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Best GST Certification Courses Online 2024

After the change of tax norms in India, understanding GST and its practical application have become an integral part of any business, organization, or taxpayer. This article goes through what, why, How of GST, and the best available GST Course online.

Best GST certification courses online

What is GST?

GST is the short form of Goods and service tax. On 29th March 2017 GST bill was passed in parliament. Under ONE NATION ONE TAX policy, on 1st July 2017 it came into the application as a unified indirect taxation system. GST is a destination-based tax, which is received by the state in which goods are consumed, not by the state in which goods are received.

Here comes a question, what is indirect tax? And how does it differ from direct tax? 

  • Indirect tax is levied on products and services whereas Direct tax is levied on an individual’s income and activities.
  • The burden of tax is shifted in Indirect tax, whereas in Direct tax, the burden of tax cannot be shifted.
  • Indirect tax is paid before the goods and services reach the taxpayer and direct tax is paid after the income is gained by the taxpayer.
  • Although Indirect tax is paid by one person, he recovers the same from other individuals who are going to USE goods or services. The end-user in the chain is the ultimate taxpayer.
  • Service tax, VAT, Excise duty, GST is examples of Indirect tax. Income tax, wealth tax come under Direct tax.

Now again coming back to the topic of GST, let us understand the types of GST.

There are four types of GST in India. And all these types of taxes are collected based on whether the transaction is Interstate or Intrastate.

  1.    CGST
  2.    UTGST
  3.    IGST

Tax Laws before GST:

Before the introduction of the GST regime, there were many indirect taxes levied by both the state and the central government. States mainly collected taxes in the form of Value Added Tax (VAT). Every state had a different set of rules and regulations.

The following is the list of indirect taxes in the pre-GST regime:

  • Central Excise Duty
  • Duties of Excise
  • Additional Duties of Excise

Additional Duties of Customs

  • Special Additional Duty of Customs
  • Cess
  • State VAT
  • Central Sales Tax
  • Purchase Tax
  • Luxury Tax
  • Entertainment Tax
  • Entry Tax
  • Taxes on advertisements
  • Taxes on lotteries, betting, and gambling

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Why is GST certification important?

The GST certification course helps Chartered Accountants (CAs), Company Secretaries (CSs), Businessmen, Certified Management Accountants(CMAs), and other professionals to gain knowledge about Goods and Service tax. And this course enhances the skills, updates the knowledge on this new tax system, and develops problem-solving and analytical skills.

What are the benefits of the GST Certification course Online?

Below are the benefits of the GST Certification course online:

It increases the job opportunities in the Finance field.

People who complete this course can start their own consultancy.

  • It helps in raising the salary from 15% to 20%.
  • It helps to get updated with analytical and problem-solving skills for finance professionals.
  • It makes businesses and organizations GST ready.
  • Learn more about the impact of GST on different sectors.
  • Overall understanding helps to tackle practical issues regarding GST
  • You can enroll for the course anytime, from anywhere.

 GST Practitioner:

GST practitioner or GSTP provides services to other taxpayers. He must be registered in the GSTN portal and must possess the certificate which is approved by the Central and state government of India.

Eligibility to become a GST Practitioner is as follows.

  • One has to be a citizen of India.
  • He or She should not be convicted by the court for an offense of imprisonment, not more than 2 years.
  • A person should be of a healthy mind and should not be judged as insolvent.

With these above conditions, a person needs to fulfill any of the below conditions.

  • The person needs to hold a graduate or postgraduate degree or any equivalent degree in Law, banking or Commerce, Business Management, or Business Administration from a recognized Indian University.
  • A Chartered Accountant or a Company Secretariat or a Cost Accountant.
  • Any other exams are advised by the Indian Government.
  • Indian University recognized degree by any foreign university.
  • Tax returns Preparer or Sales Tax practitioner with work experience of more than five years.
  • A retired Commercial Tax officer, who worked with a higher rank of Group-B for at least 2 years in Central Board of Indirect Tax and Customs (CBIC) or any State Government.

