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Top 10 Data Science Courses In Atlanta With Placements

Being one of the famous tourist places, Atlanta is also a popular destination to work. Want to be the next data scientist? Struggling with what institutes you should choose to master it?  If that’s the matter, you’re at the right place. Data science is going to grow in the future. With the growing demand for data professionals like data scientists, a career in this field seems to be extremely bright. The contribution of data science in healthcare, education, finance, retail, marketing, or any public sector cannot be disregarded. This article is a complete guide to the learners, and these courses are the best fit for freshers or professionals to create a promising career in the field of data science. Learn everything about data science courses in Atlanta through practical and experienced top 10 data science institutes in Atlanta and become a professional to work in the upcoming field as a data scientist.

List of best data science courses in Atlanta

Why Choose Atlanta for Data Science?

Atlanta is the capital of Georgia state in the U.S., which played an important role in the Civil Rights Movement and the Civil War. This city is known for its flourishing job markets and a cost of living.

Atlanta city is inspiring with several universities and a great student scene. Admission to the universities of Atlanta required the students to have sufficient academic scores and competitive GPA scores.

In the data science institutes in Atlanta, students can gain valuable insights to plan their finances, by exploring the transportation networks, accommodation options, food costs, and other essentials.

Once you complete the course in Atlanta, you can seek jobs through the use of employment websites and various expat social media groups which makes it easier for you to find a perfect job.

Compared to other major cities in the United States, Atlanta is not an expensive city for education. It provides an atmosphere that allows you to make friends easily and network for work.

The data science institutes in Atlanta’s educational program are designed to teach the students about foundational tools, techniques, and concepts. Their courses cover a wide range of topics such as machine learning, statistics, programming, data analysis, and data visualization.

It will be suitable for freshers with no prior experience in data science, and also for professionals who are looking to expand their skills in data science. Most of the data science courses in Atlanta cover major components of data science including,

  • Programming Languages
  • Machine Learning
  • Foundational Concepts
  • Statistical Methods
  • Practical Projects
  • Data Visualization
  • Capstone Project

Main Concepts of Data Science

Data science is defined as a multi-disciplinary field that involves extracting meaningful insights from structured and unstructured data using algorithms, scientific methods, and systems.

These large volumes of data are analyzed by combining the elements of statistics, mathematics, and computer science. The data scientist’s role is to uncover trends, patterns, and relationships to make informed decisions across various industries and domains.

Data science helps social media to understand your interests and preferences to tailor your experience to keep you engaged. The data science jobs involve using various algorithms, tools, and techniques to extract valuable insights. Some of the key data science job roles include

  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Architect
  • Data Storyteller
  • Data and Analytics Manager.

Education in the data science field is a worthwhile investment one can make for the future, the demand for data science and data professionals will only increase as the data-driven revolution develops in the upcoming future.

Here we have got you some of the best data science courses in Atlanta that are offered by some of the best data science institutes in Atlanta.

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Top 10 Data Science Institutes in Atlanta


Leading the list is IIM SKILLS which offers a range of programs in various sectors like digital marketing, data analysis, content writing, data scientists, tally, banking, finance, etc. IIM Skills is a renowned institute known for its highest ranking globally.

This ed-tech company was founded in 2015 with its first course in content writing. The content writing course caused growing responses and demand, so they further introduced many other courses to the list.

One among them is the data science course which is their highest-selling and top-recommended course. The curriculum of data science courses in Atlanta is curated as per the current trends and standards that cover all the essential tools used in data science.

About the Course

The data science course offered by IIM Skills will enhance your professional skills and unleash endless job opportunities in the competitive world. The course is designed in a way that will make you exceptionally competent and stand out in the crowd.

This course is led by the best faculties who are professionally trained and experts in the data science domain. They offer pieces of practical knowledge and understanding about the functions of tools through tools-driven coaching.

Learners will get assistance in resume preparation, portfolio building, and career opportunities with top-class companies for a kick-start career. Gain professional exposure through their internship programs.

Even after the completion of the course, learners can able to access the session recordings, E-books, and study materials for their lifetime. If you feel any dissatisfaction with the sessions, then you can get your money back through their 100% money-back guarantee option.

