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Top 6 Online Creative Writing Courses for Kids in India

Creative writing is an art form and an act where one uses his imagination and thoughts to put on a paper or page to tell a story. Typically, creative writing is anything that is not academic writing, technical writing, research writing, or journalism. Though, it can be fiction like a novel, poetry, drama, or narrative. It can also be non-fiction like an autobiography, biography, or, memoir. In creative writing, some primary elements make the content complete. Those primary elements are setting, tone, structure, plot realism, and, characterization. Read further to know about the best creative writing courses for kids.

List of best creative writing courses for kids

With the emergence of creative writing, people have been able to convert their hobby into a full-time career. There has been a sharp rise in jobs in the writing field. With the rise in the scope of creative writing, the demand for creative writers has witnessed an upward trend.

As per statistics, between 2016 and 2021, the demand for writers has grown at an annual rate of 16 cents every year. Thus, it can be said that, as a profession, writing will turn out to be a great career choice. Nonetheless, in this article, we will be discussing the importance of creative writing, its benefits, scope, and the list of best-creative writing training courses for kids in India.   

Importance of Creative Writing Courses in India

In this world, that is always changing, creative writing helps to retain human emotions. Through writing, a person can express his feelings and emotions. With creative writing, a person can gain emotional intelligence and empathy. It does not matter whichever style or genre a person chooses, creative writing enhances problem-solving skills.

Creative writing not only aids in achieving greater heights but also encourages a person to ideate, solve and build a better future. And, as Albert Einstein said, “Knowledge comes after imagination. Because imagination encompasses the entire world, fostering progress and giving rise to evolution, knowledge is finite and imagination is not.”  

Benefits of Creative Writing Courses for Kids in India

Besides enhancing a person’s writing skills, creative writing can help your kid in a lot of ways.

Here is a List of How Your Kid Can Benefit From Creative Writing:

  • Your kid will gain more knowledge as it will allow him to improve his vocabulary. Now he can express himself vividly and boldly, without having any fear and hesitation. His writing will now be more impactful. 
  • He will now be able to develop his style of problem-solving skills. Indulging in numerous forms of writing will boost his creativity and forces him to think out of the box.  
  • Writing involves editing one’s work, and taking criticism well is customary. This will help him to receive constructive criticism positively and will push him to make an effort to work harder.
  • The chance to evaluate the work of other writers can aid your kid in providing constructive criticism. Assessing others’ work becomes smoother if the right approach is taken. If your kid becomes skilled at constructive criticism, it will benefit him at work.
  • Before writing his thoughts down, he must first organize them logically. This is a significant obstacle since to align his ideas; he must consciously activate his awareness and senses.
  • When your kid meets people from diverse backgrounds and discusses ideas with them, it will help him to grow as a person. It also promotes healthy relationships. 

The above points were the major advantages of creative writing courses for kids in India

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Now, we are moving on to the next section of our topic – the scope of creative writing, concerning a career in the writing department. 

Scope of Creative Writing Courses for Kids in India

Shortly, your kid does not need a formal degree in the field to be a writer. He just needs to have a good grasp of the English language to start as a writer in the industry. Since English is a universal language, there is a lot of emphasis on having a good command of the language. A writer who has a good grasp of the language can pen down books, or be a scriptwriter for a movie. Besides that, the following fields can also be taken up in the future.


Usually, copywriters are found in the line of advertising and marketing. An expert copywriter writes clear, precise copy for advertisements and marketing materials. To make sure their message is understood whether in an email inbox or on a website landing page, they collaborate closely with web and graphic designers. The only restriction on creative writing for a copywriter is the creator’s imagination.

Journalists/ Article writer:

A journalist or an article writer researches, and then reports the truth backed by facts and statistics. Though, a journalist may or may not be an article writer. But only an article writer writes the report that was provided by a journalist. The report can be based on different beats like lifestyle, science, travel, sports, entertainment, politics, etc. 

To be a journalist or an article writer one needs to be proficient in his favorite beat. Journalists/ article writer writes for newspaper, magazine, and news website. Thus, we can say that the scope of creative writing for journalists/article writers is high.


Authors are the persons who write a book. Generally, authors pen down engaging novels like “Life of Pie”, and “Alchemist”. It is due to their brilliant imagination that we can enjoy captivating stories. Because of popular authors like Agatha Christie, JK Rowling, and many others’ hard work, their books are often referred to as works of art.

Nevertheless, here we are discussing what your kid can be in the future. In the future, your kid can be an author based on his favorite genre. The genre can be classified broadly into a thriller, science fiction, young adult, and, historical fiction amongst others. Thus, we can see that the scope of authors is quite vast.

Script Writers:

Scriptwriters are those persons who prepare scripts for visual mediums. It is because of them that the actors and actresses can portray the roles that they have been assigned. However, the scripts they prepare can be for films, plays, radio programs, advertisement videos, and, television. Preparing scripts seems like an exciting job. 

Although, to be a scriptwriter one must be imaginative, and creative enough to deliver dialogues that seem appealing to the audience. Some people take great pleasure in creating extravagant, imaginative scenarios. And, for those people, script writing will be an attractive job offer to pass by. Having said that, it looks like the scope of script writing is only going to expand. 

