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5 Best Interior Design Courses in Pune with Placements

Unlike the conventional career options, the demand for Interior design as a career option has grown in India. There is now a plethora of interior design courses in Pune. The new generation is slowly shifting towards this new career. If you are a creative and imaginative person, an interior design career is for you.


List of the best interior designing courses in Pune


Before we check the interior design courses in Pune, let us understand interior design as a career. I assume you may have some doubts. So, in this article, we cover skills you need, reasons to pursue this field, and job roles.


When the pandemic started, people moved back to homes. And as more companies push for the WFH situation, people want a dedicated working space at home. The need for Yoga space and children’s online classes has also grown. 

I am sure you might have also experienced this at home. So you understand this better.

If you plan to pursue this design career, this blog covers everything you need.


Other considerable course options for you:


Explain Interior Design


It is the art and science of upgrading an interior space creating a comfortable and more aesthetically pleasant environment. It deals with providing creative and innovative design solutions. Interior designing is an exciting career to choose. You will have the chance to hone your creative skills and meet clients’ needs. This design job is a client-facing profession. 



People today are more focused on their demands and requirements for their spaces, which has resulted in a higher need for professionals who can make it happen at a reasonable price. This field is predicted to rise in popularity, particularly in developing countries like India, which has a strong creative and artistic sector.


Estimates say that the Indian market for home interiors will lie between USD 20 bn to USD 30 bn. The interior design sector is rapidly expanding. Hence, increasing the scope for experienced and new designers.


With technological inclusion, the design space is becoming innovative. Technology has also taken over this sector in terms of 3d and 2d visualization. This, of course, improves efficiency for interior designers. Consequently, helping designers to focus more on creativity. 


In India, the interior design industry is estimated to grow in the future due to the increasing real estate market. And nowadays, people in tier1 and tier 2 cities also prefer interior design services. 


Why learn interior designing?


Rising demand         

Due to the current work-from-home situation and demand for visual appeal, interior designers are high in demand. People want to renovate their spaces to their liking. Likewise, spirituality also plays a vital role in this rising demand.



Interior designing skills offer self-employment opportunities. Consequently, the satisfaction of running your own design company is also a point to consider. After all your exams, degrees and experience, you might want to open your firm as well. 



Most clients give a free hand in designing their houses or spaces. However, all the designs should follow according to client briefs and needs.


Financial benefits

 In addition to other benefits, there is a massive potential for higher earnings. Correspondingly, interior designers might get rewards to form clients. 



Unlike other jobs, this one encourages imagination and innovation. Designers have the opportunity to be creative and bring them to reality. This job provides maximum freedom to be creative.


Skills To be an Interior designer

  • It will help if you are a great listener. Consequently, this skill will help you serve your clients better.
  • You must possess observational and visualization skills to create better ideas.
  • In addition to the above point, creativity matters a lot in this job
  • Effective communication is a vital character of an interior designer.
  • Other skills include sketching, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.


Responsibilities of Interior Designer


  • Identifying the client’s project objectives and needs.
  • Search for new projects.
  • Creative planning of space for efficient spacing and use.
  • Design initial plans, which may include layouts for electrical systems and partitions.
  • Search and specify materials and furniture requirements.
  • Estimation and budgeting of the project
  • Supervision and coordination with workers for proper execution.
  • Ensuring if work is done correctly and according to the client’s needs.


Best Interior Design Courses in Pune


1. Seven Mentor


 Seven Mentor is one of the leading design institutes in Pune. Seven mentor’s design course comprises of a comprehensive curriculum. Students securing at least 50% in 10+ 2 can apply for this course. Besides the training, students need to perform practical and do projects. These projects build a portfolio while helping to gain experience in real-world interior designing. Following is the course curriculum.


Course Content: 

  • Visual Art and Design
  • Elements of design
  • Design principles
  • Colour theory
  • Compositions assignments
  • ID building materials
  • Wall finishes
  • Furniture finishes
  • Stone
  • Paint
  • Fabrics
  • Communication Skills
  • Interior building construction
  • Staircase
  • False ceiling
  • Design studio
  • Furniture design
  • Digital design drawing 
  • Vaastu shastra
  • Home styling


As you saw from the course content, it’s a very comprehensive course. This design course is a one-year long training coupled with practical training. However, in one year, all the topics and case studies are covered. Students get a good experience after completing all assignments and projects with due diligence. These tasks prepare a student to perform better in interviews and jobs. The institute claims to have trained over 2000+ learners in 100+ batches.


Additionally, the trainers have experience of 8+ years. And the trainers assign tasks to students daily, which takes around 2 hours. 24×7 support and doubt clearing sessions help students in case of any doubts or issues.


Course duration: one-year




INSD’s interior design courses in Pune offer project-based learning. As a result, this allows students to grasp the creative building of interior spaces and the proper depiction of an idea. The course takes a practical-oriented training approach. Besides, the course also covers theoretical concepts on the technical, design process, and studio methods. Because of this, students can merge unique client preferences with their creative capacity to create the ideal living spaces. 


