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Content Writing Salaries -How Much Content Writers Earn Annually in 2024

Content writing salaries have always been a big question for those who are willing to start their career in content writing or maybe have just started. Irrespective of how much one is passionate about writing content, before choosing it as a career option, the money factor comes to mind. After all one has to make a living make a good living with that.

What is Average Content Writing Salary


Questions related to content writing salaries, and how much are content writers paid annually often come to mind when pursuing such a career. The field of content writing is quite uncertain depending upon how much one understands it and so are the content writing salaries.

It has been seen that whenever we search content writing salaries, some extremely successful people with considerably huge salaries show up with their experience. But the question being, before reaching the top, what is the salary that content writers earn throughout the journey, and this we’ll figure out in the discussion below:

Now that we talk about content writing salaries, we should learn the fact that just like any other job, the content writing salaries vary depending upon challenges, tasks, and level of difficulty of the work.

Content writing itself is very diverse as a career option and th2erefore offers many roles for writers, which is why variation in salaries could be seen.

Working for a company as a content writer, one will be aware of the amount he is going to receive. So, usually, questions about content writing salaries come from Freelancers, Bloggers, and Sketch and Scriptwriters.

People generating content as freelance writers, bloggers, sketch, and scriptwriters generally have queries about content writing salaries because of non-uniform earnings.

Sometimes they get multiple projects to work on for a long time, whereas the other times they barely get any projects. This inconsistency in opportunities affects their income as content writers.

The hustle is hard in these kinds of professions with absolute risks which make it tough to keep earning consistently.

So, the primary focus to find relevant answers to questions on content, writing salaries should be on the professions with inconsistent opportunities and non-uniform income.

How Much Money Do These Writers Earn Annually?

1.  Freelance Writers

These writers are paid on two parameters. They are word count and no. of hours. These writers receive their content writing salaries depending upon the kind of project they are working on. Usually, people who choose freelance writers to get their work done, settle a standard price per word written. So, depending upon the word count and price per word, the salaries of freelance writers could vary.

This standard price per word also fluctuates depending upon, the number of words the employer would require regularly. Usually, the standard price per word ranges from Rs0.15 or less to Rs0.40 or more sometimes. The other option was pay per hour, which means the freelancer has to devote a particular number of hours to a certain project.

On average the freelance writer is said to be paid Rs200 an hour, which sums up to a total of Rs246, 727 annually. This amount may not be as much as other content writing jobs, but in comparison to the inconsistent opportunities and non-uniform income value, this amount is decent for freelancers.

This could increase considering the experience and rating of a freelance writer. Such projects are not long term projects which is why freelance writers have to find more such opportunities. There are some extremely professional freelance writers, who charge as much as $100 per article they write. Experience and expertise along with a few marketing strategies could help increase the content writing salaries of a freelance writer.

The writer needs to have a keen understanding of the content writing industry and what kind of offers allow for more freelance opportunities. Taking wise decisions in such a work process is very important for the long run. Once established as an experienced and highly recommended freelance writer, the opportunities increase along with the content writing salaries. Therefore acting strategically would help one increase their content writing salaries.

To find a spot in the market, and to have decent salaries as a content writer, initially, freelancers are suggested to put their standard pay per hour low and allow more opportunities to gain experience and ratings. Along with time, one can increase their standard demand per word or hour. These strategies could help one increase their content writing salaries.

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2. Bloggers

Millions of blog articles are posted every single day. This gives a clear idea about, how vast is the industry along with the huge number of people into blogging. The growth of bloggers in India has been well over the past few years, and that too in terms of earning Bloggers are seen to have a more consistent and decent earning over Freelancers.

Content writing salary in the blogging sector is good but one has to follow some terms and rules to achieve that. Expecting the flow of good money as a content writing salary would probably be the wrong process.

The main source of income on which the salaries of bloggers depend is advertisements. Indian bloggers make decent earnings from sponsorships, ads, and endorsements. A blog needs to be at least 6 months old and enough popular to find endorsement opportunities. Marketing these days is the prime strategy for bloggers to attract advertisers.

Adsense is one of the best options for bloggers to find ads that pay, apart from these holding on to a quality niche helps one find advertisers from similar domains. Adsense comes with decent pay per click price and is a Google-supported service, therefore, can be trusted. Getting traffic to the blog is important for any blogger as that increases the chances of getting more ad clicks. Blogging essentially requires an audience. Finding a potential audience and growing it is a very important part of blogging.

There is no definite range regarding the amount a blogger earns. It could range anywhere between less than Rs6000 a month to more than Rs1lakh per month.

