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Investment Banking Government Jobs – Eligibility, Salary And More

Investment banking is the latest buzz in the world. India is slowly and steadily developing its economic position, which is curving the path for investment banks to make a strong grip. In 1970, it was ICICI Securities that furnished the first investment banking services. Now there are plenty of them. The interesting part is many public sector banks have also started this service, raising the demand for investment bankers in the government sector too. This article will help you in providing insight into investment banking government jobs.


Who does not want to fantasize about a job in the government sector? People may laud and criticize about government for many things, but when it comes to jobs in the government sector, everyone hovers in it. Stable and secure jobs and numerous perks draw the interest of the youngsters as well as the experienced. The government provides job opportunities in many sectors including investment banking. Are you aware of the investment banking government jobs? Do you know which organizations will provide you with an investment banker job? What designation can you expect? And the skills and qualifications required for investment banking jobs? The article answers the questions and presents the way you can build up a career in investment banking.  Investment banking government jobs are a hot cake topic that is interesting to learn and acquire.

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Why Investment Banking Government Jobs Are So Popular?

Government jobs are always crowd-pleasing. Be it any sector or any industry, people are always in awe of government jobs.

When an individual works for any of the government’s organizations or banks or departments or any other sector, then that is referred to as a government job. For example, people working with Railways, National Banks, PSUs, Police, the Navy, the Army, Government Schools, etc are doing government jobs as they are working for the government.

Why do individuals prefer this job? Is it only because of the stable job? No, a stable job is one of the reasons, there are other reasons too that are highlighted below.

  • Of course, as told above, a stable and secure job life. Doing a job in the government sector is safe when compared with jobs in private companies.
  • The government employees can maintain a work-life balance. The employees are having standard working hours.
  • The employees enjoy plenty of perks and benefits offered by the government. They are eligible for a lot of other allowances too that aid the employees financially.
  • The work stress is comparatively less than in the private sector. Less work stress promotes a healthy life.
  • The emoluments are the next big key, that promotes investment banking government sectors jobs. The jobs can earn you a good amount of money. Though, some of the private companies offer higher salaries, other allowances and facilities attract the finance candidates.
  • Pension is one more envious aspect that helps finance graduates to settle for government jobs. The government provides pensions not only for the employees but also for their family members.
  • Reputation and recognition. These factors motivate individuals to try for a job in the government sector.

These are some of the factors that act as motivating agents for joining investment banking government jobs. Not only their job is secured but their life is also secured. So, the government jobs are popular and appreciable.

As it is discussed why government banking jobs are the most favourable option, a quick look at the investment banking sector and its growth will aid the aspirants in making the best choice.

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A Glance at Investment Banking

Investment Banking is a desirable sector in the present era. With the growing economy, investment banking is engulfing the world with its charm of balancing the money in the market.

The journey of investment banking started in the 19th century by the Dutch East-India Companies. In 1970, the State Bank of India crossed the threshold of this market and created the Bureau of Merchant Banking. ICICI Securities became the first bank to offer investment banking services. From then on, the investment banking sector grew and plumped up. Various government bodies like the Securities and Exchange Board of India were established to shelter the rules and regulations.

Coming to the definition part, investment banking is that type of business where the investment banks act as an interceder between the investor and the borrower companies. The fundamental function of the investment bank is to get capital from the investors to help the investees. The banks are aiding the borrower company to get money for their projects that need financial support. They are also aiding the investors to invest their money in projects or firms that will yearn them profit. Investment banks always deal with stocks, derivatives, equity and shares. They are impacted by the market conditions.

India is helping the growth of investment banks. The economy of India is rising and it is sustainable. This is attracting the growth of investment banks. As per Statista, investment banking is expected to reach $15.14 billion in the year 2024. This indicates that the sector will grow and it will attract the aspirers to join the sector.

Some of the Investment Banks in India Are:

  • JP Morgan
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Barclay
  • Axis Capital
  • ICICI Securities
  • Credit Suisse
  • Goldman Sachs
  • HSBC
  • BNP Paribas
  • Bank of America
  • HDFC Bank
  • Deutsche Bank
  • J M Financial
  • Edelweiss
  • Spark Capital
  • O3 Capital
  • Avendus Capital
  • Veda Corporate Advisors
  • IDBI Bank

Some of the Public Sector Banks That Offer Investment Banking Services Are:

  • SBI Capital
  • Central Bank of India
  • BOB Capital Markets Ltd

These are some of the investment banks that exist in India. The public sector banks offer investment banking government jobs.

What is the job expectation of an investment banker? The investment banker assists the bank’s clients in making decisions regarding their investment in stocks and shares. They are responsible for raising capital. Investment bankers guide their clients with all the functions of the investment bank. This includes underwriting, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, sales and trading, equity capital, debt capital and research work. They are responsible for business making, building client relationships and handling customer queries. These are some of the basic job responsibilities of an investment banker.

