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Best Technical Writing Course In Gurgaon With Placements

Gurgaon is amongst the Hi-tech cities crowded with IT companies, start-ups, and other companies. With such a large number of industries in Gurgaon, the city has plenty of students and professionals which is the reason Gurgaon has become a potential location for institutes to offer technical writing course and many other important courses helping the students and professionals to boost their careers.

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There are many institutes in Gurgaon which offer technical writing courses. There is a lot of confusion while deciding to choose which one is the best for students in terms of helping them with career aspects and other required facilities. 


With in-demand industry skills, practical teachings, industry experts as trainers, and many other facilities, IIM SKILLS is the best technical writing institute in Gurgaon. It also offers technical writing courses in many other cities such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, etc. 


IIM SKILLS, being the best technical writing institute in Gurgaon and other cities too, has helped thousands of students to find the right placement and career opportunities. It is a very renowned and reputed technical writing institute in Gurgaon.


What is Technical Writing


Technical writing is the process of documenting technical procedures. Every industry has its technical operations and therefore all the kinds of engineering and non-engineering industries require technical content writers.


Though technical writing is not as popular as regular content writing jobs, technical writing is a highly essential form of content writing which is required by all other industries.


Technical writing is quite different than other regular forms of content writing. It doesn’t include fancy formats like others but requires highly requires the content writer to hold a good level of depth in technical knowledge. The terms used in technical writing are also different and are very specific technical terms. 


These skills could be learned from any content writing course offering the required skillsThe primary tasks of any technical writer are drafting reports, instructions, proposals, emails, press releases, Descriptions, websites, and datasheets.


So, from the above context, we learn that technical writing is a form of writing which is used to make technical communications in engineering and no engineering industry fields such as finance, computer, forestry, etc.


Career In Technical Writing


Choosing technical writing as a career option could be a wise decision as there are many opportunities in every industry for technical writers. This is because, even the no engineering industries require technical writers, and now that the internet is occupying every industry, the need for such writers increases with the increase in the number of companies operating online. 


The industry is estimated to expand 15-20% in the next decade generating a lot of vacancies for technical writers to build a stable and highly successful career in technical writing.


Technical writers are well paid depending upon the kind of tasks they perform. As a technical writer, one needs to have a thorough understanding of the technical aspects of the industry they are working for. It is also important to learn all the technical terms because technical writing is one of the most formal ways of drafting documents, email proposals, etc. So, it is very important to improve vocabulary in terms of formal and technical subjects.


Many technical writers are making a decent amount, solely through technical writing. It should be understood that the awareness for technical writing is too less as compared to other forms of content writing which the reason for the industry has a much less number of technical writers and there is demand for good technical writers in the industry.


Technical writers have other responsibilities as well. It’s not only writing but numerous other things to be done before they write something. The technical writers have to keep eye on every section to understand and analyze deeply which could be very helpful while Press releases, managing the company mails, sending proposals to other businesses as well.


The technical writer may also be a part of the team studying the product quality based on their knowledge to help the organization improve its products. The technical writers may also have to research various topics through the observations made while actively working with other sections of an organization


It was very important to understand the above-mentioned skills and abilities of a technical writer. All these skills could be learned from any institute that offers a technical writing course.

Technical writers closely work with the product designers and developers to understand better about the product and also the purpose behind it to make drafts and documents accordingly. After all technical writing is also a form of content writing. All that a technical writer does is, generate content for highly formal purposes. The technical writer also holds the responsibility to make the content, message, idea navigate to the audience through various platforms. So, a technical writer also has to analyze and figure out platforms that are best to put out technical content.

Here are some of the many career roles one can perform as a Technical writer:


  • Content Developer

As the name suggests, content developers are also technical writers who have to develop specified content. The content developed is very different from regular blogs and articles. The content developed here is very formal and descriptive about a certain product or service. Unlike the fancy description, the content developers generate content that focuses more on the technical depths of the product. A technical writing career as a content developer can be pretty rewarding because one gets to engage with many kinds of products and services to write about them.


It is a very interesting job and requires some very fine writing skills along with formal knowledge and strong vocabulary. Usually students with an educational background in journalism, communication, literature, or English are more preferable for this job. Those who want a career in technical writing as a content developer should consider learning the necessary skills from a technical writing institute this is because companies will also prefer certified candidates for this job.


