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Top 10 Must-Have Digital Skills For Career Growth

In a time when digital technology has revolutionized all aspects of our life, the ability to use these skills has become a very important aspect of our lives. The use of digital skills in businesses has fostered them to better research, solve complex tasks and understand their target audiences in a much better way. The businesses of today have become 100% result-oriented. Businesses are intensely focusing on Digital branding. 

List of best digital skills

From farmer’s markets to hypermarket malls digital skills have helped in brand awareness and customer relationships.  In a world where everything is digital, organizations have digitized their way of working, from brick and motors to online and the recent one work from home. The shift to a digital world has so far benefitted the world with fruitful outcomes.

#1 Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is booming today, there are more than 2 billion users across the world. Brands are going crazy working on getting a maximum number of hits of likes and shares for brand awareness, attracting world traffic to their website, increasing customer base, and boosting sales. Many brands have built a community through brand engagement.

Customers on the other side also participate by posting or hashtagging the product or service. According to a report brands find social media a very convenient platform to interact with their audiences. If you can learn social media skills it can greatly help you while you are already planning to work with that company where you may want to start working.

Social media marketing has immensely helped businesses reach new heights.  A good example is the Ain Dubai- the world’s largest Ferris wheel is an iconic landmark launched with a spectacular opening on Oct 21st, 2021. The grand opening had so many spectators from around the world.

Its marketing company Belong Interactive marketed designed the campaign under the theme: Feel the Wheel” The campaign focused on viewers to feel the experience of the massive architecture, the Ferris wheel. The campaign was heavily done on various social media channels and viewers could experience it from any digital device -, mobile app, and kiosks.  Its Instagram handle @aindxboffical has 61.4 million followers on just 125 posts.

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#2  Content Marketing

Every single person knows that Content is king. It is the content that makes you sell out from the rest. Content marketing is a very important marketing skill that is planned, created, and shared for target audiences. Content Marketing is done by brands to increase brand awareness, increase sales and interact with their audiences strategized content with marketing can make you grow like a seed with a speed fertilizer. Content marketing when done with SEO – search engine optimization can help in reaping advantages in a faster way.

 Benefits of Content Marketing

  • Gets you visible on search engines
  • Higher domain authority
  • Get more social traffic, by customer engagement.
  • Better conversion rate
  • Brand reputation
  • Stronger customer relations

Do you remember the popular Share a Coke campaign of Coca-Cola in Australia in 2011?  An n excellent example of content marketing. The campaign focused on creating a sense of personal relationships with consumers.   Around 150 popular names were printed on bottles to inspire sharing moments with its consumers.

It was such a big hit in Australia, other countries in the world also then adopted the campaign, and boom it became a sensation. If you think that you are better at creating content or if you are a good storyteller that can cook up juicy content recipes then you got it right, take up a course and learn new techniques to write content to let your profile glow.  Let marketers approach your talent and start working.

Practice these skills until you become a content writer:

  • Practice writing
  • Develop your technical skills
  • Try researching on most trending topics in your country.
  • Take up a course from a trusted source and get certified.
  • Frequently update your LinkedIn profile on your new article, let the LinkedIn community see your work.

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#3   Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once you are done with the content marketing part, the next digital skill that you might want to learn is how to optimize your content on search engines, yes, this is where you get displayed over the internet, your content wants to get the attention of your audience. SEO comes into play. SEO or Search engine Optimization is can take your content to your audience at the right time at the very click of a keyword search across the world.

SEO is the most popular track to get your audience on your website. The content has to be optimized enough for your website that google bots start indexing to their algorithms for ranking. You got to learn the tricks to attract Google bots to index your web content. Any content having relevance to popular trends, and activities is ranked by google.

When you combine your content with a good SEO strategy, you make a perfect recipe for search engines. There are many popular sources where you can start your journey to learn the Who Why and When’s of SEO. Once you master them you can easily optimize your content with keyword planners and research to rank high on the most popular search engines such as Google and Amazon.

Average Salary of SEO expert in Dubai: AED  60,000 / annually

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 # 4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is another marketing strategy to create brand awareness and customer loyalty. Marketers targeted their audience through emails to announce a new product line or to inform promotional offers, sales, discounts on festive seasons, and so on. The email that we often see in our inboxes as Newsletters on car insurance, food, and fashion are examples of email marketing.

