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Top 5 GST Certification Courses In Aurangabad

Are you looking for the best GST Certification Courses in Aurangabad? You have landed on the right page. Any aspiring accountant or financial professional adding a taxation course, such as GST will boost the career with an immediate salary hike and promotion. 


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GST or Goods and Services Tax is one of the major tax reforms of our country. There has been a paradigm shift in the indirect tax structure with the GST rule with effect from 1st July 2017. This has directly impacted the professionals, consultants, industrialists, entrepreneurs, executives working in corporations, and aspiring professionals.


So if you are any one of these, you must understand and grasp the new taxation structure, associated compliances, and the changes in the business processes. The change in the indirect taxation system and the introduction of the new GST regime will bring a sea of opportunities for all. So if you take up a GST course, it will help you implement the change in the law and upgrade your skillset. before moving to the GST Certification courses in Aurangabad, let’s look at some GST details.


Components of GST:


Before GST was introduced, we had many types of taxes in India like Excise duty, Service Tax, Customs, VAT, Octroi, and many other taxes. So, to simplify the process of tax our Prime Minister Narender Modi came up with one niche, one tax-that is GST.


The introduction of GST made it easy to do business in India. If any business owner or individual registers under GST, they are required to follow various GST compliances.


Thus, every business owner or individual who has registered under GST to come under the eye of the Government.


The three major components of GST are;

  • CGST (central GST)
  • SGST (State GST)
  • IGST (Integrated GST)


The above 3 taxes serve an important purpose;

  1. First is One Nation, One Tax.
  2. The second is a dual tax system, i.e. the Centre and State can have their revenue.


Basic Criteria to Become a GST practitioner:


  1. They should be an Indian citizen.
  2. They should possess a sound and healthy mind.
  3. They should not be undischarged insolvent.
  4. They should not be convicted of any crime or offense with imprisonment of more than or equivalent to 2 years.

GST Course Eligibility:


  • Candidates eligible for the GST certificate course can be graduates in the Commerce field, Chartered accountants, Company secretaries, business and taxation professionals, finance professionals, and any candidate who wishes to pursue their career in taxation.
  • The main goal of this course is to help business owners, entrepreneurs, CAs, and every other professional to gain knowledge and get a better understanding of Goods and Services Tax. The course gives updated knowledge about the GST system to improve analytical and decision-making skills.

The Advantage of Taking the GST Course:


There are several advantages if a candidate chooses to pursue the GST certification course:


  • It opens ample job opportunities as this is a specialized course.
  • It adds weightage to your resume by taking these professional add-on courses.
  • Every organization needs a candidate who has knowledge in law which is important to run an organization without any hassle.
  • A GST-certified candidate can earn up to 20% more salary.
  • The candidate can also become a GST practitioner and start their consultancy.


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Roles and Responsibilities of a GST Practitioner:


For a business to run smoothly under the GST compliances, a Goods & Service practitioner plays a major role here. The GST practitioner handles the following activities on behalf of the registered person:


  1. They provide details about incoming and outgoing goods.
  2. Provide a monthly, quarterly, annual, and final return.
  3. Deposit credit into the GST portal.
  4. And then they file a claim for a refund.
  5. They also apply for cancellation or amendment of registration.


A GST practitioner can appear on behalf of the registered person before an Appellate Authority, provided the registered person confirms the GST practitioner.


If you are hunting for GST Certification Courses in Aurangabad and wish to enroll in the GST course, IIM Skills is a good option. They are keen on giving practical knowledge.


Demand for GST Practitioners:


The concept of GST practitioners is very new. The awareness of this course is limited as it has been introduced lately. But the demand for a professional GST practitioner is high due to very few talents in this field.


Hence the job opportunities are abundant due to the shortage of experienced GST tax practitioners. The scarcity of people in this field has encouraged young minds to explore this course.

Opportunities for GST Practitioners:


The introduction of GST in the Indian economy has opened doors for ample job opportunities in the financial and government sectors.


This new prospect has created more than 1 lakh job opportunities. If you are aspiring to become an entrepreneur by opening a consultant, then small and medium enterprises might also outsource certain activities to consulting firms. The average salary of a GST practitioner is 60,000 pm.


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Top 5 Online GST Certification Courses in Aurangabad:


So there are two things that the course must provide for:

1) The conceptual clarity of the law.

2) The practical aspects.


How do you ensure that both things are covered in the course? To check, first, check out the credentials of the instructor, and the second is the course presentation, the delivery, and the explanatory method. The credentials of the instructor are very important so that you know that you are learning from an expert and not an amateur. Secondly, if the delivery is good and illustrative methods have been used in the explanation such as charts, graphs, and case studies you will not lose interest in the course.


Let us discuss the best GST certification courses in Aurangabad.




Among the top 5 GST certification courses in Aurangabad IIM SKILLS is one of the best. IIM SKILLS has launched a GST certification course in Aurangabad keeping in mind all the parameters that I have discussed above. With this Master’s Course, you will become a certified GST practitioner.

Key Features:


  • You will have a live interactive session online.
  • You will be taught the latest and updated module structure with well-researched teaching methods.
  • The course is taught by the leading experts in the field of GST.
  • The course is taught in a simplified manner with relatable examples using charts, graphs, and infographics for conceptual clarity.
  • Practical and theoretical knowledge are furnished.
  • And you will be provided with a certificate on completion of the course through which you will become a certified GST practitioner.

Course Module:


The course module is structured such that it meets the industry standards and provides practical training to the students. This makes it one of the best available GST certification courses in Aurangabad.


