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Best Event Management Courses in India in 2024

Do you remember your first birthday party? I guess not but I will tell you, it was huge! I am sure you remember your 7th or 10th birthday party and all the gifts you received! What you don’t remember is all the effort put in and the arrangements that were made to bring that evening to life. Friends and family were invited, the venue was selected, a theme was set, the menu was decided, and the birthday cake had your favorite cartoon characters. Now the question is- who did all of these arrangements according to your liking? Not a very difficult question to answer, your mom. Your mom organized your birthday party and if you want to thank her, go ahead now is the time! But she’s not the only one you should be thanking for transforming your dream into a reality, you might also like to thank her lovely friends who decorated the venue for you, your family members who helped her with the menu, and your annoying cousins who took care of the music. As you can see it was the collaboration of all these wonderful people and your mom coordinating and directing their efforts that brought this party alive and made this event a memorable one that you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life.


The best event management courses in India

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This process of managing and directing a group of people to execute their designated tasks and thus achieve a unified goal is called Event Management. Event management comes under the umbrella of project management, where project management is a more generalized way of explaining the process and system. It is one of the exciting careers, where one gets to create great experiences for people.


There are large-scale events like Conferences, Award Shows, Concerts, Trade Shows, Weddings, and small-scale events like Birthday parties, Baby Showers, House Warming parties. Both types of events require proper planning, delegation, and smooth execution. The difference lies in the size of the event and the size of the staff required to carry out the tasks to make that event happen.


The person who manages the entire event, from inception to execution is called an Event Manager. There are a group of people who come together and work, as the Vendors, Event Planners, Assistants, Staff, catering personnel, and Sponsors, playing their respective roles. It is efficient management and teamwork that make an event successful.


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What are the Key Concepts of Event Management?


Some of the key aspects of event management are Target, Finance, Marketing, Scheduling, Logistics, Creativity, Location, and Security. First, all the requirements are gathered, and a target is defined based on the target, a plan with a timeline is built. It is always a good idea to have an alternate plan for specific tasks to tackle unforeseen challenges, as a lot can go wrong while executing especially big events.


Then comes one of the most important aspects of planning an event, Financing, and Budgeting. There can be a single or many sources of financing an event; it is important to have all these sources of financing in place, validate their legitimacy and go forward with the budgeting plan. Not all events require marketing, events like concerts or sports matches, especially need highly focused marketing campaigns. 


An event requires many things and people to come into one place, deciding what to come when is integral- it could be flowers, stage setup, or food and that is where scheduling comes in.


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 Logistics deals with the storage and transportation of all the things required to the destination safely and on time; it is important to have trusted distributors and suppliers. Managing an event is complex and to make anything complex relatively simple, “Creativity” is the main ingredient, be it being creative in planning, budgeting, or logistics, it plays a crucial role in saving precious time and money.


When it comes to organizing an event, one of the first questions we ask is, where is it going to be held? In some cases, the location is pre-decided, while in some other cases, the location can be chosen depending upon the requirements.


A lot goes into choosing and acquiring a location like one needs to be careful about the neighborhood; if the event that is being organized is a concert, necessary permissions should be taken to organize the event on that location, check for easy accessibility, and proper security. Especially at large-scale events, an efficient security system is necessary, like validating the invitees, IDs for staff, and employing security personnel.


Now let’s discuss some of the key management skills required to be a good Event Manager and organize events with great experiences for the people.


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What are the skills required to excel as an Event Manager?


One of the first skills that might come to everyone’s mind when we think of event managers is that they are required to be great communicators.




 People skills are something that will come in handy while executing any task as an Event Manager, be it while speaking with the government for permissions, negotiating with the sponsors, or while delegating and explaining the job to your staff.


Building meaningful relationships is integral, especially in a profession like event management where collaborating with a lot of people is a part of the job and meaningful relationships are only built when people like to work with each other, which would make them want to work again.


Some people are naturally great communicators while some are not, but that doesn’t mean this skill can’t be acquired. Right training and knowledge can turn not-so-great communicators into pleasant communicators and efficient negotiators.


Organization skills


There are 100 things to take care of and juggle with when managing an event, creating a proper plan and delegating specific tasks to the right people along with taking care of the small details and their execution is important. It’s easy to lose control and let a situation slip into chaos when plenty of important things needs our attention.


With thoughtful delegation, having a checklist, use of tech tools, and having a plan B ready for emergencies can help event managers gain more control over the process and avoid disasters and unpleasantries. Like communication skills, organization skills can also be acquired through proper training, knowledge, and experience.


