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5 Best Digital Marketing Courses In Pitampura With Placements

Today, Digital Marketing has aced the online ball game. A lot of businesses have incorporated Digital Marketing as part of their marketing league. Are you interested in pursuing this on-demand Digital Marketing as a career in India? Then, read through this complete article to catch a glimpse of the Digital marketing courses in Pitampura, India. This article entails the complete details of the buzzword- Digital Marketing. You will get precise know-how on the Digital Marketing courses in Pitampura. 

Digital marketing courses in Pitampura

Just, as usual, let us start exploring the definition. What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing refers to anything that promotes business and increases online visibility through digital media channels. Marketing campaigns on electronic devices are a typical example of Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is the ultimate tool to connect with potential clients. Digital marketing meets the online reputation of the digital platform.

Businesses today strive to score in their digital presence to promote the brand. Television and newspapers are old-fashioned marketing tools that won’t suffice to beat the ongoing competition. The new era demands social media performers and Search Engine Optimizers to rock the show.

Digital marketing is an expansive field with varied types such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social media advertising, email marketing, pay-per-click marketing, and content marketing. Digital marketing is necessary for businesses to become show-stoppers through online portfolio. Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing disciplines and most sought-after fields that can fetch your lucrative pay.

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Before moving further, let us quickly explore some of the types of Digital Marketing.

Some of The Most Popular Digital Marketing Types Are as Follows:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- A key to the web site’s traffic is through SEO. SEO is an effective marketing tool aimed at improving the website ranking and its performance metrics. SEO strategies evolve with the algorithms of Google. SEO currently focuses on Content Indexing, Link structure, and Keyword research. You need to structure your website as per SEO. Clever use of these three factors aids in improving the web page performance.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)- PPC is an ad mechanism for improving traffic. Pay-per-click (PPC) refers to promoted and paid advertisements. They are ads that appear on top or side of the search results page while browsing. Google AdWords is a PPC campaign where you pay when someone clicks on your ad and lands on your page. Your advertisement runs based on Ad quality, keyword relevance, landing page quality, and the bid amount. The cost to run an ad depends on the keyword priority. You can customize PPC as per the geographic location and serve ads to a specific target audience.
  • Social Media MarketingSocial media channels like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube are the virtual kings of society. Social media marketing involves driving traffic and users online through social media platforms. Social media marketing goes hand in hand with analytics. Social media marketers create data-driven strategies by analyzing the performances of social media posts. Social media marketing builds online leadership, converts users to customers, and expands business.

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  • Content Marketing- Content marketing is building sustainable and engaging content to lure the audience and generate leads. Content means blog posts, e-books, white papers, podcasts, etc. Content marketing encompasses other marketing types such as SEO marketing, email marketing, and PPC. Content marketing targets building long-term trust and helps to gain clients. Content marketing needs to entail relevant content, readable content, engaging content, and interactive content. Content marketing is challenging yet crucial for your website.
  • Email MarketingAlthough email marketing may seem like an old technique, it is a proven marketing technique to lead generation. Email marketing sends promotional messages to create brand awareness. Email marketing is an effective tool to create the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). Companies use email automation techniques to schedule emails for this purpose. Email marketing designs compelling campaigns and understands the perspective of the audience. Based on the data, digital marketers make strategic decisions to improve the open rate (number of people opening the mail) and click-through rate (number of people who open the mail and click a link). Winning marketing ideas include email personalization, making room for recipient preferences, and launching a FOMO.

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Digital marketing and its types in an organization are like the types of vitamins to the body. Digital marketing is a strategic component in a company to tailor messages for the target audience. Digital marketing techniques achieve a broad customer base.

Let us move to the next section of the discussion on the benefits of the Digital Marketing Courses in Pitampura.

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Why pursue Digital Marketing courses in Pitampura?

Why should I take up Digital Marketing courses in Pitampura and expand my career? Why is Digital marketing a worthy career alternative? If you have had these questions bothering you for a long time, you are at the right place. This section will explain in grave detail why to pursue Digital Marketing courses in Pitampura.

