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Exposition To Career In Media Relations

Are you thinking of stepping foot into the industry of Media Relations? Then, jump in right here to know about a career in Media Relations.

Career in Media relations


The market, media, and trends are evolving and spinning swiftly in the face-paced world. Efficacy and advertent rhetoric of this perpetual evolvement cast light on Media Relations. Does this media industry incite your passion? Are you planning to transcend a career in media relations? Then, check out this blog to get a clarion comprehension about the industry.


Career decisiveness is not lightweight discretion that you can tread casually. It’s an important decision that demands proactiveness and thoughtfulness. Now, merely an infatuation of public relations cannot be the determining factor to step in. Then, what more do you need? The absolute surety that this is the right career choice for you.


To shed light on the media relations career path, I have jotted down the answers to your fluttering questions. What are Media relations? What does it offer, roles and responsibilities, remuneration packages, degree and skills requisite, and so forth and so on? All these answers are in one place- that is here!


Dive in right now!


What Are Media Relations? 

Media relations are the ideals based on which organizations and companies communicate and engage with the target audience and media. Put in other words, media relations bridge the gap between the company and its prospective customers. 


How is it done? The approach is to draw the attention of people, engage them, direct them towards products and services, and promulgate company ideals. With that being said, it necessarily doesn’t have to be paid publicity. Sounds interesting, huh?


Unpaid or free publicity is easier said than done. One of the ways is to find willing takers of your story that journalists would share on their paper, program, magazine, or website. Additionally, media relation teammates strategize to connect with the audience through press releases, social media, blogs, newsletters, podcasts, and other means.


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Why Is It Important?

Online reviews have become the basis of customer decisiveness to assess and evaluate any product or service. These reviews can be both in a positive as well as negative light. People associate trust with other customer reviews, as they are perceived to be more reliable than the conventional marketing catchphrases.

Check out the statistics.

As per research, consumers trust consumer opinions more than any other form of advertising. (Nielsen, 2012) In fact, a substantial proportion of consumers (24%) consult online reviews before making a purchase decision (Comscore, 2013).

In the wake of it, negative reviews adversely affect sales by altering the reputation. Rotten reviews do just that and more. Here come the public relations teams that work day and night to combat reputational and financial damage.

Also, the optimization of products and services with company ideals for a modern media multi-channel world weighs upon media relation teammates. Altogether, they weave a conglomerated media relation strategy to bulk up communications, marketing methods and maintain influencer bonds.  


The Role And Responsibilities Of Media Relation Jobs

Media Relations has a wide range of roles and responsibilities to perform, depending upon the specific designation and functionality. Yet, some of the chaste general tasks are:

  • Evolving marketing campaigns for social media and other grooves.
  • Documenting press releases along with other media relations collaterals.
  • Compose engaging content in the backdrop of web copies and newsletters.
  • Arranging and coordinating press conferences.
  • Monitoring advancement at varied media channels.
  • Formulating and executing sudden and highly menacing crisis plans.


Though it gives you a window view of what entails in media relations jobs, there is more to it. That obviously would stick to your specific job role. With all the above-stated enumerations come the arts and abilities that you must possess to step into the industry. What are those? Robust written and verbal communication, organizational skills, an eye for detail, presentational skills and a tint of quirkiness are a must in your pocket. Along with these attributes, having a solid aptitude for marketing, strong assertions, and assimilation to changing colors of the society is preferable.


Is Career In Media Relations The Right Choice For You?

Media Relations are many things but nothing close to inactiveness or complacency. It is a verve career choice where you throw caution to the wind now and then. Ask yourself- do you have a volatile open-minded outlook? Are you detail-orientated? Are you ready to churn in a fast-paced ecosystem with an ability to strive under pressure and come out flying


If your heart and soul say “Yes,” jump in right there. This is the right career choice for you, and you are going to hail it explosively. Be ambitious, strong-minded, and hone your skills and writings until you make your mark in the industry.


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Career In Media Relations

Media Relations is a vast industry with myriad opportunities to cull out from. Some of the chief designations are listed below: 


Suggestive of its name, a publicist is entitled to the handling of publicity campaigns. As a publicist, you have to work out probabilities to best tout your brand or company to the press and customers. Typically, this would have been the first thing that struck your mind as you thought about the media industry.

Publicist develops strategies to promote and make known the brand in the digital market. Alongside, they extend connections with influencers and celebs to hail their brand as people idealize them. In cut-short, publicists make the brand reach out to consumers.



The media strategy concocted by publicists comes into execution as manufactured by the copywriter. All the blog posts, press releases, newsletters, and other diversified marketing content- are penned down by the copywriter.

Simply put, the copywriter wrought the content that sells. If you are a writer with a mettle essence of marketing, then you can proceed in this direction. As a copywriter, you will have to ascertain the brand voice and tone on all media channels set against the brand standards.  