Academic Librarian:

When it comes to the scope of creative writing, this profession is the least followed occupation as far as creative writing as a job is concerned. In this profession, one has to manage, organize and even assess and distribute information. Apart from the mentioned points, as an academic librarian, a person also provides support to the academic community members like students, lecturers and researchers. 

If your kid wants to be an academic librarian then, he must provide support to students and staff to develop the skills that are required for impactful research including teaching skills, either in a classroom session or online sessions.


Ghostwriting is considered to be one of the most interesting careers in the arena of writing. A ghostwriter or a freelance writer is a person, who composes articles, books, and manuscripts for someone else. They are also called freelance writers as they are not working for a company or under somebody. Ghostwriters are often recruited by politicians, celebrities, and, executives, who know what their story is but do not have great writing skills.    

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A columnist is a person who writes opinionated articles for magazines, newspapers, or news websites. A columnist can be a great career option, provided your kid knows the subject that he would write for. Moreover, it would only be temporary because the subject matter and creative writing requirements for a columnist will only appeal to a specific audience in a specific location or demographic.

But as time went by, the columns expanded into several diverse fields like entertainment, sports, politics, general, science, lifestyle, homemaking, and many more. It takes talent to be able to use word choice and punctuation to keep the reader’s interest. This ability is naturally present, but it occasionally needs to be developed. Also up for contention is whether or not art can be taught.

Is this something you can learn? The creative writing sector is prospering and expanding despite this persistent dispute. Many people are working with prospective authors in India and guiding them. Enrolling in creative writing classes has helped many children to become proficient in this area.

Creative writing has become one of the most wanted courses for kids in India. The course is provided by many educational centers. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the course has shifted to the online mode. However, few institutes provide offline courses as well. The course is a must for those who want to be budding writers in the future.

It is also useful for also those who want to improve their writing hobby. Coming to the point, now that we know the scope for jobs in creative writing, it is time for us to know the institutes that are offering creative writing courses for kids in India.

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Here is a List of the Top 6 Creative Writing Courses for Kids in India:


Known for providing top-quality courses like digital marketing, business accounting, Goods and service tax, and financial modeling courses, the IIM SKILLS is the number one ranked institute that offers creative writing courses for kids. Although, the institute does any have any separate course called a creative writing course.

Instead, the institute has a Content Writing Course that includes a creative writing course as one of its lessons. Enroll your kid in this course and watch him craft wonderful stories that would pull crowds.  

At the End of the Course, the Kid Learns to:

  • Craft stories that would have different types and would be enticing and attractive
  • Develop plots
  • Builds characters 
  • Develop a storyline
  • Build a climax

Course Duration: 1 Month + 3 Months Internship

Course Fees: Rs 14900 plus 18 percent GST 

2. Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication

Founded in 2003, the Sri Aurobindo center for art and communication was established to shape generations of media professionals with the ability to think creatively, perform intelligently, and communicate effectively. Known for its curriculum that comprises theoretical and practical courses, the SACAC remains a top college that teaches creative writing courses for kids

The institute believes that writing can be learned. Here, admissions are given based on an entrance test. They conduct indoor and outdoor workshops to bring out the best among the children. Their course is for children who are above the age of 16.

Course Highlights:

At the End of the Course, Your Kid Will Be Able to:

  • Write Smoothly
  • Think out of the box
  • Get interesting concepts
  • Enhance imagination
  • Build plots
  • Build characters
  • Improve communication skills
  • Explore different genres

Course Name: Certificate in Creative Writing Courses for kids in India (online)

Course Duration: Three months (classes are held only on weekends)

Course Fee: The registration fee is Rs 100, while the course fee is Rs 22000 plus tax (online) and Rs 25000 plus tax (offline) 

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3. British Council

British Council was established in the year 1948. Since then, the institute has gone on to become one of the best academic schools that provide quality courses like creative writing. The institute was set up to pay attention to culture and art to bring out the creative skills of the youth. Among several of its top-quality courses, creative writing will help your child to write stories like an author. 

The course has been divided into three to four levels, based on which your child can be judged. With the British council’s Creative Writing Courses for Kids, you can now assist your child in letting their creativity run wild and guiding them to write effectively, whether they are writing blogs, news articles, short stories, or creating characters.

This course is advised for youngsters who want to become skilled and effective writers. It is specifically created for children between the ages of 11 and 17. The British council’s creative writing course will help your child to realize his creative potential. Children who complete this six-week online course will master the fundamentals of writing and storytelling as they develop their creative writing abilities.

This Course Will Help Your Child to:

  • Create a distinct writing style and viewpoint
  • Encourage unconventional thinking
  • Improve artistic expression
  • Express ideas clearly
  • Gain a critical understanding of various writing styles

Course Eligibility: 11 to 17 years

Course Duration: 18 hours (6 weeks of online classes)

Course Fee: RS 6,500 or Rs 5500 (Discount for those who are British Council Library members) 

4. Centre for Excellence (CE)

Maybe your kid likes “Aladdin”, “Sinbad the sailor”, or “The mermaid”. It can be anything, but if he does like any of those stories then, enroll him in a creative writing class at the Centre for Excellence. This is one of the best online learning platforms that provide creative writing training to kids. The course will assist your child on their path to becoming an author or poet.

