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Top 10 Data Science Courses In Port Elizabeth With Placements

South Africa has the country’s busiest manufacturing center, dominated by the automotive industry, where cheap power and excellent communications combine. The city that comes to mind of people is Port Elizabeth, so if somebody is thinking of commencing their data science voyage here, in this coastal city then, they don’t need to wander anymore, as through our Data Science Courses in Port Elizabeth, this exploration will reach its destination. So let’s not wait anymore and commence our data science voyage to the institute that can fulfill your dream.

List of best data science courses in Port Elizabeth

There is no denying that data science has made decision-making unchallenging for organizations and businesses, it has given an extension to innovation and technologies and has brought tranquillity to the lives of people, by making things uncomplicated for them.

But all these things become feasible because of the proper handling of the data, and the hard work of the data scientists who brought out the useful information from the abundant structured and unstructured data and utilized it for the improvement of decision making, for the advancement of innovation, and the development of technologies.

So, many people ask about the important subjects which in data science is necessary. Although, data scientists come from different backgrounds like finance, healthcare, environmental studies computer, etc. Knowledge of these subjects is mandatory for them, as they utilize the understanding of these subjects and apply them to the data.

  • knowledge of computer science
  • knowledge of good communication
  • Knowledge of Business Analytics
  • knowledge of Statistics

During your data science courses in Port Elizabeth, the knowledge of these subjects is provided.

So let’s look at the institute through which you can learn science and become a future data scientist’

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Top 10 Data Science Courses in Port Elizabeth


The Data Science program in Port Elizabeth offered by IIM SKILLS covers all the topics and tools used in the industries and sectors for pulling out important information from the data. In this course assuring internship is provided to learners, which helps them build their portfolio and resume.

The data science courses in Port Elizabeth offered by IIM SKILLS have been ranked the number one program by platforms like TimesNow, and The Statesman.

The data science master course by IIM SKILLS is an 11-month instructor-led MBA program which is approved by the MSME and comprises

  • 160+ hours of lectures
  • 100+ hours of practical assignments
  • 16+ Live projects
  • 10+ case studies
  • 7+ Tools covered

This data science program is a master’s certification tool-driven training program in which 24/7 support is provided by the team. Not only this, resume-building and interview preparation guidance are also offered during the course.

This career course curriculum comparison

The Knowledge of Statistics in Data Science

The Knowledge of AL and ML

The knowledge of SQL

The Knowledge of Power BI

The Knowledge of Python

The Knowledge of Tableau

The Knowledge of R

The Knowledge of Alteryx

Tools covered during the data science course curriculum by this data science institute in Port Elizabeth






To begin your data science learning follow the steps


Select your Batch

Main Attendance

Appear for Examination

Earn Master Certification

Get Placement Support

Become a Happy Graduate

Mode of education:- Online

Duration of course:- 11 months

Course fee:- 99,900+18% GST

Contact:- [email protected] +919580740740

2) Sprintzeal

Become a data scientist by gaining knowledge from the course designed by trainers with over ten years of experience in data science. These trainers are appointed after a special screening done by this data science institute in Port Elizabeth.

During the data science courses in Port Elizabeth by SPRINTZEAL all the methodologies, technologies, and concepts are taught by expert trainers.

The key features of the data science program are

Certification in data science

Augment the chance of getting hired

Expert-led training program

Best price guaranteed program

During their live online training in Port Elizabeth, they made their learners work on six capstone projects and over ten industry projects. So that they can make use of the knowledge they learned during the course.

During their course, they cover all the industry-led tools such as Python, Hadoop, and MS Excel at the best-guaranteed price, they teach students about Python, statistics, data analysis, and SQL.

The Corporate training customized course to fulfill the needs of the learner’s team is also available where customized training with a flexible pricing option in which 24/7 learner assistance and support is provided. They deliver it in both in-person or live online mode and after the course completion, a payment option is also available for the learners.

The concepts covered during the course


R programming

Natural Processing language

Machine Learning


The skills covered during the course

Data analysis

Machine learning

Data visualisation

Natural language processing


Python for data science

Cloud computing


Ensemble learning

Statistical foundation

After the course completion, you can become a data scientist, data analyst, data administrator, machine learning engineer, data architect, data manager, and analytics consultant.

To enroll in this data science program the eligibility criteria for this program is

Bachelor’s degree with an average score of over 50 %

Two or more years of work experience

Basic understanding of the programming concept and mathematics.

Mode of course: Online/ in-person

Fees of course: ZAR 23097

Contact: [email protected] +18336366366

3) Spoclearn

The Data Science program offered by the SPOCLEARN in Port Elizabeth is a hundred percent job assistance program for learners who want to learn from an institute, that provides education in data science.

During the course, they cover the practical skills comprising machine learning, data analysis, and data visualization and help their learners become sought-after data scientists with industry knowledge, which is taught to them through giving exposure to hands-on projects and industry-relevant curriculum.

The Data science courses in Port Elizabeth offered by it work well for both freshly graduated aspirants who want to start their journey in data science and working professionals who seek a platform to upskill themself and become data scientist.