The major tools covered are FLASK, chatGPT, Python, SQL, and Alteryx. They impart correct knowledge through practical projects and hands-on tools of data science.

Key Features

  • 24*7 Support
  • 7+ Tools Covered
  • Master Certification
  • Capstone Projects
  • 160+ Hours Lectures
  • 10+ Case Studies
  • 100+ Hours of Practical Assignments.

Course Curriculum

  • Statistics in Data Science
  • SQL and AI
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Data Science using Python
  • Data Science using Tableau
  • R for Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Alteryx

Course Details

Course Name: Data Science Master Course

Course Fee: 99,900 + 18% GST

Course Duration: 11 Months

Phone No: +91 9580 740 740

Website: www.iimskills.com

2) Georgia State University

Georgia State University is a research university that was founded in 1913, in Atlanta. They have more than 4000 students from 150 countries. The data science courses in Atlanta are offered by J. Mack Robinson College of Business (Georgia State University).

They train students in data science, data analytics, and related fields, preparing them for data science careers in data analysis, data science, business analysis, and more.

About the Course

This data science and data analytics course doesn’t require any computer science background, even maths or liberal arts degree students can be able to apply for this course. The course covers essential topics like deep learning, machine learning, Python, and big data.

The optional boot camp includes SAS, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services. They provide a flexible course format, so students can attend both online and on campus. However international students will receive only a limited number of seats on campus class courses.

Students will learn about computational and statistical methods for storing, collecting, and processing data. At the end of the semester, students will collaborate with partner companies to solve complicated problems as well as large sets of data as real-life experiences.

Students will be trained to clean the data, draw insights, and develop predictive models. The graduates from this course will work for a variety of well-respected companies including Starr Companies, Delta Air Lines, Deloitte, Amazon, McKinsey and Company.

Course Curriculum

  • Data Programming for Analytics
  • Statistical Foundations for Analytics
  • Communicating with Data
  • Data Management for Analytics
  • Deep Learning and Generative AI
  • Machine Learning for Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Scalable Data Analytics

Course Details

Course Name: M.S.A Data Science and Analytics

Course Format: Full-time

Course Duration: 12 months

3) General Assembly

General Assembly offers full-time Data science courses in Atlanta through Boot Camp. This boot camp will be useful for an individual who wants to make a career change or doesn’t have free time to pick up some new skills.

General Assembly is considered one of the best boot camp providers. You will experience the best of live learning and expert-led practice remotely. General Assembly is known for its connections and employment networks.

After the completion of boot camp, learners will land a job in data science through their perfect tools and connections.

About the Course

This boot camp will provide you the rich training and exclusive coaching. The graduates of this boot camp get career opportunities in industries like robotics, fintech, and public policy.

The learners will learn from data science veterans who bring hands-on experience straight from the field. When the learners complete this course, they will receive a signed certificate of completion from the General Assembly.

The curriculum is contributed by top employers who are all partners with them. Throughout this course, you will gain hands-on experience with machine learning models, statistical, programming tools, recommender systems, Python, and neural networks.

If you are looking for an entry-level data science course, this course will teach the learners to perform analysis with SQL, Tableau, and Excel. This boot Camp will be useful for an individual who wants a career as a data scientist, data mining engineer, business analyst, data modeler, business technology analyst, database specialist, and machine learning scientist.

Skills Covered

  • Data Analysis
  • Python
  • Decision Tree
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Neural Networks
  • Data Visualization
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Machine Learning Models

Course Details

Course Name: Data Science Boot camp

Course Format: Full-time Online

4) Thinkful

Thinkful’s data science Boot Camp analyzes raw data and provides meaningful information to companies about their market, employers, and consumers. Learners must pay fees in full before starting the boot camp.

Many boot camps provide students to focus on programming languages like how to use Python and SQL. Before joining this boot camp, learners should have a basic understanding of probability, linear algebra, Python, and statistics.

Thinkful’s Boot Camp is worth investing in because of its affordability and one-on-one mentor guidance.

About the Course

Learners will be taught about the basics of using Python to find real insights and SQL for querying. Then you will learn about machine learning that covers from the classic to cutting-edge techniques with supervised models.