  • Documentation Specialist

Documentation is also a very important part of an organization and documentation involves arranging data and making it compact, readable, and understandable. Documentation requires thorough research skills which is why a professional technical writer working as a documentation specialist must have good researching abilities. This kind of work requires the technical writer to actively engage with the tasks going on in the organization and make observations that could be very useful while plotting the documents.


There are many other skills essential for documentation that could be easily learned from any technical writing institute plus companies also demand certified candidates to work for them who have been through formal training at some point. This is why it is highly recommended to join any technical writing course to find a career as a documentation specialist. 


  • Information Designer

Information designer is not very active at generating content rather they work with information developers to organize the content developed by them. The content developed by technical writers has a specified format, and arrangement which is designed by an information designer. It is a very responsible position and therefore a well-paying technical writing job.


It requires skills that could be easily learned from technical writing institutes. This helps them understand better the depths of information designing and the necessary skills along with the certification which would be very helpful while trying to find placement opportunities as an information designer.


  • Information Developer

As mentioned above the content generated with the assistance of information designers is developed by information developers. A career as an information developer includes high standards of writing and formal formats. A job as an information developer requires many skills and qualities such as formal knowledge, strong vocabulary, and writing abilities.

These skills are very general yet very important and therefore, the companies require certified candidates who have been through formal training at some point in time. People who want to build a stable and highly successful career as an information developer are recommended to learn and polish the necessary skills from a technical writing institute.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


  • Technical Communicators

Whether it is technical or non-technical, the primary job of any content piece is to initiate communication. The technical writers also do the same, but the purpose varies from other forms of written content.

Technical communication is a very broad concept and therefore involves many skills and abilities to be used while generating written content.


These skills could be learned from any of the technical writing institutes and IIM Skills is the best technical writing institute in Gurgaon and many other cities in the country.


The above mentioned were only some of the many roles which one could perform as a professional technical writer and therefore it should be very clearly understood that all these mentioned professions require polished skills and abilities to perform necessary activities.


These skills should be learned from the technical writing institutes in the country. The other professions in technical writing are:


  • Manual Writers
  • Policy Writers
  • Technical Illustrators
  • Technical communication specialists


Now that people are slowly getting into technical writing as they start to realize the career scope and opportunities in technical writing, it is important to know that the industries will have to choose the best amongst the competition, which is why the companies will prefer certified candidates who have been through formal technical writing training at some point. This helps them to know how good or bad a candidate is in technical writing skills.


It is highly recommended to learn the required skills and knowledge from any technical writing institute. IIMSKILLS is the best technical writing institute in Gurgaon and many other cities too.



Technical Writing Course


As mentioned the awareness for technical writing was very less compared to other forms of content writing which can be seen easily with the difference in several institutes offering other forms of content writing and the ones offering technical writing courses.


Having a certification could be immensely helpful as it shows that the candidate has been through formal training and at least the candidate knows the fundamentals of technical writing which is why the employer could follow other procedures to know about how good or bad the candidate is at technical writing.


People who are serious about building a stable and highly successful career in technical writing should consider learning the required skills from an institute providing technical writing institute.  The institutes which offer technical writing courses are the gateway for students to find jobs as technical writers or other jobs as professional technical writers.


So, it is clearly understood that technical writing courses are very important especially when someone is serious about building a stable and successful career in technical writing.


IIM SKILLS is well known for the quality of training and support it provides to the students, helping them build a bright future in technical writing.


People, who want to build a career as a professional technical writers, should see IIM SKILLS as a potential option to learn the best technical writing course. IIM SKILLS is a highly recommended course. It is the best technical writing course in Gurgaon and many other cities.


Here is more about this best technical writing institute in Gurgaon:




IIM SKILLS is a very renowned organization that offers the best technical writing course in Gurgaon. IIM SKILLS is the best technical institute course in Gurgaon. IIM SKILLS as the best technical writing institute in Gurgaon and many other cities has been very successful at providing students with the best technical writing course.IIM SKILLS have successfully over 4300 professionals in more than 1000 training programs across 30 countries.