Decision Making


As an event manager, every minute in the process of organizing an event requires you to make quick decisions about different things. Being decisive and standing by that decision by doing it right is a strong skill. Experience and logical thinking play a key role in being a good decision-maker.


There can be situations where you will be not sure about certain things, assessing situations like this practically and logically and making reasonable decisions is something that one will be required to do every day. 


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Problem Solving


No matter how prepared you are for an event, there will be incidents where an unexpected problem arises. Like performers being late for the concert, shortage of food at a wedding, or a piece of equipment suddenly not working. Event Managers are expected to handle such problems with a cool head and find creative solutions.


Being resourceful, adaptive, creative, and instinctively makes event managers great problem solvers. This skill is something that can be developed with experience and training, but one can always have alternate plans ready to handle such problems effectively.


Handling high-pressure situations.


 Patience is the greatest virtue and being calm under pressure is one of the most important and rarest qualities. But this quality is something that is greatly appreciated in this profession, obviously because of the number of hats an Event Manager wears.


One can gain all these skills and knowledge to kick-start their career in Event Management through many of the Event Management courses offered by Prestigious Universities in India. 


Here is a list of the top 3 institutes of India offering a variety of Diploma courses and degrees in Event Management.


1. National Institute of Event Management (NIEM): 


Location: Mumbai (Head Office), Pune, Ahmedabad, Raipur, Odisha, Delhi, Dehradun, Patna, Kolkata, Jaipur, Indore, Lucknow, Guwahati, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Jabalpur.


National Institute of Event Management takes prestige in being one of the first and top Event Management institutions offering event management courses in India and the entire Aisa. It is an autonomous institute that was founded in 2000 in Mumbai, India by Dr. Hoshi Bhiwandiwalla, who diligently undertook extensive research of three years to design the event management courses.


There are three primary Event Management courses that are taught at NIEM’s, Diploma in Events (DE), The Post Graduate Diploma in Event (PGDE), and The Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising, Media & Event (PGDAME). These courses were designed to fill the gap in training young talents to manage events.


The courses aim to better equip individuals to enter the workforce of the Entertainment, Event, and Media industries; to generate qualified and well-trained professionals as Event Managers, Consultants, and Event Coordinators, and to give India a competitive edge in the events industry worldwide. The Diploma entails theoretical and extensive field training where students learn and gain experience by working in organizing actual events.


Let’s dive a little more into the details of all the event management courses offered at NIEM in India:


The first question one must ask oneself before taking up any course of study is- Why this particular course? Is it fulfilling your learning requirements? Is it going to put you in a place where you accomplish your desired outcomes at the end of the course? Is it worth your time and money? When you get positive answers to all these questions, you can give yourself a green light to move forward with it. 

a. Diploma in Events (DE):


Diploma in Events course is an undergraduate level of study about Event Management. It is a comprehensive study that involves Theoretical teaching, Practical training, and a plethora of Guest lecturers from distinguished individuals in the Events Industry.


This Diploma can be pursued along with other graduate studies like BA, B.Com, BMM, and others. This course helps students introduce themselves to the events industry and start building a strong foundation of skills and personality to excel in the field.


This course is taught by highly qualified faculty. Students are encouraged to take part in all extracurricular activities. Students will be provided with all the learning materials like textbooks and library facilities. The institute has also established a Placement Center where students can acquire the necessary guidance to plan their careers and get placed.


b. Post Graduate Diploma in Events (PGDE):


Post Graduate Diploma in Events is a graduate-level course of study about Event Management. This event management course is ideal for individuals who are graduates in any field of studies like MBA students or Marketing students and professionals from any industry interested in pursuing a career in event management.


This course helps professionals establish themselves as trained Event Managers and also equips them to build their own event management company. It instills the skills in students to professionally undertake this exciting and also one of the toughest jobs in the events industry.


The institute provides all the necessary facilities, learning material, and training to help students gain the knowledge and training required to face the challenges as future Event Managers.


c. Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising, Media and Events (PGDAME):


Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising, Media, and Events is a Post Graduate level of study about Event Management. It is a full-time course that lasts for a period of 11 months. After successfully passing the course, students are awarded a university-recognized diploma.


This course spreads its training to the advertising and media industries as well. Students attend various workshops, participate in organizing actual events and learn from successful event managers through their guest lectures.


