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Top 10 Data Science Courses In Centurion With Placements

The hub of many economic resources, Centurion, a commercial hotspot between the two hubs of South Africa, Pretoria, and Johannesburg, is also known for its estate living and has earned much respect among businesses worldwide. In a place like this, if you are thinking of upskilling yourself by learning data science concepts, machine learning, and AI, then you are making the right move. Today, the concepts used in data science have become essential for the growth and development of every sector. With our top 10 data science courses in Centurion, you choose the right platform to begin your data science journey.

List of best data science courses in Centurion

Data Science Courses in Norwich

Data science has become an integral part of today’s world, and without it, businesses and organizations cannot thrive in this competitive world.

  1. Data science is essential for enabling better decision-making in offices and empowering the management systems of organizations. Data scientists utilize analytical skills to streamline decision-making by tracking, measuring, and recording performance and other essential information.
  2. Data science assists in examining and exploring organizational data, allowing data scientists to recommend necessary actions and improvements, ultimately enhancing organizational performance. With analytical skills, a data scientist eases the decision-making processes through tracking, measuring, and recording performance and other information.
  3. Data science aids organizations in recruiting the right talent for their systems.

Must explore the best:

Now We Will Share the List of the Data Science Institutes in Centurion.


It is a program that is ranked the number one data science program and covers everything that is considered necessary to learn and begin a data scientist career. In this course, IIM Skills offers 100% assured internships to its learners, and the course is approved by MSME.

The course is an online course, which has over 160+ hours of lectures for its learners, in these 160+ hours of lectures the expert trainers clear concepts of elements of data science.

The Data Science Course Curriculum Follows:

Statistics in Data Science

Random variable, Probability, Probability distribution, SND, Expected Value, Sampling funnel, Sampling variation, Central Limit Theorem, confidence Interval, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, forecasting, and Time Series.

Data science in (AL and ML)

Concepts of Machine Learning of 46 hours, Supervised Machine Learning, Unsupervised Machine Learning, and AI-Deep Learning.

Data Science using SQL

Basics RDBMS Concepts, Utilising the object explorer, Data based object creation, Data manipulation, SQL server reporting services, SQL server integration services, and others.

Data Science using Power BI

Introduction to Power BI, Data preparation and Modelling, Keeping and removing rows, Add remove and going to columns, Data analysis expressions, and Reports development.

Data Science using Python

Introduction to basic Statistics, Introduction to Mathematical foundations, Introduction to analytics and Data Science, Python essentials, Operation with NumPy, Overview of Pandas, Cleansing data with Python, Data analysis using Python, Basics visualization tools, Visualising geospatial data, Data visualization with Python, Advanced visualization tools, Statistical methods, and hypothesis testing.

Data Science using Tableau

Data handling and summaries, Building advanced reports and maps, Table calculations, and Calculated fields.

R for Data Science

Data importing and exporting, Data manipulation, Data analysis, Data visualization with R, Using R with database, introduction to Statistics, Linear regression, and Testing.

Data Science using Alteryx

Fundamental concepts of Alteryx, tools, understanding the environment and setting of Alteryx, Remove from the data set, Understanding Alteryx Designer, Connect to data sources, Alteryx designer interface, Set data field types, User and workflow settings, Filtering data and data processing, S Blending and join Data from different sources, Filtering using string data, data cleansing, Impute values, Random samples, identify common data fields and many more.

This Data science institute in Centurion has over 16 live projects and over 100 hours of practical assignments for its learners. They have over 10 case studies for its learners.

The tools they cover in its master certification are

SQL, Jupyter Flask, Python, and ChatGPT.

Register on their website to begin your data science program career.

Course mode: Online

Course Duration: 11 months

Course fees: 99,900+ 18% GST

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

2. ALX Africa

Designed for people with some data science knowledge, this data science institute in Centurion offers courses to prepare its learners for working with unstructured datasets and entry-level roles in data science under expert mentorship and a supportive learning environment.

Experts mentors with industry knowledge and decades of experience have designed its data science program in Centurion, in partnership with Explore AL.

In the 2-month module of data course offered by ALX Africa, they make its learners learn skills like career-building, critical communication, and leadership that help in the well-rounded professional development of learners.

