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A Comprehensive Guide On Content Providers In India

Are you an individual or a company striving to mark your online presence on the web? Content providers in India can be your savior with the right mix of marketing, sales, and advertising strategies.

Content Providers In India


Today’s digital era demands more than just branding. Only a commitment to creating compelling content with inbound marketing skills will help to establish visibility in the market. A content provider comes to the rescue in such tiring situations.

Let us take a glimpse of the definition and an overall view of content providers in India.

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Content Provider- Definition and Overview

A web content provider is an individual or an organization that handles the content distribution online through blogs, articles, social media posts, etc. The primary responsibility of a content provider is to issue stellar content to engage the clients. A content provider should ease your website creation, website maintenance, social media handling, and inbound marketing standards.

Content seekers look for succinct content that lures the audience. Top-notch content providers need to furnish fact-filled, original, and optimized content. You can get content providers by the following means: Content marketing agencies, Freelancers, and the content writer marketplace. To hire the right content provider, look for solid business skills and a perfect match for your business criteria.

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Let’s explore the three categories of content providers in India in detail.

Content providers in India – Categories

You have an ocean of content providers in India at different expertise levels broadly differentiated into three categories:

1. Content Marketing Agencies

Content marketing agencies help businesses generate leads and sales. Content marketing agencies are small or large groups of creative people working for different industries and clients. Content marketing agencies are known for their instant expertise and skillset.

Outsourcing the marketing tasks can benefit you in cost reduction. Also, Content Marketing agencies support by preparing sales decks, one-pagers, email scripts, etc. These agencies help in expanding website search, improving brand awareness, building trust, converting leads to money.

Content marketing agencies are a good option if you prefer credible solutions with expertise. Agencies always keep track of the latest technologies and suggest the growth of the business. You can choose from countless agencies according to your niche skills and experience. But if you want to communicate with the person rendering services, freelancers do a better job.

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2. Freelancers

Content creation is a crucial part of your business for Digital Marketing, Blogging, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization. You need people to create content across various communication channels such as websites, blogs, social media handles, etc. If you want a one-stop solution with a limited budget, go for hiring a freelancer.

Freelancers are affordable compared to content marketing agencies suitable for startups with low budgets. Another advantage of freelancers is flexibility. Freelancers can work in different time zones according to the client’s requirements. Freelancers support multiple projects. Harsh deadlines reduce the freelancer’s efficiency.

High coordination is required while working with freelancers. You must ensure credibility from time to time as they tend to quit in between deadlines. Many freelancers are amateurs without expertise in a specific industry. Hire a freelancer if you don’t need specialists, can coordinate, and have a minimum budget.

3. The Content Writer Marketplace

When a content seeker meets a content writer, it is called the Content Writer Marketplace. The marketplace connects the seekers with the doers. The marketplace eliminates the agency middleman and helps you get low prices directly from writers.

Content marketplace allows the purchase of new content at a reasonable price. You can also get freelancers to work for relatively long time intervals. The content writer marketplace requires writers to bid. Also, writers are ranked now and then in a content marketplace.

There is a possibility that experienced writers demand more pay. The Brightside of the content writer marketplace is that you get to browse, pick and choose. The content writer marketplace consists of thousands of talented writers who work as freelancers. The content marketplace is the best way to outsource content if you are looking for a mix of expertise and freelancing.

Remember, you have three unique options to munch on to enhance your online presence. You can go for agencies that specialize in different types of content creation or choose a pool of skilled writers from a marketplace or go for freelancers. You can connect with freelancers or agencies from popular bidding sites.

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Services Offered by the Content Providers in India

Your website is a replica of your organization and its caliber. Your website should perform well amid the vast pool of competitors. It is the job of a content provider to offer services that attract visitors and converts them into viable leads.

Let’s look at some of the services offered by a Content Provider.

Content Provider Aims to Give You the Below Services:

  • Building an outstanding website
  • Website maintenance
  • Providing a high-quality content
  • Producing factual and relevant content
  • Delivering a zero plagiarized content
  • Improving/Repairing company’s reputation
  • Setting up a social media page
  • Managing Social media page
  • Incorporating market strategies to drive traffic
  • Timely delivery

Content providers offer these services at a varied price range. You can always explore multiple agencies/marketplace/freelancers for different types of services.

Top Three-pointers to Look for in Content Providers in India

When you have a website to be worked at, you start looking at content providers online. You find a vast range of options and often struggle to choose the right fit.

