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Top 5 Free Online Creative Writing Courses for Beginners

Creative Writing is a form of writing that doesn’t come under the common types of professional, journalistic, or technical writing. Creative writing focuses more on the writer’s self-expression. This can be on both fiction and non-fiction topics. If technically described, creative writing is any writing which is an original composition. In this sense, creative writing is more on the creative side than the typical form of writing. Free online creative writing courses for beginners are a platform for those who are interested to start writing. Creative writing in some academics, especially in the USA, is considered to be the extension form of English discipline, spite it being taught worldwide in different languages. 

List of best free online creative writing courses for beginners

Before we know about the top free online creative writing courses for beginners, let’s understand more about creative writing. Creative Writing is further divided into two parts – Fiction and Non- fiction or free writing.


Fiction is an imaginary form of story writing with the main purpose of entertainment or simply when the writer wants to convey his point of view to his audiences. Various types of authors use different platforms for their fictional writings such as novels, playwrights, short story writers, radio, etc.

Let us Further Highlight More on the Few Examples of Fictional Writings:


Novels are a long narrative form of writing which is purely written with the purpose of entertainment or telling a story. This type of writing has a cast of characters with an initial setting and an ending. It is written in a chain of descriptions of events. These novels are mostly written with words ranging from 80,000 to 1,20,000 depending on the topic.

Short Stories:

Short stories are small narrative forms of writings compared to novels. This type of writing is linked with an incident either self-contained or a series of linked incidents. Shorts stories are one of the oldest forms of literature writings and have their existence in the form of folk tales, fairy tales, mythic tales, legends, etc.

If you are interested to learn more about short story writing, Check out the best Short Story Writing Courses


Poetry is like expressing your feelings in intensity by using style and rhymes. A poem can also be called a verse that uses an aesthetic and rhythmic form of language which has a meaning. A poem sounds like a rhythm.

Play Scripts:

These types of writings are meant or written for stages, TV shows, screenplays, and movies. Here the scripts are not read, they are performed by the characters that are cast in the scripts. They evoke emotions and expressions. They are presented in form of dialogues so that they are more expressive.

Here are the best Online Creative Writing Courses


Essay Writing:

An essay is usually a real story expressed in form of a personal essay. A personal essay is written and expressed in a very creative way that engages and connects with the reader emotionally.


Autobiographies are self-stories, mostly realistic, it is written by oneself. Mostly in these types of writings, the highlights are on a particular event or an achievement. It covers the complete life story of an author.


It is also much similar to and slightly different from personal essays. In these kinds of write-ups, a particular story is expressed in a narrative form which highlights the opinions and emotional insights.

Lyrical Essays:

Lyrical essays are types of writing where the grammatical rules are not particularly followed while expressing a particular concept, event, or emotion. They are the essays in form of poems.

Check out the best Non-fiction Writing Courses

Benefits of Free Online Creative Writing Courses for Beginners and How it Helps In Developing the Writing Skills

  • It enhances the learning process
  • It improves the creativity
  • Improves self-confidence
  • Improves the form of expressing
  • Improves the communication skills
  • Enhances the social & memory skills
  • Improves the comprehension skills

Before we learn about Free Online Creative Courses For Beginners, Let us Understand How Creative Writing can be as a Career

How Does Creative Writing Help in Paving a Career Opportunity?

Creative writing, as the term says so, is different from a typical form of writing. A creative writer is someone who thinks very differently and in a creative manner. Creative writing can make a great career option. Hopefully, the career of a creative writer cannot end.

Though it’s not a normal type of career where a particular format is followed, it is very different from planning a career in banking or the medical field. A person who is looking forward to making creative writing a career has to be extremely creative and bring something new to the table that will grab the attention of his audiences and they feel connected with the author.

A Creative Writer can have the Following Career Opportunities

  • Author
  • Cartoonist
  • Blogger
  • Communication Consultant
  • Event Planner
  • Children’s Writer
  • A Critic
  • An Entrepreneur
  • A Publisher
  • A Speech Coach
  • A Travel Magazine Editor
  • Translator
  • A Director with The Non-Profit Organisation
  • Librarian
  • A Media Correspondent
  • A UN Representative
  • Cultural Consultant

So basically, these are some listed opportunities for a creative writer, there are many more to choose from in the market.