IIM SKILLS has been in this industry for the last 5 years. IIM SKILLS has maintained a unique spot in the industry ever since it was established.


The main reason for IIM SKILLS being rated as the best technical writing institute in Gurgaon and other cities as well as the faculty there. The faculty at IIM SKILLS is very talented and supportive. They ensure to maintain a learning environment for the students. They also take care that the students are assigned the required tasks to understand better the extent to which the students have understood what has been taught to them. 


IIM SKILLS has also been rated the best technical writing institute in Gurgaon and many other cities in the country because of the modules and the curriculum it has. IIM SKILLS has one of the most advanced curriculums which helps the students to understand better.


The topics involved in the modules range from very fundamental level to very professional levels helping the students to reach every corner of technical writing and learn every bit of it. The course is developed after tremendous research and analysis about the best in-demand industry skills to help the students keep up with the ongoing trends of the industry.


Another such reason for IIM SKILLS being the best technical writing institute in Gurgaon is the expert trainers’ there. The trainers at IIM SKILLS are industry experts who have been in the industry for the last 10 years. They have witnessed all the ups and downs of the industry and therefore they are the most suitable people to consult about any technical writing-related queries and confusion.


These trainers have helped thousands of students to find their technical writing jobs, start a content marketing agency, and start a content developing company, and much more. The trainers here at the best technical training institute in Gurgaon, are extremely talented, skilled, qualified, and experienced. Through their skills and knowledge, they have been able to build a stable and highly successful career in the technical writing field. They have worked with some of the most reputed organizations and industry giants.


IIM SKILLS is supported by some of the most reputed companies such as Facebook, Flipkart, Philips, American Express, and many other companies.


The certification offered right after completion of the technical writing course by IIM SKILLS is globally accepted which means one may use those certificates to increase resume scores and also while applying for technical writing jobs. The certification offered by IIM SKILLS holds immense value and can be helpful while looking for placement opportunities.


IIM SKILLS provides the students with 100% placement assistance which means that the students, right after completing this technical writing course at IIM SKILLS will be guided throughout the placement procedure. The placement assistance includes interview guidance and other facilities as well. IIM SKILLS has a placement cell that actively works to ensure that the students find placement opportunities right after completing the course.


The course by IIM SKILLS is suitable for students, aspiring writers, job seekers, professionals, local business owners and entrepreneurs also.





IIM SKILLS provides students with a 5-week course where the students are made to go through under a very detailed process of training where they learn a lot about content writing.


As mentioned above, a greater emphasis is given on practical aspects of teaching at IIM SKILLS and the entire course is divided into 2 major parts which consist of only 16 hours of theory lecture out of 70+ hours of this technical writing institute, and the rest all is practical.


This is important as it helps students to understand better and also adds up to the working experience of the students and helps them find better and quick placement opportunities right after completion of this course.


This institute is very concerned about the students and their careers in technical writing therefore it provides premium tools worth more than INR35000 for free so that the students could understand the use and operation of those tools in technical writing.


A major reason for IIM SKILLS being rated the best Content writing institute in Gurgaon is that it has a placement cell that works actively to help the students find better placement opportunities.


They help deserving students by providing them with interview opportunities with employers. This is a remarkable effort made by IIM SKILLS to support the students and therefore it is considered the best Content writing institute in Gurgaon.


As mentioned the curriculum is framed with immense research to figure out the best in-demand industry topics so that the students can keep up with the ongoing trends of the industry.


The curriculum offered by the best Content writing institute in Gurgaon consists of 12 modules which include topics that range from very fundamental to very professional level topics helping the students to come out as a professional technical writer in 5 weeks span of time.


The course modules include:

  • Web development
  • UI/UX Interface
  •  Introduction to Technical Writing
  • technical Reports
  • Keyword Research
  • API Documentation
  • Medical Writing
  • Technical Reports
  • White Papers
  •  Start Writing
  •  Exploring Tools to Write Better
  • Plagiarism Detector and how does SEO work
  • DDLC
  • Make money with your skills


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


The above-mentioned course modules of IIM SKILLS are fairly divided based on the number of hours taken to complete each module. This helps to distribute topics to cover in a total of 5 weeks in small and easily understandable segments.


