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Brainstorm On What Is GST Practitioner Course

Brainstorm On What Is GST Practitioner Course: Top 4 Academies To Get The Doctrine


What is a GST practitioner course? Wondering about this viral term in recent times? But before that what is GST? It is the goods and service tax that covers all the indirect taxes that are involved while buying a commodity. For example, there are so many categories of indirect taxes we used to pay like VAT, service tax, luxury tax, entertainment tax, excise duty, etc. After July 1, 2017, when GST came into action, these taxes are covered within this.


The image is about what is GST Practitioner course


Thus, without any exception, megacorps are messed up with the concept of GST. This created the need of the hour for an expert in the indirect tax law. With the revolution, these taxes created a GST practitioner course that emerged as mandate for someone to get expertise. Let us get involved in un-loosening the facts of what is a GST practitioner course? Need and how to develop into the same.


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Why an urge for the requirement of GST practitioners?


Goods and services tax is crowd-pleasing because of its transparency and digitized structure. The one nation, one market, one tax system policy is a massive step that our government took. Anything constructive gets criticism until streamlined. In that aspect, the disruption that GST created is also a constructive move as it gives breaks to tax terrorism. Hence whole industries are looking to adopt this method and seek professional advice. Thus the need for GST practitioners aroused here.


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Why is it quintessential to have a GST practitioner course?


I hope you can get a picture of the importance of a GST practitioner here. To mature to that level, a course of GST practitioners emerged as mandatory. This opens the gates to get acquainted with the entire indirect taxation law. Additionally, practical knowledge of procedures in GST act like registration, filing of returns, availing input tax credit, and TDS gets on your hat.


By the end of the course, you can end up gaining a high-paying job in the market. However, with gaining experience and complete knowledge you can have your consulting firm and get your own set of clients.


What is GST practitioner course?


A comprehensive program that provides down-reaching insights into the goods and services taxation system in India. It is mainly structured for freshers, CAs, accountants, or someone who is carving to enhance their problem solving and decision-making skills. This course creates a road map to elevate your career to a good position with a rewarding future. Why do I say this? It is estimated that an average salary for an accounting GST practitioner is somewhere between 4.5lakhs -7lakhs per Annum. With experience and expertise, this may go by leaps and bounds.


Who can enroll for a GST practitioner course?


It is high time for you to make a career as a GST practitioner. I say this as there is a huge need for a tipster when it comes to GST at every commercial enterprise. Now, who can be the one? To make it simple, if you are good at numbers, you are perfect for this. Let us have given a clear picture of this.


  • Students and fresh graduates of B.com, M.com in banking, finance, and law can take up. It also benefits graduates from company secretaries and other streams.
  • Existing accounting and financial experts can upskill themselves with GST reforms.
  • The current CA, CS, CMA, or working legal professionals who deal with taxation.
  • Business magnets, CFO, CEO, and tax directors, SMEs, and income tax practitioners
  • Individuals who look to start their agency related to accounting, finance, and taxation.


Roadmap to becoming a GST practitioner:


With the knowledge of what is GST practitioner course, I am sure you are keener to become a GST practitioner. Undoubtedly, you will get to know about it in the coming paragraphs. Learning is an eternal process, you can make it zestful, only when you have that carve for the acquirements. If you manage to attain the following skillset, I am sure you can be a successful GST practitioner.


  • Understand the complete outline of GST. The gist of the same in the fingertip helps you to master
  • It is time to work on your communication skills. If it is not good, you cannot deliver the right concepts to your clients.
  • Make yourself organized and be time conscious. Scheduling and filing taxes based on the deadlines and notifications are mandatory.
  • Make yourself on good pages with numbers. I do not mean it to beat calculators and well versed. Indeed, make yourself gratified with that.
  • It is time to make yourself ingenuine. GST practitioners require a big league of logical thinking skills and smoothly handle problems.
  • Knowledge in tally ERP makes it an easy piece of cake to handgrip the GST software.


Learn concepts and get into the field this way:


We learned the prerequisites you should have to be a successful GST practitioner. Furthermore, let us get to know more about what is a GST practitioner course is? Henceforth are the groundwork which I did for you and came up with top institutes that offer the best GST practitioner courses:


1. IIM skills: 


IIM skills, India does not require any prologue for excellence in educational coaching. They are the number 1 institute that creates a revolution in online education. GST practitioner course is furthermore addition to their feathers. The course is designed as exhaustive and at the same time encompassing in nature. Their distinctive curriculum meets the industrial standards with 100%placement. As a result, they are the best GST practitioner course provider as of now.


Course name: GST Course 


Course fee: 2900


Synopsis of the course:


  1. Basic concepts of GST
  2. Framework and structure of GST
  3. Registration of GST- criteria and complete process
  4. Invoicing rules and regulations
  5. GST returns filing
  6. Schemes under GST
  7. Reverse charge mechanism under GST
  8. E-way bill
  9. Input tax credit system


Course highlights:


Live interactive classes, well researched and detailed curriculum based on the new revisions of GST, practical training, on-spot assistance, certification.


Contact: 9911839503             Email: [email protected]


2. Institute of Chartered Accountants of India:


The Institute of chartered accountants of India( ICAI) is a statutory body established to monitor the profession of a chartered accountant in 1949. It works under the government ministry of corporate affairs of India. ICAI is regarded as the second largest chartered accountants body with a strong tradition of service in the Indian economy based on public interest.