  • Spiraling demand for Digital Marketers: The digitalized era demands more Digital Marketers. Digital Marketing is an in-demand skill that offers room for techies and creative artists. The high demand for digital marketers is a good sign to bank on for the foreseeable future.
  • Growth prospects- Noteworthy: Digital marketing field is constantly evolving with many avenues for students. Every day will be a new learning experience worth cherishing. Digital Marketing is a versatile field that will keep you hooked in your chairs and offer plenty of opportunities for career growth. The digital marketing field involves a lot of creativity, so it is always booming.
  • Lucrative pay scale: High demand comes with high remuneration. Whether you work as an in-house marketer or a freelancer, you are likely to get attractive pay. Also, one can enhance the pay scale with expertise and experience. A digital marketing manager can earn up to six lakhs per annum on average in India.
  • Easy career setup: Getting a degree may be quintessential for an engineering role but not for Digital Marketing. Digital marketing only demands a skillset and knowledge of tools. Learning marketing techniques, building a portfolio is more than enough to start a career in Digital marketing. Digital marketers need to adapt themselves as and when the field evolves. And you are good to go on with this career in Digital Marketing.
  • Blend of technical and creative fields: Digital marketing is a vast field that requires specialists in the tech and creative domain. Digital marketing is a dynamic field with new marketing trends like AI hitting the internet every day. If you are a creative person keen on technicalities, this is the right career. Try to stay on top of the basics and upcoming trends to be successful in this career. If you are ready to spice up your career with everyday learning, you can reap the max benefit from this career.

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In Pitampura, many institutes offer online and offline courses in this field. You can choose your cup of tea and build a portfolio to start a career.

Importance of Digital Marketing courses in Pitampura in a Nutshell

Digital marketing is a boon for business owners, working professionals, and students. In a nutshell, let us look at its benefits.

  • For business owners, Digital marketing is a single place that enables social media discussions, wins clients through a portfolio, and markets through promotions/campaigns. Whether small, medium, or large-scale business, Digital marketing plays a pivotal role in business expansion. Digital marketing provides online review management to gain the trust of the customer. Even the simplest apps for your job need digital marketers for online visibility. Digital platforms and online presence help in meeting customer expectations.
  • For working professionals, even in the non-marketing domain, Digital marketing helps in attuning to the growing digital trends. Digital marketing course enhances the skill set of working professionals. Know-how on digital tools and technology helps in smoothening processes and marketing. Professionals from varied domains like HR, logistics, and software benefit from Digital marketing. The new-age millennials look for a challenging profile to cope with digitalization. And this course is a savior for working professionals.
  • For students, Digital marketing offers a great career option. Businesses and corporates today are about promotion and marketing. They prefer students with multiple skills and the ability to learn the ongoing market trends. Creating trends and hashtags and promoting business online is the need of the hour. Companies need professionals to create a stellar portfolio and build an online reputation. The digital marketing course will help students to grow exponentially. In a world of the digital revolution, this is an evergreen course for students.

The introduction of chatbots on websites, social media accounts, and companies has led to a steady rise in the time spent online by users. The world today needs personalized information on its feeds to save time. Digital marketing ensures the delivery of customized content. Hence, a Digital Marketing course as a career line can add more feathers to the cap.

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5 Most Sought-After Digital Marketing Courses in Pitampura

Digital marketing courses in Pitampura are a top choice for students and professionals to kick-start a rewarding career. Pitampura is a famous commercial hub that offers a plethora of opportunities in Digital Marketing. Let us explore the five most sought-after Digital Marketing courses in Pitampura.


IIM SKILLS is known for its unique e-learning techniques and offers one of the best online digital marketing courses in Pitampura. The well-furnished classroom of the IIM SKILLS for Digital Marketing Course is highly respected. Not only offline, but they provide online courses as well which has trained a number of professionals.




