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Best Social Media Advertising Practices in 2024

The trends of social media keep changing now and then. Presenting the best social media advertising practices in 2024.

The image describes the topic on best practices in social media advertising

With the rise in use and accepting technology as a part of our day to day life, everything is dependent on it. Advertising – the word itself says to promote, to market & to share a piece of information with huge mass. Social media marketing is playing a major role in this ever-demanding era.


Today there are hundreds of marketing strategies available for customers as well as company benefits but the most effective way that is garnering more and more attention is Social media advertising which is also bringing consistent sales.


Social media advertising are advertisements designed to serve users on social media platforms. User information is gathered and utilized by social networks to prepare the advertisements within specific platforms. Social media advertising can lead to a huge rise in sales and conversions.


Modes of social media advertising:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Pinterest
  4. Twitter
  5. Snapchat
  6. LinkedIn


Why any brand should invest or focus on social media advertising?


Every brand needs to be recognized, wants to reach the right potential market, get known in front of targeted eyeballs, and has a different demographics-based targeting strategy. Our traditional methods of branding and advertising still exist in the market however advertising on social media is the new trend and it’s showing good outcomes for all brands to ensure their target market is served with the right product or services.


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How advertising on social media helps?

1. Minimize Marketing Costs

In comparison to any other marketing strategies, social media advertising requires a very low financial budget. With very minimal use of the internet and computers, the cost is reduced by a greater margin. Traditional marketing strategies have withered with time and suffered due to more resource requirements. Companies’ operation costs shall be reduced by using social media advertising. A large mass of users can be reached by social media marketing.


2. Rapidly increasing sales

What matters the most in any business is whether it can turn its strategic marketing into sales for the business. For any brand to succeed, social media advertising has proved to be the catalyst behind the success. It has also gained a positive impact on overall revenue growth.


3. High Return on investment

Social media advertising is the most cost-effective, user-friendly, and reliable method of marketing. It also drives more customer traffic compared to any other form.


4. Real-time insights

The exciting thing about social media advertising is that you gain real-time insights on how your advertising is affecting the real world and whether it is connecting to the target audience.


Services are available that helps to determine the impact or performance of your advertising on consumers. Services such as Facebook analytics helps to check the ad performance.


5. Call to action

One of the other benefits of social media advertising is that it directly gets in touch with the end line consumers and hence it drives more to sales by a new feature called call to action. It enables consumers to take an action immediately.


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6. Diversification

Currently, the companies do understand the rise of cutting edge competition and risks involved in marketing. The companies are now working strongly to increase their online visibility. They offer more and more platforms to communicate with the brand.


Social media advertising offers a great exposure to consumers to purchase the product and ultimately also helps them to understand the process of purchase and analyze the products in real-time.


Talking about the popularity of social media advertising, it has become the most used and popular mode of marketing. This is also due to the ease of using social network sites to market products and services. Social media marketing has become the most integral part of marketing strategies.


Customer needs identification is also an integral function of social media advertising. Customer retention is an added advantage to social media advertising. With social media advertising, you can achieve consistent sales from the day you make your website live.


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Social Media Advertising Best Practices


1. Use Organic content

The first step towards your target audience would be starting with your own organic posts, ads, and blogs. This would benefit because you get to know your performance and can assume that it will work on paid ads too. You can experiment with the organic content and add the finer details later on while reposting for paid ads.


2. Target niche audience

The targeting capacity of social media is far more than our imagination. One can target an audience based on their location, content they use and see, places of visit, and many more.


You can go narrower and narrower to the target audience for better performance. You can get maximum results by choosing an ultra-specific audience and their requirement.


3. Using Ad Creatives

Ad campaigns can be more successful by using ad creatives. Multiple ad creatives can be created to achieve more success ratio. You can create two or more creative for a common campaign. This can include visuals and ad copies. Social media platforms will amplify the ad that brings good results.


4. Design Eye-catchy Creative

 More commonly the users scroll the screen until they find something that is eye-catch and grabs the attention. There you have got the second of seconds to catch the audience’s attention. The creative you design must be attention-grabbing and compelling to the audience that they cannot resist to view your ad. This can be done by using a mix of styles, colors, icons, and different creative fonts. Headlines can even be eye-catchy.


5.The Remarketing strategy

A single interaction is not enough to make the audience remember you. A user may visit your page or blog to solve their queries but might not revisit as he may not be aware of the brand. In that case, you can use remarketing to remarket yourself and reenter the audience’s mind. Such remarketing campaigns serve to build the trust of consumer and makes the audience bond stronger. It helps the audience to recall the brand more efficiently.


The Different Types Of Social Media Platforms For Ads:

    • Social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+)
    • Microblogging (Twitter, Tumblr)
    • Photo sharing (Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest)
    • Video sharing (YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope, Vimeo)


 Best Social Networks for Social media advertising


In 2020, as per the current market opinion, there are 6 different social media channels which are proven to get consistent ROI:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Pinterest.
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Snapchat


The choice of social media network depends on three factors : Target audience traffic, Target audience accessibility, and target audience engagement with an ad campaign.


 Benefits of social media advertising:


1. Improves Brand Recognition

Social media advertising has drastically increased brand recognition. This allows companies to interact and communicate with the user. This gives more and more credibility and understanding of the need of the client. Once familiarity is developed with the user, users are bound to recommend your brand to near and dear ones. This ultimately creates a valuable impact in the social media market


2.Improves Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty plays a major role in today’s world that’s full of competition, every day all segments or industries are getting new rivals, so in order to retain the existing customers who can be loyal to the products or services they are using and be with that particular brand for a long run or loyal is a big challenge.


