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Copywriting in India: A Creative Career Choice

Have you ever wondered who comes up with the most entertaining and unique advertisement stories that you see regularly on TV ads? Most likely, the answer is the copywriters. The copywriters are the people who come up with funky punchlines, educational one-liners, or some creative kinds of stuff for different marketing and advertising purposes. Copywriting is one of the most creative forms of content writing and requires out of box thinking abilities. So, if you are someone who can observe and think about the exceptional subject matter and is thinking about making a career in copywriting in India then this blog is for you.

Copywriting in India

 What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is a form of content writing specially done for marketing and advertising purposes. Copywriting is the art of short-form writing that helps to make a sale. It is a creative way of making a brand’s identity and placing it in the hearts of the customers.

Copywriting is typically writing a call-to-action for the customer like on opening a website if you see a pop-up that prompts you to buy something or a magazine page selling or advertising a particular product is a result of copywriting.

It consists of the creative words that are written or spoken by the marketers to make a brand’s copy to attract the targeted audience. These words are written precisely and effectively and revolve around the features, benefits, and the price of the product or services to make a clear marketing copy to make sales. Copywriting is the best way to communicate the brand values to the targeted audience.

The copywriters are the individuals who think out of box ideas and create and craft words that connect the companies to their target audience and expand their reach.

The primary responsibility of copywriters is to comprehend and interpret the target audiences’ mindsets and needs as well as the product’s qualities. The companies hire such copywriters to interact with their audience and expand their network and communicate with them.

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Different Types of Copywriting in India:

There are different types of copywriting in India, depending upon the job responsibility and nature. One can choose anyone based upon their skills and interests.

These are:

Brand Copywriting:

Brand copywriting is one of the main and most popular types of copywriting in India. It involves various marketing strategies to pitch the brand to the targeted audience. The main work of brand copywriting involves creating a strong emotional presence and connection with its audience and setting up new markets for the company.

The brand copywriters follow the typical motto of the brand and create campaigns to promote and sell the product or the ideas of the brand. Their main purpose is to create brand loyalty among people.

SEO Copywriting: 

SEO copywriting is all about writing, branding, marketing, and advertising such that the brand content ranks higher on the search engine result pages. So, SEO copywriters write content that is optimized to provide more visibility on major search engines. It is also a very popular form of copywriting in India.

They write well-researched and power-packed content that gives the company or the firm the advantage against the competitors and helps them to market and promote their products and services. All the taglines, images, and phrases are the perfect blend of keywords and highlight the brand value.

Social Media Copywriting:

Social media copywriting basically means writing crisp content for social media posts and messages for different social media platforms that the brand wants to be present on. The main goal of social media copywriting is to engage the audience through the posts and ads and earn loyal customers.

The different social media platforms have certain unique formats that have to be taken care of, for example, an article for a Facebook post won’t be considered appropriate for Twitter or LinkedIn. So, a social media copywriter must be adaptive and creative in many ways. 

Digital Copywriting:

Digital copywriting is the same as the other copywriting in India but it is in the online form. A digital copywriter is the one who is responsible to create copy exclusively for the online audience. They create content for landing page copy, blogs, catalogs, article writings, business letters, etc. They use the same set of skills as any other copywriter who writes offline content.

Marketing Copywriting:

Marketing copywriting is preparing creative and persuasive copies to convince the audience to purchase goods and services. It is a way of promoting the brand campaigns on television commercials, print ads, and radio announcements. The work of a marketing copywriter also includes making graphic images and visuals that go in collaboration with brand moto and ideology.

Insight Copywriting:

Insight copywriting is all about establishing your company or brand as an industry leader. An insight copywriter accomplishes this by creating high-value instructive content on the company’s different platforms. The main focus of the insight copywriter remains on giving detailed solutions about the issues or queries related to the field with context to the brand.

Technical Copywriting:

Technical copywriting involves writing marketing materials for the technical industries like website copy, case studies, and product guides to explain the benefits and obstacles of tech products in daily life.