In unsupervised machine learning, you will use unsupervised models for reduction, clustering, and features. The course also provides discounts for eligible individuals and veterans.

Gain full-time career support and unlimited technical interview practices throughout the course. The data science courses offered by Thinkful provide plenty of chances to learn from fellow students.

Key Features

  • 1:1 Mentorship
  • Industry and Salary Insights
  • Exclusive Access to Open Roles
  • Live Personal Video Consultations
  • Career Insights and Tips
  • Detailed Feedback and Reviews
  • Live Video Mentor Sessions
  • Self-paced Lessons

Skills Covered

  • Statistics
  • Computer Programming
  • Calculus
  • Data Visualization
  • Machine Learning

Course Curriculum

  • Machine Learning: Unsupervised Learning
  • Analytics and Experimentation
  • Machine Learning: Supervised Learning
  • Specializations

Course details

Course Name: Data Science Bootcamp

Course Duration: 6 Months

Course Format: Online, Part-time

5) Tech Talent South

Tech Talent Boot Camp better known as TTS aims to prepare students for a career in technology. TTS offers three main courses including coding, data science, and JavaScript apps, and has campuses in many cities in the southern US.

They offer these courses part-time and full-time. The data science courses in Atlanta offered by TTS will closely work with hiring partners to make sure its students find a job there. To get admitted to TTS, students must meet certain requirements like passing various tests.

About the Course

In this course, students will be taught to collect, analyze, and organize data using Python. You will also learn about machine learning models and data visualizations to improve a business. They provide homework for the students to directly collate their success in class.

To overcome today’s rapidly growing world, all their programs are created specifically for the current needs of the industry. They are committed from start to finish to student’s success in the field of data science. Students will learn about first-class tools like Python and enterprise-level tools to create better business solutions

Key Features

  • Gain Relevant Skills
  • Career Growth Opportunities
  • Invested in Your Success

Course Curriculum

  • Statistics
  • Sources and Types of Data
  • Excel
  • Object Oriented Programming with Python
  • Databases and SQL
  • R
  • Python Data Structures and Functions
  • Github and More

Course Details

Course Name: Data Science Boot Camp

Course Schedules: Full-time & Part-time

6) UpGrad

UpGrad is the best online education platform for data science courses in Atlanta. Their practical teaching and industry relevance were praised by their alumni and students. This one of the best data science institutes in Atlanta covers content in really well-planned and executed well.

They have an overall rating of 4.0 out of 5. They created many online specialization programs that transformed many professional’s lives, designed by top entrepreneurs.

About the Course

Through this course, you will enhance your credibility and distinguish yourself among industrial professionals. Identify areas to improve in, by advanced learner insights which measure and track skills progress.

The course offers live instructor-led training, master sessions, doubt-resolving sessions, and flexible in-demand learning for the best learning experiences. The training is a combination of theory and practical applications.

Key Features

  • 110 Hours In-Demand Self-paced Learning
  • 35 Hours of Live Master Sessions
  • 50+ Doubt Solving Sessions
  • Placement Support
  • 20+ Case Studies
  • 36 Assignments
  • Mentorship by Industry Experts
  • Interview Analysis and Feedback

Course Curriculum

  • Data Engineering
  • NLP and DL
  • Data Analysis
  • ML with Python
  • Fundamentals
  • DSA

Course Details

Course Name: Data Science Boot Camp with AI

Course Type: Immersive Learning

Course Fee: INR 87,912

7) Coursera

Coursera founded in 2012, is an American global online course provider. They provide certifications, online courses, and degrees in collaboration with other organizations and universities. You can access their data science courses in Atlanta by anyone, anywhere online.

About the Course

This course will develop your career as a data scientist by developing your in-demand skills and hands-on experience. Learners can complete this course in as little as 5 months and no prior experience is needed.

Build a portfolio and real-world projects to showcase your proficiency to employers. You can gain professional-level training and an industry-recognized certificate from IBM. They will guide you to improve your resume and LinkedIn with personalized feedback from your mentor.

