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5 Best Excel Courses in Pune| Excel Training

Are you looking for Excel courses in Pune? From top MNCs to small businesses, all demand advanced excel skills from new hires. It has become a vital skill to possess for any analytics or marketing job. As a result, excel skills demand will grow further in the future. Impress your boss or your interviewer with your advanced excel skills. Claim that job or the promotion in your job with your excellent excel skills.


List of the best Excel courses in Pune


Before we check the top excel courses in Pune, let us know about excel and its benefits.


What is Excel?


Excel is a Microsoft tool used for analysis and computation purposes. However, recently, with new updates, Microsoft improved its features and importance. As a result, more advanced features and easy integrations with other analytics tools are possible. Excel is used in all business areas because it simplifies data analysis and saves time. Microsoft introduced it in 1985. In the beginning, it found use cases only for business purposes. But with time, other businesses like accounting, analytics, reporting, etc., started using it. Further people used it for academic, personal, and official purposes.


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Evolution of Excel


Even after 30 years of the launch, it still hasn’t lost its relevance. It’s possible because of regular updates and higher reliance on Excel for business purposes. The dependence on Excel is so high that it’s getting challenging to replace it. One reason could be its easier integration and increased compatibility with other tools.


With a good grasp of Excel, you’ll be able to organize and manipulate a vast amount of data. Over time, Excel has evolved into a skill that vastly improves one’s chances of landing a job. As an analyst, you might begin your career as a fresher with Excel knowledge. In addition, if you want to work in the corporate world, you’ll need to know Excel to manage finances, human resources, and inventory.


Benefits of Excel Training


Efficiency and Productivity


Want to increase productivity at the workplace? Wonder how to perform calculations faster? Then, Excel is a critical tool to increase your efficiency and productivity when working with huge volumes of data and calculations. Learning Excel can help you perform complex tasks effectively faster. It will also allow you to coordinate better with team members. As a result, it improves the workflow processes.


Moreover, the knowledge of Advanced Excel streamlines your computations. Repetitive tasks tend to slow down workflow processes. So setting up Excel formulas aids in faster calculations and analysis. As a result, you can devote additional time to other essential tasks.




Knowing Excel can earn you good praise and raise. Advanced Excel knowledge can lead to a fruitful career in analytics. Due to your increased efficiency in work, you will gain recognition amongst your peers. Being a valuable employee not only ensures your job stability but also offers doors to promotion. Advanced Excel training can help you do just that.


Organizing Data


Excel is the standard go-to tool for any person to collect data. In addition, it also allows organizing that data with various methods. It has similar work as a google spreadsheet. Besides organizing, it has the sort option in whatever way you like. Raw data can be daunting and challenging to understand. Excel’s advanced features, allow to organize data better, do computations as needed, and sort data so that it can be suitably examined and displayed in graphs or charts.




Due to Excel, the efficiency of you and your colleagues’ increases. As a result, work can be done on time with accuracy. Reducing errors, such as lost data, is one of the essential advantages of learning Excel. In general, having more expertise and skill with this software allows you to get more accurate data faster.


Easier and cost-effective


No matter what the job is, it is sure there must be a way to do it through Excel. It makes your job life stress-free and easy. Unlike expensive analytics tools, it’s an affordable alternative but powerful software. It’s helpful for accounting, marketing, sales, HR or any other department, and you name it. Every department is dependent on Excel in some way or another way.


Time management


For instance, you are a business owner and, in a day, you have to finish a lot of tasks. So no doubt, time is your most valuable asset. So, you want to complete your tasks with 100% accuracy as fast as possible. Excel’s powerful features help in analyzing, reporting and summarizing quickly. Thus, saving you your precious time. Now you can use that sufficient time for other important tasks.


Demand and Future Scope


Excel is here to stay. Businesses are dependent on Excel’s powerful features and will use it for a long time. Analysts, reporting specialists, and BI people find Excel increasingly relevant for full-length BI deployments. This reliance on Excel is due to the easy integration of Power BI with Excel. Power BI is another Microsoft tool for analysis. Businesses will continue to use it as an important tool for a wide range of tasks and applications, from IT projects to workplace outings.


No matter how many expensive tools a company has, end of the day, excel is necessary. Before top decisions making situations, analysis and tallying needs Excel. With its new analytics tools, Microsoft is increasing its dependence on Excel. Hence, learn Excel from any of the Excel courses in Pune.


Who uses excel most?

  • Financial Analysts
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Retail Store Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Business analysts
  • Data journalists
  • Accountants
  • Cost Estimators
  • Digital Marketers
  • Market researchers
  • Salespeople


Skills Required


  • Sorting data: This is a critical skill in data analysis.
  • Power Query: Power Query helps streamline Extract, Transform and Load processes.
  • Pivot tables: PivotTables’ adaptability is what makes them so valuable. Drag and drop the required column values to design the table format you want.
  • Sparkline: A Sparkline is a little in-cell chart that visually depicts the data.
  • Power Pivots: These make PivotTables more powerful by allowing them to handle larger datasets.
  • VLOOKUP: VLOOKUP allows gathering data from multiple sheets and files at a single location.
  • Conditional formatting: Various formatting options are possible with the help of conditions.
  • Quick analysis tool: Knowing this skill saves time. It helps to create charts with simpler datasets.
  • Excel formulas: An advanced excel formula is a formula that combines several Excel functions to calculate a specific result that would otherwise be impossible to calculate.
  • Visual Basic Applications: With the help of VBA codes, you can automate tasks.


