. There are two types of creative writing: effective and unsuccessful. Poor, ineffective creative writing leaves no influence on the reader. It will not accomplish its goal.

So you want to enhance your art, whether you’re a writer, a poet, a brief writer, an editor, a biography, or an ambitious novice. How, however, is the question. Amazing things may happen when you write outstanding fiction, poetry, or nonfiction. Readers are unable to put it down. Your writing becomes a best-seller. It gets well-known. 

The greatest method to improve your creative writing skills is to write often, but this does not imply penning anything comes to mind. There are several things to know beforehand… it helps to get out on the proper foot.

A Second Look at Creative Writing

The writing style is written to both entertain and educate the reader. We love reading novels and short stories because they’re not required or beneficial to us, but because they provide us with a certain level of enjoyment that technical writing does not provide. There are so many styles and sub-genres of creative writing that they require their section of an article.

Sometimes it follows a set of rules and other times throws prudence to the wind and violates them all. In either case, skill is a crucial aspect if you wish to write creatively. Writing may, of course, be improved with practice. However, if you lack the essential skill, your writing will suffer. Creative writing is made up of both skills and talent. As a result, they are its elements.

Top 4 Online Creative Writing Classes

1. IIM Skills

IIM Skills is the most popular and renowned institute offering a wide range of online skill development and professional courses. The institute is one of the highly-rated education centers globally. They provide government-approved and authorized certifications. The trainers there are specialized industry professionals with years of experience, guiding and mentoring their students.

They offer the best content writing course which covers a core of creative writing and assists their students to sharpen their writing ability under the best and most well-experienced faculties. Along with the online sessions, the student gains practical learning as per the current trends and technology. Once students enroll with IIM Skills, they will have forever guidance in building their careers with full support.

They are accessible to the tools and are provided with recordings of the live sessions. The students can learn as per their flexibilities along with their ongoing jobs or studies. After completing the course, the students receive government-authorized certificates which help them to plan a career accordingly.

IIM Skills students are not restricted to seek guidance from them even after completing the course. They receive career guidance 24*7. The alumni get assured job placements with big companies and organizations to help them make a successful career. Since IIM Skills offers online courses the learning is not restricted because of the location.


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing

Course Name: Content Writing Course

Course Duration: 3 Months

Course Fees: Rs. 14900 + 18% Taxes

2. Coursera

Wesleyan School’s College Writing Skillset on Coursera is indeed one of the online creative writing classes. This course is designed for complete novices. It focuses on three key types of creative writing: short stories, narrative essays, and memoirs. They explain ways for making a write-up more intriguing.

It is an online class that will provide you with a certificate. The assignment deadlines are likewise open and can be modified. This course lasts six months.

This Specialty Includes the Following Courses:

  • Plot Craft in Creative Writing
  • Character Development in Creative Writing
  • The Art of Location and Description in Creative Writing
  • The Art of Style in Creative Writing
  • Your Story as a Capstone

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It was established as an online university by the Indian government. They provide high-quality, need-based courses at competitive pricing. Any candidate with an intermediate pass is eligible for online creative writing programs. Their curriculum ensures that students progress at their own pace by incorporating the many methodologies taught at each stage.


  • They provide a multi-stage study experience.
  • The course price is INR 3400/-.
  • Through content writing, story-telling, copywriting, and poetry writing, they educate learners to appreciate creative writing and comprehend artistic expression.

Duration: 12 months to 36 months 

4. Udemy: Online Creative Writing Classes Indian Edition

Udemy is used by 3 million people across the globe. This platform covers a wide range of topics, from IT Skills to fitness. There are both free and paid options, with the premium options being reasonably inexpensive. These courses are available for students for the rest of their lives.

This, however, is not an approved institute. As a result, the talents obtained here merely serve to highlight your accumulated expertise and receive a lot of respect. There are several Online Creative Writing Classes available here.


  • The freelance copywriting workshop is organized into many writing parts. Each course focuses on a certain issue, from getting started to getting a novel published; they satisfy the end-to-end objectives.
  • Everyone may connect to the course, whether they are a new or aspiring writer. High achievers who started from the ground up to offer their knowledge and mentor the candidates.
  • Writing workshops, writing a blog, book strategies, and expert poetry writing are all available. This may be found on the webpage as Online Creative Writing Classes Indian Edition.
  • The cost of the course ranges starts from 9$- 300$.
  • Participants may contact the organizers directly.

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Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. What is the article format?

Each piece of writing has its style and format, just as an article must be prepared in a certain manner. i.e.

  • Interesting headline
  • Author’s name
  • Introduction
  • Additional information about the descriptive paragraph
  • Conclusion

Q2. Is it worth it to take online creative writing classes?

Creative writing lessons are an excellent way to improve your talents quickly. They can assist you in honing key areas of your writing technique. They’re also a terrific method to meet other aspiring authors and collaborate on projects.

Q3. Can I get a certificate in online creative writing classes?

Each of the online Creative writing classes described in this article provides a certificate of completion, which may be printed or posted on social media, most notably LinkedIn. Although these certifications do not meet any professional qualification criteria, they do demonstrate to prospective employers that you are committed to enhancing your exceptional communication abilities.


Publishing online English posts is a difficult task since there are several rules to follow to capture your readers’ interest. There are several technical factors to getting your post noticed, such as creative writing online gives you only just a few minutes to engage your readers, so provide them as much information as possible so they don’t lose all interest in your writing. Keep things simple so that your viewers can easily assimilate the material.

If you are informative, that is, if your content is fascinating and instructional, your viewers will return to you. The main goal of producing an article is to boost reader engagement, generate revenue, and establish a reputation among your peers. The main goal of producing an article is to boost reader engagement, increase sales, and establish a reputation among other authors. We all know that you can’t become a master overnight, but consistent reading and comprehension will undoubtedly bear fruit.

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