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10 Best Freelancing Sites for Trainees and Professionals

Freelancing is a new horizon for unbounded professionals who want to work freely. Either you want to start your freelancing journey or want to build a strong portfolio; stay tuned to know more about the best freelancing sites for trainees and professionals.


List of the 10 best freelancing sites


What is Freelancing?


Self-employed professionals are called freelancers. Freelancing is a term used for a short time job, or let say it, some sort of contract work for a short period. Once the contract or the desired task assigned to you is over, neither company nor you have anything to do with each other. By this, it means that there isn’t any sort of commitment or you are not bounded by any terms and conditions. 


A freelancer is a professional who acquires skills and using these skills they perform tasks for the client. A short-term contract is signed between freelancer and client; that contract has information about the task to be accomplished by the freelancer, the time limit of the task or project, along with the pay and other required details.


Freelancing has nothing to do with the type of skills, you can be a writer, a designer, an engineer, a developer anything. The same goes for the task; the assigned task or job may have a time limit of 1 day, a week, a month- it depends on the client company and their requirement.


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Every field has its pros and cons, but when it comes to freelancing, the only con is that you will not have assurance or you will not be working in a company as a long-term employee.


But if you see the pros of being a freelancer, then there are so many. First and foremost, you are not bounded in any way. Other major advantages include flexible timings, you can work for more than one company, no restriction of bounded working hours. These days freelancers are earning more than full-time workers.


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Before heading towards the list of the sites, let’s have a look at” How to be a freelancer?”.


How to Become A Freelancer?


How to start freelancing? Be a freelancer and work according to your time and comfort.  It’s easy to be a freelancer, you just need to follow the steps in the desired manner. Follow these steps and start your journey of being a Freelancer.


 Step -1 Develop Skills


The first step and foremost step is to develop skills and using these skills to fulfill the required demand or need of the consumer or client. Find your area of interest and after that do quick research to find relevant skills.


Another important thing that you should keep in mind while choosing an area of services or skillset is the domain or niche. Whatever skillset you will acquire now, in the future, this will be used as the service for the client, which means you will be able to earn and provide the skills to the industry.


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 Step -2 Identify Target Audience


After acquiring the relevant set of skills, your next step is to find clients to whom you can sell your services. To find clients, the best way is freelancing sites. The other way is to use your connection if possible.


Step -3 Create An Impressive Portfolio


The portfolio is something that represents you in front of your client, without you being physically present there, so it should be effectively designed that client will be able to have a clear picture of yours.


Your portfolio should include the projects that you have done, skillset, certifications, internships, and experience that you acquire if any. Make sure to keep these points in mind while creating a portfolio.


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Step -4 Learn to Develop Mesmerising Proposal


Your project proposal should be clear and must include all the important points. Try to create 3D images or templates of your proposal that will help you to make them understand your proposal in a better way.


Step -5  Start Freelancing


Now you are ready to start as a freelancer, below are the 10 best freelancing sites. Visit these sites and create a user login and search jobs according to your need.


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10 Best Freelancing Sites for Trainees and Professionals




The first name on the list is Upwork. Upwork is the largest freelancing platform that provides more than 3 million job opportunities every year. Microsoft, Airbnb, and GE, etc use this platform to seek freelancers for their projects.


Immediate opportunities are provided over a large span of areas and fields which include marketing, law, computer science, graphic designing, and many more. Hiring companies place their demand and requirements, freelancers can accordingly apply according to their comfort. A variety of jobs such as short term, long term is available with the pay criteria for that particular job.



  • On-time payment delivery is ensured.
  • Strict observation of freelancer exploitation.
  • Ample amount and varieties of opportunities.
  • Service fees are quite high.
  • Need hard work and time to build the market image.




Fiverr connects industry giants to freelancers. Fiverr is a suitable site for people who have dreams to work for renowned companies. The range of freelancing opportunities includes developing jobs, writing, graphic designing, and many more.


More than 3.4 million jobs in 2021 with popularity among hiring giants of the industry make it more lavishing for freelancers. Because of these reasons, Fiverr comes under the category of the best freelancing sites.



