Top 6 Digital Marketing Courses In Dwarka In 2021

Top 6 Digital Marketing Courses In Dwarka In 2021

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Digital Marketing is something that is flourishing nowadays. There are thousands of job opportunities and business plans as well in this. People are curious about this and willing to imply the techniques so that they can have a better audience and so on.


It is good to learn about Digital Marketing to have a clear idea so that you would be able to overcome any obstacles that will come on your way and doing a Digital Marketing course is a good step. But before looking for an institution, let us have a glance at what Digital Marketing is.


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 What is Digital Marketing?


Digital Marketing is a process of marketing through which various companies or people use the internet or other technical things to promote their products or services so that they can reach a maximum audience and create a long-term bond with them.


Dwarka, the holy city, is best known for its temples and mythological background that attracts thousands of tourists per year for experiencing something exceptional. 


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 If you are looking for an institution to do a course on Digital Marketing then have a look at the below-mentioned detailed description of the top 6 Digital marketing courses in Dwarka.


IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the world’s leading online education institutions. It offers development courses for people who have different areas of interest. IIM Skills was established after the foundation of a successful educational blog. They are the providers of the top Digital Marketing Courses in Dwarka along with other cities.


Let us have a look at the details of the Digital Marketing Course in Dwarka provided by IIM Skills.


  • Course Highlights:
  1. 3 Months Guaranteed Internship
  2. Launch Your Digital Marketing Agency
  3. Write Your First Blog For Times Of India
  4. Letter of Recommendation + Certification
  5. 300+ Placement Partners for Interview Support
  6. Personalized Mentorship for Career and Business
  7. Launch Your Podcast with Apple, Google, and Spotify
  8. Practical Learning
  9. Tool Driven Course
  10. Life Time Access to Training Material, Course Recordings, Class Presentations
  11. Demo session
  12. Virtual Interactive Classrooms
  13. Placement Assistance


  • Course Modules
  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. Web Development at WordPress ( module 2)
  3. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) (modules 4)
  4. Search Engine Marketing ( Google Ads) (modules 4)
  5. E-mail Marketing (modules 4)
  6. Inbound Marketing (modules 3)
  7. Social Media Marketing (modules 6)
  8. Integral Digital Marketing Strategy (module 1)
  9. Web Analytics ( Google Analytics) (module 1)
  10. Affiliate Marketing (module 1)
  11. Video Marketing (module 1)
  12. Marketing Automation
  13. Digital Infographics Resume Creation
  14. Case Study discussion
  15. Assignments


  • Fees: The course will cost 29,900 RS + 18% GST


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  • Duration: 120 Hours


  • Certification: International Certification


  • Internship: 3 Months of Internship


  • How To Apply:  Visit the website of IIM Skills to get all the details. You can also mail them and get an immediate response.


  • Who Can Apply:
  1. Students
  2. Working Professionals
  3. Traditional professionals
  4. Entrepreneurs
  5. Housewives
  6. College Dropouts 
  7. Digital Marketers


IIM Skills has more than 5 years of excellence, trainers with 12 years of experience. It is a global platform that allows people across the globe. They are known for their capacity of breaking down complex concepts into bite-sized, actionable tips making it easy to understand every concept with clarity.


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 SEO Click


SEO Click is a professional training institute that provides its students with in-depth knowledge of Digital Marketing. Their aim is to prepare the students completely with industrial exposure to build a better career in Digital Marketing.


Let us look at the details of the Digital Marketing Courses in Dwarka that SEO Click provides.


  • Course Highlights :
  1. 100% Placement
  2. Live Projects
  3. Freelance Projects
  4. Theoretical and Practical Classes
  5. Online and Offline mode of Class


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  • Course Modules:
  1. Placement
  2. Internship
  3. Photoshop
  4. Web Designing
  5. Video Editing
  6. On-page and Off-page
  7. Google Analytics
  8. Search Console
  9. Google Ads
  10. YouTube Ads
  11. SMO
  12. Affiliate Marketing


  • Duration: The duration depends on the course that you have purchased. There are three types of courses which are available and the duration changes according to it.
  1. Diploma Course 12 Months
  2. Advance Course 6 Months
  3. Basic Course 3 months


  • Fees: The fee of the course is 30,000


  • Careers:
  1. Digital Marketing Manager
  2. SEO Executive
  3. Social Media Marketing Expert
  4. Content Marketing Manager
  5. Search Engine Marketer/ Specialist
  6. Copywriter
  7. Inbound Marketing Manager
  8. Conversion Rate Optimizer


  • Process of Admission:
  1. You need to fill up the application form first
  2. Then you would be called for an interview
  3. If you get selected, you can join.


  • Eligibility Criteria: Minimum 12th pass


SEO Click has 12 years+ of experience with MNC working trainers. They conduct classes in small batches. Each batch consists of 10 students so that students can clear all of their doubts and they can have equal attention from the trainers.


