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Top 10 Data Science Courses In Tembisa With Placements

Who would have thought that one day we would be able to learn about any subject from any part of the world and that too sitting on the comfortable couch of our beloved house? It all becomes possible because of data science and its vast application, which we today, use in our daily lives so, if you stay in Tembisa South Africa, and are looking for a data science institution, then you can leave that thing to us. Because with our best 10 data science courses in Tembisa, you will get help choosing the right institute for your education.

List of best data science courses in Tembisa

If you are someone who likes to spend his hours on chairs doing programming and coding and have a great interest in statistics the branch of mathematics which is an integral part of data science and AI, likes to play with data and enjoy extracting information from its unstructured and structured pattern then, there is no doubt, that you are the one who is made for the data science career.

Only people who are good at the given things are able to walk on the path, the destination of which, leads them to places where respectful positions and a salary with good numbers await them. Now will share the list of the institutions that provide data science courses in Tembisa

Best 10 Data Science Courses in Tembisa

Below is a list of the best data science institutes in Tembisa

Rank #1. Data Science Courses in Tembisa


The Data Science Course offered by IIM SKILLS is approved by the Government organization MSME. They give a hundred percent interview guarantee to their learners, and along with this, they also give hundred percent internship opportunities to learners.

Therefore, if you want to attend the lectures of over 160+ hours on data science, provided by trainers with decades of experience in data science then, don’t keep yourself away from the data science master course offered by IIM SKILLS.

The data science program is ranked number one by the esteemed organizations of the world including TimesNow and The Statesman. After the class, they also give assignments work to learners to which they have to devote over a hundred hours and utilize all the knowledge given to them by their instructor so that they have practical knowledge with theoretical knowledge.

Their master’s certification in data science has won the trust of many learners and turned their dream of working in distinguished organizations and companies into reality.

In the course they have:

  • Over sixteen live projects
  • Over ten case studies
  • And over seven tools
  • They give resume and interview preparation guidance to learners in the course.

Glimpses of the course curriculum of data science are:

  • Use of Statistics in data science
  • Data science in (AL and ML)
    Data science using SQL
  • Data science using Power BI
  • Data science using Python
  • Data science using Tableau
  • R for data science
  • Data science using Alteryx

Knowledge of tools they provide Python, SQL, Jupyter, ChatGpt, and Flask.

To discover your PG in data science learning path follow these steps

  • Registration
  • Batch select
  • Maintain attendance
  • Appear for Examination
  • Earn master certification
  • Get placement support
  • Become a happy graduate

The course mode is online

Course fees are 99,900 +18% GST with 11 months of duration

Contact +919580740740 or [email protected] for any queries.

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Rank #2. Data Science Courses in Tembisa

2) Analytix labs

The Analytix labs offer education in data science courses in Tembisa which has sixty classes of over 750 hours to make you industry-ready. The dual certification from the Electronics and ICT Academy and Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati is provided after the completion of the course.

They give 43 assignments and projects to learners so that they can apply the knowledge taught to them during the lectures. After the course completion, the learner can get a job role of Data scientist, analytics consultant, BI analyst, data analyst, data science specialist, business analyst, data science consultant, machine learning specialist, and statistical analyst.

The key skills that will be covered during the data science program at this one of the best data science institutes in Tembisa include R programming, data mining, and analysis, data blending and manipulation, data visualization, MIS reporting analytics, predictive modeling, supervised machine learning, unsupervised machine learning, text mining, and NLP, python for data analysis, data science methods, unsupervised learning models, reporting analytics, machine learning modeling.

The glimpses of the course curriculum followed them

Data visualization and analytics which includes

  1. Building Blocks
  2.  Data analytics with Excel
  3.  Data analytics with SQL
  4.  Data visualization and analytics with Power BI
  5.  Data analytics using VBA

Data science which includes

  1.   R for data science
  2.   Python for data science

Machine learning and text mining which includes

  1.  Predictive modeling and machine learning
  2.  Text mining using NLP
  3.  AL and ML Ops which includes
  4.  Introduction to AL, Deep learning, and cloud computing
  5.  Introduction to ML-Ops and Model Deployment
  6.  Industry and functional sessions

Placement readiness program which includes

  1.   Placement readiness program

The mode of the course is online

Contact +919555219007 for enquiry.

