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Best Options For Career After A B.Ed. In Bangalore

The Silicon Valley of India, Namma Bengaluru, is not only the nation’s leading Information Technology exporter but also the most preferred destination for education. With sprouting educational institutions, the demand for qualified teachers is also on the rise.


The image suggests the best options for career after B.ed in Ahmedabad


Are you trained to be a teacher? Do you have a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree? If yes, then here are your options to move ahead in your Career after A B.Ed. in Bangalore.


Pursuing your higher education or chasing the job of your dreams in the garden city, could be a breeze with some research and effort.


What Are The Options In Your Career after A B.Ed. in Bangalore?


Now that you have come out with flying colors with a bachelor’s degree in education, it’s time to move ahead preferably with a post-graduation, or up to a doctorate.


Pursuing a post-graduation or higher studies would open up more avenues in your career. Also with the job market getting increasingly competitive, it is best to pursue a master’s degree to stand out from the crowd and earn a higher pay package.


B.Ed. is an undergraduate degree and a prerequisite for pursuing an M.Ed. (Masters of Education). Bangalore is home to well-reputed institutes offering the most sought-after courses. Here are some institutes you can pursue your M.Ed from and move ahead in your Career after A B.Ed. in Bangalore.


Colleges Offering Full-time M.Ed Courses


  1. Bangalore University
  2. Vijaya Teachers College
  3. Ambedkar College of Education


Colleges Offering Distance Learning/Correspondence M.Ed Course


  1. Mysore Correspondence College
  2. Sri Balaji Correspondence College
  3. Sri Sai B.Ed. College
  4. Geetanjali Institute


Post completion of your M.Ed with a minimum 55% pass percentage, you are eligible to appear for the NET (National Eligibility Test) exam and become a government teacher.


Pursue Your Post-Graduation And Move Ahead In Your Career


While the M.Ed degree entitles you to become a teacher, lecturer, or professor, you could also pursue your post-graduation in arts or business administration and choose a Career after A B.Ed. in Bangalore.


Master of Arts (MA): Choose from English, Journalism, Mass Communication, Sociology, Political Science, History, or Economics. The MA degree is your entry to become a journalist, lawyer, or financial analyst.


Master of Business Administration (MBA): Bangalore is one of India’s topmost preferred destinations for pursuing an MBA. You can opt to do your MBA from the prestigious IIM Bangalore, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), and other reputed institutions. With campus placements, you do not have to worry about securing a job post completion of the course.


Master of Philosophy (MPhil): The 2-year MPhil degree served to bridge the gap between the postgraduate and the doctorate course. MPhil is a step closer to a Ph.D. However, according to the New Education Policy (NEP) to come into effect in 2022, the MPhil degree would be discontinued. So, wait and watch the changes that would come into effect and plan accordingly.


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.): Ph.D. is the highest level of education with an extensive focus on research on a particular topic. You must complete your post-graduation after your B.Ed. to be eligible to apply for a doctorate. The minimum duration to complete your Ph.D. is 3 years, and the maximum period is 5-6 years. However, the course duration varies from one institute to another.


With a doctorate, you could become a lecturer or professor and teach at the college level. Based on your Ph.D. specialization (Engineering, Science, Technology) you could also move on to Research & Development or a Scientist at organizations like ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), headquartered in Bangalore.


So from a MA, MBA, M.Ed to Ph.D., you have plentiful options to pursue a post-graduation in the field of your choice, and how you would like to shape up your Career after A B.Ed. in Bangalore is your call at the end of the day.


What Are The Job Opportunities In The Government Sector After A B.Ed.?


The demand for a government job is never on the decline for it comes with a host of benefits in addition to job security. You are settled for life with a job in the government sector, if you are ok to take a lesser pay compared to the private sector but want to enjoy the retirement benefits, pension plans, and medical and housing benefits.


Getting a government job may not be easy, but is possible with some research and efforts. Here is how you can secure a government job and move ahead in your Career after A B.Ed. in Bangalore.


1.     Become A Primary/Secondary/High School Teacher


With a B.Ed. degree under your belt, teaching is your first choice. Based on the age group of children you want to handle, you can choose to become a primary or secondary level teacher in government schools.


B.Ed. graduates with at least 50% of marks are sought after to fill the primary teacher (classes 1-8) positions in the government schools. Post-graduation is a necessary step to become a secondary-level teacher, i.e. to teach classes 9 and above.