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Job functions of a GST Practitioner:

A GST practitioner

  • Helps the taxpayer with GST registration or cancellation or any updation.
  • Helps to file GST returns using relevant GST forms.
  • Helps in refunds and tax paying.
  • Is the authorized representative to appear before any officer of the GST.

How to become a GST Practitioner?

Following steps must be followed by a person to become a certified GST practitioner.

Register as GST practitioner in GST portal in form PCT-01 and obtain enrolment certificate in form PCT-02

Upload needed details for registration as a GST practitioner on the portal. GSTN will generate a Temporary reference number (TRN) and verify these details through an OTP sent on your registered mobile number. Upload other supporting documents and apply for DSC or EVC. You receive an acknowledgment with the GSTP Enrollment number on your registered email ID within fifteen days.

Appear for the GSTP exam conducted by NACIN

Within two years of enrollment on the GST portal, appear for the GSTP exam conducted by NACIN. The exams are conducted twice a year across India at designated centers. There is no limit on the number of attempts taken by the candidate during those 2 years The candidate can choose the center of his choice. The date of the exam is notified by NACIN and is available on the GST portal, GST Council Secretariat, and in the leading English and regional newspapers.

It is a computer-based test consisting of Multiple-Choice Questions only.

The minimum score of the candidate is 50% of the total marks.

The list of enrolled GSTP’s would then be available on the GST common portal for the taxpayers to exercise their choice.

Examination syllabus:

Exam syllabus includes the following legislation:

  • The Central Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017
  • The Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017
  • All the States Goods and Services Tax Acts of 2017
  • The Union Territory Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017
  • The Goods and Services Tax (Compensation to States) Act, 2017
  • The Central Goods and Services Tax Rules, 2017
  • The Integrated Goods and Services Tax Rules, 2017
  • All the States Goods and Services Tax Rules, 2017
  • Notifications, Circulars, and orders issued from time to time under the said Acts and Rules.

Best Online GST Certification Courses Online of 2022:

Below are the best online certification courses to become a certified GST practitioner.

1. GST Certification Courses online – IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS is a leading online training institute that offers the best Online GST course. Since the course is conducted online, you can access it from wherever you want. Also, it enables you to take the course from the comfortable space of your home. The GST Course is especially suitable for commerce graduates, finance students, and professionals, lawyers but anyone can take it up for more lucrative career options.


The GST Course aims to cover all the GST components including the fundamental and more complex concepts. Course Duration – 1 month. 16 hours of lecture and practical assignments. 


One who has the inclination towards taxation and finance will find the course extremely beneficial. The mentors are supportive, have plenty of experience, and will provide all the necessary knowledge required to excel in the GST domain. 


The GST Practitioner Master Course fee is INR 2900

Course Curriculum Includes:

  • Overview of GST 
  • Understanding the Different Tools, And Software 
  • Conditions For claiming ITC
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism  
  • Payment under GST Act 
  • GST Returns 
  • Benefits of GST 
  • Terms and conditions Of GST


Today, online Courses are given more importance due to the pandemic situation. IIM Skills understands the importance of continuing education. The course is designed and structured by experts who understand GST comprehensively. The course is replete with practical assignments, and reference materials for your assistance.


Contact 99 118 39503




2. GST Certification Courses online – ISEL Global

ISEL Global has introduced this course in association with MSME, Government of India. The course is STRUCTURED to explain different aspects of GST including registration, returns, in-depth accounting, and recording of GST transactions. It is a 3-month course with an e-learning content of 35 hours. There is the facility to take an online examination for GST Practitioner Certification Course. On completing the course, the candidate will get the certificate from MSME, Government Of India.


Below is the list of eligible CANDIDATES who can take this course.

