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How to Make Money Through Freelance Writing?

Author Bulwer Lytton stated that “Pen is mightier than a sword” which means a pen may be small in size but is more meaningful than a sword. It interprets that the capability of writing is more significant than the power of hatred and war. You can have a career in freelance writing in many ways. Some people can make their contacts through work or friend groups and can leave their full-time jobs to make something big through writing. This can be one way to start your journey in freelance writing. While others can find small businesses to help by building their portfolios and waiting until they become big. Many people often make a career in public relations. Learn how to make money through freelance writing.

How to make money through freelance writing?

What Is Freelance Writing?

Freelance writing refers to writing your own way for someone without being employed by a company or organization. A freelance writer can make money according to their skills, it also depends upon how much experience you have. Freelance writers operate from home or in rented office space to generate whatever written text is required by their business clients

Writers can work for a variety of clients or for a single significant client who provides consistent, recurring work. Writers can operate as generalists, writing about everything from automobiles to architecture. They can also specialize in a particular field, such as the culinary arts. Moreover, Writers who are specialists do tend to earn bigger checks for assignments and work offered by them.

How to Make Money Through Freelance Writing?

Are you wondering how to make money through freelance writing? Freelance writers aren’t just about writing, it is also about marketing themselves properly to cater to clients. You have to set some realistic goals and benchmarks in order to make it big in the market. It is important to start your journey by taking an expertise course that can help to build your confidence in the same field.

Conducting general research at the start of your career can give your future a boost. Know who your customers and prospects are. Go reach out to people through social media websites. Talk about your services, and pitch yourself hard. This will help you identify what kind of buyer is right for you and will give you a better understanding of your niche. 

How to Make Money Through Freelance Writing in India?

One of the easiest ways to know how to make money through freelance writing is to find a platform where you can write like Upwork, Fiverr, and freelance. If you just started your career in writing, you can get between Rs 8,000 and Rs 10,000 each month. A writer who has experience and knowledge can earn between Rs 20,000 and Rs 25,000 per month.

Blog Writing

The foremost step is to start writing a blog. It is important to start writing your own blog as it gives you the opportunity to have a successful career. A personal blog can serve you better and make you more money along with your writing portfolio. 

Advantages of Starting Your Own Blog 

  • You can practice your writing
  • Follow the strategy of lead generation
  • Monetize strategy to earn money through blogging
  • Develop your influence in the field
  • Boost your self-assurance as a writer
  • Have a creative outlet 


A personal blog is a suitable career option for anyone who wants to start their career in writing. It can teach,  graphic designing or web development. You can decide your field and start working towards it. It is not hard to start your own blog, but here are a few tips. It’s much easier to start your journey through Bluehost as it is a service-based blog.

It saves time and is economical. When you offer freelance services, you can set your service blog according to your preferences. You can write a blog and can make money out of it. It can involve ads, sponsored posts, or to do affiliate marketing. In these ways, you can crack a way to earn money.  

If you are starting your blog website, then affiliate marketing is the best way to start. As it is well known by people and also the quickest way to make dollars. Affiliate links can generate stable income and you don’t have to work consistently for that.

If you want to start a blog, you should find your interest and accommodate it in a relatable niche. It’s all part of making a portfolio with samples from your blog. You can also earn some amount of money through affiliate links in your posts. 

Write for Magazines

When people ask how to make money through freelance writing. The easiest answer would be magazines. Although traditional advertising is over along with publication, the magazines are still winning. Magazines pay a decent amount of money to feature articles. It might not be possible to get the best opportunity of your life.

You’ll have to earn your skills by working your way up the ladder through smaller, local journals. In India, there are unlimited literary publications and e-zines in which you can write and get your blogs published. A team of editors, readers, content designers, content marketers, and social media managers make up this group.

Working for a literary magazine aids in the comprehension of the finer points of writing, as well as the art of literary criticism and learning. You may write for them in addition to dealing with them on the backend. Magazines do pay you for articles such as themes (on current events or topics which people find interesting).

This could include looking into an issue that hasn’t been seen by the mainstream media. Maybe you have information about a case of corruption or neglect. You can write about your interests in a subject. You can write about things you are intrigued about and it will land you a good job. 

Here is a guide to How to Become a Freelance Writer

Self Publish Your Own Book

You have an idea about how to write, what to write, and topics that can excite the audience. Why not write a book and self-publish it. Publishing your own book can be fun as you will be there in each and every step. You will be having control over the type and the style of content you are offering to the audience. Writing your own book can be exciting.

Many authors may tend to realize this while writing. You are not likely to be more protective about the font and colors of the background or negotiate with cover artists. If you are enrolled in Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. You have to spend a little extra money on editing, cover design, marketing, and promotion. 

Writing your own book can be a big risk. It is expected that you will generate revenue through sales. But it is not guaranteed. However, if you take calculative risks, you can make money from your self-published book.

Earn Money Through Social Media 

Social media platforms can be profitable and great to learn. Moreover, it can be a great money earner for anyone who wants to start their career in writing. It is more suitable for someone who has a lot of followers and can create viral content on social media to engage customers.

Social presence can answer the question of How to make money through freelance writing. However, to earn money from your social feeds you can go for affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing was discussed earlier in this article. It involves an external link that is set in your article on another website. It can be a link to an e-commerce website.

When people click on that link to purchase any service or goods according to your recommendation, you tend to earn a small commission from 5%-8%. You can also get paid for the content you create through social media for business platforms. It can be through writing their social media captions, updating with audiences, and writing their tweets.