With a bachelor’s in education, you automatically become a Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT), while completing of a post-graduation after B.Ed. enables you to be a Post Graduate Teacher (PGT). Remember, TGT and PGT are not courses but titles given on completion of under graduation and post-graduation respectively.


To be a teacher at the primary and secondary level in India, you need to pass the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) and the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) administered at the central and state level respectively. Passing the CTET exam would help you join the central government-run schools like Kendriya Vidyalaya and Navodaya Vidyalaya.


The TETs are eligibility tests administered at the state level and will fetch you a government job in the state the test is taken.


Karnataka TET or KARTET or Karnataka Teacher Eligibility Test – eligibility exam to teach in Karnataka


KARTET is an eligibility test, which you must pass to appear for Teacher Recruitment Exam conducted by the Karnataka state government. The KARTET is divided into two papers: if you aspire to teach the lower primary levels then take the paper 1 test, and if you want to teach at upper primary levels go for the paper 2 test.


If you pass the KARTET with 60%,  you would be awarded the eligibility certificate, which is now valid for a lifetime. Another good news is that there are no limits on the number of retakes and you can reappear for the exam every year to improve your score.


After passing your KARTET, you can apply for primary or secondary school teacher vacancies at government schools in Karnataka.


2.     Principal:


You need to have a B.Ed. degree with 5-10 years of teaching experience to become a school principal at government schools. So, after your bachelor’s in education, you need to clear the KARTET and the TRT (Teacher Recruitment Test) and get placed as a teacher.


With 5-10 years of teaching experience at the government school, you would be eligible to become a school principal. At the same time, you can pursue your M.Ed and become a principal at the primary school level.


There is a separate process for the principal recruitment and you can check the state government’s official notification and keep yourself updated on the selection criteria.


3.     Lecturer/Professor:


While a B.Ed. helps you become a teacher at primary and secondary levels, if you want to become a lecturer or a professor at the college level, you need to have a Ph.D. and crack the National Eligibility Test (NET) examination or (State Level Eligibility Test) SLET examination.


Pursuing a career in the government sector is a lengthy process, so if you do not have the time and patience, a job in the private sector is your calling. With Bangalore, being home to IT companies, choosing a job in the private sector and cementing your Career after A B.Ed. in Bangalore may not be difficult after all.


Teaching at Private Institutions After Your B.Ed. Degree


Private sectors are good paymasters and provide various benefits to their employees. Your B.Ed. degree can fetch you a teaching position at private schools. Unlike the government sector, private schools do not require additional testing like CTET or NET for teacher recruitment. Every school has its requirements, so start your search based on your preferences.


1.     Start Your School


If you have space, money, and time to invest and then you can be your boss, then you could start your school. Start small with a handful of students and grow gradually. It may be a slow start in the beginning but if you provide good quality education, soon enough, with word of mouth and good marketing, you can have a strong foothold in your neighborhood.


2.     Become A Tutor


If starting your school is not feasible, then tutoring could be your next option. With zero investment, tutoring would be your best bet to put your B.Ed. degree into use. Tutoring could be your part-time option while you pursue your higher degree or a full-time job.


Be A Home Tutor Or An Online Tutor


Home tutors are always in demand for specialized subjects, especially mathematics, science, and language. If you are a subject matter expert and can dedicate a few hours to tutor, you can put your pedagogy into use and can earn some rupees. With online education becoming a new norm these days, teaching at the comfort of your home for a few hours could be your diversion and help you earn as well.


With thousands of private schools and lakhs of students, planning your teaching Career after A B.Ed. in Bangalore, though challenging, may not be difficult.


Choose A Career Outside The Classroom


Holding a B.Ed. degree doesn’t restrict you to teaching alone. You have innumerable options to move ahead in your Career after A B.Ed. in Bangalore, apart from becoming a teacher. Here are 8 options you can choose from to put your learning and skills into use.


1.     Special Educator:


If you have completed your B.Ed. in Special Education, you can work with children with diverse abilities. There is a huge demand for special education teachers, and you can find opportunities at rehabilitation centers or hospitals apart from schools. With your B.Ed. degree, you can take up certification courses for special education and become a special educator.


2.     Counselor:


If you are an active listener, can understand people’s problems, and can comfort and convince them with words, then counseling would be a good career choice. Having a psychology degree would help immensely in understanding people’s behavior and counseling, so a master’s in counseling psychology, applied psychology would boost your career as a counselor.