Rank #3. Data Science Courses in Tembisa

3) Intellipaat

Software developers, project managers, freshers and undergraduates, information architects machine learning and business intelligence professionals, data scientists, and professionals who aspire to be data scientists in top organizations and companies can get certification in the data science master’s program offered by the intellipaat.

These data science courses in Tembisa give aspiring learners real-world project knowledge. This certification course in data science program includes 232 hours of instructor-led training which includes:

  • Python for data science
  • Machine learning
  • AL and deep learning
  • Power BI
  • and 104 hours of self-paced videos that are co-created with IBM named
  • Deep learning with TensorFlow
  • Build chatbots with Watson’s Assistant
  • R for data science
  • Spark MLlib
  • Python for data science

253 hours of projects and exercises for their learners coming from different academic backgrounds to give the learners real-world experience project work is also designed by industry experts for learners who want to upskill their knowledge of data science.

The data science training program designed by the experts is designed in such a way that it consolidates the knowledge of learners and prepares them for exams like the Microsoft 70-761 SQL Server certification exam, Microsoft 70-762 SQL Server certification exam, deep learning with TensorFlow, Python for data science, C100DEV: MongoDB certified developer associate exam and Spark component of Cloudera Spark and Developer Certification through their data science course.

The glimpses of the course curriculum include

39 hours of Python for data science

32 hours of machine learning

32 hours of AI and deep learning

24 hours of data visualization with Power BI

42 hours of data science with R

24 hours of data science with R

24 hours of advanced Excel

24 hours of MongoDB

16 hours of MS-SQL

The course mode is online

The fee of course is 62,643 INR

You can contact them at +917022374614 and 1-800-216-8930 for your queries

Rank #4. Data Science Courses in Tembisa

4) Edx

Edx offers data science courses in Tembisa on its platform where instructors from distinguished universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, IBM, and the University of Cape Town offer education to young minds.

Now we will look one-by-one at data science program glimpses of this platform.

Introduction to data science with Python- In this course, taught under the guidance of Harvard University, the learner must have prerequisite knowledge of Python and statistics before applying for this course.

It is 8 8-week long course in which three to four hour per week classes are taken by the expert mentors. Being a self-paced program, it allows learners to learn at their own pace. The foundation and concept of Python and machine learning are strengthened in this course.

The associated skills covered by them are:



Artificial Intelligence





Data Science


Machine Learning

Scientific Methods Parsing

Introduction to data science- This is an introductory level, a six-week online course with free optional upgrades for learners. This course is under the guidance of data scientists, who impart knowledge to learners.

The associated skills that they will cover are

Data Science


Tax Collection

Big Data

The learners will learn about the tools and algorithms used daily in the field, the data scientist’s role in business, and many more.

Data science: Machine Learning- This is eight weeks, where 2 to 4 classes are taken by the mentors per week. During the course, they teach learners the popular machine learning algorithm, regularisation by building a movie, and principal component analysis.

The associated skills that will be covered

Recommender system

Machine learning

Data Science

Speech recognition



Principal component analysis

Other courses which will be helpful in your journey to becoming a data scientist comprised on its platform are

  1. IBM Data Science by IBM
  2. Statistics and Data Science by Massachusetts Institue of Technology
  3. Python Basics for Data Science by IBM
  4. Data Science by Harvard University
  5. Data Science: R Basics by Harvard University
  6. Machine Learning with Python- from linear models to deep learning by Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  7. Data analysis: Statistical modeling and computation in the application by Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  8. SQL for data science by IBM
  9. Data science visualization by Harvard University
  10. Understanding the World Through Data by Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  11. Data Science: Probability by Harvard University

To know more details about the offered courses visit the website of Edx.

Rank #5. Data Science Courses in Tembisa

5) Dataspace Academy

Dataspace Academy offers data science courses in Tembisa, with an academy rating of 4.9 stars on Google and 4.7 stars on Trustpilot.

This course can be joined by people with IT, computer, Statistics, maths, Economics, and any other background, by professionals, trying to switch careers to data science, and by individuals with prior knowledge in data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

During this data science program, the skills include statistical analysis and computing, Deep learning, machine learning, and data visualization.

