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How to Learn Academic Ghostwriting: Complete Guide

How do you feel about having attached someone else’s name to your work? Have you ever wondered if the author himself wrote a book? Are you thinking about ghostwriting as an ideal career for you? So, let’s get into the topic and solve your riddles without any time wastage.

A guide to learn academic ghostwriting

What is Academic Ghostwriting? 

Simply put, ghostwriting is when someone else writes a book on your behalf. I mean, the person can conduct an interview and provide information to the writer, which is referred to as content. Ghostwriting, in short, is when you write for someone else in exchange for money, as a guest.

There could be two or more reasons why you should hire a ghostwriter. The general possibility is that they are incapable of adjusting or that they lack the writing skills required to create an amazing and interesting piece for the readers. As an expert in a given field of study, an academic ghostwriter specializes in generating documents, assignments, thesis, and other text related to that field.

To Give You a Better Understanding of What It’s Like to Be a Ghostwriter, Consider the Following:

  • Taking a draught composition, heavily altering it, and expanding on it as required.
  • Taking and reproducing a blogger’s rough notes
  • Building brief, functional blog posts
  • Using an assigned topic and a very brief outline
  • Creating ideas, getting them approved, and then posting them

Types of Academic Ghostwriting 

Ghostwriting Projects are Further Divided into Four Categories:

Writing fiction/non-fiction:

If you can write a well enough book with the genre that people anticipate themselves with, then you did something right. Therefore, create an outline and build a perfect story that can interact with your potential customers. The fee for writing non/fiction in India is 8,000 to 40,000rs.


For an organization or your own, a clear and sensible article will lead to potential consumers. Learning SEO tactics and accurately utilizing them will expand the exposure. For writing an article the fee would generally is 15,000rs and double call for.

Biography Writing:

Authoring a person’s riveting journey through his own words is also known as a memoir. It takes the same amount of depth and characterization as a book. You will bind the strands of someone’s life together to produce a compelling story to which people can relate and inspire also. As a ghostwriter, you can earn  3 lakh maximum for writing a memoir. It is quite remunerative though it is a backbreaker because you are writing about someone’s life and a few mistakes can cost you more than you got and also points to questions about your skills.  


Writing a song or rap is a trendy and fascinating thing. While these types of jobs are unlikely to be published on job boards, if this is something you want to go ahead with, then you need to make your network circle vital enough and make a pitch personally to the recruiter.

Qualities Required for Academic Ghostwriting

You can’t be a great ghostwriter unless you share your creativity and profits.

As a result, Before Recruiting, Consider the Following Factors:

  • The ghostwriter should be a seasoned practitioner who is well-versed in the subject. Only then will you have the benefit of working with an author who is an expert in your subject.
  • A skilled ghostwriter should make certain that the content they provide is completely original, authentic, and topic-related, and that it has never been used or published before.
  • The subjects on which the dissertation is being written should be well-known to an academic ghostwriter. They would be unable to produce a decent assertion that is both informative and truthful if they lacked information.
  • A good academic ghostwriter will always complete the task on time, as promised by the customer. If you don’t have enough time to complete your academic study or thesis, hiring a ghostwriter is the best solution.

Here are the Aspects of Professional Ghostwriters You Must Know


Academic ghostwriting, as you all know, is a worthwhile job since it gives you an adequate amount of compensation. In the industry, there is always a demand for ghostwriters for blogging and brand awareness, etc., so it should be a serene walk for you. It is the kind of industry where you will find endless opportunities, referrals, and constant revenue.

For today’s young minds of the world, freelance ghostwriting creates a pave to articulate their views on the ongoing. A ghostwriter makes your work look more eloquent on paper and enhances your skills and experience. Lastly, you don’t need to spend time promoting the book because you did it as a guest. After all, all of us, from birth to death, are guests at a table that we did not spread.

Criteria/Skills for Academic Ghostwriting:- 

The Following Are the Eligibility Requirements for Working as an Academic Ghostwriter:

  • An individual has a postgraduate degree in your field.
  • An exceedingly skilled at the sort of content you need.
  • He or she can properly comprehend the requirements for arranging and formatting your materials.
  • Giving your ears to words implies prioritizing deep listening.
  • Mastery in MS Word, decoding, and formatting.
  • There are writing guides that ensure style consistency. For instance, the Chicago and APA writing manual Style
  • A scientific writer needs the ability to be prolific and very productive.
  • You must stay current with the evolving book and writing industry.
  • A willingness to serve others and you are ready to go.

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How to Learn Academic Ghostwriting 

  • Go Online:

Your online presence is of the utmost priority, as the term freelancing suggests. An interesting and skillful experience profile will help the recruiter hook up with you easily. By making an entire WordPress website stand out strongly. FB, Insta, Twitter, etc are one of the few digital apps to make an impression on and will prove to be a lotus for you.