Important Roles of Investment Bankers Are Highlighted:

  • Analyst
  • Associates
  • Vice Presidents
  • Senior Vice President/ Director
  • Managing Director

This was a quick overview of investment banking and investment bankers. This was an ideal part of the article, that people must know, before they should start a career in investment banking government jobs.

Organizations That Offer Investment Banking Government Jobs

The first investment banking service provider was ICICI Securities, which is a private bank. But now three national or public sector banks offer investment banking services. Besides the three banks, some other organizations and banks are offering jobs to individuals and making investment banking government jobs more demandable.

In 2024, good news for investment bankers. A lot of opportunities are coming up for investment banking government jobs. The nationalized banks are hiring investment bankers for different portfolios.

Below is data by Sarkari Naukri Exams, that investment bankers required for 2024 in the nationalised banks.

BanksVacancies for Investment Bankers
State Bank of India (SBI)445+
Bank Of India (BOI)214+
Bank Of Baroda (BOB)546+

An offer letter from these esteemed national banks will enhance your career. You can learn all the skills and get plenty of new learning. Though making your path in these government banks is not as easy as it seems, your patience and your 100% effort will yield a good result.

One more aspect that is to be highlighted in this part of the article, is that besides these public sector banks, other government organizations also require investment bankers for efficient work. Certain job roles of investment bankers like analysts, associates and advisors are popular in the government sector. These are the entry-level roles in the investment banking sector. Candidates offered a job in these roles, can build an advanced career. They are also eligible for good promotions and significant career growth.

The Government Organizations That Stand in Need of the Investment Bankers Are:

  • Ministry of Finance, Government of India
  • Securities and Exchange Board of India
  • Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI)
  • Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
  • National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC)
  • National Investment and Infrastructure Fund (NIIF)
  • Small Industries Development Bank of India

These organizations are recruiting investment bankers. They require investment bankers for various roles and positions. These investment banking government jobs are much in demand among the finance contenders. Getting an offer from these respectable and reputed organizations will make the future of the candidate a shining one from all spheres.

As we have seen in detail which banks and organizations require investment bankers, now let us look over what roles these government institutions offer. Different organizations need different levels or roles of investment bankers. Knowing these roles will help in understanding the job responsibilities and the expectations from the role.

Job Profiles of Investment Bankers

The job roles of investment bankers are very interesting. They deal with new challenges and always have a new perspective to learn. As discussed earlier there are mainly five stages in the career path of the investment bankers. They are analysts, associates, vice presidents, directors and managing directors. These are the phases of an investment banker’s job.

The job requirement of various organizations depends on their needs. As per my research let us see, some of the eminent job profiles that are in demand in the government sector.

Job ProfilesGovernment Institution
Financial AdvisorMinistry of Finance
Assistant ManagerBOB Capital Market
Senior ManagerBOB Capital Market
Investment Banking OfficerBanks
Financial AnalystSecurities and Exchange Board of India
Investment AssociatePJTSAU
Investment SpecialistIRDAI
Financial ConsultantRBI
Project Manager FinanceNSIC
Investment ManagerNIIF
Fund ManagerSmall Industries Development Bank of India
Risk Analyst, Risk OfficerSmall Industries Development Bank of India
Investment BankingBOB Capital Market

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All these job profiles were required for the government organizations and the government banks. This gives strong proof that investment banking jobs are not only in demand in the private sector, but the public sector is equally competing.

As India is becoming economically strong, there is a surge in the investment banking sector. Foreign investment banks are coming to India and establishing their presence in our country. Many private sector banks in India have registered themselves with SEBI and are offering investment banking services. Similarly, previously SBI was the leading investment banking market in the public sector, but now many government banks are coming up to offer these investment banking services.

Thus, it is proving a good opportunity for the investment bankers. Investment bankers are getting many opportunities to opt for. The role and responsibilities are also getting a wider aspect. The scope of the finance aspirants is getting increased.

These were the job profiles of the investment bankers in the government sector. Investment banking government jobs are appreciated and candidates work hard to get the best positions.

So far, we have taken a look at why the government sector jobs are overwhelming, a brief introduction to investment banking and its growth, investment banking jobs in government institutions and the job profiles of the investment bankers in the government sector. These provide a deep insight into the jobs that government institutions can provide in investment banking. But, do you know the criteria that make you eligible for the job? Let us check.

Eligibility for Investment Banker Jobs

The year 2024 is full of new changes and positive growth. A lot has changed in the investment banking sector. Opportunities have increased. People becoming more aware of the sector. Candidates are getting plenty of job options and finance candidates are also eager to join the industry.