The media relation specialists showcase the brand, company, or clients through a positive lens. From generating positive press coverage to burgeoning good relations with the journalists– all lies in the hands of this person.

The specialist has to come up with pitching stories that resonate with the journalists’ high-end expectations. The story has to be newsworthy and conspicuous to allure as well as engage the audience. So, if you want to dive out in the ocean, then go for a public relations specialist and explore the new dimensions.



Popular with the masses, if you are an avid social media user and have a huge fan following- settle in for this one. Hey, what, are you already heading towards social media? Wait bro, first get face-to-face with all the pre-emptive roles of a Social Media Manager.

So, yeah! Social Media Manager typically girdles all social media channels of the brand company. This person ensures the brand voice reiterates on all social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so forth and so on.  

While at the same time, building brand community, interface with the target audience, and gauging the success of the social media campaigns also comes under the umbrella of social media marketing. It is a good option for career in media relations.



Not quite the backend kind of the person, then be the face of the brand. Yes, a spokesperson does just that and more. Being a spokesperson means mirroring the brand’s countenance and making statements on behalf of the company. 

To ascertain the upbeat public image of the brand, the spokesperson harbingers Television appearances, handling interviews, and at the same time upturning flak and criticism.

Are you feeling overwhelmed to have an insight into the media industry? Don’t contend there, gush forth and get your hands dirty in experimentation by working as interns. The relevant and clarion picture will kindle your brain only if you get hands-on experience in your desired field. Post 3 or 6-month internships, once you are cent sure, then take the world by your grit and sway it.



Well, in most cases, the starting remuneration can swing somewhere around 15K and above for freshers; the rest of the consideration hinges upon your education and skillset. In a nutshell, your skills, education, and the way you take down the interview is the deciding factor of your package fate. 

Over the years, with work experience, achievements, and other qualifications (top-notch online courses), the payment package may exalt and climb up the stairway. In addition to work experience, learning analytics, brushing communication, and grating creativity can stride you forward by leaps and bounds.

Looking at the other end, applying as a newsreader or anchor at a reputed news channel can fill your pockets up to 30K as freshers. However, there is no such thing as free lunch, for which you need to work hard for such jobs. Traveling places and up-down shifts come along with news channel jobs. So, if you are up for it, you can endeavor a career in it.



Pervasive digitalization and globalization have rendered a phenomenal growth rate in the media industry that favors rising higher in the offing. Numerous news channels, IT companies, and other BPOs/KPOs are generating employment for the media relations industry all the time.

Since then, by and large, the demand for media relations jobs is always high-in-demand. Moreover, in industries such as hotel management, shipping, company outlets, etc- there is more clamor for media-related jobs.  

On the other hand, if you desire, you may work for government organizations as well. They are too out-and-out showcasing media presence. Other than that, some rich clients want to uphold a positive and remarkable image in the market. Working for them can earn you good fortune.


How To Kick-start A Career In Media Relations?

Knowing about all the substances and subtleties of media relations brings us to the fundamental question- how to start a career in media relations? What is the path to success? How to put in the first brick at the bedrock?


The sooner you start, the better opportunities entail. Having said that, make sure you have your erstwhile goals and strategies set in place. The roots stand in the education that may deem you to opt for a bachelor’s degree in Public relations, journalism, English, marketing, or business. I will shed more light on the degree part in the next section.


Mere badging a degree doesn’t suffice the needs of the media industry that you sought after. You have to pull off a lot and take advantage of any approaching opportunity. While doing your graduation, indulge in college varsities like fashion show club, cultural fests, and other event management. There may be other popping opportunities in college societies related to writing press releases and contacting media outlets. Prefer to volunteer for such golden opportunities and start building your network at an early hour.  


Take part in events and get real-life experiences as to how the media network works. Make the most out of the vacation time by reveling in media internships. It serves two-way benefits. Not only do you discover and get your facts clear, but also earn supplementary income as a stipend.  


Try to indulge in internships in different companies where you get ample occasions to learn and grow. You will acquire industry protocols, communications standards with media, strengthening brand image, engaging the audience, client issues, etc. All of these will enhance your potential for prospective efforts.


Remember, experience and creativity are the key factors determining your stay in the public relations industry.


Which Degree To Take Up For A Career In Media Relation?

Talking about the first degree, you can straightaway head for Public relations degree. Here, you will attain knowledge about media and mass communications. How does media cast efficaciousness on society? How to write press releases, emails, newsletters, and other write-ups. Also, you learn about how to maintain public relations for a business or organization.


If you don’t want to be competent with this degree, you have other options as well. The media relations industry does look out for and hire people from journalism, marketing, and advertising fields. Thus, if you are more into marketing or journalism, then that chosen degree can also park you with your long-term media industry.