  • Join Freelancing Websites to:

Many sites promote writing genres like content writing, copywriting, ghostwriting, etc. By joining these marketing agencies, you will see a large number of ghostwriting jobs by organizations and B2B-B2C companies for marketing writeups and blogs. Fiverr, Upwork, Contenta, Freelancer.com, and even LinkedIn are a few websites you need to hitch quickly.

  • Portfolio Making:

If your portfolio shows a great variety of published content, then it shows your talent. A tangible portfolio establishes you as a master author. But the portfolio should be customized and a full-fledged package, we can say, to show your abilities. You have to leave no stone unturned. 

Enroll yourself in the top Online Creative Writing Courses to learn different forms of writing

Invest your time as much as possible to learn new and different writing styles. You feel confident and intelligent, which ultimately opens all financial doors for you. Agree? Blogs and fiction are a great way to explore and build a strong career ahead. 

  • Communication is a Must:

I know, much talk and written work go well here I guess. You need to be an active listener and sharp-minded enough to ask such questions to make writing interesting enough. Ghostwriting is a job where you need to be in contact with the interviewee. In the end, your writing depends on the client’s version of the story. 

  • Join a Training Program:

The demand for high-quality ghostwriters is so high that it’s now taught in schools. The ultimate gain for you to join a course would be a certificate. A well-recognized institution certificate would be beneficial in many ways. It helps to sharpen your skills, so you can write smoothly and become someone else’s voice

Secondly, you get a clear eye to capture a vision. Without hours of interviews, you can get an idea of your customers easily enough to put them into words. You will get persuasion expertise to your work, and lastly, can dig up third-party data to support your claims.

Is It Illegal to Be a Ghostwriter?

Although ghostwriting is not illegal, the ethical question of whether it should be permitted arises. Some consider it a breach of academic honesty. They believe it is immoral since the ghostwriter would be compensated to compose exam papers for others. Academic ghostwriting entails authoring texts or scientific articles.

It’s a fair means of income as long as you don’t take part in illegal activities. For example, why students finagle introduces a major question. the reply for this could be an academic ghostwriter. They can supply students with a non-plagiarised and low probability work of suspicion. Though there are considerable modes to combat the skepticism of academic ghostwriting as listed below- 

  • Create in-class assignments 
  • Use original course material 
  • Build exams with multiple formats
  • Mandate class participation 
  • One-on-one conference with the student 
  • Identify struggling students and provide the support system they need 

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Career Prospect 

According to payscale, ghostwriters make 3,692.01 Indian Rupees/hour on average. As you know, freelancing has always been a favored method to earn, and you could generate a six-figure income as a ghostwriter by being the author of someone else’s life. It’s a convenient and fast method for earning cash in hand, regardless of whether you’re a newbie or a vet in the line of work.

Megabucks in ghostwriting placements are itemized daily. The game is the same. as you know, Wisdom and fruit ought to be searched. Your work is here to find the best for you as subreddits are dedicated to freelancing and writing. All you have to do now is scan and pick the ideal one for you. the website allow the freelancer to soft sell themselves 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. What is the cost of hiring an academic ghostwriter?

A good ghostwriter will cost you between $40,000 and $70,000. The cost of a project is determined by the level of skill of the ghostwriter and the genre of your book. According to Reedsy data from 2021, ghostwriters charge up to 30 cents per word for memoirs, while manuscripts for children’s books cost 24 cents per word.

Q2. How long will it take a ghostwriter to accomplish a task?

Although each writer works at a different pace, one writer does not necessarily have an advantage over another. A writer who writes at a rate of 250 words per hour may need less time in the editing process than one who writes at a rate of 500 words per hour.

Q3. How to learn academic ghostwriting? 

Writing a variety of material is one of the best strategies to become a ghostwriter. Writing guest blog posts, for example, teaches authors how to sell ideas to other outlets while maintaining a distinct tone from their blog entries. Other authors like to compose fiction, such as science fiction short stories or romantic novels.

Q4. How to write a top-notch composition for a scientific paper? 

The author should summarise the study in three phrases, ignoring the results and making sure that these sentences include crucial scientific words and keywords that explain the paper’s primary points and subject. The author should then link the sentences together to produce a single phrase and minimize the length by deleting extraneous words or adjectives, to name a few writing tips.


Academic ghostwriting is a very profitable venture for writers because you can charge two to three times the standard rate and earn royalties. Larger brands frequently hire ghostwriters, so there’s a good chance you’ll meet high-level executives if you go down this road. Writer solution, the urban writer, hot ghostwriter, epic write, and the writing summit are some most popular companies to work with or work in.

Ghostwriters can also help businesses generate results such as revenue, referrals, and visitors because they are competent at doing so. A ghostwriter who has employed them firsthand shows you that they are more skilled and structured. Do you know 250 million people globally want to write a book? Ghostwriting is a career that 99 people out of 100 don’t understand. But hopefully, through the above article, all your enigmas will be solved.

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