On average the students after passing out from this best content writing course in Gurgaon get a salary that ranges from INR 25,000 to INR 30,000.


The students even after passing out from this technical writing institute are provided with lifetime support which means if at any point in their career they find the need to re-learn any specific topic or learn the latest formats of writing; they are welcome to learn for absolutely free.


This is a very fair reason why IIM SKILLS is considered the best content writing course in Gurgaon. IIM SKILLS also offers a money-back guarantee which means that if the students feel that the course isn’t fit for them or maybe they do not want to do it, they can just inform about the same and they’ll be refunded whatever amount they have paid.

Also, Check, 

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Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]


IIM SKILLS has helped many thousands of students to find placements in content writing and technical writing.




1. What are some other technical writing courses in Gurgaon

Some great technical writing courses in Gurgaon are IIM SKILLS, Udemy among others.


2. What are the primary skills to make a successful career in the technical writing world?

Understanding of tools, thorough knowledge of technical jargon, impeccable grammar and vocabulary, graphic illustrations are some requisite skills in the technical writing field.




Technical writing is a very important part of any organization to formally convey an idea or a thought. The about sections, user manuals, and FAQs of a website are framed by technical writers only. They also play a very important role in B2C and B2B communication as well. The communications are very formals and therefore the proposals should be made accordingly, that is where a technical writer performs his skills and abilities to plot mails and drafts which are formal and convey exactly what an organization wants.


There will be an increasing number of vacancies in the technical writing field as the industry is expanding up to 15-20% within the next decade generating enough capacity to welcome more technical writers. This becomes very clear from the fact that the internet is commoditizing the industries, which is why a larger portion of the engineering and no engineering industries will operate online within the next decade, creating a demand for technical writers to document and plot technical content. Therefore, choosing technical writing as a career decision now could be a very wise decision as there is enormous scope for technical writers.


There are various career roles one can perform as a professional technical writer. The technical writing salaries are quite good depending upon the tasks they perform.


It has done a remarkable job ever since it was established and therefore has been able to create a unique spot in the industry amongst the thousands of other technical writing institutes. 


IIM SKILLS offers some of the best facilities for a student to move a step closer toward their goal of becoming a technical writer. It provides students with the best modules which include in-demand industry skills to help the students keep up with the ongoing trends of the industry.


Anyone with little or no knowledge about technical writing but has interest can pursue this technical writing course from IIM SKILLS and come out as a professional technical writer in just 5 weeks.


The modules are designed after a tremendous amount of research to help the students reach every corner of technical writing and therefore the curriculum includes topics ranging from very fundamental levels to very professional levels.


The fact that IIM SKILLS is the best technical writing Course in Gurgaon and other cities has well-trained and placed thousands of students and helped them build highly stable and successful careers in content writing.


IIM SKILLS has trained over 4300 students in over 33 countries which is the reason why it is a highly rated institute that receives so much support from all the students worldwide. IIM SKILLS is suitable for students, job seekers, aspiring content writers, and entrepreneurs as well.


People who want to build a serious, stable and highly successful career in content writing are advised to learn from IIM SKILLS, as it is the best Technical writing institute in Gurgaon. IIM SKILLS offers a Technical Writing Course in many other cities such as Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, etc.


IIM SKILLS has been very adept at offering the best Technical Writing Course in Gurgaon and other cities as well. The faculty and the extremely talented and experienced trainers are the prime reason for this content writing institute to be rated as the best Technical Writing Course in Gurgaon.


With this, we conclude that IIM SKILLS is the best Technical Writing Course in Gurgaon and also many other cities.   


Manish Kumar is a writer by Passion and Profession. Over the years he wrote for many projects, blogs and websites which actually pushed him through a phase of learning. With his excellence in other domains, he is now a day exploring depths of content marketing. As a thought leader in Content Domain, Manish understand the scope of Content Marketing Industry & wants to reach out to the world with his thoughts.
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  • Though I have been into content writing for over a year, I wasn’t much aware of this niche and the opportunities in it. Kudos! Manish, you’ve put down technical writing into simple words. As you’ve mentioned, the growth prospects in this field are abundant. And to get a good designation, to be certified is important. Could you please tell me which of the above provide the most respected certificates in this field?

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