The glimpses of the modules of the Data Science Courses in Centurion are divided into different weeks

  1. A) From week 1 to week 5, they teach their learners about SQL, data preparation, and explore 101.
  2. B) From week 6 to week 10, they teach their learners about data visualization and storytelling, consolidation, and Python.
  3. C) From week 10 to week 20, they teach their learners about Machine Learning, Regression, Natural Language processing, and classification.
  4. D) From week 20 to week 30, they teach their learners about unsupervised learning and integrated exams.
  5. E) From weeks 30 to 40, they teach their learners about AWS foundation and integrated exams.

The skills that learners will learn during the data science courses in Centurion include machine learning, Python, SQL, data visualization, and storytelling.

The program requirements to get admission include

The person needs to be of African origin

The person needs to be 18 to 34 years old

The person should have the ability to write and speak English fluently

The person should have a laptop or desktop computer with a stable internet connection.

Mode of course: Online

Duration of course: 13 months

Course fees: $300

3. Digital Regenesys

Explore the world of data science from the Data Science Courses in Centurion, offered by Digital Regenesys, and get global exposure by gaining the latest data science knowledge.

The comprehensive course curriculum of this data science institute in Centurion equips learners with the necessary tools, technology, and techniques that help them extract meaningful insights from the unstructured data which, in turn, helps them make informative decisions for the companies.

During the course, the industry expert faculty impart knowledge through live classes and make learners work on real-life big data sets where they learn data manipulation using Programming languages like Python and tools like Pandas.

They made their learners solve the complex problems of data science through their course curriculum, which include:

Basic Data Science

  • The general modules include Python programming and MySQL.
  • complimentary modules include maths for data science, Excel, and ChatGPT helping data scientists big in their day-to-day lives.
  • Add-on modules include the R programming language.
  • MongoDB and business intelligence tools include Power BI and Tableau.

Advanced-Data Science

  • The General modules include Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning Web development with Flask, and Streamit.
  • The Add-On modules include natural language processing, computer vision, and time series analysis and forecasting.

The Applied Data Science

  • Applied Data Science includes AWS Cloud computing, Big Data- PySpark+KafKa and ML Ops.

The tools in the course include Keras, Matpltlib, CSV, Pandas, Scikit Learn, SciPy, Python, Tableau, NumPy, Seaborn, Jupyter and TensorFlow.

Mode of course: Online

Course Duration: 30 weeks

Course fees: R45,344

Contact: [email protected] or at +27(11)6695000

4. Softspace Solution

To get the ideal start in data science, become part of this data science institute in Centurion, and learn the skills required to become a data scientist. This course provides an in-depth understanding of the fundamental concepts of data science under instructors with years of knowledge in data science.

They made their learners learn from scratch and advanced their skills by mastering their advanced skills, including Machine Learning and AI, with real-time projects and tutorials.

Data Science Courses in Centurion offered by Softspace Solution help students solve complex problems with intellectual expertise. This course can be learned by people of IT to enhance their skills, can be learned by business analysts to extract insights, can be learned by data analysts to expand their skills, can be learned by professionals involved in research, can be learned by marketing professionals to analyze customer behavior, can be learned by entrepreneurs to gain a competitive advantage of data science.

The course curriculum of the data science courses in Centurion

Introduction part, where they give an introduction to data science, data science life cycle, tools of data science, introduction to Python, and introduction to Machine Learning.

The programming basics include an introduction to Python Programming, Installation, basic operation, Variable assignment, Functions in Python, Condition and loops, Data structure, Array, object, Exception handling, and File handling.

The Data Science Libraries include the Introduction of NumPy and Pandas, Installation of PAndas and NumPy libraries, Data visualization libraries, Introduction to Power BI, and Introduction to SQL.

The SQL part includes fundamentals of the structured query language, SQL tables, Joins, Variables, SQL Functions, Subqueries, Rules, Views, Nested Queries, String functions, pattern matching, Mathematical functions, Data-time functions, etc.

The Statistics include the introduction of Statistics, Statistical functions like mean, median, mode, measures of central tendency, measure of spread, five points summary, EDA parts, Correlation MAtrix, Normal Distribution, Skewnessm bell curve, Probability Distribution, Bayes theorem, central limit theorem.

The ML Introduction includes an introduction to Machine Learning and categories, Data preprocessing, Data preparation, Machine Learning types and algorithms, an Introduction Parameter in MAchine LEarning and PCA, an Introduction on Github and Kaggle, and an implementation of the case study.