You can reach small businesses through direct messages or professional emails. There are high chances that this technique can give your career a boost. They should recruit you as their social media assistant on a freelance basis. You might also utilize sites like Fiverr to locate clients.

Technical Writer

A technical writer defines things in a simpler format. The work done by a technical writer is to translate complex information into easy language. They help in bridging the gap between the writer and the audience, whether that’s a consumer or an engineer. Tech writers often decide the structure of the writing in order to make the audience understand without any communication barriers. 

You can make a career of technical writing for yourself if you are really inclined towards instruction manuals, installation documentation, reports, research papers, and case studies. Tech writers don’t only communicate effectively through their writing but also they have a huge role to play in editing their own documents and also for others’ work.

They are required to maintain consistency in terminology and other word choices throughout a document and across several documents. While most tech writers still value the written word, their work is being validated by reading online rather than printed on a piece of paper.

And instead of relying just on words to convey their message, tech writers are increasingly turning to interactive technology to present a mix of text, illustrations, images, screenshots, bespoke graphics, infographics, animation, audio, and video to hold the attention of the public.

In the United States, tech writers can make up to $70,000 annually with minimum work. In 2022, their salaries are now $ 74,650. The majority of Technical writers had a saying that their job doesn’t have high tension. 

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How to Make Money Through Freelance Writing by Doing Technical Writing?

As a fresher, it is gonna be difficult. You need to work on your portfolio. The starting salary will be around 15-20k per month. Once you are done with building a rock-solid portfolio. Many opportunities can come knocking at your door. You can also start applying directly to technical writers’ jobs via job posting platforms like Indeed, naukri.com, Upwork, and google careers. 

In order to be the best technical writer, you have to think beyond your means. Keep in mind that being a writer is a tough job although it doesn’t seem to be. You need to be creative and innovative. You must be able to comprehend and effectively employ terms unique to the project you’re working on. It is always a great idea to learn every day or to take professional help or courses whenever necessary.


In today’s era, One of the key aspects of advertising and marketing is Copywriting. Copywriting has become an important element of the business world. It introduces compelling and powerful words that can influence the lives of people. When you see a magazine cover and click on an advertising page.

The information about the product or services offered in the Ad copy is being written by the copywriter. When you visit a website that forces you to make a purchase, the words on the page are the result of copywriting. You can get a copy in print, online, or even hear it read on TV or the radio. Copywriting may be found practically anywhere you look or listen.

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How to Make Money Through Freelance Writing by Doing Copywriting

Copywriting is often called a piece of writing that urges the audience to take the required action. For instance, an advertisement popping on your web page again and again. A Copywriter’s job is to write sales letters, video scripts, product descriptions, and Ad Copy.

They are extremely proficient and informed about topics. Copywriting is distinct in its own right, yet it demands the same patience and dedication as other industries. It is a successful career to be in, but it also requires excellent skills and possibly money to learn the basics of the concepts.

Despite the never-ending learning cycle, the benefits of copywriting can be substantial. A high-converting sales page might net you $2,000 plus a cut of the profits. 

Write Scripts for the Video Creator

Nowadays, in the digital age, it has been quite popular. Each day, new creators are rising in the social media environment. You don’t have to be perfect writing for this category, even if you know scriptwriting technicalities, you can go a long way and build partnerships with video creators. 

With the recent surge in video artists, this appears to be a fantastic opportunity to experiment with writing without taking any risks. Various employment boards advertise these opportunities, and you can also contact any content creators whose work you enjoy to see if they could use some scriptwriting help.


1. How to make money through freelance writing? 

This is a great question, as many individuals are concerned about how to make money through freelance writing. But if you’re very good at writing and communicating content with your audience in a simpler manner, it’s not that difficult. You just have to find a suitable platform to make money. 

2. Is a degree required for freelancers? 

To work in this sector, you don’t need a specific degree. You don’t need a 3-year program degree or even a writing degree. It makes no difference; all that matters is that you know basic English and that you are willing to learn and put forth effort each day. 

3. What niche can a person target through freelance writing?

Nowadays every industry needs writers to attract clients. You have to find your niches according to your interests. Here are some niches you can target

  • Health 
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Finance
  • Food and beverages
  • Digital Marketing( SEO, SMO)
  • Small Businesses
  • Social media content
  • Social issues
  • Parenting
  • Relationships
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel

4. Do we have to pay to find the work?

No, you do not have to pay anything in order to work. You should receive the funds once you have completed the work that has been given to you. You are giving a writing service to them. Be wary of bogus websites that need you to pay a monthly subscription fee. Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer are all good places to look for jobs.

5. How do Freelancers get paid?

It varies from one client to the other. Some companies will pay you in two stages: when you are hired and when you accomplish the assignment. Some people pay the entire sum at once when they receive the work. Some freelance clients will pay you through PayPal, while others will pay you through bank accounts. Some freelancing clients are difficult to work with, and being paid for your work can take months. Make sure you keep track of everything you do for the firm or the client.


Though, there will never be an end to the debate about “How to make money through freelance writing.” There are no particular, limited answers to this question. There will be more opportunities to earn money while writing in the future due to digitalization.  Freelance writing is an excellent employment choice. However, if you discover “How to make money through freelance writing”, instantly through this article,  don’t quit your full-time job right away. It might cause a lot of problems in your life, especially if you don’t have any prior experience. Of course, you hate your job; this could be the motivation for you to begin on your freelance writing path. But it’s not like you can work while watching Netflix in your pajamas. Working from home has its benefits, but it is not without its drawbacks.


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