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5 Best Fashion Designing Courses in Pune with Placements

 The global fashion industry has faced many challenges in past years due to the pandemic. But after nearly two years of chaos, the industry is regaining its footing. As things are getting back to normal, the fashion industry has regained momentum. Even though the momentum is slow but steady growth, check out the fashion designing courses in Pune to start your career in fashion design.


List of the best Fashion designing courses in Pune


Here, we will discuss various fashion designing courses in Pune and their reasons. A fashion designing career is ever-evolving and will always be that way. It is an enriching career in terms of earning and satisfaction. The number of fashion design jobs in India has grown dramatically. As a result, the fashion designing courses in Pune are also booming.


If you are a passionate and creative person, you should explore this field. Unlike other jobs, it’s far more exciting and fun. Despite it being a glamorous field, it offers numerous benefits. Some challenging tasks and some will be knocking your creative mind. Furthermore, there is also a lot of competition, but there ample scope for growth.


However, you might need to follow a couple of steps. Let me take you through this. Firstly, you must learn to research design trends while selecting textiles. Then you develop a prototype. Similarly, regularly, you need to update yourself about design trends. A fashion design institute rightly addresses all these concepts and hones your skills. Take a course to learn fashion design and technical aspects.


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6 Reasons to learn fashion designing


Job Opportunities


The fashion industry’s diverse product offering allows choosing from various professional roles. Fashion designing is an excellent career choice for creative people. The sky is the limit for your creative mind. There are no limitations. Fashion designers are pretty good at visualizing creative designs. Essentially, there are many roles at each stage of the garment design process. So, you can specialize in any field you want. Otherwise, you can move to newer roles by upskilling or gaining experience.


You can display your talent by creating excellent designs that meet the fashion needs of the market. Correspondingly, you have the option of designing everything from clothing to accessories like handbags, scarves, and shoes. A fashion design certification course helps you learn and prepare for a career in the industry. Isn’t it a good thing? There are a few industries that have so many roles. And what comes with these roles is good earnings.


Start your venture


Survey says that nearly 24% of fashion designers are self-employed. Taking a fashion designing course aids you to gain the necessary skills and offers a jumpstart in the fashion business. Consequently, a degree allows you to confidently enter and grow in the industry.


As a result, networking with various kinds of people is possible. You will have the chance to find various vendors. Well, isn’t that a great thing about any business? However, starting own venture may be challenging, but when it’s coupled with passion and determination, everything falls in place.



This is one such industry where market trends change rapidly. And there is always room for innovation. But, it can be overwhelming at times in keeping up with the trends. Various fashion designing courses in Pune focus on innovating new ideas and designs.

Work culture


Fashion designers have a happening work culture, unlike the tedious 9 to 5 desk job. There is scope to travel around the world. Not only that but also attend various fashion shows. As a result, fashion designers can work from anywhere and anytime. I know you would love to have that kind of flexibility. A fashion designer’s life is filled with vitality and vibrancy. No two days are similar. New challenges bring new opportunities and fun experiences.




Pursuing a fashion design helps in honing your skillsets. As you grow your client base, you might end up working for celebrities. Well, it’s a dream of every fashion designer. I am sure you also have similar dreams. Conversely, if you establish yourself as a renowned designer, you will be a client magnet. And you never know whom you may land as a client. Sure, fame and popularity come with experience and outstanding work. Passion for fashion coupled with creativity opens a box of beautiful achievements.




If you consider yourself a creative and resourceful person, maybe fashion designing can become your forte. You get to serve a variety of fashion-loving customers. Technically, fashion designing is simple: study market trends and market research. As a result, you can better monetize your designs with thorough market research rather than creating without a target audience in mind. Consequently, you might lose interest. But case in point, the fashion design world is dynamic and ever-growing. So, there is ample room for creativity and imagination.


Demand for Fashion Designing


Fashion designing is an in-demand career in the whole world. Fashion designing is especially for those who enjoy researching fashion trends, sketching designs, and staying up-to-date with the latest changes in the market—planning how to begin your career in fashion design? Well, you need to pursue a degree or diploma in fashion design to start to give a head start to your fashion designing career.


The fashion industry is here to stay. It’s going nowhere since the market is ever-evolving with changes in customers’ tastes and desires. There is a massive scope in India and abroad for fashion designers. Hence, it’s a great time to pursue fashion design. Some of the top fashion designing courses in Pune are listed below.


Duties of Fashion Designer


  • Researching daily fashion trends
  • Exploring what are customers taste’s
  • Drawing sketches to create new products
  • Coordinating with the design team
  • Deciding clothing patterns for mass-production
  • Accurate fabrics, textures, and colors are chosen
  • Testing for above all products is done.
  • Management of production and deciding the product price
  • Keeping in touch with retailers and suppliers


Various Roles of a Fashion Designer


  • Designer
  • Pattern designer
  • Fashion illustrator
  • Costume designer
  • Consultant
  • Personal stylist
  • Technical designer
  • Production pattern maker
  • Fashion coordinator


Top Fashion Designing Courses in Pune




MITID is one of the most renowned fashion institutes in the country. The courses offered by MITID are both world-class and comprehensive. Learning happens through a practical based approach rather than only theoretical studies. As a result, students understand the topics better. This approach allows students to tread into the fashion industry confidently. In addition to learning, they can hone their fashion talents. Let us discuss the course syllabus.