Perks and Benefits:

  • Guaranteed internship for after course completion
  • An opportunity to launch your agency (Digital marketing agency)
  • A letter of recommendation with a course completion certificate
  • 300+ placement partners to guide and support in the interview process
  • 15+ live projects, 10+case studies, and tools worth 79000 included in the curriculum


You will get hands-on experience on famous digital marketing tools such as Mailchimp, Ubersuggest, WOO Commerce, Google ads, SEMRUSH, etc. IIM Skills is known for skilled mentors, lifetime access, fringe benefits, and master certification. The positive reviews by students and professionals seem like IIM SKILLS will be worth a try.

IIM SKILLS Students Are Working At


Some More Advantages

  • Aid for preparation of 13+ certifications
  • 40 digital marketing modules for thorough learning
  • Personalized and lifelong mentorship to start a career and business


Media Coverage For Outstanding Contribution to Education  and Online immersive learning.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact : +919580740740 , [email protected]

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2. Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing Known As DIDM

DIDM is a pioneer in digital marketing training that provides online and offline learning opportunities across multiple areas such as Delhi/NCR, South Delhi, East Delhi, West Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, and Pitampura.

Key takeaways from DIDM course:

  • Practical training sessions in Digital Marketing
  • Learning access to 50+ modules
  • Online Learning management system (LMS)
  • Promises internship and placement support
  • Exposure to live projects
  • Tools and software

The major highlight of DIDM is that it has courses in three levels:

  1. MIDM – Master in Digital Marketing
  • MIDM consists of 140 hrs of training.
  • Offers In-class, LMS, and on-board training sessions
  • For working and marketing professionals, this program helps in upgrading their skillset.
  • Ideal for entrepreneurs to manage their business and increase ROI
  • Provides freelancers with an opportunity to make money online

2. AIMTP- Advanced Internet Marketing Training Program

  • Offers online and in-class sessions with core concepts
  • 50+ modules covered along with case studies and live projects
  • 20+ certifications recognized globally
  • Job and placement assistance part of the package

3. Customized course in Digital Marketing

  • Training modules customized
  • Practical sessions and live projects
  • Assignments, case studies, e-notes provided
  • Job and placement support

Reasons to join DIDM:

  • Proven placement record
  • Provides tool-based learning
  • High-quality training with trained mentors
  • Flexible batch timings, flexible courses

Modules covered under three MIDM, AIMTP, and customized courses:

  • Basic and core concepts of Digital Marketing
  • Web designing module
  • Email marketing, Inbound Marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization), also CRO (Conversation rate optimization)
  • Affiliate and eCommerce marketing
  • Video and social media marketing
  • Black hat techniques and tips
  • Remarketing concepts
  • Blogging and content marketing
  • Business lead generation


Assocham has awarded DIDM. DIDM has ISO certification and MSME registration (Ministry of MSME, Govt of India). DIDM offers profound courses for students, job seekers, and entrepreneurs in different modes- online and offline. Flexibility in DIDM is an advantage for digital marketing aspirants.

3. Adzentrix

Adzentrix is another leading Digital marketing training institute in Pitampura that offers basic to advanced level courses. Adzentrix offers only an online course in Digital marketing. Adzentrix is a pioneer in the Digital field who has been providing training for about 14 years. The four-month duration course is available at Rs. 19,900 with 65 modules and 15+ certifications.

Course modules in Adzentrix:

  • On-page and off-page SEO
  • Website fundamentals
  • PPC marketing for return on investment
  • WordPress web designing techniques
  • Content marketing with tools like Articoolo and SEMrush
  • Email marketing with paid marketing tools
  • Google Adsense
  • Social medial and affiliate marketing strategies
  • Google Analytics for website performance
  • Google Webmasters to fix crawling and indexing issues
  • Youtube marketing concepts

Some add-ons of this course:

  1. Google certification
  2. SMO and SMM
  3. Google Ads marketing

Reasons to join Adzentrix:

  • Placement in reputed MNCs
  • 7500+ trained students with 790+ batches
  • Lifetime career support
  • 80% practical exposure
  • Latest Curriculum
  • You can earn while you learn
  • High google rating

Adzentrix has micro-sized batches and a lot of customized options available for students. Adzentrix is a good alternative for students preferring custom courses.