  • Graduate or postgraduate having a degree in Law, Banking or Commerce
  • CAs or CA Students
  • CS professionals and students
  • IAS aspirants
  • Professionals in the finance, Law, and Banking sector including CFOs, MBA finance professionals, ICWA professionals, Lawyers, Independent tax practitioners, and consultants.

Course Structure:

The course covers 10 modules, namely

  • Module 1: Taxation and GST Basics
  • Module 2: GST Concepts and Basics
  • Module 3: GST Registration
  • Module 4: GST Invoicing
  • Module 5: GST Returns
  • Module 6: Input Tax Credit
  • Module 7: GST Valuation
  • Module 8: GST Legal Provisions
  • Module 9: Miscellaneous
  • Module 10: GST Practitioner Certification Examination


3. GST Certification Courses online – ICAI

The Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAI) has introduced this course to strengthen the knowledge of the members and also enhance the analytical and problem-solving skills concerning GST.

Registration and Payment are to be done by online mode only.


Only the Chartered Accountants who are members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAI) can participate in this certification program.

Course Structure:

This is a 10-day course. The course covers the following topics, namely


  • Constitutional provisions related to GST
  • Levy


  • Classification under HSN Covering and SAC covering
  • Time of Supply of Goods and Time of Supply of Services
  • FTP


  • Nature of Supply
  • Registration
  • Valuation

Day 4:

  • Place of Supply
  • RCM

Day 5:

  • Input Tax Credit
  • Eway Bill

Day 6:

  • Returns and Payments
  • Refunds

Day 7:

  • Finalization
  • Assessment and Demand

Day 8

  • Exemption
  • Advance Ruling
  • Audit

Day 9:

  • Appeals and Penalty
  • Form 9

Day 10:

  • Maintenance of Records and Books
  • Miscellaneous
  • Relevant provisions of Allied Laws
  • Ethical Practices and Professional Opportunities

Duration of Course and Timings:

The participant can choose any one of the below schedules.

  • Weekend Classes

Saturday and Sunday

Timing: 9.30 AM – 5.30 PM

  • Weekdays Classes

Monday to Friday

Timing: 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM

Fees Structure:

  • Rs.14000 (GST not included) for Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Pune, Ahmedabad.
  • Rs.12000 (GST not included) for other cities of India.

Course Advisor:

The faculty will be experienced professionals in the field of Indirect Tax including Advocates, Academicians, and Chartered Accountants.

4. Comprehensive eLearning Certification on new GST Returns by Clear Tax Portal:

The course focuses on overall training on new GST. Following topics are covered under this program.

  • Basics of GST returns
  • New GST returns system
  • The transition from old to the new system
  • Experts section

Course Duration and Fees:

The course is offered to Chartered Accountants, Small and Medium Enterprises, and the students with a course fee of Rs.4800. The total duration of the course is 8+ hours.



4. Awareness Course on Goods and Services Tax by IGNOU:

Indira Gandhi Open University ( IGNOU) popularly known as People’s University which provides numerous courses on different fields of studies with a reasonable fee structure for citizens of India. Awareness Course on Goods and Services Tax is one of them. In collaboration with the Bombay Stock Exchange, IGNOU developed this course to provide basic knowledge and skills under the GST act.


10+2 Pass

Course Fees:

Rs.3500 only.

The duration of the course is 6 months and there is a total of seven modules in the course. Content of the course includes:

  • Understanding GST concept
  • Incidence of Taxation
  • Registration
  • Calculation of Tax Liability
  • Maintenance of Books
  • Payments under GST
  • 22nd and 23rd GST Council Meeting for Change in GST

5. GST Certification Courses by Udemy portal

The platform connects learning enthusiasts to the best teachers virtually. It aims at providing the best opportunities to the right talents.


Below are top-rated GST Certification Courses Online one can find in the Udemy platform.