The Top Characteristic to Look for Choosing the Right Fit Include:

  • Quality of writing- A good content provider will ensure quality content and valuable ideas for your site. The foundation for a successful website depends on the content quality. So, remember to select a content provider who assures standard content for your website. If the content provider fails to furnish grammatically correct content, your content will fail. An error-free and superior content fetches traffic to your website and plays a pivotal role in generating leads.
  • Original and optimized content- It is a known fact that search engine penalizes for plagiarized content. A content provider can use other websites as a model but without plagiarizing the content. Look for content providers capable of attracting visitors through original content. A unique piece of content is like icing on the cake that enhances the writing and maintains the texture. Go for a content provider who focuses on authenticity.
  • Timely delivery- On-time delivery is quintessential as much as native content. You can count on those content providers who ensure timely delivery. Turnaround time should be on your list before you hire a content provider. Before drafting a contract with your content provider, speak the delivery terms carefully. Website maintenance goes hand in hand with timely updates. Go for a content provider who assures timely delivery.

A well researched, original content delivered on time is the key to a successful website. Choose one such content provider who can deliver these three in a single package. It’s time to explore the top five skills required for a Content Provider.

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Top Five Skills Needed for Content Providers in India

It’s hard to become Google’s trusted content source unless drafted by a skilled Content Provider. The top five indispensable skills of Content providers in India are:

Maintaining a Web-friendly Writing Style

The topmost skill of a content provider is to sustain a web-friendly content style. Freelancers and content marketing agencies should set the seal on providing audience-centric content. Also, being on par with multimedia technologies aid in a web-friendly approach. An additional set of videos or animations can attract visitors to the website. Content providers should be aware of the new techniques to lure the audience and increase site traffic.

A web-friendly content must be actionable, findable, and shareable. An inverted pyramid model that involves narrowing down the information from top to bottom will help. The most important messages go to the top while the less important ones to the bottom. A skilled content provider will use active voice, simple language, short sentences, numbered lists, clear headlines, ample white space to create a web-friendly approach.

Ability to Provide Optimized Content

The ability to capture the reader’s interest is quite challenging. The main skill set of a Content Provider is to produce optimized content. What do we mean by optimized content? Content written by the keyword searches is said to be optimized content.

Why should one focus on keywords from search engines? Keyword research from search engines aid in understanding the expectations of the audience. A skilled content provider can draft the most appealing content by knowing the needs of the audience. Only optimized content can help with the website’s reach. So, the ability to provide optimized content is a primary skill needed for a Content Provider. Freelancers and content marketing agencies should possess this skill.

Fast Turnaround in Terms of Delivery

Delivery time is a competency in the Content Provider market. Agencies and freelancers thrive to offer fast delivery with state-of-art content management. A skilled content provider must satisfy the turnaround time along with qualitative content. How to acquire this skill? Maintaining a five-step process can help.

Five steps include researching, professional writeups, quality checks, optimization, and marketing. A content provider can have different teams working on each category and ensure timely delivery with good content. Also, Content Providers offering custom packages end up getting more deals.

Negotiating Power

Content Providers can excel and get clients with the skill of negotiation. The power of negotiation helps a content provider to manage the content writers and clients effectively. A content agency manager has to negotiate with freelancers in terms of budget and delivery time.

To succeed in negotiations, Content providers avoid extremism on either side. They focus on choosing the right clients. They try to signup skilled writers and professional writers. Also, content providers get a negotiation agreement before starting the assignment. The power of negotiation is a critical skill to shine as a Content Provider.

Proofreading Capability

Pesky typos in a web article will hamper the success of content. A content provider must find ways to produce error-ridden web copies. Many tools aid in the process like Grammarly, Ginger, GrammarCheck, Hemingway App, etc. A skilled content provider should be aware of the proofreading software. An error-free and high-quality content always gets more visitors to the website.