4. Your Web SEO Digital Marketing Institute

Your Web SEO is yet another top-rated institute for Digital marketing training in Pitampura. They have trained 3500+ students for more than 15 years.

Your Web SEO provides four different types of courses:

  • Fast track ADM course
  • Course fee: Rs 12,000
  • Course duration: Three months
  • Includes 60+ modules and live practical training.
  • Advanced Digital Marketing course
  • Course fee: Rs 25,000
  • Course duration: Three months
  • Offer student loans at 0% cost.
  • Includes 60+ modules and live practical training.
  • Master DM course
  • Course fee: Rs 55,000
  • Course duration: Six months
  • Guarantees 100% job for all students.
  • Offers to teach 60+ modules.
  • Industrial and practical learning
  • Shopify+Dropshipping
  • Course fee: Rs 7,100
  • Course duration: 10 days
  • 90 days Shopify free trial
  • Topics discussed –Aliexpress, payment gateways, order fulfillment, email marketing tactics, brand building, etc

Worthwhile content offered by Your Web SEO:

  • Dropshipping course – Teach you to build a dropship domain
  • Shopify training course- Trains in setting up an eCommerce website
  • Influencer Marketing course- Teaches visual concepts that help in influencer marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing course- You can learn to promote and earn money
  • Digital Marketing course- Discusses successful techniques for Digital marketers
  • YouTube marketing course– Includes tips to create engaging videos

Your Web SEO boasts about helping students generate leads. Ideal for students looking for 1-on-1 coaching and customized training.

5. Digiperform

Digiperform offers state-of-the-art digital marketing classrooms in Pitampura with a capacity to teach 70 students at a time. The course focuses on live lectures and hands-on practicals. The curriculum covers 25 imperative digital marketing modules.

Six sections of curriculum:

  • Marketing and web presence– Foundation
    • This module covers the history of marketing. Explains the basic and major differences between traditional and digital marketing.
  • Business visibility creation- Online
    • This module briefs about various channels in digital marketing. It also teaches online business goals.
  • Lead Generation Module
    • This module offers knowledge in the Digital Consumer Journey.
  • Lead nurturing module
    • This module covers website planning, local visibility, and social media visibility.
  • Personal branding, online earning
    • This section educates on media buying principles. Additionally, the module covers the basics of nurturing and lead funnels.
  • Preparation for interview

Why pursue a course at Digiperform?

  • Award-winning LMS offered
  • 100+ live tools exposure
  • Globally recognized for certification in Digital marketing
  • Good placement track record
  • Job assistance from industry top trainers
  • Live classroom sessions with course duration from 3 to 6 months

Digiperform is ahead of other institutes in terms of its numbers. Having handled 850+ batches with a track record of 18,000 placements makes Digiperform a trustworthy institute in Pitampura.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Which course is best for digital marketing?
  • All courses offer some unique benefits and opportunities to the students. But IIM Skills is the best institute that offers digital marketing courses.
  1. What qualifications are needed to pursue digital marketing courses?
  • You do not need to have a particular qualification for joining this course. You will learn about the basic techniques of marketing after joining the course.
  1. Is digital marketing a good career?
  • If you can learn the proper techniques of marketing and how to optimize your content and make it SEO friendly you can build your career in the industry of digital marketing.


Parting Notes

Digital marketing is a top-rated skill in many organizations. A trained fresher can get a job with this course. With years of experience come pay and position. The purpose of this article is to spread awareness about the Digital Marketing courses in Pitampura. The above-discussed five universities are popular among students pursuing Digital Marketing Courses in Pitampura. Choose the best institute in Pitampura depending on criteria such as duration, syllabus, fee, and trainers.


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  • hi, Digital Marketing is the online process of selling anything over the internet. There are many such other platforms to promote your products to sell it. Learning this aspect is crucial to a business’s success. Hence my query is will I be provided a demo class to understand methodology?

  • Hello, I was seeking new skills that a student can learn when I came across this article, and I must say that it is wonderfully written. This post not only introduces me to digital marketing and its applications but also the best digital marketing program in Pitampura. Thank you for this information; I’m going to try digital marketing.