This course will assist your child in developing the abilities and self-assurance required to succeed as a storyteller and is jam-packed with techniques and tools. This exciting Creative Writing Courses for Kids contains numerous warm-ups and practice exercises to help students write fast and consistently. They will write a variety of stories and poetry as they embark on adventures with their characters.

They can decide on whether to create a different narrative each time, utilizing the prompts and exercises to practice new skills, or, if they feel more comfortable, they can use the exercises to progress to a longer story. The 10-module training course has been covered in 11 videos, which by the way is free and has lifetime access.  

Your Child’s Learning in This Course Will Result in:

  • Discovering the art of storytelling and conventional tales
  • Learning how to compose dialogue and about writing tools and styles
  • Discovering the components of a story, how to compose them, and the role that illustration may play
  • Discovering the various forms, styles, and language techniques used in poetry

Course Fees: The course fee is Rs 2756

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5. Coursera

Known for providing top-quality courses all over the world, Coursera is an American online educational platform that users can access anytime. People can explore the artistic world outside of their academic specialties. These online classes offer the best quality since they replicate traditional classroom settings.

In India, Coursera also offers numerous creative writing courses for kids as well as for adults. However, there is one specific course that would suit your child. That course is “Writing for Young Readers: Opening the Treasure Chest”.  This course is intended for enquiring young learners and aspiring writers who have a passion for crafting stories. 

Let your kid participate in a vibrant online writing community as he practices his writing and finds his voice. He will be guided by a mixture of video lectures, online readings, peer reviews, and special appearances by well-known children’s authors in this course. He will get and offer criticism from his peers as he completes the writing activities, and he will learn tools and techniques for enhancing his writing.

Your kid will also learn to recognize stories that matter to him, let him explore cultural significance and boundaries, and develop his writing identity. He will also become familiar with basic narrative elements like character, setting, plot, theme, language, dialogue, and point of view.

He will also reflect on his work and practice crucial self-editing techniques. He will see the various ways that words and art interact, as well as the possibilities of longer narrative forms, he will leave this course with practical insights. 

Course Highlights: 

  • 24×7 Access to online videos and lectures
  • Virtual classrooms with an environment similar to classroom training
  • Instructors are qualified trainers

Course Fee: Varies as per specialization

Course Duration: Between four to twelve weeks

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6. Udemy

On the online teaching and learning site Udemy, there are more than 150,000 courses available. This platform is used by more than 4 million people. This website covers a wide variety of subjects, from applying cosmetics to doing pilates. Although the paid ones are reasonably priced, there are several that are both free and paid.

Access to these courses is available for a lifetime. There are many courses on creative writing in India here. The platform has compact and energetic Creative Writing Courses for Kids. In this course, English faculty and renowned author Luke Richardson help the students to write their own stories. This course will have your child creating an exciting story, whether it’s for their home school curriculum, a back-to-school creative boost, or simply for fun. 

After the Course Ends, your Child will Learn to:

  • Develop characters
  • Craft an exciting story
  • Learn new words
  • Enjoy writing as an activity and have fun

Course Highlights:

  • Language choice is available
  • The video duration is between three to 17 plus hours
  • Course name: It depends on the topic

Course Fee: The course fee is Rs 3943

Course Duration: Lifetime accessibility

These were the top institutes that offer thorough coaching and mentoring to kids for creative writing. Decide whatever type of creative writing would be most appealing for your kid. 

Frequently Asked Question- FAQs

Q1. What can my kid learn from the creative writing course?

Students get the opportunity to explore their creative potential, use language imaginatively, and practice the many parts of the craft involved in creating fiction and poetry through creative writing courses. By taking this course, your kid, can, as a writer, enhance his capacity for original thought and writing.

Q2. How challenging are creative writing programs in India?

Contrary to popular belief, studying creative writing in India involves a lot more academic work, which makes it harder because there are so many things to keep in mind. The pressure of it offers more time to develop talents and less time to work on writing.

Q3. Is it a must to take Creative writing courses for kids?

No, there is no hard and fast rule that it is important to enroll in the creative writing course. However, taking a creative writing course can help you learn a lot more about tools and tips for writing, just by writing a lot of creative assignments, having people read them, and getting honest feedback.


By itself, creative writing classes in India let us have fun. Through the release of endorphins, this stress-free activity reduces stress levels. Keeping this in mind, there is no stopping if we enjoy being creative and painting with words. Give your kid’s imagination free rein to hone his writing abilities. Boost his writing style and the author’s voice. Enroll him in the appropriate course to develop his perception.

Arka Roy Chowdhury has done his post-graduate diploma course from Asian College of Journalism. Previously, he has worked at a few publications. Currently, he is an intern at IIM skills. Arka is an avid reader of sports and entertainment news.
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