Running an email marketing campaign isn’t easy as it sounds. Email marketers spend a good amount of time analyzing how to create an email that readers can engage into. And make leads to conversions to profitable sales. Engagement Emails are emails that keep your reader engaged by telling stories.

According to a study, when customers are welcomed by a brand like to get engaged with that brand. That welcome email when you sign-up for a product or a service of any brand is an example of an Engagement email. When a customer is happy to be welcomed they like to get connected to the business and get interested to know more about products or services and land on to make a purchase.

This is a transactional email. Often we see, companies offering discounts, coupon codes on first purchase, or signup discounts, This is how both types of email marketing are done.

Email Marketing aims for the following:

  • Email automation
  • Agility
  • Optimizing time and frequency

When marketing campaigns are created with the above aims, then businesses can reach out to massive amount audiences. Some best tools of Email marketing are Mail Chimp, Hubspot, and Mailer.

Steps to begin with Email Marketing 

  • Identify and classify your audience, Make a Target list.
  • Write down the marketing goals you want to achieve from this campaign.
  • Example: Increasing sales, driving traffic to a website, wishing your customers on birthday, etc
  • Create a strong subject Line – This is critical, as here the reader decides whether open, delete or mark as spam.
  • Write persuasively, Keep it short yet crisp. People like to read shorter emails lengthy emails are often transferred to the delete folder.
  • Apply basic psychological skills of users behavior like Flash sales ends in some hours or Festive season sales etc.
  • Add call to action –Link the Buy Now to your website. Write some smart CTA’s to excite the buyer to click the tab.
  • Add a Gift to it like a free sample of any item at the end of the transaction.
  • Click Send.
  • Follow up in case your customer has left items in the cart, just a simple reminder to complete the purchase for the sales offer to expire in some hours. This alerts the customer’s mind and he may complete the purchase.

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# 5. Video Marketing

Video Marketing requires excellent digital skills; it can be difficult at the starting but eventually yields fruitful results. This skill helps you to reach a mass audience within minutes, especially for those who don’t like to read a lot. Video Ads are powerful one for everyone, it provides a snapshot of your whole idea, and viewers get interested at the very time. Likes and shares make a video get popular creating interest in the product or service.

To learn techniques of video marketing, one must consider taking a course that can help you in developing your digital skills to organize and plan content and publish on various media platforms. There you can learn how to place Ads, create and edit videos, sound quality, and many other technical skills that are beneficial for media companies and influencers.

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 # 6 Data Analytics

When they say Numbers speak volumes, it’s true!  Numbers are calculated from a set of data. When comes to the data part, Digital Analytics is the term used. Data Analytics is a life savior of any digital marketer. And why not, before any marketing campaign is drawn data is analyzed as a preliminary step.

Any company cannot invest millions into advertising merely on the gut feeling that this particular idea will work. They need to depend on and analyze data. It helps in extracting valuable insights from a piece of data. Companied use Data analytics to have an in-depth analysis before planning strategies to understand their audiences.

Importance Of Data Analytics

  • Defines the success rate of your SEO, SEM, and any marketing strategy.
  • It encompasses the measuring, collecting, and interpreting of digital data of users’ activity on websites, mobiles, and other applications.
  • Derived data helps businesses to understand their customer’s preferences which in turn helps in product customization and improvements in other areas.
  • Based on the data, businesses can also improve their online performance by increasing web traffic, and conversion content strategies that are important for brand development.

There are 2 most popular tools used for analyzing market performance

  • Click Analysis Tool: This analysis is done based on individuals’ actions on the website and other apps.
  • Google Analysis:  It is the most known digital analytical software, it’s a free service that comes with your signup with google ads. Google Analytics gives a detailed report on the number of visitors, time spent on any page, and for how many times. When you get this data of your audiences you can know when to and where to apply changes in your marketing plan for better market penetration.

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# 7. Website Developer

Building a website is an important skill to earn money, though it’s hard to convert a design into a full-fledged functioning website.  Learning to work on developing a website requires time and effort and can take months to have that grip of a good web developer.

Website development involves steps and processes to start or update activities like web design,  developing web content, network security configuration client-side scripting and network, etc until the final website is launched with plenty of options available where coding is not much required.