Qualities of a Profitable Blog:

Profitable blog posts more frequently. To make a blog profitable, it has to meet the demands of readers and create a potential audience base with active readers who visit the blog frequently. Gaining traffic from email subscribers have been found profitable. Optimizing articles help rank better on Google and find more traffic. Using eyes catching headlines helps grab more audience attention. Investing in the correct domain and other services helps the blog grow properly.

How Much Does an Average Blogger Earn Annually:

An average blogger in India makes anywhere between 2lakhs to 6-7lakhs whereas there as some blogs which are exceptionally profitable and make more than 20lakh annually. Content writing salaries in blogging are quite uncertain and therefore it is difficult to find a definite number as annual income. But an Average blog that makes money would earn anywhere between 2 to 7lakhs annually.

3.  Sketch and Script Writers

Plotting scripts and writing sketches have a way different format of payment when it comes to content writing salaries. Unlike freelance assignments and bloggers, this job requires a lot of patience. Here the sketch and scriptwriters may or may not have assigned projects.

They either work on someone else’s ideas otherwise they use their creativity to write scripts and sketch. Later they pitch these scripts and sketch ideas to media producers and directors. Therefore, people passionate about writing scripts and sketch ideas are recommended to work for a particular media company that has multiple projects. This helps in finding stable earnings as content writing salaries and continuity in work.

Unless and until one has gained enough experience and reputation, it is quite difficult to find opportunities. It is a tough decision to choose sketch writing as a career decision unless one is very much passionate about it. Apart from these challenges, this career comes with high-income value as well. Though it is difficult to find opportunities, once found these opportunities could pay really good money as content writing salaries.

Depending on the budget of the project, the writer gets 10% or sometimes more. The content writing a salary of a scriptwriter can vary too much and therefore be highly unstable. Scriptwriting usually includes writing scripts for the screenplay, videos, documentaries, and movies as well. Making enough categories for a writer to work and earn. While the opportunities, in the beginning, are less, but if a writer is enough experienced and recommended, then some decent money could be made from this industry.

Making Money from Sketch Ideas and Script Writing:

Pursuing a profitable career in scriptwriting and sketching demands a good set of creative skills and writing skills. Writing scripts and sketches need good vision. Even these kinds of professions involve some marketing practices to make work noticeable in the market.

The social presence of a scriptwriter is very much essential. As we are into an era of booming internet, having a social media presence where a short portfolio of previous as well as ongoing works can be presented would prove to be very much helpful in finding assignments and projects.

Experienced and writers with high rated profiles are more likely to receive projects. Working at lower prices initially helps the client understand the writer’s work as well as allows more writing opportunities. Along with time, scriptwriters after gaining experience and reputation can demand a high amount of money as a content writing salary. Experience and better ratings allow bigger and better projects.

How Much Money a Script Writer Earns Annually:

An average scriptwriter earns anywhere between 2lakhs to 5lakhs whereas there are highly reputed writers who make around 10lakh annually. Other Content Writing Professions and How Much They Earn

Above were some of the professions in a content writing career with plenty of challenges and unstable content writing salaries with inconsistent opportunities. Those careers even with difficulties have good scope for making money.

Now let’s focus on the most general professions in content writing and how much writers earn in this profession as their content writing salaries.

4. SEO Writer

Optimizing content according to a search engine so that the article ranks better on search engines like google is all that an SEO writer has to do. There is a lot of responsibility an SEO writer has to deal with, including links, keywords, format, on-site SEO-, off-site SEO and a lot more. There is a huge demand for SEO writers in the industry. SEO writers make way more money as their content writing salaries than one could imagine.

SEO writers are not general content writers rather they use optimization techniques to rank articles, pages, and even websites. They are highly responsible for Google rankings and therefore are paid exceptionally well. Their job holds so much responsibility, therefore, requires proper knowledge and skills.

To maintain a higher rank of Google in competition to millions of other posts is very difficult which is why the high content writing salaries given to the SEO writers are worth their responsibility.

SEO writers depending upon their tasks can earn anywhere between Rs 3lakhs to even Rs 10lakhs annually.

5. Copywriter

Almost all TV commercials, brand ads, and radio ads are written by people professionally known as copywriters. Their primary job is to write content that attracts users to take any targeted action. That may be making them visit a link, or purchase a product. Other than these, they also help a lot with product marketing procedures.

The attractive product descriptions in commercials and also on shopping websites are also written by them. They are highly creative people with extraordinary writing skills. Working as a copywriter could be highly profitable as a profession in terms of content writing salary.

Copywriters are one of the highest content writing salaries receiving more than Rs 1lakh on average per month. On average, the annual income of copywriters is Rs10lakhs. This is because they are more likely to work with brands and popular companies. Copywriters are responsible for the viral tagline that the brand features almost everywhere. Even the attractive ads and eye-catching offers are written by these copywriters.

