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Tips To Provide Great SOP Writing Services

A statement of purpose or SOP is a brief version of your application or study or research that helps you put through your achievements and success and a little bit of yourself to the selection committee mainly academic so that you get a vote of confidence from the selectors to proceed with your application to your preferred university.

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In order to create a great profile, you need to put forth a strong SOP which becomes a foundation base before the second step in your admission. In other words, you can call it a means to create a first impression on your selectors. Now the thought and weight put on the importance of SOP can be a little daunting.


But trust us it is not if you follow the format properly. This is where you can also take help from agencies that provide SOP writing services.


Please remember if your work is excellent your SOP will automatically have weightage in substance but if the work or your research is not up to the mark even a great SOP will take you so far.


The selectors or the faculty of the committee go through thousands of SOPs every year. They can figure out a good SOP in minutes and can reject an application with one sweeping glance. As a result, it is necessary to create an SOP that stands out from all the other applications.


Following are the pointers that can help establish a good profile in your application. There is a very clear format that one needs to follow while writing a good SOP. However, the content matters the most. There are certain Dos and don’ts which we need to follow. SOP writing services follow the same format everywhere but the writing is what makes them stand out.


The information that you provide them and the way they portray it in the letter is the game. Now let us first understand the format of writing an SOP.


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The story behind your Academic achievement: 

This Section demands a personal story. Please don’t get me wrong. It does not need to be a sob story. It just needs a background of your life. The story which led you to pursue this course or degree. You need to show the committee that you are eligible to gain further knowledge in a particular subject or field. You are ready to receive these advanced skills. First and foremost your SOP needs to answer the below questions –

  • Who are you
  • Why are you choosing to do this degree or course?
  • What is your motivation for pursuing the study in this particular field
  • What was your undergrad experience
  • What did you gain from it
  • Also how this experience helped you to set up your path toward further education
  • How this course will help add to the knowledge that you have already acquired?




The SOP writing services can help you a great deal to build a compelling storyline without deviating from the main purpose.

  • List of Projects that you had undertaken.

You need to list all the projects that you had undertaken or participated in while doing undergraduate studies. List them down chronologically. Please mention the projects associated with or related to your course. This shows that you have gained considerable knowledge in the required field. Also, it helps them understand that you can go to lengths to acquire knowledge based on your research or studies and has the potential to turn out to be a good student. Projects can portray your expertise in a particular domain-specific field that is aligned with the degree that you actually want to pursue. Remember that the committee would reject an applicant if they think that the applicant won’t be able to survive their program. Your primary goal is to convince the committee that you can handle the workload.

  • Internship programs that you have done

Sometimes people don’t have projects to mention in their SOPs. They can also mention internships if done any. Mention your contributions while working as an intern. Be specific with a company name and other details. Elaborate on how you have contributed to the organization’s goals and what knowledge you gained in return. Also mention how the organization helped you to grow.


Many times SOP writing services urge people to slip in their internships in the SOPs so that it gives a solid base of first-hand knowledge of practical work done in the said field. It conveys that you have an insight into the workings of your related field and you understand the efforts required to put in the hard work.

  • Academic achievements

Mention if you were a merit student. Whether you topped your class or you were amongst the top ten. Mention it explicitly. The committee will not remember it from your transcripts. Show your progress throughout your undergrad years.


Elaborate it briefly. E.g. If you achieved first-class in your first year and you scored a distinction in your final year then show your progress. Getting a distinction is not a small achievement. Transcripts can be overlooked. Hence it is necessary to highlight it in your application.

  • Social Activities

If you have some space left, try to cram in some social activities that you have participated in during your undergrad years. It does not have to be elaborate. Just like a line or two, that will help build a character in front of the committee. But again it should be something related to your field of study. At least one activity that relates to your field. Agencies providing SOP writing services can come up with crisp and concise ways to mold your letter that help you segregate the unwanted stuff out.


You can mention things like, you gave tuition to students free of cost or helped build something applying your field of study which also benefited society. It implies that you have compassion and empathy. It shows that you have given back to society.


