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4 Best Entrepreneurship Courses in Pune

India’s startups ecosystem is growing at a rate of 12-15 % year on year. Correspondingly, India has world’s third-largest startup ecosystem. If you want to be an entrepreneur, this article lists top entrepreneurship courses in Pune.


List of the best entrepreneurship courses in Pune


In 2021 alone, India added 46 unicorns. That almost doubled the number of billion-dollar firms to 90. In addition to that, estimates say 50 more startups will join this list in 2022. But what does this unicorn mean? A company is a unicorn if it crosses the $1 bn valuation mark. In this article, we will discuss various entrepreneurship courses in Pune and other details.


After the pandemic, many job seekers have turned to entrepreneurship. But why? This shift occurred as a result of job losses and a fall in job demand. Another reason could be the ongoing WFH situation. Employees prefer WFH to work from an office setup, according to a new trend. And to support this, there have been reports of mass resignations. Self-employment seems a better choice for them to pick as a result of the hesitation. This is due to the fact in the WFH situation, people started to work on their ventures along with jobs.


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Define Entrepreneurship


The process of bearing all the risks and rewards while starting a business is known as entrepreneurship. It is risky but generates economic prosperity, growth, and innovation. Just like every new venture has a risk factor in it.


Importance of entrepreneurship training

Creating jobs


Entrepreneurs can generate jobs for others. Thus, reducing the unemployment problems in a country. Entrepreneurs can set up large and small units. While this opens jobs for people, it also positively affects the economy. You may ask why do you need training for that? Training provides necessary guidance in setting up these units and people management skills.


For instance, if a person starts a textile firm without knowing how to find raw materials and run a business. Do you think that person’s business would thrive? Because a lot more goes into a business than just an idea. Proper planning, management, and execution are required to build a successful business. Proper management in a company results in healthy work culture.


Efficient Use of Resources


Efficient use of local resources is possible with proper training and guidance. Entrepreneurs can tap into these resources and can help in the development and growth of the area. Entrepreneurship courses in Pune also teach how to create cost-effective solutions.


Leadership qualities


Undergoing this training can sharpen your leadership skills. Further, the trainee can be beneficial to any company or a team. A great leader can take the firm to newer heights. In addition to that, employees will also be happy. A leader directs and leads his employees.


Economic Boost


The Increase in entrepreneurs boosts economic growth since new leaders bring healthy competition and innovation. As a result, unemployment reduces, and the working-class increases.


Quality products


Competition and innovation ensure affordable and better-quality products. Innovation also aids the efficient usage of resources. In this training, you will be taught about the latest trends and innovations. You may take any entrepreneurship courses in Pune to start your entrepreneurship career.


Future Scope


The business world is ever-changing. Global investors engage and invest in the Indian entrepreneurial markets. The Government of India is fostering and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises. Various measures are being taken to create the startup ecosystem. Many private players have also entered this space to foster and promote startups. Along with that, regular workshops and events are organized.


Now, the promotion and connection of startups with customers has become easy with the help of social media. Firms can leverage this aspect and grow their brand authority. Well, this is a crucial aspect for any company as firms connect more with the target audience, their sales and brand value rise. End of the day, every firm aims to grow. Besides the domestic market, new firms can also target the global market. As a result, they become visible to more potential investors. Moreover, newer technologies ensure better innovations and, as a result, give rise to more startups.


Life of an entrepreneur


If we peek into the life of an entrepreneur, it’s a mix of chaos, uncertainty with achievements. Not to mention, every entrepreneur’s life varies. Hence, in no particular order, let us peek into the life of a SaaS entrepreneur. The day starts by checking the short-term as well as long-term goals. Then, he follows the market and audience research to understand the demand.


A business person can evaluate how and which ideas are profitable with market research. Besides profit, the demand and customer problems are also considered so that the service solves most of the user’s problems. Business meetings with staff, stakeholders, and managing the supply chain are tasks taken by a businessman. No two days are alike.


An entrepreneur constantly searches for new ideas and innovations. In addition to managing a business, one has to manage people and the supply chain and address customers’ issues. Of course, there will be a team for every aspect of the business. A businessman supervises all of this and ensures the proper functioning of the business. The functionalities vary from business to business.


Traits of an Entrepreneur

Daring and confident


Because launching a new business entails a significant amount of risk, the entrepreneur must be willing to take risks to succeed. Confident entrepreneurs take daring decisions and are ready to any risk. They must have faith in themselves and the products or services they sell.



A business owner must have a clear vision and goal for his company. Even if the company has resources and staff, a strong leader is a key to the success of any business. A great leader paves the way for his staff and inspires them. The leader sets the direction and goal of a company.

Product knowledge


A business owner is expected to know about his stuff and current market trends. He should regularly be in touch with customers’ needs and tastes. A business owner strives to create quality and newer products.



Creativity and innovative skills are a must for a business owner. Creativity inspires him to build better and better products. As a result, it solves most of the user’s problems. A user-friendly product is crucial to the success of a product.

Decision making


The success of any business is the result of a daring and robust decision-maker. Quick and efficient decision-making helps grab good opportunities. This critical skill set can be the reason for the failure or success of a business.



The attitudes and behavior of an entrepreneur with his staff and clients shape a company’s culture. Professionalism with discipline and trust builds a healthy work culture. Self-discipline allows entrepreneurs to meet their goals, stay organized, and lead by example.

