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Top 17 Article Submission Sites to Rank Higher in 2024

Articles are a part of content marketing, wherein you write matters that benefit you, your product or your business, etc. when published on a third-party website that has higher traffic. Therefore, it is important to write these articles related to the field you want to be noticed. In that way, it becomes easier for navigators to find you. This article provides some of the best article submission sites, where you can put up your content.

Article Submission Sites to Rank Higher

The article’s quality is considered to be significantly important. The authenticity and clarity portrayed in the article define its quality. Hence, it’s something that should be dealt with with great attention.

Things to Remember While Writing An Article:

  • The article should be original and rich in information.
  • Try to have an adequate amount of keywords but don’t go keyword stuffing.
  • The average length of the article should be between 500 and 700 words.
  • Give a unique name to your article. And make sure to include the main keyword in it. This makes it easy for web crawlers and search engines to identify and classify the topic of your article.
  • Try to make listicle articles as then it will be presentable and easy to read for potential customers to read and comprehend.

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The Best Article Submission Sites

As the name implies, article submission sites are sites where you can publish articles to advertise yourself, your product, your service, or your business. Usually, these sites have a lot of traffic, ie. people who specialize in a certain field. Sometimes, the sites are category-specific. Therefore, they only post articles related to specific topics like health, stock market, beauty, etc. Therefore, you as a writer have to analyze what topic and which site best suits your requirements. Here are a bunch of article submission sites that you can refer to:

1. Advisor Uncle

Advisor Uncle is one of the leading article submission sites that offer you with the golden opportunity to showcase your writing prowess for different disciplines like Digital marketing, technical writing, content writing, GST, technical writing, CAT, Financial Modeling, and Business Accounting and Taxation, and many more. It offers a plethora of information to readers regarding the merits of professional courses and the advantages of enrolling in them

2. Vaibhavk

Vaibhavk is another of the top article submission sites which gives you a thorough knowledge of different subjects including finance, online marketing, copywriting, taxation, GST, and SEO. You can offer to write for the website that will help you to increase your portfolio. Whether you are a finance professional, a digital consultant, a writer, or an accountant, with an innate love for writing, you can connect on their website and discuss the article submission terms and conditions.

3. Coursedekho

It is one of the best consulting websites and a great article submission site. You get a vast repertoire of articles on different disciplines be it online writing, copywriting, financial accounting, taxation, digital marketing, and sales. People who belong to the world of teaching, professors, and mentors, can submit their articles here. It will not only give you visibility but will strengthen your credibility as a thought leader.

4. Digital Courses India

One of the finest article submission sites, Digital Courses India will give you the much-needed exposure to thrive in this cut-throat competitive digital world as a professional. You can submit articles on various topics ranging from content writing, copywriting, online sales techniques, financial models, business Accounting, Tax structure, and GST, among others. If you have an online business, posting at Digital Courses India can have a positive impact on your credibility as a business person.

5. CourseNearYou

It is one of the illustrious article submission sites helping you to strengthen your online presence by submitting articles on a diverse range of subjects including copywriting, content creation, digital marketing, GST, Financial Modeling, CAT, Business Accounting, and taxation. For career aspirants, students, and professionals looking to switch to a career in writing, it is a great site for posting your articles, and creating a portfolio to display to potential employers in your niche,

6. Agencyfynd

Agencyfynd is a great site for article submission. It is a great site to write for your target audience. Writers specializing in writing for SEO can apply to write at agencyfund. Diverse topics are covered at the site including finance, accounts, web marketing, technical writing, and advanced SEO concepts. It can act as a great portfolio for your career advancement.

7. Google Sites:

It is a web page creation tool and is one of the best-known sites for this purpose. It includes google docs, google sheets, Google slides, Google drawings, Google forms, Google keep, etc. You can create or update your websites using this tool of google. This site is free of cost. Google Sites is an application where you can create or edit files online. It’s simple to use as you just have to drag and drop your content. It helps you grow your business by providing more exposure to your content.

8. Ezinearticle:

It is one of the best article submission platforms for growing your audience. It is a content promotion website that provides a wide variety of information to its readers. Also, it is free of cost. EzineArticles is an unpaid article submission site that gets links to the authors’ site to provide more visibility to the writer’s work. Exinearticle publishers are almost always free to republish an article from the sites, they received articles from. The submissions are screened by human editors who work over here.

