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8 Best Free and Paid Facebook Marketing Courses in Pune

Are you looking for the best Facebook marketing courses in Pune? Facebook marketing courses are in high demand due to the digital marketing boom. Between 2021 and 2024, social media will be the fastest-growing channel.


List of the best Facebook marketing courses in Pune


It is estimated that global ad spending will reach  USD 873 billion by 2024.


The demand for Facebook marketers has risen dramatically in recent years, thanks to the tremendous growth of digital marketing. The digital industry has become a lucrative industry. You wouldn’t want to miss hopping on this opportunity early.


Facebook currently has 2.89 billion active users per month. The number will only rise in the current decade as more and more users are coming online. India’s number of internet users has increased from 795.18 in December 2020 to over 820 million in the fourth quarter of FY21 alone. So, the need for Facebook marketers and the likelihood of a promising social media marketing career is tremendous.


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What is Facebook Marketing?


Facebook marketing is the technique of building a brand and maintaining its online presence on Facebook is known as Facebook marketing. The brand building and visibility of the products and services include both free and paid methods.


Facebook marketing falls under the digital marketing umbrella.


Learning Facebook marketing can be beneficial if you want to create your online presence or market your products or services through Facebook. You can also take clients to help them grow online. However, only learning Facebook marketing might limit your scope and restrict your growth as a marketer. So, upgrade your skills as you keep learning.


A variety of digital marketing courses are available from a variety of institutions. When there are many options, deciding which one to choose becomes difficult. Every institute has its characteristics and approach to imparting knowledge to individuals.


These are some of the top free and paid courses for all skill levels.

Facebook Marketing courses in Pune with placements


1.     IIMSkills


IIMSkills is a digital marketing institute founded in 2015. It has six years of experience in training students in the marketing domain. You can count on this institute to learn about Facebook marketing.


The digital marketing course by IIMSkills is a five-month course designed to impart practical training to their students, which results in the overall development of an aspiring digital marketer.


Let us have a look at the course syllabus-


  • WordPress development
  • SEO, SEM
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Facebook marketing
    • Setting up Business Manager
    • Do’s and Don’ts of Fb marketing
    • Building Facebook pages
    • Facebook profile/page optimization
    • Competitive analysis
    • Facebook Ads creation
    • Running Fb Ad campaigns
    • Optimizing campaigns
    • Whatsapp for Business
    • Automation
    • Linkedin, Pinterest Ads
    • Instagram and Twitter ads

And much more.

  • Integrated Digital marketing strategies


Around 10+ case studies and 15+ projects are incorporated in the course, which can help you in your marketing journey and in building your portfolio. The course comprises three months of live classes with two months of paid internship. As you can see in the social media marketing module, other social media marketing channels are also considered, along with Facebook’s marketing strategies. You will learn all about lead gen ads and conversion ads essential for any business.


Tools you will learn-

  • Hootsuite
  • Tweet deck
  • Buffer
  • Pixlr
  • Canva
  • Other social media tools


IIMSkills students work in top MNCs in some of the best marketing positions.




Once you complete the course, you will get eight google certifications and 3 HubSpot Certifications. IIMSkills also provides placement support, provided you finish all assignments, case studies, and projects to be eligible for placement.


Mode of Learning: Online

Course Fee: INR 34900 + 18% GST


IIM Skills free digital marketing webinar invite


Phone: 9911839503

Email: [email protected]


 2.     Udemy


Udemy is an e-learning site where one can find any course to their liking from any field. Udemy also hosts Facebook marketing courses in Pune. However, considering so many courses available on the platform, it can be daunting to pick one.


Udemy offers the following courses:


  • Intro into FB Marketing & FB Advertising
  • Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY


The above two courses are tailored for beginner to advanced level.

Key highlights –

  • Basics
  • Keys to increase efficiency
  • Ads objectives
  • Business page
  • Fb creator studio
  • Fb engagement ads
  • Pixel and audiences
  • Types of ads
  • Reporting insights
  • Optimization
  • Chatbots


Udemy offers the training at an affordable cost. Once you complete these courses, you will get a head start and know what to do next. Marketing is all about learning while doing. The more hands-on one does, the more they understand how FB marketing works.