Or else, if you prefer to go to a liberal arts college, prehensile knowledge in English or communications can also land you the dream job in the media-related industry. These disciplinary courses give you an upper hand in communications and critical thinking, which are highly sought-after skills in the media industry.


Keeping in mind all the choices you have, choose the one that best suits your criteria for moving forward.


A Deeper Glance At The Public Relations Course

Now, if you have decided upon the degree option of public relations, let’s get you familiarized with what all lies in there for you.

Any course on Public Relations would include the following topics with certain tweaks: 

  1. Introduction to Public Communication
  2. Background and history of Print Media in India
  3. Electronic media and Photography
  4. Research Methodology
  5. Communication theory 
  6. Information Technology in Public Relations
  7. Public Relations writing
  8. The marketing environment
  9. Perception of psychology and human needs.


The above course content can vary as per the university or college you are applying for. Thereupon, the topics may embody diverse subsets and some additional tweaks.  

Some of the best colleges that offer Public Relations degrees in India are:

  • Xavier’s Institute of Communications (XIC), Mumbai. …
  • School of Communications & Reputation (SCoRe) …
  • Delhi School of Communications (DSC), Delhi. …
  • Indian Institute of Mass Communications (IIMC), Delhi.

You can prune out the colleges as per your criteria and choice of location. Go ahead with the one that best suits your interests and aptitudes. 


Skills That You Require For Career In Media Relations

Attaining a degree is just one part of your marathon; there’s a lot more to it. You need to spice it up a notch by acquiring the skill set required for the public relations industry.

Below is the list of in-detail skills that you need to brush up on to groom yourself for the public relations industry:

1. Communication Skills

Excellent command over both spoken and written communication skills forms the epicenter of media relations. That means you should be adept at asserting your message in a succinct and precise manner, irrespective of your chosen field as a copywriter, advertiser, marketer, or something else.


2. Organizational Skills

The media industry challenges you to handle multiple clients, accounts, posts, events– to name a few. Lack of organization can often leave you astray and indignant. Therefore, organizational skills are profoundly inherent to the job profile. You will hone up the skills holistically as you gain experience.


3. Interpersonal Relationships

As a part of this industry, you have to interface and interact with clients and media perpetually to promulgate the remarkable and reputable image of the company. True to its tradition, you have to be wary of interpersonal relationships. While working in group projects and internships, you automatically sharpen your skills.


4. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

The backlash of working in an ever-evolving industry is capriciousness. You can’t predict and never know when something drastically changes. A mass critique, and get ready to get trolled. And technology is a double-edged sword that benefits us at times, but resentment and outrage also spread at the same rate. That calls for critical thinking and problem-solving abilities to quickly water before it ablaze. 


5. Research Skills

The media industry is driven by research and knowledge, especially for the clients’ projects. While riding the bandwagon, you have to be well-acquainted with the market trends, competition analysis, technology, and keyword research. Thorough and profound research is the key to your success in public relations. Not only does it aid you to meet the demands of your clients, but also discourse with journalists with confidence and comfort.


6. Resilience

With a snap of a finger, trends in the media market undergo amendments. Predictability is adequate to conjecture as there is no sure-shot road to success. It all lies in the perception of the customer- how do they like it? Consequently, you have to be resilient and flexible with your work approach and ready to acclimate to changes swiftly.


7. Ability To Work Under Pressure 

Working on several projects under stringent deadlines at the same time is the everyday haul of the media relations industry. Think of it- manifold clients with diversified demands and strict deadlines. Conceiving that, you ought to fasten your seatbelt and thrive with full vigor and zest.

These are some of the typical skills sought-after by the recruiters. Yet, every job has its own guidelines, which can ask for more or less. Therefore, before applying for any job, read the job description scrupulously and learn more skills as per the industry standards.


Additional tips to get hired 

Once you are selected for the interview, the dependency of discretion lies solemnly in your presentation. 

So, be prepared with these elements:

Prior research on the company background is a must. Know what the company demands and how you are a precise fit for the role. 

  • Be prepared in advance with the general interview questions, provided that you have to talk a lot and showcase your excellent communication skills. Also, be firm, clear, and concise, and don’t beat around the bush.
  • Epitomize the experiences and knowledge that you gained through your internships and prior work experiences.
  • At the same time, articulate your interest in learning and validating more as you join the company.
  • If you are a fresher, it’s better to be flexible with the paycheck; but know where to draw a line.


Well, we have come to the end of the blog. Wrapping it up, I would say the media relations industry is built upon the notion- “Nothing is constant except change.” Following this, a career in the media industry will open up an alchemized and illuminating window to the world.


Concluding thoughts on a career in Media Relations 


Ultimately, I suggest you garner the insights that you have gained throughout the blog. Give it a deep thought! And once you find yourself encircled in surety, jump in with both feet. There’s no looking back then.

An English-graduate, vivacious researcher, SEO content writer, avid reader, and passionate writer, Alumna and content writer at IIM Skills.

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