9. Github:

It is an internet hosting provider. This site has good ratings and hence is one of the best article submission sites out there. Github is fundamentally a code sharing and publishing service. Github is a repository service of Git, but Github has its own special set of features. It is simple and easy to use as you don’t need to learn commanding and codes for this purpose. By using the following five steps, you can easily publish your article here:

  1. Create a repository.
  2. Create a branch.
  3. Make changes.
  4. ‘Open a pull request.
  5. Merge your pull request.

10. Playbuzz:

Playbuzz is one of the best sites for publishing articles and blogs as it allows you to create and distribute engaging content while receiving help from fellow publishers. Other than creation and distribution, Playbuzz gives you the chance to monitor your growth and monetize your content. Here you can tailor your content in such a way that it suits your market. It helps you to increase the on-page viewing time, optimizes interactivity on-site, and boosts the social impact of your website, article, or product. In addition, it has a responsive web design. Hence, it becomes easier for everyone to view your article on any device, tablet, laptop, or mobile.

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11. H1Ad articles:

This is another article submission site where viewers can read and submit their articles. Here, firstly you need to choose a category for which you’re writing the article. Then, if your topic isn’t mentioned, choose ‘other.’ After this, you must click ‘continue’ and complete the next few steps.

Just make sure that the content that you’re providing is correct. The whole submission process would take around 30 seconds, but it is still recommended to take your time before finally posting it. In the next step, you need to add your email address. Then you’ll have to enter your name and your company’s name.

If you have a website, make sure to add your website URL too. However, it is optional. In the next field, you can add keywords for your articles to attract traffic. Then, you can add a file that contains your article. In the next field, you can add your phone number. In the next step, you’ll get a set of questions asking your email id, your article’s title, the article’s content, and category, etc.

After this, click on submit. You’ll be taken to a new page where you’ll be informed that your article will be reviewed.

12. Gigantic Articles:

Gigantic Articles is another site for those who like to read about various topics and is one of the best article submission sites. Just like the ones given above, this is a great place to publish your articles. On the article submission page, you’ll receive three options:

  1. To post on their site.
  2. To post on their partner site for free.
  3. To create a portfolio.

According to your specific requirement, you can go for any of the options given above to grow yourself and your career.

13. Classified Factor Articles:

Classified Factor Articles are another great place for reading articles to learn about new things. If you have a company or a website of your own, you can use this space for advertising yourself. Here you can publish your articles in about eight easy steps. After submission, your article will be reviewed by its editors. It is a great way to earn your target market. By posting your article over here, you’ll be able to attract more readers who will genuinely be interested in your product.

14. WallClassifieds Articles:

This is one of the best-known online article submission sites. In a matter of 8 easy steps, you’ll be able to publish your article. These steps will ask basic questions like your name, article’s title, email id, phone number, specific keywords for your articles, website link, company name, etc. The process is pretty similar to that of H1Ad. Posting your article here will provide you with the exposure you are looking for, as this is a place where numerous people gather to read and write articles. Here, you can also read articles of your interest to enhance your knowledge and increase interaction.

15. ArticleCube:

This is one of the popular sites that publish articles on the internet. Here you’ll be able to publicize and promote your content. You can also receive useful resources and connect to people in your favorable field and learn from them. All you need to do is set up your account on ArticleCube. That’s all that it takes for you to start submitting your content over here. In this way, you can create a market for yourself, your products, services, websites, etc. This way, you’ll be able to get backlinks, and it’ll become easier for the search engine to recommend your names when searched about related fields.

16. ArticleCity:

This is one of the most popular article submission sites. Here, you can submit your article by simply filling out a form about the author’s full name, email address, title, category, article’s body, a short intro to the article, author’s website, etc. By posting your article over here, you’ll be able to open s world of new opportunities for yourself. You’ll receive more exposure that’ll lead to more growth for you and your product as this site has many readers who like to read about stuff that interests them.

17. Article Doctor:

If you are into medical science, this is one of the best sites for you. Here you can write your articles related to this specific field and get them published. First of all, you need to register through your account. Then you can proceed to read or post. This site is recommended as it will provide you links in your niche, and your article won’t be lost in the pile of general articles.