A technical copywriter is supposed to write some explanatory content for a technical product and help the audience to avail the company’s products. Also, see A Guide To Fundamentals of Technical Communication Skills. 

Email Copywriting:

Email copywriting is writing copy for emails to the potential customers for encouraging a conversation. This conversation leads to a call to action (CTA) that can be a sign-up, reading blogs, or booking a trial.

The main purpose of sending emails is to increase audience engagement with the brand and help get potential customers. Clarity, presentation, and CTA are the main key points for email copywriters.

UX Copywriting:

UX copywriting stands for user experience copywriting. A UX copywriter mainly focuses on enhancing the experience of a user on the company’s website or app.

The main focus stays on engaging visitors to spend more time on the website, thus reducing the bounce rate and increasing the consumer interaction to convert a visitor into a potential customer.

How to Make a Career in Copywriting in India?

The most basic requirement for being a copywriter is a creative and dedicated mind and will to achieve targets on time. The most common steps to follow for making a career in copywriting are listed below:

Earn an Academic Qualification:

Although it is not necessary to have a formal academic qualification to pursue copywriting, having a degree or diploma course in the field helps to clear and improve your prospects.

Some of the agencies have the minimum criteria for the candidates to have some sort of degree or certification. So, if you wish to start your copywriting journey, enroll yourself in any professional course in the related field.

Understand the Basics of Copywriting:

Just getting a degree or certificate won’t be completely helpful, you would need to understand the basics of copywriting and involve yourself in the practice.

This field requires practice and understanding of the workflow. The practice would enhance your creativity and help you to gain a natural flow in your writing.

Improve Your Communication Skills:

The main focus of copywriters is to write content that speaks about the brand’s motto and ideology. They create content to promote and advertise the products, which are mostly in a communicational way.

The content language of a copywriter should be convincing enough to turn the audience into customers. This can be achieved by working on communication skills and understanding the flow of writing.

Identify Your Niche:

Once you start practicing and have a grip over your writing style, it becomes easy to choose from various options in copywriting fields according to your comforts and convenience.

It is necessary to identify the type of writing that you are interested in before moving to the next step of creating a portfolio.

Creating a Portfolio:

The portfolio is your way of flaunting your skills and the work you have done. Preparing a portfolio to highlight your expertise in the domain will give you an extra edge in the selection.

Most firms or companies want to see your work samples and portfolios to evaluate whether you are a suitable fit for the job or not. So, always be prepared with your portfolio and well-structured resume to present your potential and expertise to the clients.

Apply for the Job:

Once you are ready with your portfolio and resume, it’s time you start applying to the vacancies. Read the job details, employer’s requirements in detail before applying to any job. It is always recommended to update your portfolio with the work samples that are relevant to the job you are applying for.

If you wish to make a career as a freelance copywriter then you must flaunt your skills and make yourself visible to the clients in the particular domain.

Use Social Media to Advertise Your Talent and Skills:

You can use social media platforms to advertise your skills and gain. Connect with people from the same domain as yours and expand your network. Networking helps to approach clients and grab different opportunities.

Social platforms are the best way to showcase your talent to those interested in it. You can also use various online freelancing platforms to find short-term work and long time job opportunities. For further insights see How to become a copywriter- A detailed Guide. 

Average Salary of Copywriters in India

The amount you will earn doing copywriting in India depends upon your skills, your work, your expertise, and your experience. However, the average entry-level salary of copywriters in India is about Rs. 2,98,747, while that of a mid-level copywriter with 2-4 years of experience is Rs.3,71,799 and of an experienced copywriter is Rs, 6,08,486. On average, a freelance copywriter in India earns about Rs.17,243 per month.

Important Skills Required for Copywriting in India

Copywriting is a skill-oriented field. It is a field where crafty wordsmiths shape any topic into stunning content. There are skills and qualities that you should learn to excel in copywriting in India. These skills would enhance your creativity and would help you get your clients.