The Work Culture of a Creative Writer

The most important and main responsibility of a creative writer is to write something engrossing and appealing to its audience. The writer must know what he is writing and who is his focused customers and how will he fetch all the attention of his targeted audiences.

A writer has to be an individual who thinks like a creative writer, but at the same time, he has to think like a marketer about how will his writing impact his readers. Often many just simply choose writing as a second or side career option to keep their passion, but as these days social media is growing, many have decided to follow their passion as a career because of the high results and exposure.

The Writer should mainly focus on quality content to leave an impactful impression on his audience. A writer can use any platform to express his creativity, he can write short stories, a novel, or any type of article on a social media platform and can simultaneously work as a freelancer, a copywriter, or a content writer.

There are no specific work timings, mostly a creative writer works in his own space until he is not working for a particular organization, there are no time commitments. Unlike in other freelancing jobs, a creative writer need not necessarily have a degree or a certificate in creative writing. Any person who is good at creativity and communication skills, especially in English as in today’s times English is the main and globally used language can become a creative writer.

Find here the Effective Creative Writing Tips for Beginners

Download The List of the tools covered in the Content Writing Master Course at IIM SKILLS

Eligibility to Be a Creative Writer

There is no specific qualification required to be a creative writer. However, a good understanding of communication skills, especially in English, works as icing on the cake. The most important skill required is an ability to express imaginative eyes in writing that will work wonders.

However having a degree in English literature, communication and Journalism will surely be an add-on achievement as a creative writer. Also as times have changed and one has all the liberty to choose any career apart from banking, medical, engineering, etc, few institutions offer small courses that will enhance the ability of a creative writer. The maximum duration of these types of courses is about a year. These institutions provide courses with optional subjects in creative writing.

Remuneration of a Creative Writer

The salary for a beginner can start between the basics range of 15k-20k per month depending on the organization they work for. The range varies as per their performances and depends totally on their skills of writing.

Let Us now Know about The Top Free Online Creative Writing Courses For Beginners

Below we have listed a few highly rated institutes that offer the best Free Online Creative Writing Courses for Beginners:

1. Coursera

Coursera offers online learnings worldwide. Coursera is at the top among the highly rated institutes that offer free online creative writing courses for beginners. They have a wide range of skill development learnings that they offer which are both paid/ free and also online. This is why they are considered in the top listed institutes that offer the best learnings to the students.

Below is the List of the Topics They Cover Under Free Online Creative Writing Courses for Beginner:

  • The Craft Of Character
  • The Craft Of Plot
  • The Craft Of Setting and Description
  • The Craft Of Style
  • Your Story

Undoubtedly they have the best mentors who will help the students learn the best skills and assist them to shape their careers as Creative Writers. All their teachings are job-relevant and as per the comprehensive Skills data.


2. Class Central

Class Central takes the place in the top list of the institutes that offer the best online coaching and has a wide range of subjects for their skill development courses. They offer their courses online so that the students can learn from any corner of the world where internet services are active.

They also offer free coaching for beginners. They cover maximum subjects for their online and free coaching. With Class central, you can search for the course you want to take, get the review for that course, and follow the universities for the courses you are keen to learn, and you will receive all updates which will help you in tracking your learnings.

Below are the Topics Covered Under Free Online Creative Writing Courses For Beginners:

  • Unseen Poetry and The Creative Process
  • Poetry and the Holocaust
  • Modernism
  • Modern American Poetry
  • How to Read a Poem

They offer training that will improve your skills in analysis and creative writing.

3. Wesleyan University

Wesleyan University is the oldest university which was founded in the year 1831. They are the best in liberal arts and offer practical learnings to their students. They offer distinctive teaching culture. They help students in exploring new ideas which are innovative and per the industries like entertainment, government, business, science, etc.

Creative Writing Specialisation- This course is offered by Wesleyan University on Coursera.

