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An Insight into Creative Writing for Social Media

Are you someone who is looking for a creative writing framework for social media, but aren’t sure where to start? No need to go anywhere! You have landed at the right place! A structured and planned creative writing can help in building your online presence, attract and engage with your prospects and eventually help in building your brand. 

An insight into creative writing for social media

But hey wait, before I even begin I would like to ask you a question. Do you even know how important social media is for building your brand online in today’s time? To engage with your audience and build their trust, you need to understand what they need, and then serve them by educating them on what they are looking for.

This can only be possible if you hold some exceptional creative writing skills for social media that can help in attracting prospects and distinguish you from your competitors. Write content that has a solution/opportunity for your prospects. Add FAQs, case studies, and infographics, to create authenticity in your content. This would eventually help in building trust among your audience.

The Golden Rule for Creative Writing for Social Media- The Art of Storytelling

With the boom in digital media, social media has become an important tool for businesses and startups to connect with potential customers and expand their businesses. As a creative writer, it is very important to tell stories in your content to engage and attract your prospects.

As a creative writer on social media, you need to be persuasive enough to make your audience believe in ‘why you are doing something rather than what you are doing. Make them understand how you can help them by focusing on their pain points.

Framework for Creative Writing for Social Media

I’d want to ask you a question before I begin. Do you recall the last blog post, social media caption, or ebook that you started reading but couldn’t finish because you couldn’t connect, leaving it half-read? Do you know the reason why did that happen? The reason is the writer of that social media post failed to structure his/her content and was not able to attract and engage the audience with his content. Creative writing for social media needs to be well planned and well structured.

Here is a Beginners Guide to Creative Writing

Ideal Content for Social Media Includes the Following: –

  • Why– why are you doing this 
  • How– how will this help the audience 
  • What– what are you offering 

Always write as explained above. First, describe your why (the purpose), then tell how you can help them with your potential prospects, and finally tell what you are offering (product/ service). Never start by describing what you are offering to your audience. This is because they don’t know you and won’t take any interest in your product or service.

When you are talking about the why and how, you communicate more with feelings, keeping in mind your customer’s needs and dealing with human behavior. Focus on why while storytelling. Storytelling cannot happen without understanding your audience.

Structure for Creative Writing for Social Platforms:-

You need to create a framework in the following manner:

  • Awareness 
  • Consideration 
  • Decision

1. AwarenessBe the problem solver. The audience is researching for getting solutions to their problems or maybe they are just inquisitive to know the answer. They are looking for some content in the form of blogs, captions, ebooks, videos, etc to get their answers. 

In this stage, a creative writer comes into play. With some dazzling skills in creative writing for social media, you can write breathtaking blog posts, captions, video scripts, and much more that can help you in engaging with your audience. 

2. Consideration-  If your content is interesting and resonant, your prospects will be interested in learning more about what you do and how you do it as now that they understand why (the purpose) you’re doing it.

3. Decision –  To let the prospects take the final decision (to buy the product/service that the business is offering), a creative writer should write attracting CTAs, enabling them to take the final decision.

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How to Generate Content Ideas for Creative Writing for Social Media?

What is Idea Generation?

First of all, as a  creative writer for social media, you need to fit one thing very clearly in your mind. To generate ideas, you need to do nothing but a lot of RESEARCH! I am saying this because a new idea is a combination of old ideas that have already been comprehensively researched, and developed(written, podcasted, blogged, etc).  All you need to do is research extensively, take some inspiration from the already published work, and add your taste and a few new elements. Wallah! you are done!

Following are the Steps to Generate Ideas for Creative Writing for Social Media:-

1. Empathize with Your Audience:- Try to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. Focus on their problems/challenges/opportunities, and try to connect with them on a personal level.

2. Examine the Work of Your Competitors- Take a look at how your competitors are doing. Examine their writing style and the content they’re producing that resonates with their target audience.

3. Take a Close Look at Quora, Reddit, and Google’s FAQs: Look for frequently asked questions from your target audience. This strategy will assist you in familiarizing yourself with your audience’s problems/questions as well as targeting the exact keywords in your article.