  • Hi , I am Ramya. I work in a IT company though now I look for opportunities in marketing. I dont hold an MBA so can I ener in this field. I am very interested in marketing. Will the candidates having an MBA degree have better chances to get a job in this field?

  • Hi I am Mantej. I am pursuing studies in Information Technology and I want to learn digital marketing. IIM skills digital marketing course in Pitampura with offers like: Guaranteed internship for three months after course completion, an opportunity to launch your agency (Digital marketing agency), a letter of recommendation with course completion certificate, 300+ placement partners to guide and support in the interview process, Personalized and lifelong mentorship to start a career and business, 15+ live projects, 10+case studies, and tolls worth 79000 included in the curriculum, Aid for preparation of 13+ certifications and 40 digital marketing modules for thorough learning is perfect for me. Thanks

  • Hi, This is Ramneek. I have completed my graduation in English and want to pursue a career as a content writer, but it is not possible for me to travel and attend the classes offline. so kindly let me know an institution where I can do a certified content writing course online.

  • IIM skills is a profoundly appraised digital marketing establishment that has accomplished splendid achievements in the previous 5 years. IIM skills have effectively prepared more than 6000 experts from more than 30 nations with in excess of 1000 preparing programs.

  • Hello, I am Harshleen I am a new joinee as a Public Relation Officer in an organisation.
    My responsibilities includes planning publicity strategies and campaigns. writing and producing presentations and press releases. dealing with enquiries from the public, the press, and related organisations. organising and attending promotional events such as press conferences, open days, exhibitions, tours and visits. I feel urgent need to develop expertise in online marketing strategies and campaigning for their successful implementation. Going through the importance, types of digital marketing and course topics of IIM skills I decide to go with the institution. My schedule is tight and hectic, so I need flexibility and cooperation please.

  • my name is Poonam, I want to be a content writer. I would like to gain more insights in this field. Please let me know the future career prospects that are available with this course.

  • Hello, I am Jitendra. I am a Sales Manager. Digital marketing is the most viable and cost-effective means for businesses and individuals to connect to their ideal customers and clients when they are live on Google through Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) & Pay Per Click (PPC), on social media platforms with Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Emailers with Email Marketing, and boost the sales. I want to learn digital marketing to acquire all these skills. IIM skills offers a free live demo session,to get oriented to its offer through one to one interaction. So I choose to first register for this fee demo for knowing this digital marketing institute in Pitampura.

  • Hi, I am Akshara. All the courses are well designed and structured in a way to meet the needs of the students and professionals wanting to start their journey in this domain. I am very positive about this field and hoping to join the course offered by IIM SKILLS.
    Thanks again!

  • hie, i m veer, i m a student, wanted to apply for MBA entrance exams but didn’t clear, i don’t want to waste my time more, instead planning to do a certification course like digital marketing, but want to about income that I will get after completion of course

  • Hi, I am Sonal. I am a Graphic Designer. Learning digital marketing to avail its varied benefits is my sole purpose for participation in the program that gives digital marketing training in Pitampura. In online marketing, the most cutting-edge formats are now available for us to use in order to have a greater influence on our audience, increase our brand’s recognition, and increase our audience recall. We’re certain to achieve superior results by utilizing all of the digital channels now in use. Additionally, there is a huge range of formats allowed in the internet world, so our creativity is truly unrestricted! Therefore, acquiring this crucial and beneficial skill is advantageous to excel in career as well as field.

  • Hi, I am Roma. I am currently studying for my MBA. I have taken marketing as my major. Because I got COVID-19, I had to miss one of my semesters. And being from a tier 2 college, I am worried about my placements. I want to do a course that can make me job-ready in the field of digital marketing. Kindly, suggest an excellent course with interview preparation as well.

  • I am a commerce student, I have been thinking to join this course for quite some time now, I believe this will help me secure a good job in the future and also during my college days so that I can pay off my college fees. I heard I can work part-time online, within my choice of time. Is this true? also i can earn while learn right?

  • Hey such a great blog post. Thanks for answering all my doubts and providing me the exact information I needed to start the course and this journey.

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