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Top 5 Freelance Writing Sites That Pay Well

Getting paid for your writing without being a permanent employee is freelancing. You are not a member of any publication or organization, but you do submit your work to someone who pays you. Popular freelance writing jobs can be found in online publication fields like business, marketing, and journalism. If you enjoy writing, the idea of freelancing has probably crossed your mind, and it is something to ponder. You could consider freelancing as a career or a side hustle. A plethora of freelance writing sites that pay well is available online.

List of best freelance writing sites that pay

Different Types of Freelance Writers?

A freelance writer is self-employed with the freedom to choose the work in his area of expertise. He has more control over his work and is paid by someone or a company that is not his employer. They are common in businesses and organizations with one-time projects to complete, such as grant proposals. There are a variety of freelance writing sites that pay. The jobs that you can choose from include:

  • Article writing
  • Website copy
  • Blogging
  • Social media
  • Editing
  • Technical writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • The newspaper article 
  • Writing grants for a non-profit organization 
  • Program proposal 
  • Training manual for the website’s blog
  • A book review
  •  A magazine interview 
  • Translation of a foreign language story

Why Hire a Freelance Writer?

Companies hire freelance writers for various reasons. Those companies that don’t have in-house writers or don’t have expertise in a topic or field to write about it consider hiring a freelance writer. Hiring a freelance writer aids in getting the work done appropriately, accurately, and professionally without putting pressure on an unqualified employee.

Publications need to hire freelance writers. They get access to many different writing styles, subject matters, and perspectives. A freelance writer can get his work uploaded online for various businesses or published in newspapers, journals, and magazines as per the writing skills offered.

If one desires to get into freelance writing, there are online groups you can join such as Fiverr, Upwork, Problogger, and Freelancer.com. Once you sign up, you can get access to businesses seeking freelance writers. Above are a few freelance writing sites that pay to name.

A great freelance writer can present a dull piece of writing into something attractive – something that truly captures a brand’s voice, and makes an impression on the customer, and there are several other reasons. Organizations can benefit from hiring freelance writers to ensure that their messages are clear. Clear communication help customers create trust in a business.

A freelance writer can communicate the organization’s objective. It all starts with providing the best possible content that is optimized, relatable, shareable, and simple to comprehend. And this is where bringing in a freelance writer might help. A writer who understands the format can produce what is requested promptly and could be an important resource, from drafting internal documents for your staff to developing attractive marketing pieces for vendors and consumers.

Writing for a casual audience can be simple. Writing for a professional audience that effectively promotes your products and services to customers, on the other hand, can be challenging. A writer must be adaptable and creative to provide engaging, original content in the appropriate voice and format for the content type. One can find many clients on freelance writing sites that pay.

Skills Required to Become a Freelance Writer

Strong Writing Skills

While one need not be an expert on everything to succeed in this field, the basic tool one must have is good writing ability, good communication skills, and strong work habits. One must have clarity in all aspects of writing, including good grammar, proper punctuation, clear tone, clarity, ability to convey the message, and research new topics

Ability to Meet Deadlines

One should have a clear idea of the work that can be delivered to the client within the specified time. Failure to meet deadlines may lead to a rapid loss of clients, but meeting those deadlines while producing high-quality work will pave the way to securing and retaining clients.

One should have control of setting most deadlines and choose judiciously. Communication with the client regarding the content and delivery is of paramount importance. The time required for research and writing should be adequate while setting a deadline. The deadline given to a client should be honored.

Open to Feedback 

As a writer, one should be able to take constructive feedback and be open to suggestions. Receptive to make necessary changes or tweaks to the content. When replying to feedback, remain neutral and do not take it personally. To improvise one should be open to making changes as per the client’s requirements on these freelance writing sites.

Here is a Guide to Freelance Technical Writing

Disciplined and Hardworking

Freelance writers are independent people who work with discipline. They set deadlines and work systematically to deliver within the time framework. They should be open to learning new things and be prepared to venture beyond their comfort zones.