This gives a great start for people to build a website and make businesses showcase their products, services, values over the internet. There are many ways to build a website easily, I would suggest Worpdress for its simplicity and ease of creating a website of your choice.

Average Salary of Website Developer in Dubai:   AED:5000-6000 per month.

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# 8. Copy Writing

Copywriting is not an easy skill to learn, good copywriting is similar to walking on a single rope balancing between not falling off and yet keeping the show running. Your work needs to be punchy, not pushy to the customer. Copywriting is one by businesses to persuade customers to read about their products and increase leads to a business or a brand.

The description we see on the website can also be regarded as copywriting. Beginners often get confused between copywriting and content writing. Both are not the same. Copywriters write about the brand as the product and Content writers write the brand as a person.

Because Brands have quotas abut people have values.  Brands are advertised, and People are admired for their values and feelings. Though it takes time to acquire this skill, the following tips help get better over time.

  • Read books- TheAdweek Copywriting Handbook by Joseph Sugarman, The Boron Letters by FaryHalbert, and How To Write A Good Advertisement by Victor Schwab are my personal favorites.
  • Keep writing articles and answering questions to people on Reddit, yahoo, and Quora.
  • Always highlight benefits more than features
  • Write in active voice.
  • Consider a competitor research
  • Use Grammarly to edit while you write
  • Spend time on Headline
  • Write with a purpose and a balance of keywords for SEO
  • Make a content map to keep you on track.

Some important skills that you might want to learn as a copywriter

Being able to create a strong and appealing headline. Depending upon the marketing strategy copywriting are of different types:

  • Direct response copywriting
  • Marketing Copywriting
  • Copywriting for Brand
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Technical Copywriting

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# 9 Blogging

Blogging is a popular and easier way to make money over the internet.  Blogging has become popular because it helps to create your blog easily in a few clicks you are ready to blog and people of any skill level can do blogging. With blogging people find a space of themselves where they share opinions on certain topics which they think can be worth informational for the public.

These days we can see people simply blog about how they spend their day at home or different places on a budget and so on. Recently when people shifted to work from home, and study online this whole thing developed the confidence to speak and face the camera. Hence people started to write a blog about every movement of their for example: Making chocolate brownies from two ingredients.

Chocolate brownies are a regular favorite dessert of many people may want to read and try. This creates a likeness and followers of a particular blogger. Later businesses may want to approach them Bloggers and influencers have become popular and are highly paid by the business.

The average salaries of any blogger may depend on the niche of the business or topic, the amount of time required to research and provide information, and the marketing strategy of a given product.

Bloggers make money through: 

  • Advertising Directly
  • Ad-Sense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Writing reviews
  • Sponsored posts.

# 10. Mobile App Developer

Mobile apps have become the backbone of modern businesses and why like who can deny that the world is embracing mobile applications? The little ones at our homes are ordering food through mobile apps. Adults and children are spending long hours on mobile phones than on computers or tablets.

Businesses of any niche want to have a mobile app to expand their reach to customers, increase conversion rates and attract traffic to the website and give its customers a user experience to be able to order and search for products on their phones.   But developing mobile apps requires a good hand of computer skills such as programming, UI designing, backend computing.


1. What are the three most in-demand digital skills to learn and earn in 2022? 

Besides having a creative mindset, these digital skills are highly in demand for any business in Dubai Web App developer, SEO, and  Social Media Marketing.

2. What digital skills are important for an entry-level job? 

Some good important digital skills that you must know for an entry-level job from a recruiters point could be:

  • Emailing
  • Research
  • Handle Online information
  • Using cloud-based tools – google drive teams, zoom ad Drop Box
  • Managing worksheets for online work
  • Screen sharing and video calling
  • Managing multiple work schedules online.

3. Can I learn digital skills at home?

Yes, definitely you can master any digital skills at home as the technology can reach anywhere, also at your home. You can enroll in any courses online and learn.


Digital technology today has touched every aspect of our daily professional and personal lives.  Multinational organizations to small businesses have come to realize the importance of digital skills for various stakeholders in the current digital era. For jobseekers whatever job you are heading for an interview, recruiters will surely be hunting for a wider skill set of soft skills and experience for new hires.  Hence it is empirical that we start to learn and master digital skills and keep our hands still busy making money from home.

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