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What Are Digital Marketing Roles And Their Average Salaries

A digital marketer can earn quite a good salary in the Digital Industry. That is when they correctly identify their talent and work on improving their skill sets. The web marketing space is looking at exponential growth in the next few years in India. A person can have an extremely lucrative career if they choose to work in the digital marketing industry no matter what digital marketing roles they work in.

What Are Digital Marketing Roles And Their Average Salaries

The greatest advantage of a digital marketing career is that you don’t have to possess any specific professional degree to venture into this field. You can be from a technical background, you can be a mathematician.

Or you could come from the field of Commerce or Humanities. No matter what your field of study has been, you can very well find a job suitable for you.

One, that will help you to carve a niche for yourself in this booming online market. Today we are going to discuss the roles and average salary of Digital Marketers. But before that let’s look at the following points.

The Importance Of The Digital Marketing Strategy

Today every business however big, small or medium it might be, is fighting for the attention of online users. Smartphones have become an indispensable element with even greater prospects in the coming years.  Companies realize the immense potential that digital marketing holds for returns on Investment.

Digital marketing can still be considered to be in the nascent stages in India and will only expand further in the coming years.

People in India have become more ambitious. They want to explore new avenues and new means of earning money. They also want to do break away from the monotonous lifestyle that a routine job brings for them. It makes it perfect that Digital marketing is such a gripping and captivating field to explore. 

Someone who has ventured into the digital marketing space will not want to go back to any other profession. Since digital marketing doesn’t require you to come from a specific field, people from all fields have the advantage.

They can contribute to their knowledge from their education in the planning and execution of digital marketing campaigns. The inputs from their own area of expertise can come of great help to the digital marketing efforts. 

The change in the mindset of professionals

With so many exciting prospects in this engrossing field of digital marketing, people might feel that their routine 9 to 5 job is not the one they want to continue. They might feel it is chipping away at their creativity, stifling their potential to succeed in life by doing something they would enjoy doing. In fact, we can cite so many instances of people who have decided to break away from the traditional jobs and rigors of the tedious routine and ventured into the world of digital marketing. They have become immensely successful in their respective fields. 

Also in an emerging and thriving market like India, there are vast possibilities for getting a job that is interesting and extremely lucrative. Hence, people, today are steadily opting for a career in the digital marketing sector. 

Today different sectors like commercial houses, healthcare real estate, travel, food, and entertainment are prime industries that require and implement constant digital optimization to keep their customers informed and satisfied. 

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Mostly what matters is your zeal to improve. Your commitment to better yourself every day.  Your perseverance to stay at the top. You have to be engaging, knowledgeable, proactive, and willing to make the changes necessary. There will be a number of roadblocks, there will be challenges that you face every day.

Digital marketing is a very flexible field in which changes occur very frequently. You have to adapt to the changes without any question. Your ability to attune yourself to the changes and modify them according to the demands of your digital strategy and planning whenever and whenever is needed is what makes you a winning digital marketer. 

Demand Far Exceeds The Supply Of Competent Professionals In The Field

Business houses are still adapting to the various nuances of digital marketing. Since changes have happened very rapidly, business houses need to cope with the trends and developments. That is where the role of trained, skilled digital marketers come into the equation.

The real situation is evident from the demand-supply dynamics in this field. That is, the demand for proficient digital marketers with specialized acumen in the various models of digital marketing is far more than the supply of such experienced professionals qualified to carry out digital marketing activities for the business enterprises. As a result of the opportunities and earning possibilities increase manifold in this field. 

Digital marketing can be divided into a few important modules. A digital marketer can have a very bright future in this field provided they understand the intrinsic nature of digital marketing. Today you can notice how every business has an online presence.

This means that they have to keep their digital presence optimized for a favorable online reputation. To be on the top of the minds of consumers businesses have to strive hard to create campaigns that would have a lasting impression on consumers. This invariably leads to very good career opportunities for professionals.

The Main Skills Needed To Work In Different Digital marketing roles are

Creativity, Communication, And Adaptability:

You have to bring innovation to the table. When you are a digital marketer it becomes crucial to be able to communicate your vision with absolute clarity, leaving no room for any doubt. Another essential trait is adaptability. You should be able to adapt to any new change and work it to suit your goals and objectives. 

Understanding The Complexities Of Digital Marketing:

One who is a digital marketer has to possess a keen understanding of how search engines rank your content. You can tailor your content according to the demands of a search engine algorithm if you understand the application of keywords thoroughly.

Understanding email marketing tactics and techniques, comprehending what mobile marketing entails, a deep understanding of social media and social media advertising are some other features that you need to learn. 

You Have To Put Emphasis On Your Content

Whether it is a sales copy that is meant to persuade your online users to make a purchasing decision or content that is meant to simply educate and inform, and understand the intricacies of creating content that will appeal to the masses.

Only then will you be able to leverage the benefits of Digital Marketing. This understanding is what makes you an ace digital marketer.  