4. Edx

Edx is a platform for all potential learners who seek the right guidance and support in shaping their careers as a beginner. They offer the best free online writing courses and are considered to be the best for beginners. Edx offers a wide range of topics under creative writing courses which cover both fiction and non-fiction writing.

Below listed are the Few Topics Covered Under Free Online Creative Writing Courses for Beginners with EDX:

  • Academics and Business Writings
  • Professional Writing
  • Business Writing
  • The Art of Persuasive Writing
  • The Art of Public Speaking
  • Writing a draft for the Novel
  • Grant Writing and Crowdfunding
  • Essay Writing
  • How to Write, Present and Submit Scientific English Papers
  • Find your writing Voice as a Playwriter
  • How to write for Stand Up: Comedian/ Performance & Poetry
  • Writing Successfully for a Stage
  • Learn to Use Email For Networking in English
  • Journalist

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5. Udemy

Udemy is the most known and popular training institute to offer a wide range of free online courses. It is the best platform for free online coaching, especially for beginners. With Udemy you can learn from any corner of the world where you can access Internet services. There is no particular time the student can learn in their own space.

There is no time restriction. You will find recordings from the best mentors which are accessible free of cost to the learners on their websites. One need not have particular eligibility or criteria to access the videos. It’s free of cost for everyone who is a potential learner.

Below is the Few listed Topics that are Covered under Free Online Creative Writing courses For Beginners:

  • Mini Tutorial for Word Choice
  • Learn to Promote your Skillshare on Platforms like Facebook
  • How to Structure Sentences and improve readability
  • Guide to Start Writing
  • What Are The Essentials Of a Content Writing
  • How to make your Writings Stand out with Simple 8 easy steps
  • The Secret  For Great Writings
  • Sample Lessons For Creative Writing
  • How To Write, Publish & Market
  • Guide To Create A Living Writing Articles
  • Guide To Write Letters ( formal/ informal with formats)
  • Guide for Writing an Abstract for Scientific Conference
  • How to Master The Apostrophes
  • Guide for Writing a Debate
  • Guide on Using Punctuations
  • The Passive Voice Morality
  • Understand the Beauty Of Clarity
  • What is the Rocket Science For Writing

There are many other learning options that are paid. The above-listed options are specially designed for beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. What is the eligibility to enroll in free online creative writing courses for beginners?

There is no specific eligibility required for anyone to enroll in this course. Anyone who is a potential learner can enroll in this free online course. However, said that one with an excellent understanding of communication skills especially in English will have a better scope of growth with creative writing as English is the most commonly preferred and spoken language globally. So basically anyone good at creativity and good at communication.

Q2. What is the scope of having a successful career as a creative writer?

Creative writing is all about how one is capable to connect emotionally with his audience through the writing. This means the longer you are best in creating new ideas and new concepts that will connect with the audience the longer the scope of having success as a writer. Apart from creativity and new ideas, an individual who is looking forward to making a career in writing should know technology. As in, the person should know how to use social media platforms to promote himself and reach as many audiences as one can. Because the success of a writer depends on how he seeks the attention of his customers. Today is a digital world so knowing using digital platforms also contributes to the achievement of a writer.

Q3. What is the remuneration of a beginner as a writer?

Unlike other job profiles like a banker or a lecturer, there is no fixed or minimum salary for a writer. It depends on the content & how much is the writer impacting his audiences. Well, other job opportunities that can extend help in earning a fixed income per month like a content writer, a lecturer article writer for journalism, etc. The more the content is readable and emotionally connected the chances of earning a decent amount as a beginner.

Q4. Are there any age criteria for free online creative writing courses for beginners?

No, there are no specific age criteria. Anyone who is a potential learner can take this course.


Creative writing is not similar to a typical form of writing. The person must be capable to pen down his imaginations in a very impressive manner. The writer must have powerful content that grabs all the attention of his audience. The above article gives a glance at what is basics of creative writing, its requirement, scope, and free online creative writing courses for beginners to choose from. Apart from the courses, the success of a writer depends on the concepts and content of his writings. Similarly, excellent English communication skills and knowledge about how to use social media as a platform also contribute a lot to being a successful writer. Hope the above article proves to be useful.

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