Five Golden Rules to Hire Content Providers in India

Follow the Below Guidelines to Hire a Content Provider:

  • Avoid hiring cheap content providers– Looking for good writers but choosing the lowest bidder wouldn’t help. You may end up spending more than required in the long run. If the content requires multiple revisions, you may waste time outsourcing. Some good professionals do offer low costs. Make sure that you don’t settle for ultra-cheap content that can hinder your quality. It is a good idea to research the market rate and decide on the rate. Also, you can enquire multiple agencies, compare the rates and go for the best possible option. Another technique is to hire multiple freelancers and benefit from the average total cost.
  • Look for sharp communication skills An online business requires strong communication skills. Content Providers are no exception. Good writers need good communication skills to understand the requirements of clients. When you discuss your business requirement, a good communicator will clarify your questions. Every matter of discussion will be like an open book that adds credibility and accountability to the client. The best way is to provide a test assignment and judge the resolve of a Content Provider.
  • Hire more than one writer– No matter how skillful your writer is, there is always a possibility that they may run out of creativity. You will need additional content that does not meet with your regular writer. If you work with a content agency, ask them to give content from different writers. If you hire freelancers, make sure you have a spare writer to help you in case of emergencies. Hire more than one writer to have a backup plan and experience different flavors of writing.
  • Maintain a to-do list– A to-do list will help you in hiring and training content writers. Write a set of instructions and pointers to give the content providers. An emergency may arise where you hire a different writer for the same task. In such a situation, you can furnish the same to-do list to the new writer. The collection of written instructions will aid in effective business management.
  • Take weekly updates- Set up weekly or monthly meetings to manage your Content Provider. Collecting regular updates as per your project helps in tracking and brings no last-minute surprises. Also, discuss other issues like payments, delivery discrepancies, etc. Setting up regular calls can strengthen the long-term relationship with the Content Providers. Good Content providers are not easy to find, so it’s a good idea to maintain good relations with them.

Top Five Content Providers in India

Best content providers promote digital marketing and increase brand value. Here are some of the top content providers in India.

1.Write Right

Write Right is a well-known content provider based out of Ahmedabad. They provide 360-degree solutions for small businesses and large enterprises. They are known for their content marketing skills and exceptional delivery. Many reviewers of GoodFirms have rated Write Right for good quality, reliability, and ability.

Write Right boasts that their uniqueness and specialty lies in Quality, Necessity, and Deadline. Also, they are the best content writing agency as per the ranks of Clutch. They offer primary services in technical writing, creative writing, ghostwriting, blog writing, social media writing, non-technical writing, SOP writing, marketing, and advertising. The global client base and testimonials make Write Right a reliable content provider in India.

2. Estorytellers

Estorytellers is a subsidiary of Write Right with five years of expertise spanning more than 25 writers. Estorytellers focus on cost-effective pricing, fast turnaround time, plagiarism-free content, and top-notch quality.

They offer services like copywriting, creative writing, SOP writing, translational services. Their ultimate goal is to build brand awareness by providing engaging and attractive content. They have a pool of dynamic content writers best suited for the target audience.

3. Content-Whale

Content Whale is yet another famous content provider that provides 42 types of content writing services around the globe. Content-Whale houses a large team of writers and editors and promises to deliver content within 36 hours.

Content-whale services include Copywriting, Emailers, Editing, Proofreading, Blog writing, SOP, product reviews, Quora, Article writing, Website Content Writing, technical writing, and Academic writing. Also, they serve a plethora of industries and niche areas like Education, Healthcare, beauty, Fashion, Marketing, Sports, Technology, IT, Travel, and Entertainment.

4. Taletel

Taletel is a professional aiming to reiterate the content as per the client. They provide 25 services in the fields of content writing, SOP, and Copywriting. They claim to be experts in offering customized content with the changing market trends. Taletel has stellar reviews for SOP writing services. They have in-house writers as well as freelancers to meet the client’s needs.

5. Justwords

Justwords is an award-winning content marketing agency with 11 years of expertise. They are a fast, accountable, flexible, and dynamic bunch. Their services include Content Creation, Content Marketing, Content Strategy, SEO, Social media, Creative writing. Some of their winning clients include Paytabs, HDFC Ergo, Homify, etc.

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Content Providers are quintessential when it comes to building a website and gaining more visitors. But the challenge always lies in choosing the best one for your needs. This article briefs you on types of content providers and their necessary skills. Also, this article aims to give you a glimpse at methods to hire Content Providers in India. There are plenty of Content Providers online who offer expertise in specific domains. Hire a suitable Content Provider based on the skillset, services, and cost.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q. Which is the best institute for learning content writing?

IIM SKILLS is popularly known for offering best online learning content writing programs.

Q. Can I start my own content writing services, what is the eligibility?

Once you are a certified content writer, you can start your own business in content writing services.

Q. How long it takes to be a certified content writer?

The course duration is one month and 2 months of paid internship with IIM SKILLS.

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