An effective strategy includes stellar ideas every step of the way. Writing compelling, enticing content isn’t the end. A lot of organizations create great content that goes unnoticed.

You have to be able to put the knowledge of all the other elements of digital marketing to optimum use. Only then will your sales funnel be successful. 

Let’s Discuss What The Different Digital Marketing roles Are And How Much Can A Person In Each Of These Roles Earn.

The various designations for Digital Marketing are digital marketing manager, SEO executive, search engine marketing specialist, content manager copywriter. Email marketing specialist, social media manager, Data Analytics expert, graphic designer, web designer. 

Remember what sets you apart from your peers is your ability to inspire and create conversions. Whether you work independently or are tied to a digital marketing agency when you provide results to business houses you have immense potential to grow in any of the areas of web marketing. 

The innate nature of digital marketing is such that it is always evolving. The greater your knowledge and practical implementation of the modules, the more value you have for your business.

However, it is mandatory that you don’t take anything for granted and constantly update yourself to remain abreast of the digital trends that become hot topics for business houses to implement in their digital marketing strategy. 

Some Of The Main digital marketing roles And Their Average Salary Are As Follows

#1) Digital marketing roles – Digital Marketing Manager

The digital marketing manager is responsible for the overall development of the business and the awareness of the brand and its unique features. A digital marketing manager has to possess a thorough knowledge of all the elements that make for a successful digital marketing campaign.

They have to make sure that there are collaboration and coordination among the different designations in the digital marketing department. Right from developing the concept of the campaign to strategizing and planning the allocation of budget for the different sections, all of it is supervised and implemented by a Digital marketing manager. 

The responsibility for creating brand recognizability among prospective customers and driving website traffic. A digital marketing manager looks after all the aspects of digital marketing as a whole. 

The average salary for a Digital Marketing executive can be anywhere between 25k- 2 lakhs p.m. It depends on your skill sets and the organization that you work for as well as the location of your office.

#2) Digital marketing roles – SEO specialist

They are a group of professionals who understand the intricacies and complexities of Search Engine Optimisation. They work to rank the website on the search engine results pages. Search Engine Optimisation specialist has to have an in-depth understanding of keywords. These are the main elements of a content copy for ranking on the Search Engine pages. 

Google comes up with changes in the algorithms and the way they rank the websites quite frequently. Take the example of BERT. Google looks to enhance the user experience to the maximum.

Therefore businesses invariably have to create a content copy so that it provides value to consumers. SEO experts make sure that the content is relevant and makes it to the first page of a SERP for maximum exposure and awareness.

The Search Engine Optimisation salary package can be anywhere from 1.5 lacs to 4 lacs p.a. for freshers. For experienced candidates can go up to 15 lacs to 20 lacs per annum. On average, the SEO marketing professional can expect to get anywhere between 15k – 35k.

#3) Digital marketing roles –  Search Engine Marketing Specialist

They have a deep insight into incorporating ads in the different marketing channels for the recognition of your business for online and digital users. They are concerned with different kinds of marketing through advertisements for a brand to promulgate the product and service. 

A search engine marketing expert is equipped with knowledge of AdSense, and Google Ads. And different kinds of advertising like display advertising, banner advertising, and native advertising. SEM specialists strive to improve the reach of your website by utilizing PPC advertisements that help you get instant reach and exposure.

Search engine marketing specialists can get an average salary of 25k to 40k per month which comes to around 3.5 lacs on average per annum. 

#4) Digital marketing roles – Content Strategist

This is one of the most exciting parts of the digital marketing strategy. You can unfurl your creative wings. Create content that will inspire and encourage readers to read your work on the website. As has been reiterated by a number of expert digital marketers, content writing and copywriting are two of the main skills that business houses rely on and bank on.

The basic difference between content writing and copywriting is that copywriting aims to drive sales through compelling persuasion. Content writing is concerned with educating and inspiring people to take the desired action. Both have immense importance in an organization and copywriting skills are much in demand. A content strategist is responsible for deciding what should be the design of the content page and how content can be disseminated to the public. Content writers, copywriters, and graphic designers work under the content strategist and they have their own importance in the campaign. 

Average Salary Structure

The average salary for a content writer in India according to PayScale can be around 290000 which comes to run 25k per month. It depends on the size of the business and your experience. Freshers can earn anywhere from 8k- 15k  The other deciding factor is the industry you work for.

Content writers can earn up to 12-15 lacs per annum based on experience and their knowledge as also their ability to make an impact through their content for consumers. 

Fresher copywriters can anywhere between 10k to 25k/ month. With more experience and skill they can earn anywhere between 50000 to a lakh per month. The more proficient you are at creating compelling copy, the more it affects the business positively. 

Web developers have great potential in the Indian market. The average salary of a web developer in India has to be somewhere between 2.5 lacs to 4 lacs per annum. 