The GIT includes GIT lifecycle, Git commands, working with branches, GitHub collaboration, GitHub Authentication, Merging branches, Resolving merge conflicts, and Git workflow.

The case studies include a recommendation engine, Housing and Census, Object Detection, Stock Marketing Analysis, and AL Chatbot.

To get more details visit the website.

Mode of course: Online

Duration of course: 120 days

Contact: +918208413258 or [email protected]

5. Learnbay

The data science courses in Centurion offered by Learnby are designed to excel in the skills of future data scientists; their advanced data science and AI program is for professionals seeking to advance in a fast-changing field like data science. They give hands-on learning and industry knowledge to their learners through their data science program

This program is for those with 6 months of knowledge in IT and non-IT fields.

This data science institute in Centurion follows a seven-step learning path which includes topics like

Learning Path 1 – Cohort Orientation + Special Programming Classes

Learning Path 2 – Python Programming ( Basic+ Advanced)
Learning Path 3- Statistical and machine learning

Learning Path 4- Data Science Tools

Learning Path 5- AL Tools

Learning Path 6- Deployment

Learning Path 7- Al Generative tools and future trends

After completion of the course, the learners can take the job role of Sr. Data Scientist, Machine Learning engineer, AL Engineer, BI Developer, Big Data Architect, Sr. Data Analyst, etc.

You will also get one year of job placement support, one mock interview with industry experts, resume building session, and 4 interview calls

Mode of Course: Online

Fees of course: Rs 1,05,00 + 18% GST

Contact: +917795687988

6. Eduvos

Eduvous offers data science courses in Centurion, in two modes: a full-time online mode with a minimum duration of 3 years and a maximum duration of 5 years and a Part-Time online mode with a minimum duration of 5 years and a maximum duration of 7 years for the aspirant who wants to learn about data science and wants to begin their career as a data scientist.

The learner can take the job role of a business intelligence analyst, data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Quantitative Analyst, Predicative Analyst, Statistician, System analyst, Database administrator, Network Administrator, Technical Support Specialist, Cloud Computing Specialist, IT Project Manager, IT Consultant, Entrepreneur and startup founder after the course.

The module descriptors of the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology are as follows:

In the first year of the course, they teach covered topics like

AL Ethics and Privacy

Cloud-Based Technologies

Computer Network and Security

Computer Network Technologies

Computer Skills in Microsoft

Introduction to information systems

Introduction to Programming

Linux-based Operation Systems

Mathematics 1A

Mathematics 1B

Non-Technical Skills for IT Professionals

Procedural Programming

In the Second year, they covered topics like

Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Data Structures and Algorithms in Python

Database Systems

Linear Algebra with Applications

IT Project Management

Machine Learning Algorithms

Network Security

Probability and Statistics

Scientific Computing in Python

Web Server Management

In the third year, they covered topics like

4IR Technologies

Business Management and Entrepreneurship

Object Oriented Systems Analysis and Design

Operating Systems

Project: Data Science

R Programming for Data Science

Research design and Methodology

Sensors Data Management, IoT Mining and Analytics

For entry requirements and qualification accreditation visit the website of Eduvos.

Mode of course: Online

7. Educba

Educba offers data science courses in Centurion, in an online mode. The course covers the core areas of data science such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Visualisation, and many more things.

In this data science program, the following skills will be covered:

  • Machine Learning algorithms
  • Deep learning
  • Data visualisation
  • Big Data
  • Hadoop
  • MapReduce
  • HDFS
  • HIVE
  • PIG
  • Mahout
  • NoSQL
  • Oozie
  • Flume
  • Storm

The tools covered in this data science program are:




This course features lifetime access to the recording of the 360 classes and a verification certification for learners

The data science course curriculum is as follows:

(A) 34 online courses on Hadoop certification training of 125+ hours, where trainers impart knowledge of Big Data, Hadoop architecture, HDFS, MapReduce Fundamentals, HIVE Advanced, PIG Fundamentals, and many more

(B) AWS training course of 54+ hours, where trainers impart knowledge of Amazon Web Service, AWS Certified Solution Architect, Amazon cloud Computing, SysOps, Simple Email Services, and many more

(C) SAS training course of 116+ hours, where trainers impart knowledge of SAS, GRAPH, DS2 Programming, ODS, SAS SQL and many more

(D) Machine Learning course of 93+ hours, where the trainers impart knowledge of learning with TensorFlow, Five projects in Machine Learning, Intelligence with Python, and many more

(E) R programming course of 76+ hours, where they teach a Comprehensive Course on R, Business Intelligence using R, Machine Learning with R, Fraud Analytic, etc.