General practice use to be to once customer purchases any products via social media platforms or any online e-commerce stores at that point of time their cache and cookies are stored by browser and IP, and this is something interesting, once we place the order of example: ABC product then for next few days it will keep reminding customer about their product which is a part of advertising called brand recall. So in this way with the help of social media advertising Brand loyalty can be improved.


3. Improves Conversion Ratio:

As we discussed above the way the use of smartphones and social media is increasing across the globe, for any brand it becomes tricky on how to convert a prospect to a lead. Social media helps brands target very specific and niche markets which helps a brand to maintain and improve conversion ratio. Two tools that are best known these days to get a high conversion ratio are Facebook & Instagram. With an improving conversation ratio, a brand can see improvement in its sales & profits.


4. Helps in Saving Resources

Compared to the traditional marketing method, advertising via social media requires minimal resources only the internet and a computer is required! By doing this brand helps the nation to save natural resources and it also reduces their margin significantly. Branding on social media is more affordable in terms of reaching huge masses, and also a quick way too.


Types of advertisements on Social Media:

1.Facebook Ads

a) Facebook Ads help to reach all age group people so almost every brand’s first choice of social media platform would be Facebook. Facebook helps to generate awareness about the brand, it helps to increase traffic on the website, helps to generate downloads of any attached resources.


It could be a mobile application or any imp. Information related to brand], By creating games on Facebook such brands can keep users engaged with them and helps to get a good amount of conversion. This method also helps to generate leads, customers can send queries and message to the brand directly.


Facebook which has the largest amount of users worldwide currently having 2.45 Billion users so any marketer is having a much wider scope to market via Facebook. Every ad that is run on Facebook it gives a detailed report about the performance of each campaign shows end users response to ads, based on the report outcome brand can prepare a new strategy and implement accordingly


2. Photo Ads

a) Photo Ads have always been the best mode of communicating with end customers without even uttering a single word, a simple creative which is created for end target users speaks a lot. Photo ads get a high amount of interaction for any brand, as end users can see visuals and based on that gives the outcome. Along with photo Ads, brands can also associate a link to their website and a call to action button, this helps users easily to engage with the brand. With Photo ads, the brand also place their logo, tagline & website address which allows customers to know more about brand


3. Video Ads

a) Video ads are most effective if its created in the right manner, highly seen video ads is having higher completion rates as that passes the message to the right audience in a short time and end users always prefer short video ads rather than long video ads. These ads help you to give a demo of your products, services, etc.


4. Stories Ads

a) It’s a kind of time-based ad, which lasts only for 24 hours, story ads are designed for a specific target age group which is shown to Facebook users when they are viewing stories of their friends/network. Based on interest and searches from individual profiles each brand targets


5. Carousel Ads

a) Carousel ads are majorly used by e-commerce companies, the first target to all users who are following their page, and then they target based on criteria set by certain demographics. Especially brands who deals in clothing, accessories, footwear, and much more where the product can be displayed in ad format during every new launch or even if it’s during the sale period its good way to get customers to your website directly from social media platforms.


6.Collection Ads

a)This type of ad helps to showcase and visually inspire viewers or target audiences by showing multiple images of brand products in a single image. Users can discover, browse, and can make the decision to purchase products instantly. It can be via photo, video, or can be shown by both.


7.Messenger Ads

a) Messenger Ads are ads that are shown to users between chat tabs, these can be short or one-liner ads. These ads even come from cookies and cache memories of your browser, for example, if before launching the messenger app on your device if you have visited any brand website on a mobile browser, that same brand ad is shown on the Messenger app.


8.Playable Ads

a) These ads are specially designed for mobile viewers who are using Facebook & Instagram on the mobile phone, in these ads brands showcase their products and services via a short and quick preview.


9.Instagram Ads

a) Instagram Ads are majorly designed for youth or young crowd who are highly active on Instagram, the best part of managing Instagram ads is it’s being handled from the same Dashboard. The best way to attract target users is to promote the post that’s shared on the Instagram handle. Instagram ads are highly effective where after each promotion brands can see a detailed report that shows data like which age group has viewed, location, clicks on the website, clicks on the call button, clicks on email button this all can be reviewed.


LinkedIn Ads:

We have seen that most of the brands are targeting to promote ads on Facebook & Instagram, however advertising on LinkedIn is also having its own benefits since a highly professional group of people can be found and targeted on LinkedIn. LinkedIn ads will help brands to meet business goals. LinkedIn ads can also be either B2B or B2C. LinkedIn is having 59% of executive users:

Steps to advertise on LinkedIn:

  1. Go to campaign manager
  2. Create a campaign
  3. Choose leads from the objectives option
  4. Set up target criteria
  5. Choose ad formats
  6. Photo and video both could be shared via LinkedIn ads
  7. Setup CTA [Call to action] button
  8. Choose demographics

How it helps brands to advertise via LinkedIn?

  1. Website retargeting
  2. Brand recalling
  3. Spread awareness


LinkedIn ads are costly as compare to promote ads or run a campaign on Facebook & Instagram. With the help of LinkedIn ads, brands can get highly qualified leads, since all users on LinkedIn are professionals. As per the research video ads that are promoted on LinkedIn which are up to 30 seconds video it has shown a 200% completion rate and the best outcome at the end of the promotion. Few marketers have used videos that are of 90 seconds too however after reviewing the results as compared to 30 seconds which is giving good results, they have re- switched to 30 seconds video ads.


LinkedIn ads can help brands to reach a powerful professional target people, they have high buying capacity and the conversion ratio is high on LinkedIn ads as compare to Facebook & Instagram advertising. LinkedIn ads are having 3 major goals Brand awareness, Lead Generation, and engagement of the target audience to the brand.


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