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Are Digital Marketing Agencies Worth It? A Detailed Exposition

Often business owners, especially small business owners, think that are digital marketing agencies worth it or not. Well, let us tell you something, if you want to grow your business, then it is important to have a digital marketer on your team. In simple terms, these digital agencies are advertising and marketing agencies that have evolved so that they can fulfill the marketing needs in this digital era. Furthermore, nowadays, digital agencies also provide copywriting and graphic designing together with their digital marketing services. They use a lot of new marketing techniques and modern technology.  

Are Digital Marketing Agencies Worth it

Here are 10 explanations of why are digital marketing agencies worth it

#1 Helps to Run Your Business

Most of the time digital marketing means hiring new talented people who will run all the campaigns. Also, you need to give some attention since you will be working with the team. Moreover, it is a long process, and it will take time and resources to set up the campaigns and your team. 

Furthermore, setting campaigns can be very time-consuming and that’s why an agency can help you to lift this burden off your shoulder. Also, you do not need to spend weeks training your team. However, this time you can use digital marketing to grow your business from the inside.  

Besides, when you have an agency, you just need to tell them your goals and the time you want to reach that goal. You do not need to train or manage them. Also, all the elements of your digital marketing will be handled by the digital agency’s team. 

This is one of the main reasons why are digital marketing agencies worth it for your business. 

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#2 Working with Experts

As a small business, it is true that you cannot hire an expert at the beginning of the campaign. It will take some time and thorough consideration. Also, it is time-consuming for everyone on your team to know about all online marketing techniques, like social media marketing (SMM) and SEO strategy

Instead, you should hire a team of skilled and experienced workers by working with an agency. A lot of big organizations hire these agencies as well. Hence the cost is quite high. However, the benefit is that these experts have already worked on some big projects in the past. Thus, you can be sure that they will promote your business and company very well. 

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#3 You will get newer and better ideas 

In online marketing, it is vital to know that everything won’t work for you. There might be people who will give you unsatisfactory results while others will be very useful for the business. 

This is why our digital marketing agencies are worth it as they will provide you with amazing ideas on what methods will give you the maximum results. Furthermore, they will give a new perspective to the things that your team probably has been doing for a long time. They will evaluate your advertising efforts and will create new ideas, which are based on the viewpoint of your customers. 

For instance, when it is about social media marketing (SMM), the agency will first find out at what time your target audience is active the most. Then they will decide which type of content appeal most to the public, how they will share and consume it. Also, this will help you to streamline all your social media campaigns. 

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#4 They Give Measurable Results 

No one wants to invest in something that will bring no results to their business. Also, there are so many marketing techniques in this online marketing landscape that it might be hard to tell the real return on investment (ROI). But an agency will help you to determine the key performance indicators (KPIs). KPIs will help you to know how the marketing campaigns of your business are performing in comparison to your goals. 

Moreover, they will know the vital metrics to follow in different media to recognize the success of every campaign. They will also give you monthly reports on the campaigns and website audits. These will help you to make the best marketing decisions. 

Generally, the agencies will give you a clear insight into how the keywords are performing, how the potential audience is engaging with the content and overall brand. 

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#5 Scalable Service

Digital marketing agencies are your best bet for your social media and online growth because of their scalability. Now, normally you want to have a bigger team when your business is growing, or you are going to launch a new product. That means your business will need more resources to support your new campaigns.

However, with the help of an agency that will not be the case. There is no need for you to hire more people on your team or pressurize your current employees. Moreover, a good company will accommodate the needs of its team as the business grows. Most agencies provide several packages and plan that you can choose from to grow your business. 

Hence, having a flexible and scalable marketing agency is vital, mostly when you are launching something to target a new set of audiences. 

#6 The Power of Storytelling

The in-house marketing team works all the time to promote the services and products. Thus, it will help you to know what you can improve and what you need to eliminate to make your products as striking and practical as possible. 

Furthermore, when everything is happening, the digital marketing team is busy with spreading your brand’s message on various social media platforms and channels. Also, they will help you to get good PR for your services and products. This will help to improve your image and visibility. 

Generally, storytelling involves making engaging and captivating messages that will resonate and connect with the target audience. The agency will achieve this by understanding the audience’s needs, and then accordingly they will provide a positive solution. 

#7 Overall Price Is Much Less

Most people deliberate if they want to hire a digital marketing agency or not. Also, they compare the in-house operations with the cost of the agency. However, you will be surprised to know that hiring an agency will cost you way less over time.

First of all, these agencies work as independent or freelance contractors, hence you can eliminate the need for all the payroll tax. Also, you cut down the cost of having a full-time employee that includes salary, health care benefits, and other costs.  

Furthermore, a lot of digital marketing tools and software can be expensive. However, most of the reputed agencies already have those important digital marketing tools. Hence you do not need to pay for those tools. 