Key Features

  • Resume Review
  • Career Support
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Shareable Certificate
  • Interview Preparation

Skills Covered

  • Machine Learning
  • Jupyter Notebooks
  • SQL
  • Data Mining
  • Github
  • Methodology
  • Python
  • Data Science

Course Curriculum

  • What is Data Science?
  • Data Science Tools
  • Python Project
  • Databases and SQL
  • Data Science Methodology
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Visualisation
  • Applied Data Science Capstone

Course Details

Course Name: IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

Course Duration: 5 Hours

Course Level: Beginner

8) Flatiron School

Flatiron Data Science Boot Camps offer a lot of opportunities for anyone looking for the best data science courses in Atlanta. They provide essential skills to help you become a professional data scientist.

They teach you the math skills and data science skills for your career ambitions. If you’re looking to start a career in data science, then these boot camps provide you with an efficient route to pursue that dream.

About the Course

This course is paired with designed sessions and lab time with experienced staff. Learners can access this course in person or Online. Their curriculum is combined with the latest emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence.

The course will cover hands-on, lab work, creating a portfolio, community approach to learning, and 1:1 instructor access. They have career coaches to help you land a job in tech

Key Features

  • Live Instruction
  • Career Coaches
  • 24/7 Learning and Office Hours
  • Student Advisors
  • On boarding Reps
  • Technical Coaches
  • Employer Partnerships
  • Synchronous Learning

Course Curriculum

  • Data Science Prep
  • Scientific Computing
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Advanced Machine Learning
  • Data Science Project
  • Data Analysis and Engineering
  • Machine Learning Fundamentals

Course Details

Course Name: Data Science Boot Camp

Course Duration: 15 Weeks

Course Format: Online, Full-time

9) Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform providing data science courses in Atlanta Online. Learners can learn valuable new skills from industry experts and earn a resume-boosting certificate.

About the Course

The course covers essential topics such as deep learning, Python, machine learning, statistics, math, and advanced statistics in Python. Learn about the mathematics behind machine learning and coding in Python.

Be able to learn how to pre-process data and perform linear and logistics regression in data. Even beginners can enroll in this course, as it starts from the fundamentals and builds up your skills gradually.

Key Features

  • Access on Mobile and TV
  • 137 Coding Exercise
  • 93 Articles
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Full Lifetime Access
  • Closed Captions

Course Details

Course Name: The Data Science Course: Complete Data Science Boot camp

Course Fee: INR 599

10) edX

edX offers high-quality online courses with more than 35,000 courses to learners across the world. The edX is known for its active community, accessibility, and great flexibility. They provide online data science courses in Atlanta in partnership with Harvard University.

About the Course

In this course, learners can gain in-depth knowledge of fundamental data science concepts, and implement machine learning algorithms. The essential tools such as Unix, GitHub, Rstudio, and git. Practice statistical concepts such as inference, modeling, and probability.

The HarvardX data science program covers concepts such as inference, regression, and machine learning with essential skills including R programming and data visualization. The data science certificates provided by edX are highly recognized by employers

Course Curriculum

  • Data Science: Visualization
  • Probability
  • Inference and Modeling
  • Wrangling
  • Data Science Capstone
  • Linear Regression
  • R Basics in Data Science
  • Machine Learning

Course Details

Course Name: Professional Certificate in Data Science

Course Duration: 1 Year 5 Months

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the skills needed for a data scientist?

Programming skills like SAS, Python, and R, mathematical skills, statistical skills, data visualization, SQL, Hadoop, machine learning, and storytelling.

  • What is the minimum duration required to finish the data science courses in Atlanta?

The duration to finish the data science courses in Atlanta may vary as per your choices like long-term, short-term, basic, postgraduate, advanced, or master course. The average duration of this course may range between 3 months to 3 years. So you can decide as per your career goals

  • How is deep learning used in data science?

Deep learning in data science is used to identify trends and patterns in large datasets. It is used to classify images and natural language processing. It offers a more flexible way to handle data and is also a very essential tool for data science researchers.


We hope the article proved helpful and informative about data science. These data science institutes provide highly-preferred global certifications and career placements which will ensure you a secure job opportunity. If you are seeking a long-term career in Atlanta, you will have endless growth opportunities. Now it’s your chance to unlock high-earning job opportunities as a data scientist by joining one of the top 10 data science courses in Atlanta given in this article.


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