4. Do Extensive Keyword ResearchLeverage sites such as Ubersuggest, Google keyword planner, etc to know what people are searching on the web. This will help you in targeting your keywords both long tail and short tail.

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How to Write Creatively for Different Social Media Platforms?

Different social media platforms have different kinds of audiences. The strategy and formulation of content creation have to be done accordingly. Once they have gone through and found the content exciting, and worth their time and attention, rest assured it is going to be shared with like-minded readers. Here is an insight into the techniques required for creative writing for social media platforms.

1. Creative Writing on Facebook (Meta) 

As Facebook is a laid-back and joyful social networking site, your posts should reflect that. Facebook, by far the most popular social media platform, is a fantastic platform for a writer to connect with potential prospects. The largest audience is on Facebook, with many serious users and others are just come for spending some leisure time. But, before you even consider posting on Facebook, be sure it’s the perfect medium for you to interact with your audience.

Guidelines for creative writing on Facebook:-

  • Attract the audience with the attribute of storytelling. Show emotions to connect with your potential prospects.
  • The post should be relaxing with the inclusion of some fun elements.
  • Create attractive CTAs at the end of your posts so that you can attract a wider range of audiences.
  • Keep it simple! Write easy-to-understand content. Do not use jargon.
  • Include pictures, videos, and infographics in your content to make it engaging.
  • Leverage the link-sharing feature of Facebook, unlike Instagram.

2. Creative Writing on Instagram

A properly optimized Instagram account is essential for writers looking to connect and attract the youth (59% of users). Instagram is a rather simple to navigate and use social media platform. On Instagram, a creative writer can engage with the audience in a variety of ways:

  • Posts– This is the traditional way of interacting with Instagram prospects. As a writer, you must write persuasive captions (try using bullet points) and include CTAs, such as asking questions or soliciting opinions so that the audience may interact with you through the comment box.
  • Reels- It’s a recent feature on Instagram that serves as a substitute for TikTok. Reels have become one of the most effective strategies to increase Instagram interaction.
  • Stories- Stories are short-term pieces of content that only appear for 24 hours. Creative writers can include interactive content like polls and quizzes to increase brand engagement) in addition to photographs and write-ups

Guidelines for Creative Writing on Instagram:-

  • Encourage your audience to comment by giving them attractive CTAs.
  • Use all relevant hashtags possible.
  • Ask your audience to save and share your posts. This will help in increasing your visibility.
  • When using Instagram stories, try to tag people from your industry. This technique will help you in bringing their audience to your page.
  • Add Location
  • Interact with your audience by replying to them in the comment section. 

3. Creative Writing on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most loved platforms for creative writing on social media. Twitter is one of the few social media platforms that prioritizes text over pictures and videos which attracts creative writers the most. A hashtag framework is intended to reach a much larger audience.

When you use the # symbol before a word, it creates a hashtag that categorizes your tweets around a specific topic. This allows a wider audience to engage in a specific niche/topic and gather information quickly.

Guidelines for Creative Writing on Twitter:-

  • Write! Engage! Retweet! Attract! Repeat!
  • Participate in trending hashtags. This will increase visibility.
  • Follow people from your industry.
  •  Other than your niche try to write on other trending topics as well. This will lead to page visibility and increase traffic on your page.

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4. Creative Writing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site in the world. Founders, CEOs, CFOs, and all other professionals are present on LinkedIn. As a creative writer, LinkedIn can be your biggest opportunity to build your network and engage with your potential prospects.

Guidelines for Creative Writing on Twitter:-

  • Write in a formal tone
  • Describe your why( your purpose)
  • Talk about how can you serve your audience 
  • Let them know your experience and skills
  • Build connection 
  • Use relevant Hashtags
  • Write both short and long content 

5. Creative Writing for Quora

The concept of Quora is to share information by asking questions and providing honest answers. When we have a question for which we don’t have an answer, the first thing that springs to mind is to search Quora for answers. It’s not just the answers, but the various viewpoints on them that draw people to this platform in droves. Quora is another wonderful social platform for capturing your audience’s attention by responding to their questions and engaging with them.