The Accredited data science material prepared by the SMEs covers all the critical topics required to become a data scientist. They also have over ten critical projects spread across beginners, intermediate, and advanced categories in which technical, business and combined case studies with real-world examples are offered to the learners.

They also provide interview preparation, doubt-clearing sessions, resume writing, and soft skills training for their learners so that they can get placed as a data scientist with an average annual salary of USD 99,000.

So it doesn’t matter whether you are an IT professional, business professional, graduate and postgraduate, or someone interested in data science, this data science program is suitable for everybody since it doesn’t have any prerequisites for its data science course.

The glimpses of the course agenda followed by this data science institute in Port Elizabeth

Introduction to Data Science and Python

Statistics and probability

Data wrangling and visualization

Introduction to machine learning

Deep learning

Big data and NoSQL databases

Advanced topics and case studies

Career prep and capstone project

You can enroll by visiting their website.

Mode of education: Online

Fees of the course: USD 950

Duration of course: 4-6 months

Contact: [email protected] or request a call back by registering on the website.


LAIMOON offers a data science program in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. They have a variety of courses on their platform which are available at an affordable price. It offers data science courses in Port Elizabeth step by step for learners’ clear understanding.

Let’s dig into the courses available on their platform for learners who want to learn data science to become a data scientist. The courses available on their platform are self-paced online courses where virtual classroom education is provided to students.

An over twenty hours course in alignment with the Elegant Training Centre where a live virtual classroom is used to teach the students about data analysis with Microsoft Power BI is available for ZAR 6,007. You can get more info about this by requesting a call from them

A five-day course offered by LEORON Professional Development Institute by the name Certification in Data Analysis and Reporting using Power BI in which tools through which data analysis is taught and Power BI is also taught is available at ZAR 104,165. You can get more information about it by requesting a call from them.

A course of over five hours where the Training Express provides the training is available by the name Data Analysis in Excel in which data analyzing in Excel is taught to the learners is available for ZAR 352, for more information about it request a call by visiting their website.

A course of over three hours in alignment with the EDUCBA by the name Machine Learning with R 2022 is also available on its platform where machine learning concepts are taught to learners. The course is available for ZAR 386. For more information about it visit the LAIMOON and request a call from them.

Python Advance is a course available on its platform where advanced Python can be learned under the guidance of EDUCBA for ZAR 386. It is over two hours. For more information don’t forget to visit the website.

Just like this thousands of courses and internships are available on the platform of LIAMOON where you can learn about the data science program.


Learn the Data Science program by LEARNBY in collaboration with IBM and Microsoft. You can advance your career by gaining expertise in data science and ace any interview by learning from the data science courses in Port Elizabeth.

In this course, you learn from the top tech mentors of Microsoft, PayPal, GlobalLogic, Walmart, and Paytm. After the course completion, you receive a certification in data science, which helps you to move forward to your dream job.

The syllabus of the data science and AI followed by this data science institute in Port Elizabeth is Advanced data science and AI certification in which domain specialization is for professionals.

The program’s highlights comprise the industry-relevant and updated syllabus with 360 knowledge building where 1:1 dedicated mentorship is provided which opens the path to multiple career opportunities for the learners.

The knowledge of programming and coding for learners before joining the course is not mandatory.

The domain electives of the course BFSI, are healthcare, manufacturing, supply, e-com and retail, sales, marketing and HR domain, energy oil and gas, media, hospitality, and transportation.

The services provided after completion of this data science program by this institute:

  • Get 1 year of job and placement support
  • 1 mock interviews with industry experts
  • Resume building session
  • Interview call

Now we will share glimpses of the program syllabus

  • Basic python
  • Advanced python
  • Statistic
  • Machine learning
  • SQL
  • MongoDB
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Spark analytics
  • Time series
  • Deep learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Deployment AWS+Azure
  • Emerging Trends in AL and Generative Modelling
  • Natural language processing and ChatGPT
  • DALL-E Image generative with AL
  • Graph neural networks for data analysis

Mode of course: Online

Course duration: 13 months

Contact: +917795687988

6) The Knowledge Academy

For high-quality resources and the best price course, join the data science courses in Port Elizabeth offered by the Knowledge Academy and get the experience of live learning from the comfort of your home.

This is an advanced data science course by the Knowledge Academy. They make you familiar with the different data visualization methods in Python effectively and help the learners acquire the skills required for modeling data in Power BI data models.

The module of the course comprises:

Module 1 where Python for data analysis is taught through the NumPy

Module 2  Where Python for data analysis is taught through the Pandas

Module 3 where the Pyhotn for data visualization is taught- Matplotlib

Module 4 where Python for data is taught- seaborn

Module 5 where Machine learning is taught

Module 6 Natural language processing is taught

Module 7 Deep learning is taught

Module 8 where big data is taught

Module 10 is about working with data in R

Module 11 is about Modelling data

Module 12 is about shaping and combining data using Power BI

Module 13 is about interactive data visualization

To get more information visit the website

Mode of course: Online

Fees of course: R140695

Contact: [email protected] +27800780004

7) Eduvos

The data science program offered by Eduvos is available full-time online and part-time online for a minimum year of three years and a maximum year of five years, part-time it has a minimum duration of five years and a maximum duration of seven years.