The tools that will be covered are









The course curriculum includes

Module 1: Data analysis  in Excel which is two weeks

Module 2: Python Essentials which is of 8 weeks

Module 3: SQL which is of 2 weeks

Module 4: Essential Statistics for data analysis which is 4 weeks

Module 5: Basic Machine Learning Algorithms which is 10 weeks

Module 6: Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms which is of 8 weeks

Module 7: Deep Learning Computer Vision

Final course: Capstone Project which is of 1 month

The overview of the hands-on Project followed in this data science program

Netflix dashboard analysis

Exploratory data analysis on the IPL dataset

Financial reporting using Power BI

Analysis of shopping mall data

Human resources analytics

They also offered a 100% job guarantee to their students  with the help of their hiring partners like Wipro, Infosys, IBM, Accenture, TCS, IBM, /google

Mode of course: Online

Contact: +919355196799

Rank #6. Data Science Courses in Tembisa

6) Scaler

Scaler offers data science courses in Tembisa, where they provide personal placement mentorship guidance to their learners. Their course is designed for beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners.

For beginners, the course is 15 months and includes six modules. In the first module of four months, Tableau, Excel, SQL, and beginner Python are taught to learners.

In the second module, Data analysis and visualization which is four months, Python libraries, Probability and applied statistics, and product analytics are taught to learners.

The third module, the foundation of Machine Learning and Deep Learning, is three months in which, advanced Python, maths for machine learning, and introduction to neural networks and machine learning are taught.

In the fourth module, Specialisations which is three months, supervised, unsupervised, and recommender systems, neural networks, computer vision, and natural language processing in machine learning are taught to learners.

In the fifth module, machine learning ops, which is one-month machine learning ops is taught.

In the sixth module, advanced data structures and algorithms, which is four months advanced data structures and algorithms are taught.

The intermediate-level data science program is 11 months

Module one, data analysis and visualization, which is of 4 months covers Python libraries, probability and applied statistics and product analytics.

Module two, the foundation of machine learning and deep learning, which is 3 months covers advanced Python, maths for machine learning, and introduction to neural networks and machine learning.

Module three, specialization, which is three months covers supervised, and unsupervised machine learning, neural networks, computer vision, natural language processing

Module fourth, machine learning Ops, covers machine learning ops

Module fifth, Advanced Data Structures, and Algorithms, which is, 4 months covers advanced structures and algorithms.

The advanced level course is 7 months

Module one, the foundation of machine learning and deep learning, which is, 3 months, advanced Python, maths for machine learning, introduction to neural networks, and machine learning is covered.

Module two, specializations of 3 months, supervised and unsupervised machine learning, neural networks, computer vision, and natural language processing are covered.

Module three, machine learning ops, of 1 month, machine learning ops are covered.

Module 4, advanced data structure and algorithms, 4 months, advanced data structures and algorithms are covered.

To learn more about the course visit the website.

Mode of course: Online

Rank #7. Data Science Institutes in Tembisa

7)  Code Academy

Code Academy offers data science courses in Timbsa under the guidance of trainers who with their decades of knowledge impart knowledge to students, through the tools, techniques, and machine learning. They have various courses on their platform that are designed so well that learners can learn many things from them

Data Scientist and Machine Learning is one such program available on their platform, which is beginner-level and requires no prerequisites for the learner before applying it. It is 95 95-hour course, which has a reward of a professional certification for their learners at the end of the course.

The data science courses in Tembis have a syllabus that covers 27 units, 81 lessons, 59 projects, and 58 quizzes for their learners. In the course, you will learn the principles of data literacy, SQL, and Python fundamentals for data science (part I), Python fundamentals for data science (part II), Portfolio project: U.S medical insurance,  Python Pandas for data science, and many more.

The Data Science Foundation course, which has Python 3, SQL, Pandas, Matpotlib, Data visualization, and data cleaning for their learners, is designed for beginners, with no prior knowledge of data science, during the course you will learn about databases with SQL, analyze data with Python and Statistics, data visualization and building data science portfolio.

This course syllabus has 15 units, 49 lessons 34 projects, and 35 quizzes for the learners. The projects in the skill path that will be covered are Create a Table, New York Restaurants, and Analyse Hacker news trends.