Complete GST Course and Certification – Grow your CA Practice by Clear Tax Learning

This is one of the top GST Certification Courses online. The objective of the course is the complete understanding of GST norms to the learners. The basic requirement mentioned is the understanding of taxes. The course includes

  • 42 hours on-demand video
  • 29 articles
  • Lifetime access
  • Certification of Completion


This course is for CAs, CA students, CS, ICWA, IAS aspirants, Tax practitioners and accountants, Law professionals, and students.

Course Content:

Content of the course includes,

  • Basics of GST(Video Lectures and Articles)
  • Composition Schemes (Video Lectures and Articles)
  • Input Tax Credits (Video Lectures and Articles)
  • GST registration (Video Lectures and Articles)
  • Returns
  • Transitional Provisions
  • Webinars
  • Place of Supply, Time of Supply, and Value of Supply
  • GST by Ashok Batra
  • Penalties and Offenses
  • New Council meet: GST Rates
  • Payments
  • Impact on Trading Sector

*Lectures in the Hindi language on important topics are also available.

Course Price:

Rs.4800 Only


4 / 5

2. Master in GST by CA Sourabh Jog

Being one of the best sellers, this course focuses on the detailed study of GST. Conceptual understanding with practical examples is the key objective. Lifetime access to animated video lectures, quizzes, and notes on each topic are provided. The course gives

  • 34.5 on-demand video
  • 45 articles
  • Downloadable resource
  • Certification of Completion


CA, CS, MBA, and CMA students, Accountants, Accountant professionals, and GST practitioners are eligible for this course.

Course Content:

  • Meaning and Scope of Supply
  • IGST- Place of Supply
  • Time of Supply and Value of Supply
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Registration
  • Tax Invoice Debit Note Credit Note
  • Accounts & Records
  • Payment of Tax
  • Returns & Refund
  • Job Work
  • E-Commerce
  • Assessment & Audits
  • Inspection, Search, Seizure
  • Demand & Recovery
  • Liability in Certain Cases
  • Offense & Penalties
  • Appeals & Revisions
  • Advance Rulings
  • Transitional Province
  • E Way Bill
  • Practical Questions with Answers
  • Recent updates in GST

Course Fees:



4.6 / 5

3. Practical GST with Latest updates Course and Certification by CA SwatiGupta & CA Rajkumar Agrawal

The course gives knowledge on all important points in GST and its application in daily life.


CA, CMA, and Cs students, BCom students, and Tax Counselors

The course provides

  • 3-hour on-demand video
  • 3 downloadable resource
  • 1 practice test
  • Certification of Completion

Course Fees:

Rs.1600 only


4.4 / 5

4. Practical Course in Goods and Services Tax by Ranjit Kate:

The course helps in solving practical problems in the area of GST filling, GST computation, GST payment, GST reports, returns, and Tally ERP 9.


Accounting, Finance and Commerce background candidates with basic computer knowledge are required to undergo this course.

Course Content:

  • GST concepts explained from the practical point of view
  • GST Computations and passing various transactions
  • Preparing and Understanding GST reports
  • Input Tax Credit(ITC) adjustment
  • GSTR1 return filing for outward supply online and offline on GST portal
  • GSTR2 return for inward supply offline and online
  • GSTR 3B return filing
  • GSTR 9 annual return

Course Fees:



3.9 / 5.5

6. GST Training Accreditation Program by CBIC:

Central Board of Indirect Taxes(CBIC) is part of the Department of Revenue under the Ministry of Finance by the Government of India.

The objective of the course is quality and authoritative GST training at a reasonable cost to trade, industry, and other stakeholders, as a part of the Government of India’s Trade Outreach Program for the successful rollout of GST.


Training Institutes and professional bodies having experience in Indirect tax training who want to provide GST training to other Industries, stakeholders, and trade who in turn are eligible to participate in this program.

Fee Structure:

The fee is charged based on training per participant and accommodation charge.

The National Academy of Customs, Excise, and Narcotics (NACIN) would provide course material and training modules.