The course comprises topics like photography, design principles, research methods, pattern making and so on. Additionally, students also get hands-on of various design software. The course curriculum is covered over four years of the degree program.


Not to mention, students have to undertake internships and various projects. So, by the end of 4 years, they are groomed and prepared for the fashion industry. Students have access to specialized design studios. These studios are available for draping, drawing, and pattern making, among other things. Aside from that, learners are given personal support, and workshops are held.




INIFD has established itself as one of the best design institutes in India. Students from all around the country come to study here.. It offers one to three-year specialization courses in fashion. All course has their benefits. Students can choose any of them accordingly. Here we will explore the 2-year course curriculum. This is a super specialization course.


First Year

  • Pattern making
  • Technical fashion sketching
  • Textiles embellishments
  • Fabric types
  • Draping


  • Pattern design
  • Creative surface design
  • Communication technology
  • project




Suryadatta fashion institute also offers fashion designing courses in Pune. Courses offered are either bachelor or diploma courses in fashion design. Depending on the course, it ranges from one to three years. The courses have the usual eligibility of 10+2 passed students. Given the variety of courses, students can choose what course suits them. Correspondingly, advanced courses are also available to upskill further.


Students get practical exposure to fashion design methods. With its 20 years of experience, the institute ensures it imparts quality fashion education. Besides that, numerous fashion shows and events are organized, and students actively participate. These events help in honing the fashion talents.


Course content:


  • Textiles
  • Presentation skills
  • Garment construction methods
  • Principles of design
  • Embroidery
  • Pattern making
  • Illustration
  • Computer applications



  • Design process
  • Marketing
  • Merchandising
  • Advanced illustration
  • Project



  • Fashion forecasting
  • Creative pattern making
  • Internship
  • Sustainable fashion
  • Photography
  • And so on




INSD’s fashion design courses range from 6 months to four-year degree programs. The institute has a rich legacy of producing talented fashion designers. Not only does it provide fashion design but also other design courses. The course curriculum covers fashion design principles, apparel design, textiles basics, and computer application in the first year.


In addition to theory, students also perform practical. Then in the second year, fashion illustration, embroidery, sewing, textile science, and other critical topics are covered. The third-year includes fashion analysis, vintage costumes, market dynamics, merchandising, and other concepts. The final year is all about internships and projects and on-job training. This is a full-fledge course coupled with practical training.


Like all other institutes mentioned above, this also provides placement support. Conversely, students can also start their ventures. Since the course lays the foundation of entrepreneurial skills, it grooms students appropriately. A four-year degree is a beneficial understanding of fashion design. This program acts as an excellent launchpad for your fashion career.


5. SID


We are talking about fashion design, and we do not include Symbiosis, not possible. You must have surely heard about Symbiosis instate of design. Symbiosis has its way of teaching and mentoring students in fashion studies. SID’s faculty strives to create fashion design leaders. Hence, constant updating of course and fashion knowledge is imparted to students.


The course is designed to mentor students holistically. SID offers a four-year bachelor in fashion design degree. It comprises manufacturing, design trends, marketing, and retail. The course emphasizes design skills, imagination, and design attitude. The program is complemented with industry visits, workshops, and so on.


Besides this, students learn CAD, photoshop, and other design software. Additionally, it imparts domain knowledge, innovation, and strategy exploration topics. Faculty members are highly skilled and industry experts. The course is easy to follow, provided you set aside enough time. So students get good care and attention in SID. The alumni of SID work for top MNCs and some celebrities as well. In addition, students have the opportunity to network with industry experts. The course fee is INR 16.20 lakhs.



1. How to become a good Fashion Designer?


Great fashion designers are highly creative and passionate about clothing and follow trends regularly. Constantly look for inspiration from surroundings and other possible areas. Besides being creative, technical and software knowledge is necessary as well. Designers don’t always have to struggle for designs. While great designers take inspiration from surroundings, understand customers’ needs, and create high-impact fashion designs. They also tend to start a trend with a great design.


2. What do fashion designers do?


Fashion designers’ work includes researching, understanding customer needs, sketching, and testing the designs. Well, that’s a brief view. At the same time, fashion designers’ duties can range from research to setting the price of the final product. check the above article to know about the fashion designing courses in Pune

3. Which Fashion Jobs Pay the Most?

Usually, the high-paying jobs in the fashion industry are designer, photographer, model, merchandiser, and stylist roles.




I hope your search for the best fashion designing courses in Pune has come to a halt. The courses listed here are picked based on a couple of parameters. We have ensured to add all details about fashion design in this blog. Tell me in the comments what else you want to know. Next time we will add that. We will research for you.


Fashion design is an exciting and interesting career option. Many students dream of being fashion designers. However, lack of proper guidance and direction, they may lose interest. In the coming decade, India needs a lot more fashion designers. A great designer is one who builds own portfolio while implementing the learnings.


Even though being lucrative, the fashion industry has its pros and cons. Due to some fast fashion companies, designs get outdated rapidly. This always creates a gap in this industry. As a result, it becomes a challenging and intensive business. There is a constant need to fill the gap. Now that we explored the best fashion designing courses in Pune hope you have chosen which course to pursue. 

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