However, you can take a shorter route and get a postgraduate diploma in guidance and counseling. Remember to take up a course recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI).


You can spread your knowledge base with a plethora of options in counseling. If counseling interests you, go for a post-graduation or a certification in one of these fields and become a counselor in your Career after A B.Ed. in Bangalore.


  1. Guidance Counsellor
  2. Career Counsellor
  3. Family Counsellor
  4. Educational Counsellor
  5. Admission Counsellor
  6. Academic Counsellor
  7. Relationship Counsellor
  8. Mental health Counsellor


Being a counselor can fetch you jobs at Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and non-profit organizations apart from government and private educational institutions in Bangalore.


3.     Researcher:


As an educational researcher, you can choose your area of interest and delve deeply into the topic. From collecting and organizing data to analyzing, predicting, and exploring trends and issues, your job as a researcher could help discover facts that may eventually be path-breaking. Any organization that requires research and data analysis like nuclear plants, laboratories, hospitals, and universities could be your workplace. The big boys: Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Unilever have research positions open at their Bangalore facility.


4.     Content Writers:


If you have a flair for words and can pen your thoughts well then a career in content writing would be your best fit. You can write blogs, publish a book, market your product, research, and draft articles for search engine optimization.


If writing essays, thesis, dissertations are something you love then you can become an academic content writer. If you like it technical and can document instruction manuals, user manuals, quick reference guides, software installation guides, legal disclaimers and so on then you can choose to be a technical writer.


Writing is a lucrative career with opportunities in every field. You can be a freelance writer or can take up full-time roles with organizations that are on the lookout for writers.


Post completion of your B.Ed., you can take up a certification course in writing to hone your writing skills. Institutes like IIM SKILLS offer online content writing certification with internship opportunities and placement assistance. Check out the Content Writing Course at IIMSKILLS and become a certified content writer.


5.     Translator/Interpreter:


Your knowledge of a foreign language could help you become a translator or interpreter at government or private institutions. Bangalore is home to IT companies that require translators for in-demand languages like German, Spanish, Mandarin, and French. So you can work your way in learning a foreign language and get a certificate to pursue a career as a translator or an interpreter.


If you are thinking of a Career after A B.Ed. in Bangalore and are fluent in Kannada and English, you can look for freelance or full-time translator jobs.


6.     Entrepreneur:


While teaching and business are two different professions altogether, teachers have the skills to succeed in business. Being an entrepreneur, you are your boss. You can choose to follow the teaching line and come up with short videos or products to make education an enjoyable experience. Else, think of products and services you can offer like DIY (Do-It-Yourself) crafts, event management services, and so on. The options here are endless, so think of an idea and get going.


7.     Digital Marketing:


Digital marketing is also known as online marketing helps you advertise your brand or product online and connect with potential customers. You can use email, social media, web applications, websites, mobile applications to market products and services. Digital marketing is a booming and lucrative business and helps you earn money from the comfort of your home as well. You can take up the Digital Marketing Master Course from IIM SKILLS and kickstart your digital career.


If you find it interesting, you can also have a look at the Top 23 Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore


8. Entry Level Jobs: A basic degree is a requirement to work in call centers, as sales executives, or as front office administrators. If getting a job after your B.Ed. is your only goal, you have plenty of entry-level jobs to choose from. With a job, you can also complete your post-graduation through distance learning.


Other than that, if maths and accounts are your things, then you can also opt for a GST course. You can definitely take a leap of faith, and indulge in a finance career corresponding to a booming industry.


If this last option of finance courses touched your nerves, then you may want to have a look at the Top 10 GST certification courses in Bangalore. 


To sum it up, choosing a Career after A B.Ed. in Bangalore is based on the resources you have at hand. The Silicon Valley of India has countless options to help kickstart your career after a B.Ed.. With a B.Ed. degree, you can start working right away, but given the present competitive environment, pursuing a post-graduation and then choosing your workplace is the best choice.


To teach or not, or to study or work is your call. While there are numerous options after completing your B.Ed., follow your heart and make the right choice to advance your career

I’m Kalpana Balaji, a home engineer, and mom to a 12-year-old. I’m a post-graduate with 7 years of work experience in knowledge and content management. A long hiatus in my career has not deterred me from donning many hats. Food and words are two things I love the most and I’m looking at bringing about a change with my writing and cooking.

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