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Top 10 Data Science Courses In Canada With Placements

Canada, a country in North America, is known for quality education, excellent career opportunities, and tech-driven workplaces. The surge of data science has revolutionized the education and work culture of the country. There is a growing number of Data Science Institutes in Canada to meet the demands of young students and working professionals. Amidst this huge number of educational centers, people get baffled while choosing the best Data Science Courses in Canada. This article is written to guide data enthusiasts like you about the career path of data studies with a handful of selected Data Science Courses in Canada.

List of Top 10 data science courses in Canada

Why Data Science Courses in Canada?

The thriving tech landscape of Canada offers the door of possibilities for budding data scientists. To navigate your desire for learning from the most trusted Data Science programs in Canada requires the proper idea of the diverse array of these.

Data science is an intricate, globally expanding subject, transforming all the sectors of our lives. Naturally, students across the world are hoping to make their career in such a prosperous field.

People are hoping to pursue Data Science Courses in Canada to avail themselves of high-quality education and career options. The Data Science Courses in Canada provide a comprehensive study of data science and let the students explore the theoretical techniques along with tremendous practical experience.

Most of the Data Science Institutes promise to assist you in building your job profiles and grabbing lucrative employment openings. Good knowledge and skills in the subject assure students excellent remuneration and a great standard of living.

Data Science Institutions in Canada- Eligibility Criteria, Level of Study, Duration of the Course, Etc.

The top Data Science institutes in Canada follow a high-standard curriculum combining practical and theoretical bases. They equip you with the essential information of the rapidly evolving field.

Such compact courses will enlighten you about data analysis, complex database interpretation, and model building. Such programs from the finest Data Science Institutes in Canada will let you explore a variety of career options to choose from.

For example, data scientist, machine learning engineer, data analyst, business intelligence analyst, etc. The duration of the data science programs in Canada ranges from 1 year to 4 years.

You can find some very brief courses in data science lasting for a few hours or a few days on online educational sites to get a superficial idea of the subject.

You can choose from different levels of data science programs: Certificate course, diploma, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and postgraduate master program.

The course curriculum varies according to the level, however, you can join the basic Data Science Courses and then constantly gear up your education and complete a higher-level course.

Since most of the data science courses in Canada come online, you can grab this opportunity to learn data science whether you are a student, working professional, or housewife.

Major Subjects of Data Science Courses in Canada:

The best data science programs in Canada design their curriculum in alignment with the in-demand skills of the data science industry. For a long-term career in data science, you should understand the major concepts of data science extensively.

The passionate mentors at the premier Data Science Institutes of Canada will give you a perfect head start for your career.

Since data science is a combination of many sub-topics, like mathematics, statistics, computer, communication, etc, all of their contribution should be understood by the learners.

Some important concepts of statistics used in data science are probability distribution, sampling funnel, value, central limit theorem, linear and logistic regression, forecasting, etc. Basics of schema and Metadata are taught in the upgraded data science courses.

Data-based object creation, data manipulation, etc. are some important contents of the use of AI and MI in data science. Also, Power BI, Python, Tableau, SQL, R, etc. are some other programming languages most commonly used in data science.

Top Data Science Courses in Canada:

Below is the list of top Data Science Institutions in Canada that we have chosen for you. The list includes both online and on-campus Data Science Courses in Canada:


About the Course:

Students and professionals looking for data science courses online have been blessed with this awesome destination of online technical educational platforms.

This is the most compact and comprehensive of all the Data Science Courses in Canada to teach you from the basic to higher levels of data science.

We know that this is an interdisciplinary subject that requires upgraded methods and a developed curriculum to be grasped by the students. The renowned mentors of IIM SKILLS have crafted the course in a way that immerses students in the joy of learning data science.

This course has been earning great reviews from alumni due to its emphasis on soft skills along with advanced technical skills. In every way, the course will make you job-ready and the career assistance of IIM SKILLS will take you to the desired job position.

Mode of teaching: online

Skills You Learn:

  • The course will provide an in-depth understanding of data prediction and data structure.
  • You will develop expertise in using linear and non-linear techniques and models for data analysis.
  • The application of SQL, statistics, model selection, machine learning, AI, etc. will make you more efficient in handling data and finding the best solution to real-life problems.

Course modules:

  • Statistical concepts for data science
  • Power BI for data science
  • Use of Python for data science
  • Table applications in data science
  • R programming language
  • Alteryx use in data science

Certificate: industry-recognized Master Certificate by IIM SKILLS

Course Name – Data Science Course

Fee – 1635.18 CAD +18% GST

Duration – 11 months

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 9580740740

2) Python for Data Science and Machine Learning with Udemy

About the course:

Udemy, one of the top online Data Science Institutes in Canada, is a good choice for learning data science. This particular course is very affordable and teaches you some basic tools of Python in around 25 hours. There are two types of availing the course, in team and personal.

In both cases, you will learn about NumPy, Seaborn, Matplotlib, Scikit, Tensorflow, etc. The online course is very well-reviewed and provides access to it for a lifetime. You can download some resources and learn from the articles which are great resources for learning.

If you have an internet connection and are willing to learn about Data Science, then this course can be considered.

