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Career In Digital Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide in 2024

As going digital is the new mantra for success, more companies, and business heads are exploring the digital market for their products and brands. As such, the demand for digital marketing professionals has dramatically increased. If you want to begin or shift to a career in digital marketing, this article will guide you through the different options present to you in a career in digital marketing. 

Career In Digital Marketing

Before we dive into this topic, let’s first understand what Digital Marketing is and why companies and brands are shifting their business model to Digitalized platforms. We will also understand how this shift is creating lots of career opportunities in the field.

What is Digital Marketing?

I completely understand the situation when your mobile is the only way of connecting with the whole world. Just imagine a day without your mobile; your world seems to fall upside down. Now, do you know how marketing giants are trying to steal your time by promoting all their products & brands while you are busy surfing the internet?

People resort to a convenient way of buying things online in their fast-running life. They want to have access to all the necessary information at their fingertips without visiting the actual place. It saves their time and energy, helps them balance their work-life. Especially during a pandemic, it has become even more critical to carry on marketing activities online to break the chain of virus spread.

Businesses and companies have observed this shift and realized the importance of connecting with their customers online. And going digital is the only option to communicate with their prospective customers because people spend their maximum time on the internet.

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Digital marketing has created an opportunity for brands to grow and explore beyond geographical limits. In addition, it has also opened up the possibility of reaching global customers.

All businesses, irrespective of their size, want to take advantage of this opportunity. Therefore, they hire digital marketing professionals who understand their needs and helps them making marketing strategies to capture and retain their prospective and existing customers. Consequently, it has paved the way for enormous career opportunities in the Digital Marketing field.

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How to begin your career in Digital Marketing? 

As a matter of fact, many digital marketing courses are available in the market. But if you are thinking of learning the know-how of this field through watching various YouTube videos, you might end up having only superficial knowledge about it. Enrolling yourself in the course will give you in-depth knowledge about Digital Marketing. In addition, the regular assignments and internship programs offered during this course would give you actual work experience and create a base for your career.

Before you take up this course, it is also essential to understand different types of Digital marketing. This understanding will further help you choose your specialization in this area.

Types of Digital Marketing 

  • Content Writing: Content writing includes all blogs, articles, infographics that provide information about your products and services to your target audience.
  • SEO Marketing: To bring the content written around the products and services to the right audience with the help of most searched keywords is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing.
  • SEM Marketing: It is also known as paid marketing. It means you are paying Google to appear on the top page or first page when prospective buyers search through the google search engine.
  • Social Media Marketing: Marketing means meeting the right clients at the right time and the right place. And the only way of making it possible is connecting your clients through social platforms where they spent their maximum time. E.g., Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, YouTube videos, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. Advertising your products on such a platform will give your client a preview of your product and engage them with exciting content through writeups, videos or infographics.
  • E-mail Marketing: E-mail marketing works best to engage your client and nurture them with information about the product. Those clients who visit your website through social platforms receive promotional e-mails about the products, such as upcoming features or discounts, and provide them with the link to enhance their marketing experience.
  • Affiliate Marketing: This is another type of digital marketing where prospective buyers get connected to the seller through the links provided on the website or other social media platforms. The link prompts the prospective buyer to visit the website and choose from the various options and the actual product. In this process, you help in promoting other’s business in exchange for some return. It is an opportunity when a prospective buyer gets converted into a genuine buyer.
  • Influencer Marketing: if you are taking the help of a social media influencer to promote your brand or business, it comes under influencer Marketing. An influencer brings massive traffic of his followers on his website, and the companies and brands intend to divert the same traffic to maximize their marketing efficiency.

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Is Digital Marketing the right career choice? 

Digital marketing has touched every corner of your life. The pandemic times have made the existence of digital marketing more prompt. Are you wondering if making a career in this field is the right choice? Or is it worth the time? Let us simplify it further to see what qualities or skills can help you pursue a digital marketing career.

  • Technical Qualification: Although technical knowledge is not a pre-requisite, it would help to boost your career in digital marketing. Since this field involves a lot of understanding about how digital platforms work, having technical knowledge is an added advantage to make your job smooth.
  • The Passion for writing: If you have a niche for writing anything in the world, the combination of your technical skill and writing skill will sail your career ship without turbulence.
  • Knowledge of English Grammar: Many apps can help you with your grammar. But having basic knowledge of English grammar is a must to write meaningful content, communicate with your clients and customers in the correct English language.
  • Research Oriented: The possibility of knowing everything under the umbrella is rare, but if you are a research-oriented person, your skill will help you to be more resourceful.
  • Social Media Savvy: Digital marketing is about connecting with different customers on multiple platforms. If you are social media savvy, your knowledge of handling various digital channels will make you a people person.
  • Attitude: Having the right attitude and patience will take you places. So, if you have the right mindset to work and grow, you will land in the finest of opportunities.
  • The Passion for Learning: Digital Marketing is a versatile field of limitless possibilities. Your love of learning will help you overcome the challenges you will face while establishing your career in digital marketing.