This BSc IT (Data Science) is for a well-rounded education that covers,  both practical and theoretical knowledge in this course. After the data science courses in Port Elizabeth, you can become a data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, quantitative analyst, predictive analyst, statistician, etc.

The qualification structure for the first year covers all the fundamental principles of BSc IT, in which cloud-based technologies, AI ethics, and privacy, computer network and security, computer network technologies, computer skills, Linux-based operating systems, non-technical skills for IT professionals, and procedural programming are covered.

The second year helps students develop a high level of expertise and competence in the domain, in which artificial intelligence techniques, data structures and algorithms in Python, database systems, Linear algebra with application, IT project management, machine learning algorithms, network security, probability and Statistics, scientific computing in Python and web server management is covered.

The third years help students develop a high level of competence and specialized knowledge in the discipline, in which business management and entrepreneurship, operating systems, project data science, R programming for data science, research design and methodology sensors data management, IoT mining, and analytics are covered.

To get more information about the course offered by them visit the website.

Mode of course: Online

8) UpGrad Campus

The data science courses in Port Elizabeth offered by the UpGrad campus have over 390 hours of live and record sessions for the learners, in which they cover over fifteen tools and make students work on over eight hands-on projects.

From this data science institute in Port Elizabeth, you can learn advanced AI, Python, Machine Learning, SQL, and more under the guidance of program experts from Nykaa and Microsoft.

The tools that you will learn in this data science course are:

  • Pandas
  • Seaborn
  • Excel
  • Kaggle
  • Matpltlib
  • NumPy
  • Scikit learn
  • Statsmodels
  • MySQL
  • Tableau
  • Python
  • GitHub

During the course, you will learn the ChatGPT for research and communication and get hands-on knowledge and experience by solving the GenAL Project.

With the integrated placement of the three assured interview opportunities, and access to over three hundred hiring partners, they help students with the placement.

After the course completion you can become a data scientist, data analyst, associate analyst manager, applied machine learning engineer, data engineer, and business intelligence developer in reputed organizations and companies.

Mode of course: Online

Fees of course: starting from Rs. 6777 per month

Duration of course: 6 months

9) Great Learning

The data science courses in Port Elizabeth offered by Great Learning required no coding knowledge to join this course. So,  whether you are a fresher or want to switch careers,  you can enroll in this data science course and learn all the important tools and concepts used in the industries under the guidance of trainers with years of experience in data science.

In the data science courses in Port Elizabeth offered by Great Learning, you will explore case studies and projects, that will help in the confidence building of the learners.

With over thirty-three hiring partners they provide job assistance to learners and guide them to get recruited in the companies and organizations where they get a 50% average hike in their salary.

The Great Learning also provides dedicated career support to learners by giving them exclusive access to the Great Learning job board, giving reviews on the learner’s personal resume and LinkedIn profile, giving them live career mentorship with industry experts, where they share their knowledge with learners and with their exclusive recruitment drives.

Through the course, the students can master the tools used in the organization, which comprises:

  • The knowledge of Python
  • The Knowledge of Tableau
  • The Knowledge of SQL
  • The knowledge of ChatGPT
  • The knowledge of Machine Learning
  • The knowledge of Predictive Modelling

This course is also beneficial for working professionals. They can learn anytime and anywhere by enrolling in this course and connect with people of similar interests through the data science course.

Mode of course: Online

Course duration: 12 months

10) Emerging India Group

The Emerging India Group offers data science courses in Port Elizabeth, for freshers and working professionals, who want to embark on the journey to becoming a data scientist.

This data Science institute in Port Elizabeth works with its associating partners like NASSCOM, N.S.D.S and Skill India. You can even talk to the advisor before enrolling in the data science course.

This is 440 hours of data science course, divided into 324 hours+16 hours of capstone project discussion and +100 hours of capstone project involvement. They cover over 35 demanded tools with the NASSCOM program.

Visit the website for further information about the course and pre-learning material

Mode of education: Online

Contact: +919958344162


1) Can a fresher become a data scientist in South Africa?

Yes, a fresher can begin his career as a data scientist by learning concepts tools, and technologies that are used in the industries.

2) Best training institute for data science in Port Elizabeth?

There are many institutes available that offer education in data science, you can even take help from data science courses in the Port Elizabeth article and choose the institute of your choice.

3) Can a person from a non-IT background become a data scientist?

With the right knowledge and guidance of an expert trainer, a person can become a data scientist, even after coming from a non-IT background.


The U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics expects a rise in the employment of data science by 27% in the coming two years, which will provide recruiting opportunities to fresh graduates. Since South Africa is already facing a scarcity of data scientists and data analysts, choosing it as a career guarantees a good salary job in South Africa and outside the countries for natives and foreigners as well. So don’t think anymore and embark on your journey to become a certified data scientist by learning from the list of institutes provided in our article named Data Science Courses in Port Elizabeth.

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