Strong Language Skills:

A copywriter should have a great command of languages. Copywriting in India does not only depend upon English or Hindi language, but regional languages also play a very important role. So, knowing any regional language can be an extra benefit for you.

Excellent Communication Skills:

Strong communication skills help you get in-network with people from your field. Talking and getting to know people and their journey helps you to improve and adjust according to the trends. Copywriting is a way of communicating with the audience so, communication skills also play an important role here.

Creative Thinking:

The ability to write concise, attention-grabbing content is what copywriters are supposed to do. For these one must be able to think out of the box and write words that represent the main motto of the brand yet are crisp and attractive.

Research Skills:

Knowing what your competitors are doing is also an important aspect of content writing. You must research what is trending recently, what your competitors are doing to create the best copy for your brand. Researching the best topics, trends and competition remain the first step for any kind of writing.

Knowledge of Designing:

Content creation is closely related to designing. Having a basic knowledge of layouts, fonts, designing, visualization, web development, heading, and subheading helps you to create and visualize content as per need and demand.

Editing and Proofreading:

Every content creator whether a writer, copywriter, or web writer needs to have good editing and proofreading skills. This helps to create error-free and concise content.

Interpersonal skills:

Interpersonal skills are the basic behavioral skills we use in our daily life like communication skills, teamwork, problem-solving, and others. These skills allow us to build better relationships at work.

Top Industries that Hire Copywriters in India:

There are various industries that require copywriters- whether be a freelancer or full-time employees.

These are:

Ad Agencies:

Ad agencies or digital marketing agencies are the ones who provide copywriting services in India. They look for exceptional, and talented copywriters to join their teams. They often look for someone who can write about any topic and is comfortable with different niches. 

Charities and Non-Profit Organizations:

Non-profit organizations organize different campaigns for charity and other events and hire copywriters to write and create content for the promotion and advertisement of their campaigns. These can be non-paid jobs but can prove a good chance to kick start your copywriting journey.

Freelancing Industries:

Freelance copywriting is very popular nowadays. The companies or firms that do not require copywriters regularly opt for freelancers to write copy for them. These can be short-term or long-term jobs based on the needs of the projects.

There are many other industries that also hire copywriters like healthcare sectors, local businesses or firms, the fashion industry, and the food industry. You should research thoroughly before applying for any job.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

 Q1. What institutes provide courses for copywriting in India?

There are many institutes that offer courses in this field. Some of them are the IIM Skills, Institute of Digital Marketing, CIM Copywriting Course, the Blackford Centre.

You can start learning copywriting by joining any of these courses or can find other courses in your city if you wish to attend offline classes.

 Q2. What are the other resources for learning copywriting?

The websites like Copyblogger, Kopywriting Kourse, Copy Hackers, Non-Boring Kopywriting provide the best platforms for practicing copywriting.

Q3. How to start a career as a copywriter in India?

The first step to start copywriting is to build a strong portfolio and resume. Then you can start applying for small firms or agencies and start your copywriting journey.

Q4. Is copywriting a good career in India?

The copywriter’s job is very interesting and offers a fast-paced working atmosphere, which is one of the most appealing aspects of this position.

If you are someone who has a good command of language and can turn words into tales, then this career choice is probably best for you. It provides a wide variety of topics to write on like finance, politics, health care, and others.

Q5. Which companies hire copywriters?

Several multinational companies hire copywriters. Tata Consultancy Services, Flipkart, Digitas, FCB Global, Ogilvy are some of them.

Q6. What is the average pay of copywriters in India?

The average pay of copywriters in India is Rs. 368192, but it is variable and depends upon the skills, experience, and knowledge of a person.


Copywriting is the practice of creating content that is primarily meant to encourage the audience to take some form of action, such as signing up for a newsletter, making a payment, attending a webinar, and so on.

The main goal of writing such an engaging copy is to reach large audiences with it in order to increase engagement, audience attention, leads, and, in many cases, purchases.

Businesses frequently require copywriting for their websites, social media pages, and other marketing platforms in order to appear innovative, appealing, and engaging to their target audiences.


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