Their prime purpose is to convince a user to perform a targeted action by just reading texts written by them. So they should be creative enough to write such attractive content for brands. Copywriting is one of the most stable jobs in the content writing industry with good content writing salaries.

How Much Content Writers Earn Annually:

Content writing offers a lot of opportunities. Now that this industry has just started gaining pace in India there is enough scope for newcomers and aspiring writers. This industry is not just limited to writing but has gone way beyond that. Content writing is like the spine of the marketing and advertising industry.  Even the audio-video media format involves content writing as a major part of the industry. The presence of content writing could be felt in almost every industry, ranging from corporate to the creative industry. As it covers numerous industries, opportunities for writers also increases.

Because this industry is related to other industries, there is a scope of earning goods, because the money here flows from all the industries linked to it. Content writing salaries can be very good if two things are taken care of. They are experienced and skilled. Holding patience and letting the market notice the skills a writer offers help one increase his profile score for future opportunities in a content writing career.

One can make decent earning as content writing salary but depending upon the kind of profession under this domain, the pace of income and consistency of work may vary, which is why planning is very much necessary in such a career. Especially in the case of freelancers and sketch and scriptwriters, there are chances of earning good money as a content writing salary. This content writing salary could wisely be used as an investment for further opportunities.

Investments like creating a portfolio website,  maintaining social media presence, and marketing own profile are some essential things that could help one grow as a content writer. Salaries in the content writing industry are quite non-uniform over other departments. Few things could help one be successful in this field. The above mentioned were the facts, figures, and analyzed details about how much content writers earn annually. The details were the average of statistical data gathered from the internet.

It is also mentioned in the above articles that some writers, bloggers, and freelancers make way more money than the rest of the industry.

What Makes Their Blogs and Writing So Profitable?

Market Yourselves:

People definitely won’t purchase something they don’t know about. Therefore it is important to make people aware of the product or services you provide. Being noticeable in the market is highly essential, as it helps you to find clients and customers. A scriptwriter or a freelancer should invest in marketing their profile so that people come to know about them.

Showcasing some of their works could also prove to be useful as it helps clients have an idea about the skills and ideas of the writer.

There is Nothing Wrong With Being Money Minded:

Well, writing as a profession cannot be pursued by just anyone. Almost everyone in content writing has an interest in writing. Otherwise one without interest cannot sustain this career as a long-term career. It takes a lot of patience to build a foundation as a content writer.

Now that passion is turned into a profession, being money minded can help one earn a living. Successful bloggers and writers are found to use smarter ways to gain traffic. Using eye-catchy headlines, driving traffic from social media platforms, investing money in marketing practices are some of the things highly successful bloggers and writers exercise.

Few smart ways could prove to be very useful. Finding sponsors and advertisers is one such way to earn good content writing salary.

Find a Potential Audience and Active Readers:

Instead of depending on the traffic, learning about how big your audience and how many active readers is a blog has could help one understand better how well their blog is performing. A highly recommended way to find a potential audience is through email subscriptions. This method is proven highly effective by some of the most successful and exceptionally well-performing blog writers.

Adding email subscriptions, free product or service trails and many other methods could bring many email subscribers. Investing in a domain that is good for SEO and designing an attractive site increases the performance of the blog and gain good traffic. Writing quality posts and useful articles increases reading time. Having traffic for a longer period on traffic also helps rank better on Google.

Content writing salary could be multiplied by exercising such techniques. Content writers practising marketing strategies are more likely to earn better content writing salaries than others. Investing money in marketing is one of the prime strategies of well-performing bloggers and content writers.

A content writer can earn a considerably higher amount than other creative departments. There is a lot of money in this industry; one should know to extract it with content writing and marketing. The above were some of the practices that could help one grow their writing career. Exercising these practices have proved to be highly beneficial in terms of the money writers earn from content writing. The doubts initially people have who are willing to start their career in this industry is generally about how much they can earn. If you have an interest in writing, you can go after earning money from writing.

It would be a wrong decision if you, start it just to earn money because this requires a lot of patience and hard work before one starts to see results. Therefore, it is recommended to understand content writing and the opportunities it offers and then make a call about whether or not to pursue this career.

The content writing salary is as good or bad as the salaries in other industries. Just this one comes with little instability and inconsistency in some cases.


Hope the article is informational. Content writing industry is growing and has lot of scope of career, if only one knows to how to use it as a platform to have a successful career.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

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Q2. Can I do freelance as a content writer?

Yes, you can either be a fulltime or a part time freelancer as a content writer.

Q3. Can I start my own blog? 


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