They provide certification courses on GST to its members. The course is sketched out in the motive to enhance the taxation knowledge and keep the chattered accountants updated on the current requirement. As a result, this makes them better problem solvers with good analytical thinking and decision-making skills.


Course name: Certification course on GST


Course fees: Rs.14000/- + GST in cities like Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, and 12600+GST in other cities.


Synopsis of the course:

  1. Definition and concept of GST
  2. Time of supply
  3. Place of supply
  4. Input tax credit
  5. Transitional issues
  6. Valuation
  7. Registration
  8. Returns
  9. Payment
  10. Refund
  11. Assessments
  12. Offenses
  13. Penalties
  14. Ethical practice
  15. Overview of GST
  16. Exemption list of goods


Know more about this course at GST Certification Course by ICAI


Course highlights: India’s best faculties and experts in the field as your mentor, certification right after course completion.


Contact:  visit the ICAI website to enroll in the course.


3. Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of India:


Institute of cost and management accountants of India, or ICMAI, is a premium institute in the country that creates cost and management accountants and maintains the CMA profession. With the vision of upskilling the working professionals, ICMAI trains its members and members of other body associations like ICAI, ICSI, lawyers, etc. As a result, they create awareness and education about the new taxation system GST in India.


Course Name: Certificate Course on GST


Course fee: Rs.10,800 +18%GST for members, who graduated and 8,000 +18% GST for members pursuing final year at ICMAI.


Synopsis of the course:

  1. Constitutional background of GST
  2. Concepts of GST
  3. Classification
  4. SAC
  5. Input tax credit
  6. Return of ITC
  7. Returns and records
  8. Refunds
  9. Demands, penalties, and prosecutions
  10. Job, work, zero-rated supplies
  11. Imports and exports applicability of tax deducted and tax credit under GST
  12. Filing of return
  13. Taxable event
  14. Time of supply
  15. Composite and mixed supply
  16. Work contract
  17. Exempted supply valuation under GST
  18. GST registration
  19. Invoice and Ebills
  20. Annual return
  21. Assessment adjunction and appeal
  22. Advance ruling and anti-profiteering
  23. Miscellaneous provisions
  24. Case studies involving live scenarios


Learn more about GST Certification Course by ICMAI


Course highlights: India’s best facilities from ICMAI, advocates and experts from the field for mentoring, live clarifications sessions, best-devised study material, and mock tests, certification right after completion.


Contact: visit the official website of ICMAI for the same.


4. Vskills:


Vskills are the manpower companies of NCT Delhi. Vskills certification course helps the employees to prove themselves in the particular sector to prove their specialization. The skill in demand is the need in the industries, and the Vskills certificate helps in proving the employees’ proficiency and thus, never failed to gain the employer’s trust in the market.


Course name: Certified GST professional


Synopsis of the course:


  1. Taxation and GST basics
  2. GST administration
  3. GST registration
  4. GST payment
  5. GST accounting or record keeping
  6. GST and law
  7. IGST
  8. GST in other countries


Course highlights: lifelong E-learning access, a certificate from the government, certification valid throughout.


Course fee: Rs. 4,999+ GST


Contact: +01147344723                       Email: [email protected]


Still, have questions on what is GST practitioner courses? 

Still unsure about this exciting path as a GST practitioner, please clarify your doubts as follows:


1.What is the eligibility for becoming a GST practitioner?


To give you an honest answer, you must be comfortable with numbers. If you have an assumption that GST practitioners’ work is monotonous, you are wrong, you have to sleeve up with your creativity in approaching the problems. Your thinking should be logical. Knowledge of financing is an added advantage.


2.Why is a GST practitioner course important?


The new revolution of indirect taxes is entirely different from old practices. To know about the current new laws of taxation and to be updated to give solutions to your client, it is high time to take up the GST practitioner course and upskill yourself.


3.What is the duration of the GST practitioner course?


It varies from institute to institute. It all depends on the depth you get to learn. A minimum of 16 hours to a maximum of 3 months is normal to excel in the art.


4.What is the salary of a GST practitioner?


The average annual salary of a GST practitioner is between 4.9lakhs- 6.4 lakhs in India. With experience and expertise, it gets increased gradually.


5.Is the GST practitioner exam is tough?


Registering as a GST practitioner is not a hooligan task. But you need to have the right skills to shine. Please enroll yourself in a course of GST practitioner and get the whole theory of GST. Your career growth would become immeasurable.


Words for you:


With the introduction of a new taxation system and practices, a huge mess is created in the market. Though it has its negative effects, I hope I have highlighted the plus of GST above. You as a budding professional can only streamline the practice by gaining the skills right from the best.


Put on your hat and plan yourself to be organized and start working on the areas you need to improvise. Attain the skills you need to become a GST practitioner. Indeed it is a very important role from a business point of view.


I anticipate with the above brainstorming words, you can figure out the believed abstraction of what is a GST practitioner course, its benefits, how to become a GST practitioner, and the best institutes that offer the best services. You have to show in the works than just dreaming. It is never late, so get into the action and make your career towards the new age of taxation and benefit the country.


Make it big today!!!


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