18. SelfGrowth.com:

If you have a niche around health, wellbeing, or lifestyle, this might turn out to be one of the best article submission sites for you. They have over 250 topics or categories to choose from. As an article writer or one submitting the article, you should make sure that the article is well written and has at least 500 and at most 1500 words. You also need to provide a short introduction about yourself, your company, or your product (something that you’re trying to promote over here).

19. HubPages:

This is one of the best article and blog posting sites out there. They also offer a range of topics like arts, entertainment, business, politics, sports, technology, under which you can publish your articles. Here you can register for free and earn; however, you need to be a regular author over there.

You can read the content of others too. Here, firstly you need to follow authors who belong to your niche and then leave fan mails for them so that you can start making a network of your own. Now enter the title of your article (or hub) and choose the relevant category and format. Once completed, you can edit your article as you wish, save it, and publish it.

20. ArticleBase:

This is another article submission site that you can refer to publishing your articles. They have 26 diverse topics. All you need to do is create a 100% unique article out of the categories given. So make sure to run a plagiarism check on it before submitting. Your grammar should be up to the mark for your article to not go unpublished. Make sure that the article doesn’t consist of any unethical practice.

21. MerchantCircle:

It is one of the best article submission sites if you own a business. It will help you receive free and organic traffic. No matter what field you are in, you can publish your articles here. They provide marketing support and listings while providing massive exposure, which can, in turn, help you appear more and have business partners. They deal with hundreds of customers. Hence you can get to know your target market from here too.

22. Site Promotion Directory:

It is one of the well-known sites where you can get your articles published. Here, you can publish your articles for free or by paying for them nominally. The article submitted should be unique and free of any grammatical errors. They accept a maximum of 3 URLs per article. To submit your article, you’ll need to fill a form which will consist of, article title, short description, your name, email id, etc.

23. Travel Tourism Directory:

If you are interested in travel and tourism, this is one of the best-known article submission sites. Here, you need to submit an article that has unique content and has no grammatical errors. You can include up to 3 URLs in your article. In the case of featured articles (the one where payment is involved), your article can get approved in a day or two, while in the case of regular articles, it might take as long as 6 to 8 months as they receive a lot of submissions every day. Also, the listing isn’t guaranteed in regular articles.

Common Guidelines for Article Submission:

  1. Make sure to mention your email. It makes it easier for people to interact with you.
  2. Specify the category under which your article falls, in a broad sense. E.g., travel, food, lifestyle, makeup, education, news, sports, wildlife, science, etc.
  3. Make sure to include your website in your article.
  4. Mention appropriate keywords in the author’s description box.
  5. Try to keep the article precise and to the point. It’s often noticed that people don’t prefer to read long articles. Also, make sure that your article has a negligible amount of grammatical errors.
  6. Make sure to proofread and edit your work before submitting it.

Benefits of Article Submission Sites:

By now, you might be familiar with what articles that are submitted do. They help you get promoted without paying anything in return. It makes it one of the most powerful digital marketing techniques as it helps your potential customers go through your content and interact. Here are a few ways in which article submission sites can advantage you and your website. It can help you to do the following things.

  1. Build backlinks for your website.
  2. Improve brand presence.
  3. Increase your website traffic.
  4. You achieve lifetime links for your website.

Article submission has always been one of the most preferred forms of online promotion and marketing technique. By submitting articles that advertise yourself, your business, your product, or your company, you can gain potential buyers and increase your online presence. But it is important to know what kind of content or article belongs to where?

For example, should it be posted on a site that publishes topic-specific articles (e.g., articles on technology or stock exchange) or a more general site. One should ask these questions to themselves before making any decision. I hope the above-given information makes your article submission hassle-free by clarifying how and where an article should be submitted.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1 How much does article writing pays?

A: Depending on your content, no. of clicks, and the popularity of that specific topic, you can earn at least 3000-4000 rupees.

Q2 Is article submission a job?

A: Yes, you can take article submission as a profession if you’re experienced enough in the field. Freelancer.com provides this opportunity to work for people who might require your expertise.

Q3 Should the article be self-promotional or informational?

A: Self-promotional articles may not be as helpful as you might consider them to be. That’s why you should write informative articles, something that can help the readers. In addition, readers might consider following you if they find your article useful rather than just ignoring it, as in self-promotive ones.


These sites mentioned above are popular for article submission and provide you with suitable platforms to start your journey in the content writing industry.


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