In a Technology hub like Hyderabad, Bangalore, and a financial hub like Mumbai, the salary is expected to go much higher depending on the organization and industry that the web developer is working in.

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#5) Digital marketing roles – Social Media Managers

With the abundance of social media channels that have penetrated our lives, a business needs a social media manager to manage and implement the social media strategies of the business campaign effectively. Social media is one area that has the best opportunities where different businesses are concerned. 

It is primarily a channel to interact and socialize with people across the globe. A social media manager is responsible for tapping into the potential of the social channels to leverage the benefits for successful business growth and awareness. 

Today, social media channels have become prime areas to promote your products and services. In fact, a major part of the revenue comes from social media marketing efforts.

Social Media Managers should possess acute discernment skills of the audience’s tastes and preferences. They should observe the attitudes and behavioral patterns of their target consumers. 

A very distinctive feature of social media marketing is mirroring consumers. This essentially means that you observe which potential consumers are similar to your existing customers. Based on that, you target your product and its features to those new sets of leads for successful conversion.

Posting relevant content, and scheduling posts for the right time are two important elements for the social media manager. There is very high demand in the Indian market since social media has quite literally taken over the lives of consumers. 

Average Salary 

Since Social Media Manager is responsible for handling everything related to social media, they have to be very proficient in their work. According to quibus trainings, the average salary for a social media manager in India can be anywhere from 40k to 1 lakh per month.

Of course, it depends on the size of the business and your experience and portfolio of work. The average salary of an experienced social media manager can be up to 10,00,000-15,00,000 per annum. 

Fresher social media marketers can get anything between  12k-35k

#6) Digital marketing roles – Data Analysts

Data Analytics experts are those individuals who have a way with numbers. They analyze the multitude of data available for the business.  they re web page visits, bounce rate, call to action percentage, etc and then create a report and present to the other departments two successfully implement a strategy. 

Data Analytics experts also point out the shortcomings based on the data available. They relay that information so that the digital marketing experts in the department of Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, and Content strategy can take effective steps to eradicate the problems and grow the business. 

The average data Analytics special list salary in India can be anywhere from 2.5 lacs to 4 lacs per annum. That is 20k – 35k per month. Experience counts a lot in this field. People with more than 5-7 plus years of experience can get a much higher income per annum. 

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Average Salary In Digital Marketing Roles And Potential In A Nutshell

According to various studies carried out in this field relating to the average salary of digital marketing as it has been determined that the entry-level fresher gets anywhere between 10k- 60k per month on average across different departments.

This is the earning in the early stages of your career. When you gain experience your value goes up to a large extent. A lot of your growth and development in this field depends upon your skills and how much you improvise and improve on your existing skills. 

Since people today have decided that they want to have a different area to explore, freelance digital marketing is also an option. There are several freelance digital roles available on various job portals. You can always explore those areas if you want to work independently. 

 The salary of a digital marketer also depends on how much your organization is willing to spend on the digital marketing campaign. For freelancers, it depends on the money the client is willing to shell out for their digital strategy. This planning in the industry contributes to your salary and overall increment in the salary structure of in job profile.


1. Online or offline digital marketing course – Which one should i choose?

You can choose an offline or online digital marketing course based on your preference. A top=notch digital marketing institute will offer the same benefits irrespective of the ,mode of learning.

2. Is Digital marketing an interesting career choice?

One thing is certain in a career in digital marketing – you will never be bored. There are so many avenues, modules, and job roles and so many options in a digital marketing career, it will never be not interesting. Additionally, a career in online marketing will help you to evolve, learn and make interesting discoveries in the domain as you work and gain experience.

3. What is the most important part of being a digital marketer?

The most important aspect of being a digital marketer is to understand the target audience and devise a strategy that will bring in leads. the next important part is to nurture those leads and turn them into consumers and ultimately brand advocates.

Concluding thoughts on digital marketing roles

India will offer a vast array of opportunities to budding Digital marketers in the years to come. The market is in its developing stages in India. But even then if you peruse the job portal sites you will see several openings. From entry-level to experienced, many jobs are available in this domain.

Leading portals like Naukri registers around 30000+ jobs. Shine around 25000+, Timesjobs 50000+ and monster around 15000+ in the content marketing department only at any given time. The demand is highest in the departments of Social Media Marketing and SEO Marketing.

Your earnings in this field depend more on your skill sets and your ability to use them practically. You have to identify trends and work accordingly to reap results for the business other than anything else.

Be incisive enough to discern the changes quickly and evolve. Also, crisis management makes up a very important part of digital marketing. You have to make sure that you don’t flounder and tackle a problem with complete control. 

An affable personality, great communication skills, and an understanding of the nuances of digital campaigns can have a great impression.  If you can collaborate and work with people well you are automatically a prime candidate for digital marketing positions.

For digital marketers who can develop the habit of learning continuously, and making changes without question, you can have a very bright career prospect in the field of digital marketing.

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