The Data Scientist: Analytics Specialist is a course on the platform designed for beginners with no prerequisite knowledge and a reward of professional certification at the end of the course. It is 70 hours course, which has a syllabus of 22 units, 69 lessons, 57 projects, and 47 quizzes where topics like SQL, Python fundamentals for data science (Part I), Python fundamentals for data science (PartII), U.S Medical insurance portfolio and many more things are covered.

The mode of the data science program is online for the contact you need to visit the website.

Rank #8. Data Science Institutes in Tembisa

8) Data camp

Data camp offers data science courses in Tembis where they make their learners collect, analyze, and interpret data through machine learning and AI.

An industry-recognized certification, that helps learners enhance their professional credibility, and career opportunities and stay ahead of industry trends is also given to learners.

The data science program offered by DataCamp is 86 hours of course with 11 projects given to students. Their associate data scientist in Python has:

Introduction to Python of 4 hours

Intermediate Python of 4 hours

Investigating Netflix movies of 2 hours

Data manipulation with pandas of 4 hours

Exploring NYC Public School test result scores of 2 hours

Joining data with pandas of 4 hours

Introduction to Statistics in Python of 4 hours

Introduction to data visualization with Matpotlib of 4 hours

Introduction to data visualization with Seaborn of 4 hours

Visualizing the history of Nobel prize winners for 2 hours

Python Data Science Toolbox (Part I)

Python Data science toolbox (Part 2) of 4 hours

Data manipulation with Python

Exploratory data analysis in Python

Analysing Crime in Los Angeles

Working with categorical data in Python

Customer Analytics: preparing data for modeling

Data communication concepts of 3 hours

Introduction to importing data in Python of 3 hours

Cleaning data in Python for 4 hours

Exploring Airbnb market Trends for 2 hours

Working with dates and Times in Python for 4 hours

Importing cleaning data with Python

Writing function in Python of 4 hours

And many more tracks,  suitable for beginners with no prior, experience in data science.

The mode of course is online for more information visit the website of Datacamp.

Rank #9. Data Science Institutes in Tembisa

9) Simplilearn

Simplilearn offers various courses on its platforms with data science courses in Tembisa. The data science program offered by Simplilearn is helpful for those learners who want to boost their careers in data science.

In the course, they gave detailed knowledge of Python, SQL, Machine learning, Generative AI, and Tableau, this course is in collaboration with IBM, where IBM experts give masterclasses through their dedicated live sessions and provide lifetime access to self-paced learning content to learners.

The content of the course comprises

Programming essentials

SQL certification course

Python for Data Science by IBM

Applied data science with Python

Machine learning using Python

Tableau Traning

Data scientist capstone

Elective course comprises

R programming for data science

Business analytics with Excel

PL-300 Microsoft Power BI Certification Traning

Essential of Generative AI, Prompt, Engineering and chatGpt

PGP DS – industry masterclasses by IBM

The mode of course is online for contact register on their website.

Rank #10. Data Science Institutes in Tembisa

10) Great Learning

With an experience of 10 years in the field of providing education to learners on various subjects and courses, The Great Learning data science courses in Tembis have earned the trust of many people. This course can make you a dual-certified data scientist within 12 months of online training.

They made their learners master tools like

  • Predictive modeling
  • Machine learning
  • ChatGpt
  • Tableau
  • SQL
  • Python

In this data science program, you will have desiccated support from their team and weekly online mentorship by experts, you will make contact with people with similar interests and get the opportunity to learn anytime and anywhere with the help of record sessions. The mode of course is online and to get enrolled visit the website of Great Learning.


1) Does Tembisa have a job opportunity for a data scientist?

Yes, you can get a job as a data scientist in Tembisa, in startups and companies.

2) What is the expected Data scientist’s salary in Tembisa?

The expected Data Scientist’s salary of a data scientist in Tembisa is ZAR 5,76,715.

3) Is Tembisa a safe place?

Yes, Temisa is a safe place


The above-listed data science courses in Tembisa will help you start your data Data science journey in South Africa, even if you don’t have any prior knowledge of it. And will guide you in getting recruited by a distinguished organization.


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