Udemy awards a course completion certificate which you can post on your LinkedIn profile. This is something you can show your clients.


3.     IIDE


IIDE is another well-known name in the digital marketing education industry. IIDE’s Facebook marketing training in Pune is 10+ hours of live training with an additional 4 hr of video lectures which come with an access period of 30 days.


The modules are –

  • Intro to FB ads
  • Creating a customer base
  • Research analytics
  • Effective target audience
  • Types of ad formats
  • Importance or retargeting
  • Essentials of landing pages
  • How to study FB insights


Tools you will learn inside this course are FB ads analytics, FB ads, pixel code, FB ads library.

The institute awards certification after you complete all assignments and exercises.


Course fee: 6355 INR+ taxes

Total Duration: 14 Hours

Learning mode: Online

Session timings: 7-9 PM

Certification – IIDE certification


Contact Details:

Phone: +91 9619958615

Email: [email protected]


IIM Skills free digital marketing webinar invite


4.     PIIDM


This institute has the vision to empower people with the digital age knowledge so students can excel and grow in the recent newly generated digital marketing fields. PIIDM has trained over 2000 students in 150+ batches and placed around 1200 students with that noble aim. Many of their students have become freelancers.


PIIDM has a dedicated faculty who themselves also practice the knowledge they share.


Features of course


  • Course name- SMM certification in Pune
  • Introduction to Social media
  • SMO
  • SMO Benefits
  • Facebook marketing
  • Instagram marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Types of ads
  • Audience selection
  • Bidding strategy


Contact details    

Location – FC Road, Deccan


Phone: +91-9607355959,



5.     Seven Mentor


Seven Mentor is one of Pune’s top digital marketing schools. The institute has trained over 2000+ students. The trainers are certified professionals holding strong knowledge on theoretical and practical aspects in their respective domains.

The course is updated regularly to reflect the most recent developments and trends in the field of digital marketing. The course includes all the similar modules mentioned in the above list of Facebook marketing courses in Pune.


Anyone enrolling for this course can expect to have proficiency in-

  • Creating and implementing methodologies on various social media channels.
  • Coordinate and run social media campaigns on most digital platforms
  • Operate multiple projects
  • Collaborate with digital marketing teams to drive business
  • Study the insight and analytics reports
  • Building content plans
  • Creating strategies and optimizing accordingly


Highlights of this course-

  • Practical training
  • Experienced faculty
  • Seven Mentor certification
  • Offers training to freshers and corporates as well
  • Completed 100+ batches


Duration– 90 hours to 110 hours with projects and practical sessions


Skill Level– Beginner to Advanced level


Seven Mentor has a dedicated placement process. It offers placement training which includes mock interviews, resume preparation, conducting aptitude tests, scheduling interviews, and job placement.


Contact Details:

Phone: +91 77980 58777

Email: [email protected]


6.     Coursera


Coursera is the leader when it comes to online quality education. Coursera has an excellent motto of bringing quality and affordable education to all parts of the world.

One can find a wide variety of courses on the platform. And courses on digital marketing are being provided by renowned universities worldwide in collaboration with Coursera.


Below is the certification training offered by Coursera in collaboration with Facebook.


  • Facebook Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate


There are six courses in the professional certificate.


Key features:

  • Introduction to SMM
  • Managing Social Media
  • Setting the brand’s voice and tone.
  • Basics of Social Media Advertising
  • Structure campaigns in Ads manager
  • Understanding FB Ads manager
  • Writing effective copy
  • Data-driven analysis
  • Creating ads
  • Setting budget
  • Placements of ads
  • Scheduling in ads manager
  • Troubleshooting


The course is self-paced and takes around five months to complete if you can dedicate 2-4 hours per week. Even though it’s a beginner-level course, anyone can enroll and complete it to get the certification validated by Facebook. It adds weight to your resume and portfolio.