Best Excel courses in Pune


1. iClass


iClass provides Microsoft Excel courses in Pune at a variety of locations. The institute has the best lab facilities coupled with excellent infrastructure. Notably, the institute has trained more than 3000 Students in Excel. In addition, it also provides placement support to the students. The course by iClass is cost-effective. Excel experts teach students. So, you will get the essential and advanced Excel training.


The course comprises the Excel basics as well as the advanced topics. The most valuable topics that we discussed before are included in this course. Pivot tables, auditing, macros, sparklines are some of the topics. There are three types of batches to choose from- regular, weekend, and fast track.


Trainers have worked on more than ten advanced Excel projects. They regularly practice and update themselves whatever they teach. So that students get up-to-date knowledge. More than 2000 students have been placed after the training. Moreover, 1500+ interviews have been organized till now supported by the interview desk.


2. Besant Technologies


Besant Technologies provides advanced excel courses in Pune. Anyone planning to upskill themselves can choose this course. Not only in Pune but Besant Technologies also provides courses in various cities in various domains. The institute is formed by IIT and IIM graduates to impart quality education in India. The Excel course curriculum is one of the most comprehensive excel courses in Pune.


Course content:

  • Basic Excel
  • Data validation
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Pivot tables
  • Functions
  • Pivot chart
  • Slicers
  • Data analysis
  • Date formats
  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Nested subtotals
  • Subtotals
  • Quick analysis
  • Lookup functions




With its 40 years of teaching experience, NIIT offers excel courses in Pune. It’s one of the earliest skill development training institutes in India. Hence, NIIT instructors have a firm grasp of Excel concepts- both basic and advanced. The Data Analysis and Visualization in Excel and Power BI course at NIIT teaches advanced Excel abilities. It is broken into two modules: Excel Data Analysis and Power BI Visualization.


The institute has dedicated doubt clearing sessions in addition to regular classes. Once you complete this course, you will possess analytical skills and prove them through Excel. Rigorous practice and quizzes in the course provide you with an overall knowledge of Excel. You can perform visualization on any given data effectively by Excel. You will learn everything you should know about Excel. The course teaches about data handling and data analysis. This job-ready course can help get you an analytics role.


4.  Seven Mentor


When it comes It training courses, Seven Mentor is a renowned name In Pune. The Excel course covers advanced excel concepts as well as basics. This training will enable you to perform complex calculations and data analysis. Further, it will make you an expert at creating Pivot tables and charts on given data. These skill sets are pretty necessary for any job seeker.


Analytics companies look for Excel experts who have command over VBA coding and Excel functions. So Seven Mentor carefully focusses on this aspect and provides an all-round training. You will also learn the keyboard shortcuts and excel bets practices.


Course outcomes:

  • Usage of Power Query
  • Excel Optimization
  • Excel integration
  • API in Excel
  • Using Advanced Excel to Send Email
  • Excel report
  • Presentations with Excel ppt
  • Excel optimization tips


This course is appropriate for students who want to make a career in Data analytics. Seven Mentor has compiled a list of 17 top advanced Excel formulas which solve complex tasks in a few steps. Those 17 formulas are taught inside this course. You can then flex your skills in job interviews and bag great jobs. The trainers’ dedication towards students is impressive. Finally, to sum up, this course will make you job-ready and confident to crack interviews.


5. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is another training institute providing excel courses in Pune from basics to advanced level. The certified excel trainers will train you to reach the expert level. In addition to Excel, you will learn about data management and analysis. The course is jam-packed with practical training and projects. You will work on 10+ projects and be certified in MS excel certification. Projects covered are attrition rate analysis, business analytics optimization, ETF trend analysis and many more.


Students from top-tier colleges and corporates take Henry Harvin’s Excel courses in Pune. Likewise, former students have given positive reviews about the course. Students will get self-paced + 24+ hours of Live training. Furthermore, students can attend any number of batches in the future. Besides training, students will get online Bootcamp sessions spanning across 12 months.


Enrolled students get one year of gold membership subscription. Under which, access to recording sessions and multiple doubt clearing sessions are included. Further, what’s more, notable is the placement support with job assistance.



1. What is the fee for Excel courses?


Excel courses mentioned in this article range between INR 3,000 to INR 10,000. And that’s the usual course fee. However, the advanced classes are priced higher, i.e., at most INR 10k.

2. Is Excel worth learning in 2021?


Yes, Excel is still a valuable skill to learn. Moreover, corporate and businesses find it hard to replace since there is no other tool as powerful as Excel. So, you can, and you should learn Excel. Excel skills are demanded by top analytics and finance companies.

3. How long does an Excel course take to complete?


Usually, one can complete the basic Excel course in 6-7 hours. However, advanced excel concepts can take up to 4-5 weeks to complete. Even after finishing, you need continuous practice to get a good grasp of these new skills.




In this article, we explored the top excel courses in Pune. I hope this article could solve all your doubts about Excel courses. Microsoft improved the Excel features with the easy integrations to necessary BI tools. Excel is still relevant after over 35 years of its launch with regular updates and new features. Learn this vital skill and impress your boss with your excellent skills. Excel skills will take you a long way. Every job is somehow dependent on Excel, so the demand will always be there. Upskill and increase your job prospects.

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