#8 They Have all the Software

We all know the number of tools and software they have are impossible to own by a new business. Online marketing needs the use of various software to streamline every campaign. Sadly, there is no one in all tools that can cover everything when it comes to digital marketing.

Furthermore, most of the software are premium services, and the price of each gets higher if you add any specific feature or want to upgrade it. Also, you will be required keyword research, automation tools, paid search management, analytics, and competitor analysis. 

Moreover, the cumulative price of all these digital marketing tools will be very hefty, especially for new and small businesses. But digital agencies already have all this software and they will help you to make the maximum profit from your projects. Thus, you do not need to worry about the extra cost that is needed for getting all the premium tools. This is also one of the vital reasons why are digital marketing agencies worth it.  

#9 Stay Relevant in the Industry

Every day you will see new brands are coming up and the market is becoming saturated. Why are digital marketing agencies worth it? – so that they can help you stay relevant in the industry. Furthermore, you need to understand research is very important before you launch any campaign. Firstly, you need to learn about the industry well, about your competitors, and all the latest marketing practices that will be needed in your segment. 

One of the responsibilities of the agencies is to make sure your business is relevant. What they do is deep research of your industry & market and also identifies your competitors. Additionally, they follow all the latest developments and techniques in online marketing to make sure you get profitable results. 

Besides, they will do research and find your target audience to understand and learn their interest, preferences, and behavior. This is to make sure that the strategies and techniques they will use give you the maximum results and your business reach the target goal sooner.  

#10 You Will Get Professionalism & Expertise for Your Ads

Another significant cause why are digital marketing agencies worth it is to grow your native advertising. Native advertising is growing recently and most business owners are spending time and money to learn more about it. Moreover, the more you display organic ads on different social media platforms, it will change how the audience will interact with your content. 

However, it is hard to know where you need to show the native ads. But digital agencies know exactly where you should put your ads and how to distribute your content. Furthermore, native ads are a more organic and natural way to show the ads, if it is done right, then it can give a robust experience to boost the business’s ROI. 

These are the 10 reasons why are digital marketing agencies worth it for building your brand image. 

Why Do People Choose Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing?

We have talked about the importance of why are digital marketing agencies worth it. But there is a reason why you should choose online marketing over digital marketing. In this article, we will share the top 4 reasons why digital marketing is better. 

#1 Minimum Cost 

Advertising and marketing are some of the financial burdens that businesses have to bear. Big corporations do not have to worry about it. However, for new businesses, it is difficult to promote their services through traditional means like billboards. 

Hence, marketing via different digital channels and platforms is cost-effective and much more affordable. They will create an impact but will also cost way less. Moreover, just by spending few bucks you can hire an agency or subscribe to an email marketing provider. 

#2 Easy To Calculate And Measure The Growth

The success of an online campaign can be easily established. When you compare with traditional methods, you need to wait for weeks or even months to know the results of any projects. But with digital campaigns, you will know immediately how your ads are performing on the digital platforms. 

For example, social marketing software allows users to track all the performance of their social media accounts. The same is the benefits of email marketing tools. You can see how your email is performing, how many have been delivered, how many have read your emails, and know all about the conversion rates.

Google Analytics is a great tool if you want to measure any specific goals that you want to achieve in your blog or website. Also, Google AdWords manager will allow its user to see how their ads are performing on Google search, learn about the conversion rates, and know how many people have viewed their advertisements. 

#3 Share Your Content Easily

Most of the channels or platforms on online media have the function where you can share your content. When you publish content on any digital media, you can request your audience to share it if they like it. The more people share your content and campaigns. there is more chance for your campaign to gain huge success in a short time. 

#4 Global

With digital marketing, you can reach an international audience which is impossible with traditional marketing. Moreover, online marketing will allow an ad to be noticeable in any part of this planet. Thus, this will give small and new businesses the rare chance to go global due to the major exposure provided via digital marketing. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What is digital marketing?

It is a form of marketing your products online. This will lead you to make your brand well-known locally, nationally, as well as globally.

Q2. Is digital marketing easy?

If you understand how Google analytics and SEO work, then digital marketing will be easier for you. It takes a few technological skills though.

Q3. Why should I opt for digital marketing?

Since the world is highly digitalized, there is no better option than promoting your content or brand on the internet. It will not only make your company well-reputed but also help you to manage your marketing campaigns in a more organized and better way.


If you are planning to start a new business then it is best to work with an agency. Why are digital marketing agencies worth it is because it is cost-effective, will reach a larger audience, they do intense research about your industry and competitors, and thus, validate your overall ROIs.

Starting a new business is hard, but with the help of an expert, you will reach your monthly or quarterly goals sooner. You can also join a digital marketing course offered by IIM Skills to master the techniques.

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