The Digital Marketing Course in Dwarka that they provide focuses on generating creative ideas, high-quality training, smart classes, and 100% placement assistance.


Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing


Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing is one of Asia’s leading Data Marketing and Data Analytics companies. They provide one of the best Digital Marketing Courses in Dwarka. Let us look at the details.


  • Course Highlights:
  1. 100% Placement Assistance
  2. Experienced Trainers
  3. Free Doubt Clearing Session
  4. 100+ Placement Partners
  5. Proven Track Record 
  6. 24*7 Customer Support
  7. Free Backup Session 
  8. Freelance and Live Projects
  9. Internship
  10. Google Certification
  11. Demo Class
  12. Online And Offline mode of Class


  • Modules:
  1. Ice Breaker for Digital Marketing Overview
  2. Digital Marketing Strategy
  3. Practical Approach
  4. Inbound Marketing
  5. Search Engine Optimization 
  6. Google We Tool
  7. Search Engine Algorithms 
  8. Local Business listening 
  9. Google Analytics
  10. Content Marketing
  11. Competitors Analysis
  12. Social Media Marketing
  13. Mobile Marketing
  14. Optimization Conversion Rate
  15. Google AdWords
  16. Online Display Advertising
  17. Video Marketing and Fundamentals
  18. Media Buying and Planning
  19. E-commerce Marketing
  20. Online Reputation Management
  21. Creating Marketing Strategy 
  22. Lead Generation for Business
  23. Live Practical Session
  24. Case Study Discussion
  25. Interview Preparation
  26. Blogging
  27. AdSense
  28. Freelancer Push-ups 
  29. Black Hat Techniques
  30. Search Engine and Social Marketing Parameters
  31. Remarketing Concept
  32. Others


  • Fees:

The fees depend on the course that you have purchased. There are three types of courses, which are available, and the fees change according to it.

  1. Advanced course Fees 38490
  2. Master Course Fees 48490
  3. Customized Course Fees 17518


  • Duration: 3-5 Months


  • Certification: 20+ certification available
  • Careers: Digital Marketing Professional


  • Process of Admission:
  1. Go to the website 
  2. Click on the enrolment tab
  3. You can also request a demo class


  • Who can apply:
  1. Working Professionals
  2. Job Seekers
  3. Students
  4. Housewives
  5. Freelancers and others


DIDM has 12 years of experience. Their aim is not only to provide knowledge but also to generate new strategies.




Setrends is a venture of Seoclick. It provides a wide range of Digital Marketing courses in Dwarka that include SEO, SMO training, E-mail Marketing, and so on.


  • Course Highlights:
  1. Live Project Training
  2. Practical Implement
  3. Website Building
  4. Backup Classes
  5. Interaction with Industry Veterans
  6. Guest Lecturers from Various Industries
  7. Lifetime Membership of the Community
  8. Convenient class Timings
  9. Demo Session


  • Course Modules:
  1. Overview of Digital Marketing
  2. Website Planning
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. On-Page and Off-Page
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Pay Per Click
  7. E-commerce Marketing
  8. Blogging
  9. Mobile Marketing
  10. Google Analytics
  11. Digital Marketing


  • Fees: The course will cost 25000 RS  + Tax


  • Duration: 120 Hours


  • Internship: 2-6 Months


  • How to Apply:
  1. Visit the website
  2. Choose the course
  3. Pay


  • Who can Apply :
  1. Students
  2. Entrepreneurs
  3. Working Professionals


SETRENDS also provides customized courses.


Kayra Infotech


Kayra Infotech is one of the dedicated companies that provides Digital Marketing Courses in Dwarka. They also give services to international clients.


  • Course Highlights:
  1. State of the Art Infrastructure
  2. Industry Exposure
  3. Expert Faculty
  4. Exposure to Latest and Emerging Technologies
  5. Connect with Industry Leaders
  6. 100% Development Oriented Training
  7. Hands-on Practical
  8. Job Placement Assistance
  9. Post Clarification Assistance for any Clarification.


  • Course modules:
  1. Digital Marketing Overview
  2. Website Planning and Creation
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Online Display Advertising
  5. E-mail Marketing
  6. Lead Generation
  7. Google AdWords
  8. Google Analytics
  9. Facebook Marketing
  10. LinkedIn Marketing
  11. Instagram Marketing
  12. Pinterest Marketing
  13. E-commerce Marketing
  14. Mobile Web Marketing
  15. Content Marketing
  16. Online Reputation Management
  17. Affiliate Marketing Basics
  18. AdSense and Blogging
  19. How to Grab Freelance Projects


  • Fees, Duration, and more:

Visit the website and contact them to get more details about the fees, duration, and other things.