Comparatively easy for new freelancers to grasp opportunities.

Easy terms and conditions of use for both client and freelancer.

Service fees are quite high(20%).

Take a little longer to get the payout.


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Freelancer.com, as the name suggests, is one such renowned platform for clients as well as for freelancers. A major crunch of jobs is available on the job board, accordingly, freelancers can apply. Another good thing about freelancer.com is that it is easy to handle and one can get reviews about everything.


It applies a 10% total service fee. Live chat is also available to communicate directly to clients. Because of the wide variety of jobs provided it comes under the category of 10 best freelancing sites for trainees and professionals.



  • Support and guidance are provided.
  • Easy to handle.
  • You need to be alert about spam jobs as well as fake clients.
  • Service charges are applied.




Solidgigs comes under the category of 10 best freelancing sites for trainees and professionals. It provides top-notch 1% of job opportunities of the market available every day. In contrast, it means that it will save time, which is usually being wasted in scrolling a long list and searching.


In addition to this,  this platform provides training for skill development which includes techniques to grasp freelancing opportunities. But all you have to pay for is the time you will save by using solid gigs, which means you need to take a subscription to use their services.



  • Highly time-saving platform.
  • An information board is available on the dashboard.
  • Quality freelancing opportunities are available.
  • The pay and use policy is followed.




Flexjob is a hub of remote jobs and freelancing opportunities because of this reason, Flexjobs is standing among the 10 best freelancing sites for trainees and professionals. Flexjobs offers more than 50 categories of job opportunities.


A highly personalized environment is provided with handy tools that will increase user interactivity and will ensure a trustworthy environment for their users. Since the quality of jobs offered is very high and hence for quality, we need to pay. This will also ensure less traffic with qualitative job opportunities.



  • Since services are paid, hence the platform is ad-free.
  • Comes under the category of a highly trustworthy platform.
  • Career guidance with lower traffic.
  • Service is paid, scalable subscription opportunities are provided.




Guru comes under the category of an international platform that provides services to more than 3 million clients all over the world. Freelancing opportunities in the field of programming, designing, writing are provided with progress tracking tools. These tools help them to stand among the 10 best freelancing sites.


Free membership is provided under terms and conditions, although paid membership will help your profile to stand among the crowd and enhance access. You can also use free membership but it will restrict some services at an advanced level. Apart from all these things, flexibility is provided at the payment gateway, which means smooth payment delivery is ensured.



  • Comparatively, affordable pricing is provided when it comes to subscription and use.
  • The interface provided is user-friendly.
  • Customer support service is available 24/7.
  • Premium quality jobs are provided.
  • Competition is quite tough.


99 Designs


99 design is a dedicated freelancing platform for graphic designing. 99 designs provide a variety of over 90 categories of designing. 99 designs act as routers that connect the network of clients with freelancers, provide one-to-one interaction for project and payment gateways.


Despite the fact that it is a dedicated platform for a certain category of audience, 99 Designs stands among the 10 best freelancing sites for trainees and professionals because it promotes client-freelancer relationships.


99 Designs provide leniency when it comes to client-freelancer relationships. It means it will allow you to communicate and maintain relationships after the job is done. Apart from this, it also provides different contests and opportunities to participate in different projects.



  • Provide a better platform for collaboration.
  • Payout facilities are comparatively fast and better.
  • A little bit unreliable when it comes to plagiarism.
  • Service fees are high.




Another international platform that is famous for providing top-tier job opportunities is Toptal. As the names suggest Toptal, you can easily estimate by name that it comes top among the 10 best freelancing sites for trainees and professionals. For maintaining a good profile you need to work hard because the quality of jobs provided is premium class; hence they demand highly skilled freelancers.


This doesn’t mean that you can not go for Toptal but you need to work hard to stand among experienced professionals. The spectrum of freelancing opportunities covers designing jobs, product managers, finance, etc. Toptal doesn’t take any service charges from freelancers, which makes it more lovable and trustworthy.