7. GST certification course By ICSI:

The institute provides education to the students of the Company Secretaries (CS) course. Institute of Company Secretary of India (ICSI) which is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs also conducts the GST certification program.

The course gives thorough knowledge about GST principles and also other aspects of the Indirect Tax regime. Also, focuses on conceptual study, practical implementation, and any latest development under GST norms.


Only members and students of the Institute of Company Secretary (ICSI) can participate in this program.

Fee Structure:

Rs.7500 and GST extra

Study material (soft copy) will be provided after registration of the course. The examination is conducted online ( All MCQ-based questions).

8. GST Training at NIFM

On successful completion of the course, the certificate is awarded to the candidate

National Institute of Financial Management (NIFM) partnered with the National Academy of Customs, Excise, Narcotics (NACIN) to conduct the GST training course. The main objective of the course is to

  • provide overall knowledge on GST norms
  • understand the impact of GST on any business
  • Solve transitional issues
  • Provide complete practical knowledge of various aspects of GST


Officials of Central and State government, Industry experts, Members of Trade, Academia, and professional bodies

Course Fee:

Rs.13,500 plus taxes.

For central government and state government officials, GST is not levied.

Course Content:

  • Overview of GST act
  • Registration
  • Detailed Discussion on Input Tax Credit (ITC)
  • Role of Good and Service Tax Network (GSTN)
  • Authority of Advance Ruling and its Role
  • Accounts and Records
  • Inspection, Search, Seizure, Confiscation
  • Examination and Feedback

9. Online Advanced GST Certification Courses online by CA Bimal Jain through CAclubindia portal:

One of the finest GST certification Courses online, the course focuses on a detailed understanding of GST and its practical aspects. Also, helps in analyzing practical issues and problems in GST.

The course includes

  • Video lectures of 60 hours
  • E-Book on GST provided
  • On successful completion of the course, E-Certificate will be issued by CAClubindia


CA professionals and students, CS professionals and students, MBA finance professionals, ICWA practitioners and students, CFOs, Accountants, and Tax practitioners can opt for this course.

Fees Structure:


Course Content:

  • Levy and Supply under GST
  • Taxable person & Registration, Thresh hold limits, etc.
  • Time of Supply and Value of Supply
  • Input Tax Credit (ITC)
  • Place of Supply for Good or Services
  • Zero-rated Supply (including Refund)
  • Tax Invoice, Introduction of e-Invoicing under GST and Job Work
  • Existing return and new GST return system under GST and E-way bill
  • Clause by Clause filing of GST Annual Return (Form GSTR-9)
  • Inspection, Search, Seizure, and Arrest under GST
  • Advance Ruling Under GST
  • Appeal, Revision, Offence, and Penalty under GST
  • Questions and Answers
  • Intricacies in Supply, Deemed supply, Cross Charge versus ISD, etc.

Intricacies in Time of Supply and GST ITC with question and

  • answers
  • Overview and Intricacies in place of Supply for Goods and Services with question and answers.



Career opportunities after completion of GST Certification courses online

So, here you have the different ways to opt for GST Certification Courses online. Opportunities in Finance, Law, and Management in job profiles like Tax/Account Practitioners, Manager Accounts, CFO’s, Revenue Officers, CA, and other Finance Students will open up by the new GST taxation system.


Reviews of different journals about GST and the possibilities that GST can bring into the country:

GST opens job opportunities for finance, commerce graduates – The Hindu Business Line

GST rollout: The job market seeks over 100,000 employment opportunities. The job market is looking forward to a big boost from the new GST regime and expects over one lakh immediate new employment opportunities, including in specialized areas like taxation, accounting, and data analysis. – Business Standard

Consultancy firm Ernst & Young India. In its Indirect Tax practice, the firm has seen over a 60 percent increase in hiring. All the hiring was related to GST – Sudhir Kapadia, National Tax Leader, EY India.

GST will generate 10 lakh job opportunities- Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar

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