Is Digital Marketing a promising career?  

The increased number of internet users is evidence of a digital marketing presence in India. The 718.74 million population of India actively uses the internet which comprises 54.2% of the Indian population. The number will only increase in the coming years, so there is huge market demand for digital marketing professionals.

With the current scenario of the pandemic and lockdown, many businesses shifted online to increase the profitability of their business. It has also made them realize the importance of digital platforms and the possibility of reaching more significant internet users.

Although slowly and gradually, all businesses are shifting online, very few businessmen understand the nitty-gritty of digital marketing. Therefore, it has created the possibility of more demand for digital marketing professionals.

Our Prime Minister encourages the Digital India Movement, which is a sign of making India digitalized. As a result, companies have changed their business strategy to capture all digital media users.

There is an enormous possibility of creating more career opportunities in the digital marketing field shortly. If you have a knack for technical skills and have a good knowledge of handling social media channels, it is one of the most promising careers in 2021.

Career Opportunities in the Digital Marketing field 

If you are still wondering about the career opportunities in this field, go through the job description of Top six digital marketing jobs available in the market.

  • Performance Marketer: You will be responsible for running and optimizing all campaigns across the digital platforms. As a performance marketer, you will analyze the data generated through the campaign and convert it to revenue. In short, you will be responsible for generating ROI for your brand.
  • Social Media Manager: If you are a creative person who loves to write and tell stories, you could specialize in the social media segment of the digital marketing field. You will be responsible for communicating with customers on different social media platforms and generate a name for the brand you are promoting. You will be responsible for engaging and nurturing the customers with regular posts and updates on social media handles.
  • SEO & Content Marketing: SEO marketing and content marketing go hand-in-hand. As an SEO specialist, you will generate organic traffic for the brand using various On-page and Off-page techniques through content writing. On the other hand, a content writer is responsible for strategizing content for the brand and making it relevant to the customer. He is responsible for generating organic traffic for the brand through his content writing. So, both the SEO expert and content writer have to work together to optimize the digital platforms.
  • Marketing Tech & Automation Manager: A Marketing tech & Automation Manager handles all the marketing operations relating to technology like creating a website, landing page, taking care of marketing tools, etc. As a Marketing tech & Automation manager, you are responsible for automating all the customers’ communication across digital platforms.
  • Marketing Analyst: As a marketing analyst, you capture and analyze the data generated through the digital marketing process. You will be responsible for deriving meaningful insight from the data and pass it on to business and marketing functions.
  • Digital Communication Manager: If you love writing and creating designs, you could fit into this post. As all brands and businesses are optimizing digital platforms for communication, the demand for copywriters and designers has increased.

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How much does a digital marketer make?

Digital Marketing is a result-oriented field with massive potential for the skill-based crowd. As a result, the remuneration in this field is directly proportional to the skill and effort you put into your work.

Different factors decide the salary of a digital marketer. The average salary of a fresher would range from 15k to 20k. Once you become proficient in this profession, your salary may go up to more than 5Lacs.

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  • Skills & Professionalism: Your skill sets and professionalism are the crucial factors affecting your offered salary. E.g., an Analytics professional gets a salary more than an SEO-skilled digital marketer. Likewise, your punctuality and attitude towards your job also form an important deciding factor of the salary offered. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the specialization wisely before you take on a digital marketing course.
  • Experience: The salary bracket keeps increasing depending upon the years of experience you gained. For example, if you have spent nearly more than five years in this field, you could expect a salary of 1lac-5lac/month.
  • City you live in: The digital marketing professional in the metropolitan city would be paid higher than the tier three and four cities.
  • Size of your company: If you are working in multinational companies, your salary will be more than the salary offered in a local or small-scale business.


The career in new digital India is immense and limitless. When we talk about digitalization, the world has narrowed down to digital devices, but the opportunity to grow in this field has broadened. With the right skill sets, hard work, and patience, a career in this area of work is lucrative.

Digital marketing is known to be one of the most promising careers. So, grab a course and get into the band of Digital marketers.

All the best!

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