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5 Best Professional Certified Courses in Mumbai in 2024

Are you a salaried working professional who is not content, happy, and proud of your job or salary? Professional Certified courses in Mumbai will help you to upskill yourself to the level of a sweeping headstart. Read the whole article to know about these courses.


The image is about the best professional certified courses in Mumbai


After getting good work experience from the first couple of jobs, most of us want to land a better job or want to start some side business along with it. To fulfill that dream, we all need more knowledge and experience. 


A certified professional course will help you to upgrade your knowledge and resume. The certified course work for professionals who want to upgrade their skills. Moreover, students who can’t benefit from a regular degree program can find jobs after learning from certification programs. Most of the short-term certificate courses last from one month to one year. Some may last for few days or more than a year. It all depends on the type of course; you decide to take up. This article describes the list of 5 Best Professional certified courses in Mumbai. 


Mumbai is popular for fashion and entertainment. It is the big commercial capital of India. Mumbai has the largest economy in India. It is the richest city in India and the twelfth richest in the world. Headquarters of financial institutions such as the National stock exchange, Bombay stock exchange, Reserve Bank of India are in Mumbai. 


Many private business giant companies like Tata group, Reliance group, also had their head offices in Mumbai. Mumbai is also the seventeenth largest city in Mumbai by GDP. It was also ranked among the fastest-growing city for a business start-up in India in 2009.


In short, you will get ample opportunities to grow your business or to find new jobs. A good certified course will help you to grow your income in Mumbai. 


Scroll down to read the list of the 5 best professional certified courses in Mumbai.


What are the benefits of a certified course?

There are many benefits of certified courses. It mainly includes:


  • Amplify your Efficiency  The skills that you learn from the certification program will help you in projects. Updated tools and skills will help you to execute and manage your project.


 By gaining new and updated information you can improve your skills and knowledge. You can improve your work which was inefficient due to a lack of skills and knowledge. This will build your confidence to try something new that will improve the quality of your work. Ultimately, this will help you to build better working skills and build a positive work environment around you.


  • Expand your earning capacity

 The time and effort invested to learn new skills and technology will increase your earning potential. Most businesses and clients understand the importance of certification. They will pay you better with certification and updated skills in your hands.


  • Set your professional credibility in the market

 Most private and government organizations prefer to work with professionals or consultants who hold certain professional certifications. Certification demonstrates your industry expertise, professionalism, and your upgraded skills. This will boost your professional credibility in your business network and will also help you to expand it.   


Which are the best Professional Certified courses in Mumbai?


  1. Content writing


Content writing includes researching, planning, writing, and editing web content. It is largely used for digital marketing purposes. It can include writing blogs and articles for different websites. Videos and podcast scripts, as well as content for social media also comes under content writing. It is one of the best Professional Certified courses in Mumbai.


Blogs, website, newspaper, and much other business portal requires content to give information. Content is information that provides knowledge. This knowledge generates thoughts and emotions that force a person to take action.


People read blogs and websites, watch videos to get information, gather knowledge, solve problems, or learn new things. All these make them feel better and more satisfied. In short, content has become a part of life and is applied everywhere in life.


Benefits of Content Writing Course:

Content is everywhere from newspapers to the internet to roadside hoarding. Content is an important part of communication in any business. So there are many benefits of learning content writing. They are as below:


  • Content Writing will help you earn more


If you know how to write excellent content, then it doesn’t matter whether you own a blog or not. You will get lots of content writing work online. You can earn some extra doing freelancing jobs. You can also get a content writer job full-time. Lots of companies are hiring content writers for full-time jobs.


  • You can do Digital Marketing


If you own a blog and know content writing, then you don’t have to pay content writers for writing articles. The Digital Marketing process becomes easier for you. As of now, you do all the research for the right keyword. You also write the articles yourself targeting the right audience.


  • Learning Research Skills:


To write any piece of content you need to do extensive research on that topic. You will go through many articles. All these steps will increase your knowledge on that topic. You will be able to write fresher content every day.


  • Content writing boosts creativity:


To write any new piece of content, you have to think out of the box. Fresh and engaging content always attracts more readers. So to attract more readers to your blog, you will do good research. You will write what people want and love to read. To do that, you will have to think like them. All these brainstorming activities will boost your creativity skill.


One of the best ways to learn content writing is to join a content writing course. A good course will help you to master skills and grow your career in content writing.



To learn more about certified content writing courses in Mumbai read: Top 7 Content Writing Courses in Mumbai


  1. GST certification


What is GST?

GST is also described as Goods and Service Tax. It is an indirect tax that has removed all indirect tax in India such as VAT, service tax, excise duty, etc. It is one of the best Professional Certified courses in Mumbai. GST comes under single domestic tax law for the whole of India.


Who should learn GST?

The GST Certification course can be learned by the following individuals:

  • Graduates from commerce, arts, or engineering backgrounds can learn GST. Company secretaries chartered accountants, and law candidates can also take up this course.
  • Individuals looking for a career in the taxation domain.
  • Professionals shifting from finance to taxation field.
  • Finance professionals to meet their taxation need.


Benefits of GST Course


  • It helps in raising an individual’s monthly income on average by 15% to 25%.
  • It opens the availability of new job opportunities for any individual.
  • It nurtures new skills of finance, accounting, and taxation professionals.
  • It enables an individual to start his own consultancy business.
  • It helps in better learning with a well-designed syllabus.


If you are from a finance or commerce background a certified course in GST will help you to upgrade your skills. That will help you to increase your knowledge along with earnings. If you own some businesses that require GST knowledge. You can also take up a course to gain more in-depth knowledge about GST.