Edify is officially registered under Ribittle Venture Pvt. Ltd. They provide one of the best Digital Marketing Courses in Dwarka, which focuses on practical training. Their students work on live campaigns and analyze the data and optimize its performance.


  • Course Highlights:
  1. Hand on Practice on Live Projects
  2. Certified Internship Included
  3. Placements Assured
  4. Lifetime Modules Access
  5. Interview Training
  6. Soft Skills Training
  7. Premium Access to 20+ Plugins Worth of INR 2 lacs
  8. Live Project Training
  9. 1:1 Mentorship


  • Course Modules:
  1. Website
  2. SEO
  3. Paid Ads
  4. Social Media
  5. Content Marketing
  6. E-mail Marketing
  7. Blogging
  8. Analytics
  9. Resume
  10. Soft Skills


  • Certifications: 4 certifications available


  • Duration: 3 months


  • Fees and more: Visit the website for fees and other details


Things to Keep in Mind before you go for a Digital Marketing Courses in Dwarka:


When it is about investing money, you should be careful. Which is right for everybody might not be right for you. There are certain tips for you to follow before buying a course.


  1. Make a clear idea about what you are looking for.
  2. Check if the institute is providing you with those things or not.
  3. Request a demo class. It is very difficult to choose any one of thousands of institutes. Attending a demo class makes the work a lot easier. You would be able to experience the environment and more before paying so that you can make your final decision.
  4. Ask questions or clear your doubts during the demo session. If you move on with doubts in your head, then it can be problematic.
  5. Check the reviews on the web or enquire from the previous batch.
  6. See if they have personal mentors or not. In this journey, mentorship is very important. The right guidance can lead you to your desired destiny.
  7. See if they conduct live projects, assignments or not. Practical knowledge is the key when it comes to Digital Marketing.
  8. Certifications are needed when it comes to jobs. So check if they have certifications or not and what kind of certifications are there.
  9. An internship acts as a plus point in your job profile. Check if they have any internship programs or not.
  10. A partnership is also something to think about. For Digital Marketing, the institution you are applying for must have placement partners.


Frequently Asked Questions:


We have bought you some FAQs to look at so that you can have a better idea about Digital Marketing and other things related to it.


Question-1: Is Digital Marketing a good career?


Though Digital Marketing has been underrated for quite a long time nowadays, it is very evident that Digital Marketing has established its kingdom in various places. We can see the ads, social media influencers, and more.

Today Digital Marketing is helping a lot of companies to grow and gain a better audience. Previously people were unaware of the services or products that the companies provide with. But now, as technology has developed, people are much aware. Everything is just one click away. It has allowed the companies to develop a long-term relationship with them and increase their audience as well.


It has also made small businesses vulnerable to more public attention. Now the world is turning online, and all most every company wants to create and maintain an online presence and reputation for which they will be hiring digital marketers. It is opening doors for students as well.


Question 2: Is Digital Marketing difficult?


To put in simple words- No! Digital Marketing is eternal. Every day a new concept, a new strategy is coming. You just need to be in continuous practice and cope up with the trend.


It is a way of showcasing your brand, products, the services by using the internet so that you can reach a large group of people. But it can be problematic if you don’t have a guide or mentor. It is better to learn it from any institution so that you can gain some practical knowledge as well.


Question 3: What skills are needed?


Digital Marketing is something that is for everyone. If you have an interest then you can go for it. However, there are evident tips you can follow:

  • Understand your Buyer’s persona: It’s very important to understand your audience, their needs so that you can provide them accordingly with your services.
  • Communication Skills: When it comes to the audience, it is important to be able to communicate. It helps you to understand your audience and create a bond with them. If your brand is unable to communicate with the audience, then automatically the number of audiences will be decreasing. Hence, communicating and helping them in their decision is a great way to expand your brand value.

Creative Mind: 

  • To reach your audience, you need to be creative in your ideas so that you can create content that is engaging to the audience.
  • Technical Skills: As Digital Marketing is something that is done by using the internet, you need to develop some technical skills to make your brand and content presentable.


Question 4: Can a Digital Marketer work from home?


The answer is obviously yes. Because most of the work is done online, you don’t need to step out of the house especially in this pandemic. All you need is a laptop and internet and you are good to go.


Question 5: How do I keep up with Digital Marketing trends?


The tricky thing is you don’t need to copy others, be unique but also follow the trend. The best way to do that is to consume a lot of content. Just like reading is important for writing, similarly, consumption is also important for production. Keep an eye on the things that are going on and mold them according to your preferences.


Question 6: Why Mobile Marketing is important?


Mobile Marketing is more important because people spend their time more on mobile than any other gadgets. So it can be a great way to reach a better audience.


Question 7: What are the types of Digital Marketing jobs?


  • CRM and E-mail Marketing manager
  • Copywriter
  • Analytics Manager
  • E-commerce jobs
  • Web developer/Web designer and other

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