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How Does Digital Marketing Influence Customers?

Digitalization is the new method used in marketing these days, even though it has been around for over a few decades, now you can see a boom in it in recent years. The reason being, the ability of this kind of marketing to reach out to customers is higher than that of traditional marketing.

How does Digital Marketing Influence Customers

What do you understand by the term Digital Marketing?

A method that uses an electronic medium such as a phone, laptops, etc., to market and promote their products, brands, and services. It is cost-effective and has a large no. audience (potential customers) because of its accessibility.

Especially in today’s scenario when everyone has constant access to their phones and laptops, as we are stuck in our houses due to this growing pandemic, the utilization of such electronic devices has increased, resulting in impulse buying of products and services by the user.

Digital marketing types include SEO, Email, Content, Social Media, PPC, Mobile, and Marketing Analytics. This type of marketing has proven to be adaptive as it gives a common platform to all business owners irrespective of their size and strength.

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  3. Semrush

You can also read this article on A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Marketing to acquire insights about this industry.

Who should learn This?

Any person or professional who has an online business(presence)  and wants to expand his business by bringing in customers and leads via marketing should learn this. It is a very important skill as it is directly related to the growth of your business.

People looking for jobs can also opt for this career as it is one of the highest-paid jobs right now. It is very easy to learn once you get a hang of it, and you can also use it as a passive income source or use it for your business.

What are the different types:

  1. SEO : 3 Types of SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  1. Social media marketing.
  2. Search engine marketing
  3. Content marketing
  4. Email marketing
  5. Mobile marketing

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Platforms used: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog post, infographics, videos, Google ads, youtube, etc.

You don’t need any prior experience or specific educational background to learn this, you just need to learn to use a laptop mobile, must have a good internet connection, some common sense and you are good to go.

Why do you need it?

As a business owner, marketing is needed to attract more and more traffic, which are then converted into leads and then into promising clients. With the revolution in marketing from traditional to digital, there has been a drastic change in numbers and approach towards consumers’ needs and accessibility. Digitalization has helped the owner and user to interact, sell and educate one another in the most effective way.

It has an effective way to track your user’s purchase journey and also allows you to interact directly with your consumer via any medium. This information has helped in understanding consumer behavior and also improvise on the marketing strategy as and when required.

From the business point of view, it has created an equal platform for small and large business enterprises so that they can compete fairly with each other while giving them a fair and equal chance.

This motivates people to start their businesses irrespective of their financial background. For example, Social Media Marketing helped small businesses bloom during this pandemic when a majority of people had lost their jobs. All they needed was a phone, a good internet connection, and any social media platform of their choice, E.g., Instagram.

It is all digitalized, that is no use of any paper, the information and promotion are always via the online platform and gives the liberty to choose between different multimedia options such as blog posts, videos, and audios.

As a business owner or a student this a promising skill everyone should be aware of these days. There are several agencies which provide marketing services but you have to pay them heavily. Why not master this skill on your own?

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What is the Scope of it?

Let’s understand the scope of this type of marketing in detail:

Unlike traditional marketing this type of marketing is data-driven,  we get access to actual numbers, and is very easy to calculate the traffic via google analytics, and also plan the strategy accordingly. It is highly flexible because it is online and approachable from anywhere using a good internet connection and laptop.

It is easy to understand, learn and make money from it once you get a hang of it. There are different variants in which you can start earning like Facebook ads.

This type of marketing has a very high ratio of engagement between the user and the provider which is positive and negative at the same time. This helps in maintaining the relationship and trust between the user and provider.

In this fast pacing world, people more often look for immediate things, Whether, it is the food or results. We all are aware of the 2 min instant noodle campaign, which has been a success because of its immediacy. You get paid and you see results in a fast and in effective way.

As this industry is growing, there has been a rise in job opportunities which in turn is attracting youngsters to join the community. It is engaging and makes the consumer stronger with ample information at hand via internet R&D. It makes them informed and confident about their purchase.

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What are the challenges?

Every skill needs to be mastered, and while doing it you face several challenges same is with this kind of marketing:

  1. You need to learn the technical skills required to set up a website for your business.
  2. You need to put yourself in the consumer’s shoes to understand the nature of your user.
  3. You need to be patient and well informed about the new trends in the market.
  4. Providing valuable content to the reader who will be the potential consumer is a must.
  5. Focus on a single platform first, do not jump to various platforms at a single time.

Who exactly is a customer?

A customer is an individual, who buys products and services from a business owner or organization. The people who consume a certain service or goods are called customers.

The person reading this article is also likely to be a potential customer, you might be here to do R&D on digital marketing.  Or someone looking to join this community by starting a career in marketing.

Understanding the Role of customer

You must have heard this term, “ A customer is always right.” It cannot be always true, but yes, the business runs around giving importance to the customer and fulfilling his needs, in turn, to make a profit and goodwill for the company.

The consumer is the priority of the business, he is like the foundation on which the building is standing. With the absence of customers, you cannot have a business. The client is the consumer of your product and service which makes him the critic as well.

If he can be a potential buyer, he can also be the person who is not satisfied with the product or service and can speak about it on various platforms. This leads to negative publicity. Whatsoever, the businesses can always impact digital marketing influence on the customers by vetting their needs and requirements.


Change is the only constant thing in nature. Evolution can happen because of various factors such as technology, education, awareness, accessibility, and competition.

These are the digital marketing influence factors that led to the evolution of consumers over the years because of the introduction of digitalization.