Entrepreneurship courses in Pune


1. SIBM Pune


SIBM is one of the leading institutions in India offering entrepreneurship courses in Pune. Since few institutes provide these types of courses, symbiosis has come forward to fill this gap. SIBM Pune believes in creating thought leaders who can drive innovation. Hence, it has created a complete training program for future business people and hustlers.


The SIBM’s entrepreneurship courses in Pune comprises innovation basics, accounting, financial strategies, analytics, ML and AI, project management, and so on. These are the fundamental pillars for a businessman to thrive in his business. All these skill sets will help to grow any business. SIBM has rightly included all the critical topics so that students get clear insights of every part of a business.


Also, not to mention, the balance between practical and theory has been maintained. As a result, the overall development of a student happens. After the course the student becomes a thought leader who can set up excellent businesses with success. Students get hands-on experience in the field, and workshops and activities are held to help students develop their skills. Everything starting from ideating to finding investors and the negotiation skills are imparted to students.


2. Flame University


If you are from Pune, you must have heard about flame university. The institute offers various post-graduate programs. Innovations experts and highly certified faculty members design the entrepreneurship PG course. The course focuses on creating new-age leaders. It covers the necessary topics in addition to practical training. Furthermore, students will have a chance at various startup hubs in India.


Course outcomes you will learn to:

  • Apply various tools and techniques to grow your venture
  • Assess relevant innovation and creative methods as well as analyze them
  • Research, ideate, and explore new avenues
  • Apply the methods to various aspects of your business.
  • Efficiently raise capital and interact with all stakeholders,
  • Possess negotiation skills and compliance


The course has four modules: unlearn, learn, build, and lead. Don’t you think they are accurately named? These are the actual stages of becoming an entrepreneur. Students gain exposure to the business world as well as the skills needed to launch a business. Students get a chance to visit Babson college. This visit will help students gain valuable insights, networking, and a global outlook. Besides learning, it will nurture students’ creative mindset and business attitude.




SCMHRD also offers entrepreneurship courses in Pune. It ensures its students get all the necessary skills to succeed after the MBA. The MBA curriculum prepares you to lead and manage today’s evolving startup environment. The emphasis is on the underlying theory and how to apply principles to real-world business problems.


Besides, students learn the most important time management skills and how to ideate and execute smartly and efficiently. These are core to any business student. These skills will put the student on the front foot while dealing with business challenges. If you sign up here, you will have transformed yourself at the end of the course.


Course content:

  • Business statistics
  • Marketing management
  • Operations research
  • Managerial economics
  • Business analytics
  • Accounting
  • Design thinking
  • Digital and retail marketing
  • Brand management
  • Sustainable marketing
  • Performance management system
  • Corporate finance
  • Warehouse management
  • Supply chain management
  • Lean startup
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Risk management
  • Strategic management
  • And more


This is a brief overview of the course content. To know more, check SCMHRD’s website. The admission process involves selection through the SNAP exam. Selected students then appear for writing ability tests and group exercises followed by personal interaction. After all these tests, the institute publishes the final merit list. The institute has built a good reputation due to its excellent placement records. The institute makes no compromises when it’s a matter of students’ growth. Equal and undivided attention is given to all students.


4. Ajeenkya D.Y. Patil University


Another prominent institution in Pune named Ajeenkya D.Y.Patil University provides entrepreneurship courses in Pune for students. ADYPU offers a BBA program in entrepreneurship. It builds an overall strong business mindset and a positive entrepreneurial attitude in its students. If you are interested in taking this BBA course, you will learn the following.                


Course content:

  • Branding
  • Business analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Business management
  • Business strategy
  • Product designing
  • Sales management
  • Researching markets


The course assists students in becoming leaders as well as developing their innovation competence. ADPYU creates a nurturing atmosphere for young talents to pursue their business goals. Students get all the necessary guidance and support from the faculty. Not to mention the high-class faculty who take the utmost pride in students’ achievements. The placement department has tie-ups with global MNCs to place students in companies like Fiserv, Asian paints, SAP, Bajaj, Kohler. As per the reviews and the alumni network, the institute offers ample job vacancies.



1. Is it possible to pursue entrepreneurship after the 12th?


Yes, a BBA degree in entrepreneurship is an excellent option to pursue after 12th. These courses focus on learning, developing, and nurturing young talents to be future leaders. Students learn to strategize, plan and launch a business. Starting early in life in this field is considered a low-risk choice. Besides low risk, enough time is available to create a product. Yes, funds might be an issue, but these courses will teach all about that. So not to worry. Ideas should not go to waste rather be implemented.


2. How to become an entrepreneur?


Firstly, discover a problem, study it, and increase your knowledge. Take a course if needed. Network with like-minded people and gain experience. Build on your business idea to solve the problem. Finally, test the product till you get suitable results and, in the end, look for investors to raise funds.


3. What skills are needed to be an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur possesses the following :

  • Business skills
  • People management skills
  • Leadership and conversation skills
  • Customer service
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Strategic thinking skills
  • Accounting




There is no right age to be a business owner. All you require is a problem and a business idea. You don’t even have to think if it’s possible or not. Even if you fail, there is still nothing to worry about that. Ultimately, you will succeed. The satisfaction you get when you create the ideal product is priceless. This is one of the most interesting and exciting career choices to pick. I hope this list of entrepreneurship courses in Pune solved most of your doubts. What else do you want to know? Leave a comment below. Next time, I will include that aspect.

I am a software engineer turned content writer. I am an avid reader of books on marketing and self-help. In my leisure time, you can find me overthinking my life or finishing the guitar lessons that I have been skipping for a few months now. I know it's about time.

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