To gain knowledge about a certified course in GST in Mumbai read: Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Mumbai


  1. Certified Course in Digital marketing:


Digital marking is booming and is the need of time for most of the business. Thinking about making a career in digital marketing is wise. You can prepare yourself for the job roles that will be in high demand in the coming years. Before you begin, it is necessary to learn the required skills and gain expertise. Taking the right initiative will help you to gain the right knowledge. That will further help you to explore the right job or start your own business. It is one of the best Professional Certified courses in Mumbai.


What is Digital Marketing?


Any marketing that uses electronic devices to promote messages for advertising purposes. Its impact can be measured if needed. It appears on laptops, mobiles, tablets, or any other electronic device. It can be in any form including video, display ads, or social media posts. The reasons to consider it one of the best professional certified courses in Mumbai are mentioned below.



What are the different types of Digital Marketing?



Benefits of the Digital Marketing Course


Digital Marketing has become dominant as it reaches a wide audience. It also offers many other advantages. Here, I am listing the benefits of the Digital Marketing Course:


  • Broad worldwide reach


When you post any article it will reach a wide range of audiences no matter where they reside. There is no geographical limitation. This makes it is easy to grow your marketing.


  • Costeffective


Digital marketing can target a big audience at a far lower cost than traditional marketing. The cost of traditional marketing on television, newspaper, radio is more than digital marketing. They have very little control over the target audience.


With digital marketing, one blog will attract many audiences till the time it’s active. Email marketing delivers messages to the targeted audience as scheduled. You can easily change the schedule according to your convenience.


  • Calculable Results:


To find out whether your marketing strategy worked or not? How many customers it has reached? All this is not possible with traditional marketing. Many companies face difficulty in connecting with one-to-one customers. Surveys always do not give true results.


Digital marketing makes the monitoring process easy to track. Using this platform, you can track the number of direct purchases and email open rates. You can see the total number of visits on your homepage.


  • Easy to Personalize as per need


You can link your customer database with your website. You can target them with good offers every time they visit your website. The more they buy from you can refine your customer profiles. This will help you to provide better service to quality customers. This will ultimately increase your business.

A certification course in digital marketing will help you to start to make a career in this new field. You can start your part-time business in digital marketing.


To know more about Certified Courses in Digital Marketing in Mumbai Read: Top 21 Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai


  1. Certified course in Web designing


Web designing generally refers to the making of different websites that we see on the internet. It is to provide a better visual appearance and reading experience to the user. Earlier web designing was used only for desktop browsers. Currently, it has become equally important for tablets and mobiles. There are multiple benefits of pursuing the best professional certified courses in Mumbai.


A website designer focuses on its appearance and layouts. Sometimes on the content of the websites. With times the demand for website designers has increased a lot. As more and more business has shifted online for promotion and selling. They all need websites to grow and promote their business. It is one of the best Professional Certified courses in Mumbai.


Benefits of Web Designing Course

  • You can land on many freelancing projects
  • You can get a fair salary from a job
  • You can start your own business of web designing as a freelancer
  • You can get a salary hike with one more certification added to your resume
  • You can work from home
  • You need limited skills to learn web designing


Eligibility for web designing course

To learn web designing, you only need the knowledge of basic computer concepts. If you own a blog or want to start as a freelancer, a certified course in web designing will help you to upgrade your skills.


To learn more about a certified course in website designing read: Top 7 Website Designing Courses in Mumbai


  1. Certified course in Ethical Hacking


Ethical Hacking is the process of hacking a computer done with permission. It is a method that finds the weakness of computer systems and software. That further helps to take precautionary steps. It is one of the best Professional Certified courses in Mumbai.


An ethical hacker finds the weakness in computer software for many organizations. Ethical hacking courses are also available in different forms like certification courses, diploma courses, or various degree programs. Ethical hacking courses that are available in online mode are most common these days. The duration of these courses varies from few days to few weeks.


An ethical hacking program requires prior knowledge of computer programming and security systems. Getting a certification in ethical hacking will help you to get raised salary pay. Certification is a must to practice ethical hacking. The best professional certified courses in Mumbai are:


Top 5 certified courses in Ethical Hacking in Mumbai


  • Ethical Hacking program by infosectrain: It is 40 hrs online certified program. CEI certified trainer will teach the course. You will get CEH v11 certification at the end of the program.


  • Diploma Certification program by Mr web security: It has 103 lectures and 5 weeks long programs. The course is certified by CEH-Ec council v11.


  • Certified Ethical Hacking course by Indian cybersecurity solutions (ICSS): They provide both classroom and online training. Till now more than 1 lakhs students have enrolled in the program. You will get CEH v11 certification after course completion.


  • Ethical Hacking Certification course by Intellipaat: The course is 40 hrs long instructor-led training and you will also get 24 hrs self-paced videos. You will get Intellipaat’s CEH Ethical Hacking training certification on project completion. This course is recognized by the top 80+ MNCs.


  • Executive PG Programme in software Development- Specialization in Cyber Security by upGrad: It is a 30 months long online program. You will get the Data structures and Algorithm BootCamp Completion Certificate from upGrad.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. What are the best professional courses?

You can opt for MBA, M. Tech, or Digital Marketing. They all are professional courses that are in high demand.


  1. Which certificate course is best?

Certified courses in machine learning, data science, finance and taxation, and digital marketing are some of the best courses.


  1. Which course is a professional course?

MBA, fashion designing, mass communication, and civil services are examples of professional courses.




These are the 5 best professional certified courses in Mumbai. Certified courses expand your skills and knowledge. It also makes your resume more attractive to recruiters. A certified course will help you learn from the industry experts. We should always keep on learning new things to keep updated with current trends. Certified courses will add more knowledge to your learning pool. Sometimes it is not necessary to take the certified courses from your field. You can take up any certified course unless you come under eligibility criteria.

Always remember, Certified courses are always a worthwhile investment.

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