IIM Skills free digital marketing webinar invite


Free Facebook Marketing Courses in Pune for Beginners


7.     Simplilearn

Simplilearn has a long-standing reputation in online education. It has a bouquet of training catering to all fields. The institute has come up with two free Facebook marketing courses, which cover many topics in FB marketing.


  • Facebook Marketing and Advertising

This free course has been enrolled by 6000+ learners and is geared for beginners. In this 5+ hours self-paced course, you will learn.


  • basics of Facebook marketing
  • Understanding Audiences
  • Options for business
  • Understanding the Facebook algorithms
  • Factors affecting advertising
  • Community management like groups
  • Creating and managing pages, messenger, Facebook live
  • How to publish and schedule posts
  • Marketing tools
  • Creating ad
  • Targeting and retargeting
  • Understanding FB policies
  • Best practices of effective campaigns
  • Facebook commerce
  • Facebook tracking
  • Studying Reports


  • Advanced Social Media certification program

This program from Simplilearn includes social media foundations. Then you will build sustainable social media strategy, content marketing strategies, and content planning. The course also covers YouTube marketing, advanced Facebook marketing, and web analytics.


This is an intermediate-level course and covers the advanced modules of Facebook and other social media channels. More than 20k students have enrolled in this 40+ hours course. The certifications will be awarded for both the courses only on completion of 90% of the course. Simplilearn provides free access to the course for a period of 90 days.


Start learning today, and in three months, you’ll have a good understanding of Facebook marketing.


8.     Facebook’s Blueprint course


Facebook’s free ads training is one of the best Facebook marketing courses in Pune as

It’s always an up-to-date course. Facebook makes necessary changes to the course from time to time. Because the classes are modular, Facebook combines them to build training tracks with various learning objectives.


IIM Skills free digital marketing webinar invite




1. How can I learn Facebook Marketing?

Free courses from Facebook are available, known as Facebook blueprint courses which any beginner can sign up to learn the fundamentals of Facebook marketing. In addition to that, head on to Fakebook’s ad policies page to read and understand the various guidelines of Facebook marketing. If you are well aware of the basics, then you can check this blog on the best Facebook marketing courses in Pune to choose a course.


2. How can I make money by Facebook?

Take a course on Facebook marketing or digital marketing, whether free or paid. Perform a thorough evaluation of your abilities and keep track of the insights and outcomes of your ad campaigns, such as the return on investment (ROI) or the number of leads you generated with a specific ad budget. Mention them in your portfolio to showcase that you are an experienced Facebook marketer. Now you can either cold pitch to your potential clients or attend interviews to work for an agency. Voila! Having a monetizable skill is all you need to earn money on Facebook.


3. Is Facebook marketing a good career option?

Yes, Facebook marketing is a good career option. Businesses seek to build a loyal fan base as well as attract new clients. They require Facebook marketers to study the audience and create campaigns congruent with their marketing objectives to reach a larger target audience and increase revenue. The demand is constantly rising for Facebook marketers.


4. What does a Facebook marketer do?

A Facebook marketer is required to develop a marketing plan and the content types to be implemented as per the target audience that will increase engagement. Copywriting is also a part of the job. Along with this, FB marketer has to manage Facebook pages and groups. They understand the insights with the help of FB marketing tools available and optimizing pages and campaigns. These are some roles that a Facebook marketer does.




Facebook marketing is one of the most sought-after skills. Due to the affordable internet and the growing number of individuals accessing the internet through mobile phones, India’s digital marketing job opportunities have exploded in recent years. The need for social presence has increased rapidly after the pandemic hit all the businesses. Many businesses shifted to online social media channels to grow and build their brand.


So the career of a Facebook marketer or digital marketer looks quite promising. I hope this blog on the best Facebook marketing courses in Pune has ended your search for the best course to pick.


I am a software engineer turned content writer. I am an avid reader of books on marketing and self-help. In my leisure time, you can find me overthinking my life or finishing the guitar lessons that I have been skipping for a few months now. I know it's about time.

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