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  • Co-Curricular activities

You can also mention some co-curricular activities that you took part in. Mention any events that you helped organize as a part of the student council or you participated in a program that was associated with your field. Any Inter or Intra collegiate competitions that you participated in. It shows that you are an all-rounder. You participated in extra-curricular activities while keeping up with your academic progress. It can also be a sports achievement. Sports do give an all-rounder persona to your SOP.

  • Competitions or fellowships 

Any Competition which you have won, that is of significant importance needs to be put in the document. Mention it in a line as you have a word limit. You can include your fellowship programs if you have undertaken any. Further, if you have won any scholarships then definitely include them with a backstory if you can write one.


If you need help with the backstory you can always approach some SOP writing services operating online. A scholarship gives a great weightage to your SOP as it shows your academic talent and your willingness to work hard towards pursuing your goals.

  • Research papers / Start-ups / Patent 

If you have research to show based on your field of study then a big plus. Elaborate on the ways you were able to achieve the results if it was a scientific one. Emphasize your research skills and abilities. Give them an insight as to how you were able to write your research paper and what were your learnings at the end of your study.


If you own a start-up or if you were or are part of a start-up then why not include it in the SOP. Start-ups mean you have the ability to take up initiatives. Also if you have a patent in place mention it. Explain how the course will help you with your dream start-up. If the idea is unique then it is quite a win already. Universities providing courses in MBA or MIS will definitely want their students to come up with their own start-ups.



  • Details on the university/course 

Talk about the university you are applying to. Discuss the details of the course you want to pursue. Focus on the unique points of the course and how it will help you get closer to your goal. Further, you can talk about your preferred professors as guides you look forward to working under.


If you need pointers, you can also take help from the SOP writing services as they have expert knowledge about the various universities and professors as they keep writing about them. The purpose is to imply that you have done your homework before applying to a particular university and are very serious about getting admission.

  • Career goals

This is again a very important segment of your SOP. The committee will be very interested to know where do you want to be after you are finished with the course. Basically, what are your career goals and where do you see yourself in the next five years.


Which companies you are targeting to work with after the completion of your studies or whether you want to start your own company and how the course will help you fulfill your dreams. Preferably take help in this section from an agency providing SOP writing services. They can help you with drafting and also can give you advice on mentioning the names of the relevant companies.  


From the university’s perspective, it would give preference to the candidate who can bring something to the table. After all, a good student and good grades are what give a good reputation to a school. Universities get funds based on the overall achievements of their students. Universities have some guidelines based on which they evaluate a candidate. You need to convince them through your SOP that you fit in with their guidelines.

Do’s and don’ts while writing an SOP :

  • First make a list of your achievements that you want to mention in your SOP that includes events, academic, co-curricular, social activities, and scholarships.
  • Read some sample SOPs before writing the draft. You can get them online from many SOP writing services’ websites. However, it would be best if you can get some samples of your seniors’ SOPs for reference.
  • Keep updating your SOP every day for at least a week. This will give you ample time to polish it well before the final draft. First, write all the points in a rough format in simple language. Then try polishing and updating it every day for at least a week. You will get a crisp and well-written SOP by the end of the week.
  • Push yourself to write an engaging SOP. A bland or line achievement may fail to create the required impression.
  • Try to get a second person’s point of view. You will get suggestions and opinions which might be useful and you can try to implement them.
  • In case you are applying to foreign universities, you can mention how their programs and style of teaching intrigues you. Also how you are excited to gain a new perspective into your field of education and how cultural diversity can help you in your future job endeavors.
  • If you are referring to SOP templates online or of your seniors DO NOT copy the templates or formats as it is. Copying may result in plagiarism or it may make your SOP look like any other SOP.
  • Many SOP writing services use plagiarism software like https://www.grammarly.com/You can check your draft for typos and grammatical errors. Grammatical errors on your SOPs are a strict no.

Common mistakes to avoid –

  • Do not include anything irrelevant in your SOP

People tend to include 6-7 projects to sound impressive in their SOPs. This is a mistake. Please do not do that. The projects in themselves may be impressive but the question is, are they related to your subject in the SOP. If the answer is no simply exclude them from the lists. The committee can easily see the purpose of these inclusions. It creates a bad impression. Strictly stick to your subject or the field of study.