Guidelines for creative writing on Quora:-

  • Respond to the question only if you are confident that your answer is factually correct, is of high quality, and is informative.
  • Answer the question to help the person who has asked the question.
  • Do not deviate from the topic, stick to the question asked.
  • You can answer in both a formal and informal manner.

6. Creative Writing on Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t as social as other social networking sites for creative writing. We can say that Pinterest is an ‘unsocial’ social networking platform. If you don’t engage with individuals on Twitter or Facebook, you risk alienating them. 

Guidelines for Creative Writing on Pinterest:-

  • Set an amazing profile description- focus on why( your purpose)
  • Use a business account 
  • Use a rich pin
  • Have a pin it button with each post 
  • Use vertical images
  • Be regular and consistent

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7. Creative Writing on Medium

Medium is a  digital publishing platform where you may publish your written material. It features both experts and amateurs who contribute excellent reading materials on a wide range of topics. It’s a fantastic way to express oneself without any restrictions.

Guidelines for Creative Writing on Medium-

  • Use simple yet fluent English 
  • Write original content
  • Be persuasive and intriguing
  • Use pictures, infographics, and links to make your content authentic. This will create a positive impact on your audience.
  • Follow publications and established writers from your niche
  • Be consistent 

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Skills Required to be a Creative Writer on Social Media

  1. Write! Write! Write! we cannot stress enough that to be a successful creative writer, you have to make writing your best friend. 
  2. Research and discover what your audience is asking for.
  3. Use relevant keywords in your content so that your content reaches the right audience.
  4. Use simple and fluent language. DO NOT USE JARGON.
  5. Add relevant CTAs(call to action) for better engagement. 
  6. Use photos, videos, and infographics to make your content authentic.
  7. Add inbound and outbound links to rank well.
  8. Keep your content to the point
  9. Create content that resonates with your target audience.
  10.  Make use of social media tools:
  • Grammarly To keep track of your grammar and write up
  • Copyscape/ Duplichecker- To check plagiarism
  • Unsplash- Tool to access free pictures/photos 
  • CanvaFree tool to create templates and infographics
  • Yoast SEO Plugin- To check writing style according to WordPress guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQs)

Q1. How to use social media effectively for effective writing?

  1. Choose a social media platform that is best for you
  2. Discover who your target audience is
  3. Research 
  4. Learn the art of storytelling 
  5. Be familiar with the needs/wants/challenges of your audience and fix them 
  6. Keep your writing simple- 8th-grade level English will work the best
  7. Be regular. Consistency is the key to better visibility.
  8. Always respond and reply to your audience for better engagement. 

Q2. Do I need to take any special course to become a creative writer on social media?

It depends on the individual. However, if one wants proper guidance and support then yes, one should enroll in a dedicated course for writing. Content Writing Master Course (CWMC) by IIM SKILLS is one of the best content writing courses to start your journey in creative writing.

Q3. What is content writing for social media?

Creative writing for social media as the name suggests is a creative style of writing published on social media. Its mainly done for the digital marketing of a business, startup, or individual.

Types of creative writing:

  • Blog writer
  • Copywriter
  • Podcast scriptwriter
  • Social media caption writer
  • Ads copywriter
  • Product description writer


Creative writing has a lot of scope in the digital marketing industry because the content that is created effectively engages the audience and persuades them to take action, whether it’s buying a product, subscribing, clicking a link, liking a post, sharing, commenting, attempting a demo, or even signing up for a service. The internet is probably the finest place to start if you want to learn creative writing, but you must know what to look for. In any case, you can take a wide range of courses to help you acquire and perfect the discipline of creative writing. IIM SKILLS is an example of a course that not only helps you master the craft but also offers additional benefits like 3 months of internship.

That was just a sliver of what creative writing and its professional aspects require. Overall, creative writing is a simple process of creating content with the only purpose of keeping audiences engaged and increasing the brand value rather than ranking, which is one of the key reasons why many SEO (both on-page and off-page)methods are overlooked when it comes to creative writing. We hope we were able to give you insights into creative writing for social media.  After reading this article I request you to take your first step into the world of writing. Start practicing writing. This is the only way to master this art.

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