Mode of teaching: online

Skills you learn:

  • You will learn to use Pandas for data analysis, Seaborn for statistical plots, Sci-Kit for machine learning, Matplotlib for Python plotting, and NumPy for numerical data.
  • Plotly will help you in creating interactive dynamic data visualizations.

Course modules:

  • Python
  • Machine learning and its applications
  • Algorithms
  • Pandas
  • Seaborn
  • Sci-Kit
  • Logistic regression
  • Random forest
  • Decision trees
  • Spark
  • Matplotlib
  • Data clustering
  • Natural language processing

Certificate: Certificate of Completion from Udemy

3) Statistics for Data Science

About the Course:

We know that statistics and mathematics are some important foundations of Data Science. This is a specialized course on statistics to teach you how it can be impactful in understanding and implementing data science.

This course will enlighten you about different types of data, their strictures, and plotting and working with them with the application of statistical understanding.

Mode of teaching: online

Skills you learn:

  • This course will teach you about dummy variables, regression analysis, working with different types of data, how to plot them, etc
  • You will be able to calculate the covariance and correlation of data
  • The basic idea of Python and R will give you a broader understanding of data science
  • You will learn how to measure asymmetry, central tendency, and variability.

Course modules:

  • Introduction
  • Population data
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Central tendency
  • Asymmetry and variability
  • Distributions
  • Estimators and estimates
  • Advanced topics
  • Practical implementation of inferential statistics
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Categorical data
  • Linear regression analysis

Certificate: course completion certificate

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4) Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate with Coursera

About the Course:

To set up a fast-track career in the field of data science, you will learn here the in-demand skills and receive Google AI Essentials free of cost. This is a self-paced learning option and the Google Career Certificate you receive towards the end of the course will add an edge to your professional career.

The beginner-friendly course can be completed at your own pace.

Mode of teaching: online

Skills you learn:

  • The course will provide you with an immersive understanding of the data science processes and practices required in day-to-day life.
  • You will gain knowledge about data cleaning, data organization, and data analysis processes with the implementation of programming languages like R, SQL, etc.
  • All the data analytical skills like data, cleaning, analysis, and data visualization through dashboards and presentations are gained by the students.

Course modules:

  • Foundation of Data Science
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Data preparation and exploration
  • Data process
  • Data cleaning
  • Data analysis
  • Data visualization
  • R programming
  • Case study

Certificate: professional certificate from Google

5) The Data Science Course: Complete Data Science Boot Camp 2024 with Udemy

About the Course:

Udemy has already taught this course to a huge number of data enthusiasts who have expressed positive reviews of the course. You can visit the Udemy website to learn about its prices, coupon discounts, and other admission processes.

The course is almost 30 hours long and will test your learning through 137 coding exercises. The resources can be accessed anytime in the future and some of them can be downloaded for further learning.

There are big companies who have upgraded their employees with this top-rated data science course.

Mode of teaching: online

Skills you learn:

  • The toolbox you get in this course will help you in real-life business cases.
  • You will be able to use Numpy, machine learning algorithms, and Deep Learning to analyze large data sets.
  • The knowledge of Python helps students in creating machine learning algorithms, and statistical analysis.

Course modules:

  • Introduction
  • Various data science disciplines
  • Connecting with data science disciplines
  • Data science techniques
  • Debunking misconception
  • probability

Certificate: course completion certificate

Explore Some More Courses in Data Science,

6) Master of Science in Data Science at Thompson Rivers University

About the Course:

The MScDS is a research-oriented 2-year program by one of the well-known Data Science Institutes in Canada. The goal of the course is to build solid knowledge of data science among youngsters, imparting all necessary knowledge, and data techniques and offering real-life application of those.

The research module of such a Data Science training program in Canada will make you an emerging leader at the global level in this field.

Mode of teaching: online and on-campus

Skills you learn:

  • The application-based program will develop in you strong data analytics, communication, and critical thinking.
  • The interpersonal skills you grow during the course help you pursue further research and make you a successful data scientist.

Course modules:

  • Higher level of data science
  • Statistics
  • Algorithms
  • Data structures and characteristics
  • New age tools and techniques of data science

Certificate: MSc in Data Science from the Thompson Rivers University

7) Master’s of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Waterloo

 About the course:

This is a coursework program on data science by the University of Waterloo given the global demand for data science courses.

Since artificial intelligence is another hot cake in the education sector, this unique combination of data science and artificial intelligence put this course among the top-tier Data Science training programs in Canada.

You can join the course in a full-time MDSAI co-op and part-time non-co-op. The full-time program can be completed in 16 months. The flexible part-time program is sought for its flexibility.

Students join this for prospective careers in the digital world and professionals grab the opportunity to promote or advance their existing careers.

Both of the batches learn from the same world-renowned faculty members. You can take up to 3 years to complete the part-time program.

Mode of teaching: offline

Skills you learn:

  • The course teaches you every relevant skill through strong core training.
  • The course graduates are able to adapt to new challenges in the industry.
  • The experiential learning method of the course recognizes real-world industry experiences and theoretical knowledge base.