Let us see the important eligibility factors that the government has fixed for investment bankers as per the latest notification in 2024. This notification is especially for the public sector banks.

Eligibility CriteriaDetails Required
Age Limit13 to 56 years
Qualification10th, 12th, Graduates and Post Graduates, Investment bankers


The criteria are general for all the banks.

The selection process is mainly a written exam followed by an interview. The candidate can get a posting all over India. The jobs are usually permanent.

These are the fundamental criteria that are required to apply for investment banking government jobs.

Salary of Investment Bankers

The investment banker’s salary in the government sector varies from organization to organization. They take into consideration the experience of the candidate, the position or profile of the candidate, which organization the candidate got selected from, the location of the bank, and other factors as such. These factors contribute to the pay scale of the investment banker.

Listed are the average salary details of the investment bankers in some of the government organizations.

Name of the organizationDesignationAverage Salary
SBI Capital MarketsInvestment banking associateINR 14 LPA (approx)
BOB Capital MarketsManager Investment BankingINR 11 LPA (approx)
RBIAnalystINR 51.60 LPA to INR 57.24 LPA

The average salary as per the new notification released in 2024, the investment bankers in public sector banks are eligible for remuneration of around INR 48,570.

Along with these salaries, investment bankers are also eligible for various types of compensation.

This is the basic salary offered to investment bankers based on their knowledge, skills and experience gathered.

Skills and Knowledge Required for an Investment Banker

The article till now has enunciated in detail, the jobs of investment bankers, job profiles, and the average salary details of an investment banker.

But before going on to apply for the job, the candidates should possess the knowledge and skills required for the posts. What are these knowledge and skillsets? Let us discuss this in brief.

  • An investment banker should have concrete knowledge of the financial world and the economic world.
  • They should be skilled with numbers and graphs.
  • For non-finance candidates, should possess a deep understanding of finance and related subject matters.
  • The candidates should possess a sound knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • The aspirants should know how to keep their calm.
  • Communication skills are a must for every investment banker.
  • Time – management is one more aspect of the investment bankers.
  • They should know how to handle queries.

These are the most sought-after skills and knowledge sets that every investment banker should conquer before going to apply for investment banking government jobs.

Institutes Offering Investment Banking Programs

With the rising trend in the investment banking sector, the number of institutes offering this course is also increasing. Many institutes teach investment banking programs for the short term in both online and offline modes. Many colleges also offer graduate and postgraduate courses in investment banking. Candidates can enrol on these courses and get proper training in investment banking for a better job prospect.

Some of the Investment Banking Institutes Are:

  • IIM Skills
  • IIM Indore
  • IIM Calcutta
  • Imarticus Learning
  • NSE India
  • Intellipaat

These are some of the most demandable investment banking institutes in India that provide investment banking courses. All the esteemed colleges and universities are the best in their ways. They offer the best services to their candidates and help in providing the best placement to their candidates.

IIM Skills is the World’s leading professional course provider. They are gaining huge acclaim from all over India because of their excellent coaching techniques and expert faculties. They offer plenty of other courses also. They have marked their global presence in Dubai and Singapore. IIM Skills provides 3 months certified investment banking course. They also provide an additional 1-month internship facility. The institute believes in practical and theoretical training. They provide the facility to do capstone projects. They offer you the benefit of learning through case studies. The certificate given to the candidates after the entire course is completed is a government-certified certificate. The fees charged by the giant online edutech are pocket-friendly when compared to others. The institute also helps the candidates by providing placement support, making their resumes, building profiles on LinkedIn for better networking, and preparing them for interviews. The link will help you to check the details regarding the investment banking program.

These are the institutes that help you to mold your career path. Gaining adequate knowledge in investment banking, will not only help to get a job but also will help the candidates to perform better in their job.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.  Does doing a course from the above-mentioned institutes help you to get a government job?

These institutes will provide you with a deep knowledge and understanding of the investment banking subject. They will help you prepare for the interviews and they will make you job-ready.

2.   Are internships beneficial for investment bankers?

Yes, IIM Skills offers a 1-month internship program, where the candidates get practical learning and will also become aware of their responsibilities.

3.  Is the job of an investment banker interesting?

Though it is strenuous, it is interesting with a lot of new things to learn.

4.  Do we need to have a finance background for getting this job?

There are many candidates without a finance background doing this job. Understanding finance and related subjects is crucial.


Investment banking is increasing in every aspect and leading the way for graduate finance candidates. Investment banking government jobs are undoubtedly a great step for investment bankers. The investment bankers got a new direction. These jobs will help them build a stable career. A greater number of public sector banks should come forward to offer various investment banking services. Thus, giving the candidates a better chance for their growth. So, government jobs in this sector are a boon for aspiring investment bankers.


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