(F) SEO training course of 94+ hours, where SEO Secrets of Page Optimisation, CRO Beginners, Advanced, Google Analytics, etc.

(G) Oracle training course of 181+ hours, where Oracle SQL comprehensive training, PL SQL Developer, Oracle database admin DBA, etc.

(H) IOT Course of 34+ hours, where OoT automation with ESP8266, Python for IoT tutorials, etc.

(I) Minitab training of 16+ hours, where application to predictive Modeling, Analysis of Variance ANOVA, etc.

(J) SPSS certification course of 14+ hours, where Descriptive statistics, correlation techniques, linear regression modeling, etc

(K) Tableau Training course of 19+ hours, where Business intelligence with Tableau, Customer Analytics using R and Tableau, etc.

To get more information visit the website of Educba

Mode of Course: Online

Fees of Course: 9999 INR

Contact: [email protected]

8) Great Learning

The Great Learning offers data science courses in Centurion, where their learners master the tools used in the data science industry like Python, Tableau, SQL, ChatGpt, Machine Learning, and Predictive Modelling. This dedicated program supports learners and helps them meet with people of similar interests.

Their Exclusive recruitment drives help learners get placed in distinguished industries with the help of their hiring partners. After the course, the learners can expect to work in an industry where an average hike of 50% salary is expected.

To get more information visit the website.

Mode of Course: Online

Duration of Course: 12 months

9) Excelr

The Data science courses in Centurion, offered by Excelr in association with the Technology Innovation Hub of IIT Madras, make their learners job-ready with their data science program.

They have over 25 assignments for learners and over 18 industry-relevant real-life projects during the course. They have tied up with 2000 companies that help their learners get placed.

The skills covered include:


Data Analytics

Data Visualisation

Machine Learning Algorithms

Ensemble Techniques

Text Mining/ NLP

Forecasting Analytics

LLM and ChatGPT

The skills covered during the data science program include:




Scikit Learn


Apache Spark




The Projects covered during the data science program include:

  • Daily Twitter Data Analysis for a Product
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Predicting Loan Defaulters
  • Warranty Cost Prediction
  • Predict Flight Delays

Mode of course: Online

Fees of Course: 54,999 INR

Contact: +918035240517

10) Datamites Global Institute

The data science courses in Centurion offered by Datamites cover everything required to become a data scientist in the data science field. IABAC accredits this course. They have various courses on data science for their learners.

The Live Virtual Course:  This course has an instructor-led live online class of over 120 hours for learners. They have internships with job assistance and 25 Capstone + 1 client projects for learners. This is a 365-day Flexi Pass + Cloud Lab course.

Blended Learning is a self-learning + love mentoring program in which the IABAC and NASSCOM certification with 1-year access to E-learning, 25 capstones, and 1 client project, job assistance provided at 43,995 INR.

The Classroom in which in-person classroom training, IABAC, and NASSCOM certification with 8-month with 700 learning hours, 120-hour classroom sessions, 25 Capstone and 1 client Project, Cloud Lab Access, internship with job assistance is provided at 82,845 INR.

To get more information on the data science courses in Centurion by this institute visit the website.


1) What is the expected basic pay of a Senior Data Scientist Salaries in Centurion?

The basic pay of a Senior Data Scientist Salaries in Centurion is between ZAR 8L- ZAR 8L.

2) Is there a demand for data scientists in South Africa?

South Africa is seeing an increased demand for qualified data scientists with problem-solving skills.

3) How many hours does it take to become a data scientist?

It takes 3 to 4 years to get a degree in data science, although a person can learn about it by enrolling in short-term courses.


The list of the data science courses in Centurion provided here will help you begin your data science career and get placed in your dream companies. Data science is an emerging field opening doors to new opportunities for freshers and professionals. So don’t wait anymore start learning data science and gift yourself a bright future.


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