Course modules:

  • Detailed process of data analysis
  • Data and its characteristics
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Intricate relationship between artificial intelligence and data science

Certificate: world-recognized Master’s certificate in data science

Check Out Some Advanced Courses In Data Science, 

8) Master of Data Science Program at the University of Guelph

About the Course:

In response to the anticipated need for skilled data scientists, the Data Science Institutions in Canada are drafting comprehensive courses on the topic. This is one of such top-tier Data Science Courses in Canada to give you the best education on the subject.

The course contents cover the process of data mining, data extraction, data warehousing, data transformation, machine learning, statistical modeling, artificial intelligence, scripting, data visualization, etc.

This is one of the few Data Science Institutes in Canada to assist you in building a career and grabbing the top jobs.

Mode of teaching: online

Skills you learn:

  • Written assignments, case studies, oral presentations, group works and applied course projects will help you gain maximum practical experience.
  • The focus on spatial-temporal data provides students with the ability to handle, visualize, and manipulate collected data.

Course modules:

  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Statistical modeling
  • Mathematical skills
  • Data visualization
  • Data analysis
  • Data transformation
  • Extraction of data
  • Data reporting

Certificate: Master’s Degree in Data Science from the University of Guelph

9) MSC Program in Data Science and Analytics at the Toronto Metropolitan University

About the Course:

The leading data professionals and academics of Toronto have drawn out the course on data science. This course will develop diverse skills like machine learning, statistics, operations research, communication, data visualization, and all other domain expertise.

One of the top-rated Data Science programs in Canada, this unique curriculum will show how data science impacts health care, social media, software engineering, finance, government, and services.

Mode of teaching: full-time (1 year) and part-time (2 year), virtual and in-person classes

Skills you learn:

  • The advanced training in data science will inculcate the application of data technologies in various industries, research domains, and government.
  • Your technical skills in statistics, mathematics, operations research, and computer programming will provide competencies to solve complex problems of your company and have a great impact on performance.

Course modules:

  • Mathematics
  • Operations research
  • Statistics
  • programming

Certificate: MSC certificate from Toronto Metropolitan University

10) Master of Science in Data Science at the University of Toronto

About the Course:

Advanced statistical science, machine learning, and computer science are the pillars of the course curriculum. The course is highly experiential for the trainees.

The relentless generations of data and the need to interpret them have given birth to such Data Science programs in Canada.

The course will prepare you for job roles like AI Research scientist, big data engineer, data scientist, machine learning research scientist, research data scientist, machine learning manager, data engineer, NLP data scientist, etc.

Mode of teaching: on-campus

Skills you learn:

  • An eight-month-long industrial internship will offer you the most needed real-life exposure and build your skills as a data scientist.
  • Students will be equipped with an advanced understanding of computer science and statistical methods and vigorous research capacity.
  • Applied research internships will allow students to test their knowledge and they have to earn a ‘pass’ certificate from the academic/industry supervisor to prove their acquired knowledge.

Course modules:

  • Statistical Science
  • Computer science
  • Technical entrepreneurs
  • Industrial internship

Certificate: Master’s Degree from the University of Toronto

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Who is Eligible for Data Science Courses in Canada?

For a short or certificate course, usually, no eligibility criteria are required. Post Graduate Data Science Diploma courses require a bachelor’s degree in fields like statistics, engineering, computer science, mathematics, or relevant fields.

2) What Do Data Science Courses Teach?

The Data Science Institutes in Canada teach you the concepts of data, its characteristics, grouping, and types. The process of data analysis, the tools and techniques used in the process along with different techniques followed for data interpretation are taught in the Data Science Courses in Canada. Several Computer programming languages are now used to make the data studies flawless.

3) What is the Salary of a Data Scientist?

For a fresher or budding data scientist in India, an average salary would be around INR 30,000/- however, it would grow rapidly as she/he gains expertise through years of real-world experience. So, per year, you can expect to earn INR 4LPK at the beginning of your career. There is a huge demand for skilled and experienced data scientists in almost every industry, so with your passion, dedication, hard work, and job experience, you will create a prosperous career as a data scientist in the future.


Data Science Courses in Canada offer diverse career roles if you can accomplish them. You can go for part-time job options or in-office jobs. Both cases attract youngsters with fulfilling career prospects internationally.

Because of such a high employability rate, the dependence of the IT industry on predictive data analysis, and a wide range of professional benefits, people are opting for data-centric careers.

Nobody wants their education and investment of time and money to go in vain. So, if you are passionate about learning data science, and want to develop a promising career for you, now is the high time to get enrolled into one of the top Data Science Institutes in Canada.


Tamalika Karmakar, an intern at IIM SKILLS, is a zealous teacher turned into an accomplished content writer (CWMC certified). She had attained a Master’s Degree in English Literature and a Bachelor of Education before dedicating herself to the teaching profession. Her articles on contemporary topics have secured a place in published books with ISBN. With her hold of communication skills and a keen on language, she is trying her hands on technical writing. She is well-versed in creating search-engine-friendly content on topics such as education, health, digital marketing, branding, blogging etc. Her excellent research abilities along with high energy provide small or big organizations with the best results.

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