Like Diploma in Events course and Post Graduate Diploma in Events course, this course also facilitates students with all the requirements to complete the course successfully. 


These three courses offered at the National Institute of Event Management are some of the most sought-after event management courses in India arguably due to the institute’s location and the university’s name in the industry.


2. Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication (AIMC):


Location: New Delhi


Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication is a highly ranked institute that offers advanced Event Management courses in India, ranked #1 in Delhi and #11 in India by the news magazine India Today. It was founded in 2003, and since then it has been offering high-quality education and training in various fields like Advertising, Journalism, Corporate Communication, and Event Management. What stands out with AIMC is the years of experience it has in the education industry and how it truly strives to make a difference in society through education. 


The event management course offered by AIMC, which is considered to be one of the bests in India is the Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Communication and Event Management. It is a one-year full-time course. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or in the final year of an undergraduate program are eligible to apply to this course.


Candidates who show strong communication skills, enhanced creativity, and quality writing samples will have an edge over the other candidates in being accepted to the program. This course largely deals with public relations and event management. It aims to build professionals who can think strategically and critically to solve complex business problems.


Students can expect a course of study that will be immersive and interactive, where they will analyze and write about trends and theories. The course is followed by an internship of 8 weeks where students will gain real-world experience.


3. National Academy of Event Management and Development (NAEMD) 


Location: Mumbai, New Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad.


National Academy of Event Management and Development is one of the top institutes offering Event Management courses in India. It is a proud institute that has received commendable praise by the International Education Pride Awards as the “Best Institute for Event Management” in 202.


Moreover, the institute holds itself high on a pedestal with the Limca Book of Records listings. Currently, Event Management is a rapidly growing industry in India and NAEMD aims to introduce efficient Event Managers to the workforce by preparing students through its advanced courses.


The institute holds its ethical core values in high regard and strives to instill the same into its students. The vision of the institute is to produce highly qualified and sound events professionals, both ethically and analytically, by providing students with a world-class education platform.


This institute offers a wide spectrum of event management courses in India. It offers a University recognized Bachelor’s degree in Event Management & PR, a Master’s degree in Event Management & PR, and Diploma courses like Diploma in Aspects of Media, Marketing & Events, Diploma in Event Management & PR, Post Graduate Diploma in Aspects of Media, Marketing & Events, and Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management & PR.


a. Bachelor’s Degree in Event Management & PR:

Duration – 3 years

Eligibility – 10+2 (any stream)

Degree – BBA, Bachelors in Business Administration/ BMS, Bachelors in Management Studies

Core Concepts – Event Designing, Public Relations, Marketing & Brand Management, Presentable Communication, Risk Management, Finance Management, Digital Innovation, Creative Liberty, Entertainment Industry, and Celebrity Management.


b. Master’s Degree in Event Management & PR:

Duration – 2 years

Eligibility – Graduation

Degree – MBA, Master of Business Administration

Core Concepts – Media Management, Digital Maturity, Marketing Strategy, Advertising Management, Financial Expertise, Public Relations, Entrepreneurship skills, Interpersonal Skills, and Industry exposure.


c. Diploma in Aspects of Advertising, Media & Events (DAME):

Duration – 1 year

Eligibility – 10+2 (any stream)

Type – Diploma

Core Concepts – Celebrity Management, Entertainment Varieties, Business Culture, Presentable Communication, Creative Planning, Media Management, Public Relations, and Financial Expertise.


d. Diploma in Event Management & PR (DEM):

Duration – 1 year

Eligibility – 10+2 (any stream)

Type – Diploma

Core Concepts – Event Marketing, Structuring an Event, Event Hosting, Client Interactions, Leadership Skills, Risk Management, and Time Management.


e. Post Graduate Diploma in Aspects of Advertising, Media & Events (PGDAME):

Duration – 1 year

Eligibility – Graduation

Type – Diploma

Core Concepts – Event Designing, Media Management, Public Relations, Guest Management, Event Leadership, Team Coordination, Communication, Risk Management, and Social & Business Etiquettes.


f. Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management & PR (DEM):

Duration – 1 year

Eligibility – Graduation

Type – Diploma

Core Concepts – Event Activation & Management, Communication & Presentation Skills, Marketing, Brand Management, Operational Skills, Event Planning, Costing & Ideation, and Corporate Readiness.


These are some of the top and best universities offering Event Management courses in India. Candidates can visit the institute’s website to know more about the courses, admissions process, and the university culture.


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