Course syllabus:



  • Drafting basics
  • Graphics
  • Furniture designing
  • Materials and market survey
  • Site visit
  • AutoCAD
  • Market visit


Second Year

  • Office, kitchen design
  • Retail store and bathroom design
  • Restaurant and bar design
  • Service system
  • Google Sketch-up
  • Product workshop


Third Year

  • Landscape design
  • Advanced furniture design
  • Lighting tech
  • Exhibition design
  • photoshop
  • Visual merchandise


Fourth Year

  • Estimation and budgeting
  • Management skills
  • Set designing
  • Revit
  • Thesis project
  • Design application
  • Portfolio

And many more


3. D.Y. Patil University


D.Y. Patil University’s school of design offers interior design courses in Pune. The bachelor’s degree course has an intake of only 20 students. Additionally, the course is a four years program.


The core objectives are to develop design thinking and creativity. This also supports students for innovation in the design sector. Furthermore, the design school ensures that students learn in teams. Collaboration with industry specialists and interior design legends, on the other hand, aids in the provision of expertise to address both basic and sophisticated difficulties.


Even though the course seems challenging at first glance, much care has been taken to incorporate practical learning. Correspondingly, regular market and site visit aid in the overall understanding of the design process.


The syllabus covers design thinking and skills for the product in the first two years. In addition to theoretical aspects, students learn to apply and practice through projects in 3rd year. Finally, in the fourth year, students can opt for industry internships and projects to gain further experience. It builds confidence and real-time knowledge.




INIFD has established itself as a prominent design institute in Pune. Generally, it offers courses in fashion and design. The institute, located in Kothrud, Pune, offers interior design courses in Pune. Institute has principles based on learning, achieve and innovation. Consequently, its interior design course curriculum represents that. 


What will you learn?



Students will learn to familiarize various design processes and skillsets. Because of the exhaustive syllabus, a clear understanding of various concepts is assured.



Taking forward the learnings from the first year, students will do projects. As a result, projects will help them to expand their knowledge. Besides learning, it acquaints students about the best practices. Of course, studios for office and retail spaces and furniture design and visual merchandising are some topics that students will learn. Correspondingly, students get hands-on with CAD (2) software to create professional designs.



Estimating and budgeting and designs for various areas and Vaastu shastra application are all covered in the third year. In addition to Vaastu, Feng Shui application modules are included in the course. Students use CAD (3) software to develop 2D and 3D views in addition to designs.

The duration of the interior design courses at INIFD varies depending on the degree. 



MITID is one of the prestigious educational institutions offering interior design courses in Pune. It has many courses under its name. Because of its dedicated placement team, alumni of MITID work in some of the top companies. 


Anyone looking to start their design career can start with the MIT Institute of design. Consequently, they can be assured of a great head start in their career. But why do I say so? Due to its comprehensive four-year degree course curriculum. The course has been designed considering the ever-changing design industry.


The course syllabus includes all the major design topics, from basic to advanced. Moreover, the topics range from design principles to furniture and space designs. Correspondingly, by the 3rd year, students can opt for electives. Interior design courses are offered under bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Choose the course based on your preference.




1. What are the online interior design courses in Pune?

Yes, there are colleges in India that offer online interior design courses. Some prominent colleges are INIFD, and the international school of design offers online batches. Correspondingly, Seven Mentor also provides online as well as classroom training. However, students need to work or intern at any design firm in person. Because to gain real experience one must have to visit site and markets. 


2. What are the steps to becoming an interior designer in India?

If you plan to be an interior designer in India, follow these steps.

Firstly, you must pursue a degree in interior design. Take a look at some of the best interior design courses mentioned in this article. 

Secondly, you must pass the NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) exam. And finally, You must have worked as an interior designer as a freelancer for at least two years or as an ASID interior designer for at least two years.

One may follow all the above steps. However, they are not mandatory steps to be a great interior designer. If you have an unwavering passion for design and technical expertise, and real-world experience, you can become an interior designer.


3. Is interior designing tough?

Let me be very honest with you. Nothing seems easy at first glance. But as one gains knowledge and expertise through hands-on, everything falls in place. Interior designing is exciting, refreshing and filled with exciting challenges. It’s a non-boring field due to the ever-changing design industry. Besides changing demands, there is always scope to learn. As a result, designers stay ahead of trends offering the best to their clients.


4. Do I need any qualifications to study interior design?

Students completing 10+ with at least 50% marks can opt for an interior designing career. At the same time, it may vary according to the institutes. But at most, this is the minimum qualification to get admission.




These are some of the top interior design courses in Pune. One of the reasons is due to the urbanization of towns in India. And another reason is also due to the government’s push for smart cities. There is an influx of people to cities. 

If we look at it from another perspective, we can have a different reason altogether. Many people are seeking the assistance of interior designers to make their homes more work-friendly. Because more and more companies are extending the WFH arrangement during the CoVid epidemic. So, in India, interior designing is still a great career choice. 

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