  • Writing can be a good way to earn money and build a successful career. It takes time to get started, but there are ways to improve your chances of successfully marketing your writing services. Concentrate on quality. Potential clients and freelance writing sites that pay are interested in quality content. Your emphasis should be on the quality of the content and not on your name appearing in the article. 
  • Sign up for LinkedIn and set up your profile immediately. It’s a prominent place to network with other writers, form a support group, find potential clients, and project your skills and services. LinkedIn offers its job board which can be an ideal place to find freelance writing sites that pay. 
  • Blogging can be a lucrative career path and an easy way to get some writing experience. Start a WordPress blog, and begin to write about your niche topics. It can help you improve your writing and build your portfolio.
  • Working as a Copywriter: Copywriting is a convenient way to break into the field. As a copywriter, your name won’t appear on the work, but you will be writing for different brands and clients, building your resume, and gaining experience. Copywriters get paid well. 
  • Look for a Niche: One can be a strong generalist writer who covers various topics and clients. The competition is less when you write about niches and find a precise area you’re acquainted with and comfortable writing about. Almost every industry requires writers, so look online for writing opportunities in a niche you’re passionate about on freelance writing sites that pay.
  • Optimize your Earnings: Check out freelance writing sites that pay to make the most possible revenue for your time and content.

Freelance Writing Sites That Pay Can Utilize Your Services in the Following Fields: 

  • Freelance Blogger—Writing for blogs 
  • Content Writer—Writing content for different purposes like book reviews, white papers, blog posts, technical writing, scientific journals, eBooks, etc. 
  • SEO Writer: Writing content for high search engine optimization to rank in Google 
  • Content Strategist—Involves creative writing and managing content for business. Freelance Web 
  • Content Writer—Writing content for the web 
  • Ghost Writer: Writing for someone else (not in your name) for journals, eBooks, book reviews, blog posts, website pages, email, white papers, 
  • Professional Writer—once you have gained experience as a freelance writer, you can consider yourself a professional writer.

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Freelance Writing Sites That Pay

  • Upfront
  •  Fiverr
  • Problogger
  • PeoplePerHour
  •  Free
  •  Freelancer
  •  Guru
  •  Freelance Writing

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is the world’s largest platform for digital services where clients or companies find freelancers with skills that meet their requirements. It is considered a “micro-task” site, where one can do fairly quick, small one-off tasks, called “gigs.”

Fiverr has two categories, Sellers and Buyers

  • Sellers: Anyone looking to sell a service to get paid is a seller. Sellers are freelancers displaying their skills and services to prospective buyers. A seller lists their services on Fiverr with the amount they charge.
  • Buyers: Anyone looking to purchase a service on the platform is a buyer. Before placing an order, buyers use the search tool to look through seller profiles and find those that meet their needs. This platform is where buyers hire sellers to accomplish specific tasks.

A Few Simple Steps Involve

  • Sign up on Fiverr: This is available only to a registered user.
  • Set up a Seller Profile: Create a profile to promote your skills and experience to potential buyers. A profile will determine whether buyers will order your gigs. Showcase your skills to impress buyers and prove that you are the right freelancer to meet their needs.
  • Create a Gig: It is a description of your skills to attract potential buyers. It involves providing basic information about your services.
  • Gig Title: Displays what you have to offer to prospective buyers.
  • Category: Selection of category and subcategory your service fits into.
  • Service Type: The service you like to offer to the buyers.
  • Gig Metadata: Make your Gig stand out by choosing the best available options.
  • Search Tags: Use keywords for search engine optimization that can rank your gig higher when buyers search for the service.

2. Upfront

This platform provides flexible talent opportunities for long-term contracts and short-term gigs, complex projects, and special skills. It offers an extensive platform to showcase your skills.

A few Steps to Follow are:

  • Create a free account
  • Answer a few questions on your area of expertise
  • Select an estimated project duration
  • Select your level of experience
  • Your proposal is shared around the platform and an invite is sent to you. The right work will come to you. One can check profiles and availability, and send invites with secure online payments.

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3. Pro Blogger

Founded by Darren Rowse, it is a blog about blogging. People all over the world have millions of blogs, many of them personal, looking to capitalize on their blogs. ProBlogger assists bloggers in resourcing their blogs, improving them, and increasing their earnings.