  1. Module 1: Genesis and Concepts of GST.
  2. Module 2: Registration Process under GST.
  3. Module 3: The Framework and Structure of GST.
  4. Module 4: Input Tax and Credit payment in GST.
  5. Module 6: GST Returns Filling.
  6. Module 7: Composition Scheme under GST.
  7. Module 8: Reverse Charge Mechanism.
  8. Module 9: E-way Bill under GST.



  • Students or fresh graduates from commerce and finance backgrounds can apply for this course.
  • Accounting and Finance professionals are eligible to apply.
  • Businessmen, CEO, CFO, or startup agencies can also apply.

GST Exam:

Post-completion of the course exams will be conducted online.


After clearing the exam, GST Course Master Certificate by IIM Skills will be provided.



IIM SKILLS have a dedicated placement cell that helps you in placement services. After completing the course and clearing the exam, you will be scheduled for an interview. Students get placed in top companies after attending this course.

Objectives of the course:


Provide an updated and specialized knowledge about GST in a systematic manner

The course enhances analytical and problem-solving skills for making crucial decisions.



Join Aurangabad IIM SKILLS Free Demo GST Practitioner Course (1)

NIIT Aurangabad


NIIT is one of the institutes that offer the best GST certification courses in Aurangabad. This is a good option to choose from as the reviews and ratings for this institute are quite good. They provide in-depth knowledge of GST. The course module covers all the important aspects of GST along with the implementation of Tally.

Key Features:


  • Clear knowledge of GST concepts.
  • Gain knowledge about GSTN and GSP.
  • Understanding the role of Tax Return preparer and gain insight on Invoicing and Input credit mechanism.
  • Gain knowledge about e-commerce and compliance rating.

Course Module:


The course module includes;

  1. GST concepts.
  2. Supply of Goods and Service.
  3. Time and value of supply.
  4. Invoicing and input credit mechanism.
  5. Returns and payment of tax.
  6. Input Service Distributor.
  7. E-commerce and Compliance rating.


The candidate should be a B.Com graduate with a commerce background in class 12th.


On completion of the course and exam, you will be provided with two certificates.

  1. NIIT certificate
  2. Tally certificate



The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India offers GST certificate courses in Aurangabad. If you are a member of ICAI, you can apply for this course. Only ICAI members are allowed to apply here. It is a government-certified course.

Key Features:


  • They provide updated knowledge in the field of GST in a systematic way.
  • The course enhances analytical and problem-solving skills.

Course Module:


  1. Concepts and overview of GST
  2. Time of supply
  3. Input tax credit
  4. Transitional issues
  5. Valuation
  6. Registration
  7. Return Payments
  8. Refund
  9. Custom duty
  10. Ethical Practice


Only the members of ICAI are eligible to apply for this course.

Course Duration:

The course duration is 10 days.


On completing the course and clearing the exam, a certificate is provided. Exams are conducted twice a year




Udemy offers a basic GST course. A basic understanding of the field of taxation is provided. It is a beginner-level course. If you are keen to understand the basic concepts of GST, then this is the right choice for you.


Key Features:


  • Real-time Online practical knowledge in Goods & Service Tax in an updated and systemic approach.
  • The course will help in upgrading the skills and knowledge that is required for starting a firm or getting employed in an industry.
  • Learn GST return filling form from GSTR1 to GSTR11.
  • This course will give the confidence of using the GST portal.

Course Module:


  1. Introduction to GST.
  2. GST practical knowledge.
  3. Registration Services on GST portal.
  4. Ledger Services on GST portal.
  5. Returns Services on GST portal.
  6. Payment Services on GST portal.
  7. User Services on GST portal.
  8. Refund Services on GST portal.
  9. GST Laws.
  10. Services that can be downloaded on the GST portal.
  11. Taxpayer Services.



  • Basic knowledge of Computers.
  • Businessmen or any individual who is interested in building a career in Finance, Auditing, and Taxation can apply for this course.

Course Duration:

The course includes a 7-hour on-demand video with full lifetime access.


Certification of completion is issued for completing all the course modules of the GST program.


Arun Jaitley National Institute of Financial Management


This institute has trained over 3000 officers in the government and private sectors. This course also provides the best training for GST Certification Courses in Aurangabad. It provides high-quality training with practical knowledge including the updated provisions of law as per GST council meetings. This program is conducted for three days every month. Online training is provided for students and professionals. You will receive GST Certification once you complete the course.

Key Features:


  • Access to all course videos and readings.
  • Assignments and feedbacks are given.
  • Quizzes are conducted for better knowledge.
  • Shareable certificates are provided.
  • Live online classes are conducted.
  • Experienced faculty and experts online support 24×7 is provided.

Course Module:


The course covers all the aspects of Goods and Service Tax and other indirect taxes.

  1. GST law concepts
  2. Custom law concepts
  3. Foreign trade policy
  4. The Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA)
  5. Central Excise
  6. VAT
  7. The Prevention of Money Laundering
  8. Other Indirect Taxation
  9. All GST related acts



  • This program is eligible for any professionals aspiring to handle tax compliance issues.
  • Finance, commerce, or accountant graduates and postgraduates who wish to upgrade their skills.
  • Professionals intending to help clients with the concept of taxation in GST.
  • Professional officers who have involved in the calculation of tax liability.


Final Thoughts:


Almost every sector needs a GST practitioner. So it becomes vital that students with commerce or finance background should upgrade their skills by taking up this GST course. A recruiter will give more importance to candidates with high professional skills. Various institutes offer GST Certification Courses in Aurangabad, but it’s imperative to choose wisely and get certified from a reputed institute.

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