  • Your projects are not the basis of discussion

You are required to include your projects to show your contributions and achievements towards them. You are not required to discuss the projects in length.

You can give a gist about the project but the main purpose is to make the committee understand what did you learn from them. If you faced any challenges how did you overcome them? What efforts were taken in the completion of these projects? If it was a team project what was your role in it. Agencies providing SOP writing services can help you create engaging content with limited words around these projects.


  • Avoid Long drafts 

An SOP should be a maximum of 1000 words long not more. If you have too many things to list then try explaining them in a very concise and specific manner. The faculty does not have much time to go through long drafts. They have to sift through hundreds of SOPs. You don’t have to write it like a CV but try explaining in lesser words possible. Best you can go through the SOP samples to understand the language you can use.


  • Do not write generic content – 

Once you are done with the first draft try to see if what you have written implies to anyone in general. If yes, then you need to work around it. Remember your SOP is your statement of purpose. It is personal. Anything and everything is written should imply to you and only you. If your content is not unique then it will not stand out. You will get many examples of how to write your SOPs on SOP writing services’ websites. Just go through a few of them before starting with the writing.


  • No random and general talk-

Does your SOP create a character or it just consists of random paragraphs showing a desperate image of you trying to convince a bunch of people why they should select you? Putting in words like ‘passion’ or ‘dream’ does not help. Check if your SOP answers the following questions –

  • why do you want to pursue the course?
  • what are your motivations?
  • In what way can you contribute to the university?
  • What can you bring to the organization?
  • How much experience do you have in the field
  • Why the program is the right fit for you?


  • Different drafts for different universities –

You should first create a base draft. Once that is done, you can then customize the drafts for different universities accordingly. You will be sending multiple SOPs to multiple universities. You cannot send the same draft to all the universities. As the SOP needs to talk about you it also needs to address each university differently. This requires research. You need to talk about their programs, about the course details and the professors. You can elaborate on the unique points about the course of a particular university and how it is different than what the other universities are offering. Also how it can help you with your goals.


These are some of the basic mistakes that we find in many SOPs. Avoiding them will give you a concrete application and can increase your chances with your admission to your preferred universities. Many SOP writing services websites can help you to draw up the final draft by eliminating these common mistakes because even though they seem very obvious they still can make it to your letter for the sheer lack of experience in writing a statement of purpose.


Expert tips to follow –

  1. Start with a good introduction. It should sound confident and positive. Don’t make it lengthy and dragging. Your achievements will speak for themselves
  2. Keep it as short as possible with relevant details covered. You anyways have a word limit so stick to it.
  3. While explaining the purpose to choose a particular course give them good solid reasoning. Even if it goes a little overboard that is ok. The committee will mostly be interested in reading this part of your application.
  4. Every single line in the SOP has to be very specific to your case. Any achievement you mention or activity that you list should be related to your subject of study. You can take the help of SOP writing services to proofread your draft.
  5. Every statement you make should speak only about your goals. 
  6. Do not treat an SOP as a resume’. A CV or a resume is a formal document whereas an SOP is kind of an informal letter. It is an insight into your life and personality. It speaks about your purpose and goals. At the same time do not treat it as a film script. Do not write long paragraphs with unnecessary details.
  7. Even though you are providing personal information the tone of the document needs to be formal. If you find it confusing, you can go through some sample SOPs online.
  8. Read the university guidelines properly.
  9. While listing achievements or social activities don’t go below your undergrad years. Nobody will be interested to read about your higher secondary achievements. Even if you have done some commendable work.
  10. It will be good to write categorically. Mostly in paragraphs. Write short and precise. Do not beat around the bush.
  11. Having said that write anecdotes. Do not just write lines.  

There are SOP writing services that give a certain set of guidelines to write an effective SOP. But if you are unable to write one yourself, then you can give them the details and they will draft it for you. Mind you, a statement of purpose is a very vital document to get you into your dream university. Consider getting professional help. It will increase your chances of getting admission.

Sasneha is a Post Graduate in History from Mumbai University She is an Event Manager working in Mumbai. She loves to read books-mostly fiction and likes to participate in Book Club discussions during weekends.

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