  1. The user is well informed and can research more and gain confidence in the product he is buying, unlike in older times.
  2. Technology has made the user experience the service even before buying it.
  3. The user is the buyer as well as the advocate these days.
  4. Earlier you had to decide by actually standing and comparing the products in the shop or market but now, you can easily do it online with one click.
  5. Instant delivery via e-commerce has made people lazy and very dependant on it.
  6. The ever-evolving market can lead to positive and negative habits in a customer. Let’s make the best of it until it lasts.

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Digital Marketing Influence on Customers

Now that you have understood the meaning of customer and its importance in a business, let us understand the digital marketing influence on customers.

  1. Access to information: With billions of people using the internet, the exchange of information has become very quick and easy. It has had negative as well as a positive impact on us as customers:
  • Positive: With mobile phones, you are just a click away from comparing the products and services and having an easement in deciding for which one to buy. You can connect with a lot of brands that have social media platforms and buy and send feedback to them. This makes the experience of buying very personal.
  • Negative: One mistake from the buyer’s side can lead to bad reviews and a lower ranking of that website. The review, and comments section can be also used by potential competitors to post negative and harmful comments which in turn affect the sale of your brand.
  1. Mentality: This has been the key motive and effect of this digitalization, It directly targets the user’s behavior by studying the pattern in which the user decides while and before buying a certain product or service. Hence, digital marketing influence the customer by studying their behavior patterns.

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Let’s consider an Indian mentality, for instance,  we all love free stuff, by giving the audience A free trial or demo of their service example:

In educational service, you attract the user by creating awareness about your free trial, then you engage him in your free class or webinar then you make him subscribe to your channel, let us say youtube. He then goes ahead and invests his time in watching the videos or reading a certain blog, by completing this task you tend to ask him his feedback by commenting or giving you access to his email address.

Here the actions of the user, such as the views, subscription, and giving you the email address help you connect with him on a personal level maintaining a trustworthy relationship. Now that the viewer has seen your free trial video, he is more likely to get converted into a potential buyer for your service.

His involvement as a client experience can be considered a testimonial, and customer review for your business. Such clients can also be advocates on this digital platform as they are first-hand users of your service or product. This helps to build goodwill and reputation and increase trust among the potential visitors on your site.

  1. Content: The above-said thing is possible only when the content you give to your reader or viewer is relatable and valuable. You need to give your viewer an Ah-ha!  Moment, as the attention span of a consumer is very less in this high-pacing world.

When you help your reader with valuable content for free which is relatable to your business, you reach larger audiences and build trust and better relationship with them. Concentration on quality over quantity and precision over lengthy things is very important.

  1. Spur of the moment: This behavior of the user has benefited the e-commerce websites more than ever. Especially in today’s time when everyone is stuck at their home, browsing time on the internet has doubled, this makes the consumer crave to buy products by just looking at them in repetition or attract them by best discount offers and deal of the day technique.

This is one of the best strategies that has been successful because of the interconnection of social media networks these days. The product which they search on Nykaa or amazon is visible to them on Instagram ads, or youtube ads before playing the video. This repetition makes the customer want to buy the product more and more, thus increasing the traffic on that site and generating revenue.

  1. Solving problems: Content that speaks or delivers the solution to day to day problems such as:
  • How to lose weight?
  • How to install a certain program on your laptop?
  • How to make tea?
  • How to fix a light bulb?

These problems are simple but the accessibility to the solution to these problems has been made easy by this digitalization. Bloggers tend to pick up on these problems and give solutions to them and earn a fortune. Targeting these problems helps the customer engage in your content and become a loyal visitor or a valuable client to your brand.

  1. Value: If you want to be valued in your niche and want the visitor to be converted into a client, you need to give the visitor better value for the same amount of money and sometimes even for free, if you want this visitor to be a recurring visitor.
  2. Fast and efficient service: I spoke about it earlier, but this has made the user impatient and neglects the offline business which sells outdoor, this, in turn, has forced these business owners to partner with these e-commerce websites to keep the business going and follow the trend.
  3. Competition: There has been an immense rise in competition which affects maintaining the loyalty of the user.

As the user has a variety of options to choose from he tends to incline toward the commodity which is cheaper and more valuable to him, this is making the business owners fight and the customer is at profit because of this.

This shows the user’s inconsistency in their go-to brands. Which affects the trust and nature of the recurring consumer strategy. Now, you know how does digital marketing influence the customers to buy the products and services.

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1. What are the considerations before registering for an online digital marketing course?

First and foremost, look for an institute that is 100% practical oriented. Digital marketing can be learnt through practical training only. Next go through he curriculum and find out about the practical assignments incorporated in the training program. Enroll in a course that has important industry-relevant practical projects incorporated in the course.

2. How can you bring in customers with digital marketing?

Digital enables builds awareness of your products and consumers through blogs, social media posts, paid ads, email marketing. With a consistent digital strategy that takes into account important parameters, you can create a favourable impression of your brand among your target customers.

3. What are the benefits of online marketing for business?

The most vital aspect of the benefits of digital marketing for a business is that it helps to generate high-quality leads who later on become your greatest advocates and helps you to build your brand.


Change is constant and the more the technology grows this change is going to affect the market. Digitalization has helped consumer fulfill their needs and desire with just one click. Consumer behavior changes as the market grows and expands, this cut-throat competition between the businesses,  has been proven to be of benefit to the consumer in today’s world.

Evolution teaches us humans the nature to adapt to the changes happening around us, as consumers and business owners we need to be aware, adapt, learn and benefit from these changes in technologies. I hope this answers all your queries on how does digital marketing influence potential customers.

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