ProBlogger Provides Everything From:

  • Blogging for beginners
  • Search engine optimization
  • Obtaining traffic for your blog
  • Help you write great blog content
  • Increase your revenue
  • Market your blog using social media
  • Provide resources and tools for Blogging

4. Guru

It provides a flexible and cost-effective platform to find and hire freelance talent. One can sign up for free to join the website. showcases your portfolio and services offered. It makes it easy to identify the right job and apply for jobs that match your skills and services.

This Involves Simple Steps

  • Browse and view the current job listing.
  • Get recommendations based on your skills with Top Match and Good Match jobs. Browse all freelance jobs online.
  • Submit quotes.
  • Choose one of the four payment options to learn more about the project’s scope. In addition to showcasing your ability to do the job, a completed profile will attract work.
  • Get hired.
  • Manage your work.
  • Get connected with the Employer, go over the Quote in detail and finalize the Agreement to begin work.
  • Organize your work.
  • Work efficiently, collaborate with team members, and communicate with employers using WorkRooms.
  • Create a team. Add team members to a job and assign roles to each individual. Boost your productivity by In a single location, you can share files, collaborate with your team, and generate invoices.
  • Keep a record of your progress. Use the Time Tracker to track time spent and create invoices for hourly payments.
  • Get paid in a timely and secure manner.

5. Freelancer

Freelancer.com is a global online job marketplace that connects clients and freelancers from all over the world. Individual companies that require skilled assistance for short or long-term projects can post those projects and invite freelancers to submit bids for the work.

For the client or service buyer, Freelancer.com provides instant access to thousands of independent contractors with specific skills, eliminating the need to post job ads or provide work space, insurance, and other expenses. Freelancer.com provides a consistent source of part-time to full-time work opportunities for freelancers and service providers without the hassle and expense of advertising and self-promotion.

It Involves the Following Steps

  • Sign up and create a profile.
  • Projects: Clients registered post the required work with description and desired skills. Freelance writers browse and search through the posts and choose the work that matches their skills.
  • Accounts: Each registered user is provided with an online account to facilitate payments and fund transfers.
  • Feedback and Ratings: After the payment is made the feedback and rating system is activated, so the client and freelance writer can rate each other’s performance through a simple 5-star rating system.

Freelancer.com provides a safe and simple platform for clients and freelance writers to bond and be mutually beneficial to each other.


Q1. What is Freelance Writing? 

A freelance writer is a self-employed individual who earns money by providing his or her services and skills to a wide range of clients. They post their work on freelance writing sites that pay to get clients. Freelance writing is a flexible job that requires a computer and a good internet connection to display your writing skills.

Q2. What are the types of freelance writing?

Articles for Newspapers Grant writing for a charitable organization A proposal for a program Blogging I am writing a manual for training. Book reviews A magazine that publishes interviews A story is written in a foreign language that needs to be translated.

Q3. How do I begin freelance writing? 

Begin by signing up for freelancing sites that pay, such as Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, writer, iWriter, and Problogger. There are numerous well-known websites where you can find writing work. There are many platforms to showcase your skills and work for clients who pay you for the services you offer.


Freelance writing does not require capital, equipment, or office space; all it requires is skills, a computer, and a good internet connection. You’ll need a skill that people are willing to pay for, as well as a way to locate those people. Your skills should meet the needs of the customers.

  • Identify the skills you can offer
  • Research using Google
  • Choose a platform
  • Build your portfolio site or use pre-built marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, and freelancer.com to attract customers through networking, outreach, and marketing.
  • Build a platform for yourself, keeping full payment, limiting client access, and generating leads from solid gigs
  • Determine your rates and compare them to rates for similar skills.
  • Find your first clients, sign up for lead generation tools, and tap into your network by telling your family, friends, and professional connections. Join social media groups and make an effort to reach out to others.

With all the above skills, hard work, discipline, good networking, and meeting deadlines within the given time frame, one can get reasonably paid. The numerous freelance writing sites that pay will pave the way to achieving your dreams.

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