  • The quality of jobs provided is very good.
  • Free platform for freelancers.
  • Highly recommended for skilled and experienced professionals.
  • Demands high skills.
  • Competition is quite high.




PeoplePerHour is again an international platform that provides world-class opportunities to clients and freelancers. It acts as a  gateway for skilled freelancers to grasp international and renowned opportunities.


It connects 2.5milion freelancers with 1 million clients all over the world, which makes it one of the top tier platforms in the list of  10 best freelancing sites for trainees and professionals.


Since it is a world-class platform, it follows some norms like, before getting registered,  you need to be approved by their mentors. After getting approval, you are free to use services provided by their platform.



  • Collaboration facilities are quite good.
  • The interface is easy to handle.
  • 20% of the service penalty is charged.
  • Customer support is less active.




Confused? Where to apply, How to interact with the company? Then Aquent is the best option for you. It provides you a digital assistant who will do searches on your part according to your preferences and choices.


Aquent comes under the category of AI platforms which uses robotic intelligence to sort out better options for you. This feature empowers Aquent among the 10 best freelancing sites for trainees and professionals.


AI tools enable the use of filters like location filer, salary range, experience demand, time interval, etc. This saves a lot of time and energy that is being wasted while searching and scrolling that huge list.



  • Since the features of Al are used it is quite difficult to handle sites.
  • The interface provides freelancing contract is better than other platforms.
  • Highly reliable and time-saving platform.
  • Provide better opportunities and searches.
  • Highly personalized platform.


After Being A Freelancer

Step -6 Maintain A Good Relationship With The Client


To reach the top-notch of your career, you must maintain a good market image. Try to maintain a transparent relationship with your client, communicate with your client about every small detail that they need.

Try to maintain a trustworthy relationship with clients. For being a good freelancer you must keep deadlines as your priority.

Step-7 Keep Leaning


As we are living in a moving era, you must update yourself with the technologies to get freelancing jobs.


Freelancing Occupations

In The Field of Computer science

  • Automation
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • App development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software development
  • Aritificial Intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Data Science
  • Data Minning
  • Big data
  • Bitcoin
  • Information security
  • Database Administrator
  • Server Administrator
  • Developer
  • Graphic designer
  • UI/UX
  • Audio Video Designer
  • Animation designer
  • Photography


In The Field of Industrial Writing 


In The Field of Administration  and Marketing

  • Assistant
  • Project Manager
  • Data entry Technical
  • CRM manager
  • Social media Marketing
  • Influencer


Apart from all of these, there are thousands of Freelancing job roles available. Thus, do visit the sites in the list of 10 best freelancing sites for trainees and professionals to find your specific freelancing skillset.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Name some freelancing jobs for students?

Ans – If you are a student and looking for something to manage your expenses, then freelancing is the best thing for you. It will save time and will give you a good quality payout. You need not travel, you just need to master some skills, and there you go. Below is the list of freelancing jobs that any student can do and earn a handsome payout.

  • writer
  • editor
  • proofreader
  • tutor
  • ‘Graphic designer.
  • developer
  • blogger
  • photographer
  • tourist guide.


2. What are the best freelancing sites for beginners?

Ans– Indian freelancers can use these sites to enhance their profile and grow in the field of freelancing. Below is the list of sites, which will provide better opportunities for beginners.

  • Truelancer.
  • 99 designs.
  • Toptal.
  • Freelancer.com.
  • Envato Studio.
  • WorknHire.


3. Name some freelancing sites for finding high-paying freelance jobs?

Ans– Here is the list of some good freelancing sites that will help you to get high-paying jobs.

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Indeed
  • Flexjobs
  • Clear voice
  • nDash
  • Guru
  • Freelancer




The crux of the above article is to give you a better and clear idea about freelancing sites. The article aims to give you a better and clear idea about how to build your career as a freelancer.


But before landing on any of the above platforms present in the list of 10 best freelancing sites for trainees and professionals, it is advised to master skills first and then explore the field or opportunities of Freelancing. Focus more on learning skills to build your profile and be aware of fake and spam clients.


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